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Monday, March 2, 2015

Revisiting Obama’s past; Would the public be ready to listen?

Legal Insurrection
2014 Obama

. . . "Obama—such a nice young man, so well-spoken, conservative-dressing, with a pleasant and heartfelt message of coming together with no red or blue America. That made those tales of strange ideological bedfellows sound like tinfoil territory. One had to really study Obama in depth to understand that behind this smoke there might be some real fire. Otherwise, there was no context in which the stories could fit, and without a context they were easy to dismiss.

"People who wanted to believe in Obama (and some of this was the understandable desire to elect America’s first black president) had no motivation to look deeply into the past and find a thread connecting it all, and little reason to believe it really mattered.

"But now if certain politicians (Giuliani, for example, who has the added advantage of not running for office) bring these topics up again, not only are people familiar with them from before and so they no longer sound so strange, but more importantly Obama has given us the context: his six years of governing.

"Many people who originally supported him are doubting him or confused by him, and could be a lot more open to actually listening to facts about his past and understanding that they are probably meaningful and not just some random youthful associations." . . .

Alan Caruba: Green Slander

Warning Signs

"It is a sure sign that the advocates of the “global warming” and “climate change” hoaxes know that the public no longer believes that the former is occurring or that the latter represents an immediate, global threat.

"Even though the “climate skeptics”, scientists who have produced research proving false methodology and the conclusions based on it are quite few in number, an effort to silence them by smearing their reputations and denying funding for their work has been launched and it is based entirely on a lie.

"Scientists are supposed to be skeptical, not only of other scientist’s findings, but their own. Good science must be able to reproduce the results of published research. In the case of the many computer models cited as proof that global warming was occurring or would, the passing years have demonstrated that none were accurate.

"As Joseph L. Bast, president of The Heartland Institute and Joseph A. Morris, an attorney who has fought in several countries to defend free speech, wrote in a February 24 commentary, “The Crucifixion of Dr. Wei-Hock Soon”, of an article co-authored with Christopher Monckton, Matt Briggs, and David Legates, and published in the Science Bulletin, a publication of the Chinese Academy of Sciences “The article reveals what appears to be an error in the computer models used to predict global warming that leads models to over-estimate future warming by a factor of three.” (Emphasis added) Their commentary has been downloaded more than 10,000 times!"    .... More at the link

John Bolton absolutely DESTROYS Hillary’s foreign policy credentials at CPAC [FULL SPEECH]

The Right Scoop    There is no one better qualified to demolish Hillary Clinton’s pathetic record as the Secretary of the State Department, and he brings the pain in his speech at CPAC this year.
Watch the full speech below:

Sunday, March 1, 2015

He Warmed Our Heart As Young Forrest Gump. But Wait Until You See Him Now… Wow.

Boredom Therapy by way of iotwreport
"In the summer of 1994, Forrest Gump took the world by storm and captured our hearts in the process. The film would go on to win six Academy Awards, including Best Actor for Tom Hanks and Best Director for Robert Zemeckis. But thats the part that everyone already knows.
"What you might not know is that there was one cast member who did not get to attend the Oscars that year. And two decades later, his story has veered away from the big screen and into somewhere a little closer to the real Forrest Gump.
Michael Connor Humphreys, then 8-years-old, played young Forrest in the 1994 film.

Black Media Exec Exposes The Deal That Got Sharpton His Show On MSNBC

Patricia L. Dickson  "Byron Allen, a legendary TV talk host, has joined with the National Association of African-American Owned Media to file a $20 billion racial discrimination lawsuit against Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Sharpton’s National Action Network, the NAACP, the Urban League, and former FCC commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker. Mr. Allen is the chairman and CEO of the production company Entertainment Studios and host of the shows “Real People” and “Entertainers”.

 "In an interview with The Daily Caller, Mr. Allen when into details about the events that led to the lawsuit and unloaded on Al Sharpton:" Read more:

Saturday, February 28, 2015

In Israel’s hour of need

Caroline Glick
iranian bomb

. . . "In recent years [Netanyahu] released terrorist murderers from prison. He abrogated Jewish property rights in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria. He agreed to support the establishment of a Palestinian state west of the Jordan River. He agreed to keep giving the Palestinians of Gaza free electricity while they waged war against Israel. He did all of these things in a bid to accommodate US President Barack Obama and win over the media, while keeping the leftist parties in his coalitions happy.

"For his part, for the past six years Obama has undermined Israel’s national security. He has publicly humiliated Netanyahu repeatedly.

"He has delegitimized Israel’s very existence, embracing the jihadist lie that Israel’s existence is the product of post-Holocaust European guilt rather than 4,000 years of Jewish history."

Pharmacist Makes Incredible Shot to Stop Would Be Robber

Joshua Mark 5  "Early Wednesday morning, a man attempted to rob the Good Family Pharmacy in Pinch, West Virginia. Little did he realize that the pharmacist was packing more than pills.

"Don Radcliff, a pharmacist at the Good Family Pharmacy, joked to a man that entered the establishment with a bandana over his face, “Are you here to rob me?”
"As soon as he asked the question, the would be robber pulled out a gun, but Radcliff, having sized up the man had already begun to reach for his own gun under his white pharmacy coat.
"His quick thinking and shooting not only took out the robber, but one shot jammed the robber’s gun in the process."   Full article

Former Obama Campaign Aide Now Works to Oust Netanyahu

NY Times

. . .      'But Mr. Bird’s involvement in the elections is drawing attention when tensions between the two countries are so acute that what is usually considered standard practice for American political consultants in Israel is now seen as a provocation.
“ 'It’s clearly a data point that people are looking to that indicates how the relationship has deteriorated,” said Matthew Brooks, the executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition. He added that Mr. Bird reflects “the hypocrisy of this White House, which wants to stand on the notion that they’re not playing politics when in fact their fingerprints are all over this.”

The Lesson in MSM's Response to Rudy

Lloyd Marcus
Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy
"A week or so ago, the MSM wanted Rudy Giuliani boiled in oil for daring to question Obama's love for America. They were shocked and outraged. How dare Rudy be so rude to Obama? They ran to Republicans for comments, hoping they would throw Rudy under the bus. As I watched the MSM go nuts over Rudy's “rudeness”, I thought, give me a break.

"This man (Obama) just unlawfully took over the internet. Obama refuses to acknowledge the radical Islamic Holy War and slaughter of Christians. ISIS publicly raped a three-year-old girl. Women are forced to divorce their husbands to be sold as sex slaves. 

"And how does Obama suggest is the best way to deal with these evil monsters? Job programs