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Sunday, May 2, 2021

CNN Poll: 64% Say Voter ID Requirements Make Elections ‘More Fair’

Hannah Bleau  "A majority of Americans believe basic voter ID requirements, such as requiring a valid photo ID prior to casting a ballot, would make elections “more fair,” despite the steady stream of mischaracterizations from top Democrats, who contend that such requirements are oppressive and akin to the Jim Crow era.

"The survey provided a series of potential rules a state could implement regarding voting and asked respondents to rate if the suggested rule would make elections “more fair,” “less fair,” or the same."

"Notably, 64 percent of respondents said requiring voters to provide photo identification before casting a ballot would make elections “more fair,” compared to 17 percent who said “less fair,” and 17 percent who said it “would not make much difference.' ” . . .

The Trump-Hate Coalition Is Crumbling

The most asinine legislative initiative in the modern history of the country ensued: the impeachment of the president for an incitement he did not utter to an insurrection he did not seek—and, indeed, one that did not occur—in order to remove him from an office he no longer held. . . .

  Conrad Black

The wheels are coming off the rickety anti-Trump coalition in all four directions.

"It is remarkable to see how quickly the unified opinion against former President Trump and for the alleged necessity of removing him from the White House has cracked apart since that goal was achieved. Following the inauguration, there were endless purposeful assurances that the former president would be pursued to the ends of the earth for his iniquity. Even hard-bitten Fox News commentators like Brit Hume felt compelled to toe the line and denounce claims that the election had been rigged as discredited bunkum. 

"Questioning the integrity of the election result was considered tantamount to an attempt to continue the quest for insurrection, and questioning whether Trump had attempted to generate an insurrection was itself a racist offense. The president-elect assured us that the January 6 assault on the Capitol was a white supremacist attack bungled by white supremacist Capitol police. Racism, like treason with Russia four years before, was everywhere.

"Andrew Weissmann, the egregiously rabid prosecutor who desperately tried to torque the Trump-Russia collusion fraud into an obstruction case, solemnly declared that the prosecution of the outgoing president would have to continue. (It was not clear what prosecution this might be since there has been none, though there have been numerous breathless revelations of visits to the Manhattan district attorney by former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen for the subornation of doubtful evidence against the ex-president.) " . . .

. . . The rabid Democratic media outlets that made the campaign for the semi-comatose candidate are largely in a state of upheaval. Leading media Trump-haters such as MSNBC president Phil Griffin and CNN head Jeff Zucker have gone or are going, and despite frantic attempts to appease them, many of the great anti-Trump newsrooms are being overrun by belligerent white-hating minorities.

A dazzling new ride at Disneyland runs afoul of the woke crowd

 Andrea Widburg

. . . "The new ride is much richer visually and less scary. If I weren’t boycotting Disney for being a relentlessly leftwing company that is indoctrinating young children, I think I’d enjoy seeing the new ride. As it is, this video will give you a sense of the ride:

. . . "I hope you paid attention to the video at the 40-second mark. That’s the moment at which the full lack of wokeness slaps park guests in the face. 

"What? You didn’t notice it? You just thought that Snow White, who had fallen in love with the prince at first sight in the movie’s opening scene, was awakened from a deathly sleep by her true love’s first kiss. You sweet, innocent fool, you. That was pure sexual assault, at least according to the woke scolds at SFGATE:

The new ride includes a more comprehensive storyline — but that's also the problem. The new grand finale of Snow White's Enchanted Wish is the moment when the Prince finds Snow White asleep under the Evil Queen's spell and gives her "true love's kiss" to release her from the enchantment. A kiss he gives to her without her consent, while she's asleep, which cannot possibly be true love if only one person knows it's happening.  . . .

I cannot say if this is relevant, but California is governed by Democrats including Gavin Newsom; Florida by Republican Ron DeSantis.

Gov Noem Sues Biden for Canceling Mount Rushmore Independence Day Fireworks

Neon Nettle

Governor outraged as National Parks Service notified South Dakota of decision

. . . "Gov. Noem filed the lawsuit on Friday after the Biden admin canceled the fireworks celebration without consulting the governor's office.

"The suit demands the court "expeditiously" issues a permit for the event to take place as originally planned.

"The case was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of South Dakota Central Division.

" 'Mount Rushmore is the very best place to celebrate America’s birthday and all that makes our country special," Noem writes.

" 'After telling us they’d ‘circle back,’ the Biden Administration has not responded to our request to uphold the Memorandum Agreement between the State of South Dakota and the National Parks Service to host a safe and responsible national celebration and fireworks show." . . .

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Calls Mount for White Democrat to Resign for Calling Tim Scott 'an Oreo

 Neon Nettle

"Texas Dem official hit was major backlash over racial slur"

"Gary O'Connor, the Lamar County, Texas, Democratic Party chair, has been hit with a severe backlash for calling Scott "an Oreo" in a social media post.

" 'I had hoped that Scott might show some common sense, but it seems clear he is little more than an oreo with no real principles," O'Connor wrote about the black senator in a now-deleted Facebook post.

"He was referring to Scott’s rebuttal to Joe Biden's Congressional address on Wednesday." . . .

Biden called out as JERK after STUPIDLY joining hands with Nadler on ‘racist preparation’ act

Biden called out as JERK after STUPIDLY joining hands with Nadler on ‘racist preparation’ act

Vernon Jones, Running for Georgia Governor, SLAMS ‘Wicked Witch of the South’ Stacey Abrams  "Georgia Democrat-turned-Republican Vernon Jones announced he is running for governor of the Peach State against “RINO” Gov. Brian Kemp, “who cost the state two U.S. Senate seats and President Trump’s election.”
"Jones, who supported former President Trump for reelection, told the Todd Starnes Radio Show Wednesday he will fight for Georgians if elected in 2022.
"“Georgia wants someone that will stand up to the Left. I’m not afraid of Stacey Abrams. They can’t play that card on me. I look forward to playing that match with her,” Jones told host Todd Starnes.
"The former Democratic state lawmaker slammed Kemp for making an agreement with Abrams after she lost the gubernatorial election “that gave Stacey that open season to bring about fraud in our election process.' ” . . .

Cooking hub ditches beef, ripped for ‘virtue signaling’

An idea from A O-C, right? 

NY Post  "Conde Nast food publication Epicurious announced it’s ditching all beef-related content as a pro-planet effort to promote sustainability and the movement is gaining some serious backlash from critics.

"The Wall Street Journal released an editorial Wednesday criticizing the magazine’s decision to axe the bovine content and argued it will not solve climate change.

" 'Virtue signaling over red meat won’t make a difference on climate change,” the Journal editorial board writes. “The editors concede as much, writing that ‘individual actions like choosing alt-meat—or mushrooms, or chickpeas—instead of the real thing can feel so small they’re essentially pointless.’”

"But according to Epicurious editors, ditching beef will give readers a leg-up in political preoccupations – a perspective WSJ considers a “progressive prod.”

“Addressing climate change requires legislation, international cooperation, and buy-in from the corporate sector,” Epicurious’ David Tamarkin and Maggie Hoffman write. “Every time you abstain from beef at the grocery store or a restaurant, you send a signal—to the grocery store, yes, but also, and perhaps more influentially, to whomever you talk to about your decision.”

"Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy took to Twitter on Tuesday to publicly express her disapproval of politics snaking its way into a simple hobby like cooking." . . .

Joe Manchin Just Says “NO” To D.C. Statehood Legislation

Legal Insurrection

"You know who is the most racisty racisty racist in America right now according to Democrats? That would be one Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, who just drove a stake through the heart of Democrat dreams to make the District of Columbia a State.

"Making D.C. a state would be unconstitutional, even with an attempt to carve D.C. into pieces and make one piece a state. So unconstitutional even John Roberts might switch sides and join the conservatives on the high court. But nonetheless, Democrats wanted to go there, perhaps hoping more threats from Chuck Schumer and Sheldon Whitehouse to go all insurrectionist against SCOTUS would work.

"But in order for it even to be in play legislatively, Democrats would need to bust the filibuster AND get all Democrat Senators plus the Vice President to vote for it. Joe Manchin has said he’s not busting the legislative filibuster, and today he said he’s also not voting to make D.C. a state, arguing that a constitutional amendment would be needed for that." . . . 

"DailyKOS, Joe Manchin Isn’t Complicated, He’s a Racist."

Joe Manchin Puts the Kibosh on Democrats' Latest Hopes and Dreams  "With the 50-50 split we currently have to endure in the Senate, Republicans are once again having to rely on a select few Democrats to remain somewhat sane. That has boiled down to Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin becoming the bulwark against all sorts of left-wing hopes and dreams, with the most visible one being the filibuster that requires 60 votes on most legislative items." . . .
Manchin is also correct that it would require a constitutional amendment. It’s actually one of the clearest things the founders laid out in writing, i.e. that the federal district must not be a state. 

Will We Keep Our Republic?

 John Green   "Ben Franklin famously said, "You've got a republic, if you can keep it."  That warning is particularly haunting now, because we seem on the verge of losing it — not from foreign invasion, not from revolution, but because we stopped caring about it.

"America was founded on the principles of individual liberty and equal treatment under the law.  These are the foundational principles required for equality and prosperity.  Yet we've been creeping away from those principles for many years.  In the last 12 years, that creep has become a sprint.  The world's beacon of freedom is dying, and we're acting as if trading liberty for "safe spaces" is a great deal.

"The press has become the propaganda ministry.  These people no longer report the news.  Instead, they craft narratives.  Many of those narratives seem designed to create civil unrest — playing Americans against one another.  Apparently, hatred and riots are good for ratings.  Consumers of this "news" no longer have an accurate picture of what's happening in politics or society.  They're simply pawns playing their parts in the script.

"Our schools have become little more than re-education camps.  They're no longer preparing our children for adult life.  Math, science, and reading have taken a back seat to Critical Race Theory and intersectionality indoctrination — and our children's test scores show it.  Schools don't teach critical thinking or value differing views.  They're demanding conformity with their chosen ideology.  The generation that is just now approaching adulthood, doesn't understand the importance of individual liberties and doesn't seem to care.

"Our Legislative Branch has stopped debating.  Speaker Pelosi would rather tear up speeches than have an open discussion with those she disagrees with.  Her priority is insider trading of Tesla shares, not actual leadership.  Maxine Waters would rather encourage the rioters than talk about the root causes of societal issues.  When it comes to legislation, we're simply told, "We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it."  Our rulers just want us to shut up and accept whatever they intend to do.  They're no longer representing their constituents.  Yet somehow, they all manage to become wealthy after a few years in office." . . .

Abraham Lincoln

“From whence shall we expect the approach of danger? Shall some trans-Atlantic military giant step the earth and crush us at a blow? Never. All the armies of Europe and Asia...could not by force take a drink from the Ohio River or make a track on the Blue Ridge in the trial of a thousand years. No, if destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men we will live forever or die by suicide.”

Abraham Lincoln

Fundraiser for Idaho officer who mocked LeBron James on TikTok gets $200K in donations

Idaho policeman mocks LeBron James tweet after police shooting, gets 3M TikTok views

 Yahoo  Tik Tok video

Portland’s Pusillanimous Mayor; Ted Wheeler and Portland deserve each another.

"In August 2020, then-President Donald Trump offered to assist the Democratic mayor of Portland, Oregon, in putting down the nightly riots that had ravaged his city for more than 90 days. Given this choice between ending the systematic violence and arson that was wreaking havoc throughout his city and publicly signaling his virtue, Mayor Ted Wheeler chose the latter. While the residents of Portland hid in their homes to avoid the violence, he responded to Trump’s offer with a sanctimonious letter that included this delusional passage: “No thanks. We don’t need your politics of division and demagoguery.” A week later, Portland police declared a riot and arrested 59 people.

"Fast forward to last Friday. Mayor Wheeler, having survived countless calls for his resignation and somehow managing to get reelected in November, is still presiding over a continuous wave of riots and is reverting to the same ineffective tactics that failed so spectacularly last summer. One of these brainstorms was to ask the city’s hapless residents to help put a stop to the destruction without offering any suggestions as to how that might be accomplished. Now that the “mostly peaceful protesters” continue their rampage and the city is still aflame, Wheeler is again asking Portland residents to do the job that neither he nor his acting police chief are willing to do. The Oregonian reports:

Portland’s mayor and acting police chief on Friday urged the public to safely stand up to the black bloc group of violent demonstrators who continue to plan “direct actions” around the city that routinely end with shattered windows, fires and other vandalism. Wheeler asked residents to note the license plates of people who drive to the events in various neighborhoods and then don all black clothing and grab shields or weapons from their cars. Share those license numbers with police.

"This is too little, too late, as was Wheeler’s declaration of a citywide “state of emergency.” The man just isn’t taken seriously by Portland’s residents or the rioters. " . . .

Friday, April 30, 2021

Battle of the speeches: Joe Biden and Rep. Tim Scott

 Here’s Why the Left Is Lying and Crying About Tim Scott’s Speech   . . . "Either way, you have probably seen the utter vitriol that the hard left is directing toward Sen. Scott for being depraved enough to be a black conservative lawmaker. And why are these brave and virtuous souls upset with Scott?

"Because he dared to do what far-leftists have found to be overly challenging: Take a sensible approach towards the conversation on race.

"During his rebuttal, Scott savaged the woke theology practiced by too many on the far left. He recounted some of the racism that he experienced even as a sitting United States senator, acknowledging that racial bigotry still exists in the country. He even brought up examples of leftists attacking him with racial slurs. But he also stated that despite this being a reality, America is not an overall racist nation." . . .

If anyone truly thinks that Biden is “boring,” it is because, having been intoxicated by the Trump Show, they are looking only at this president’s style. One hundred days into Biden’s presidency, and there is scarcely a single part of American life that the man isn’t trying to change.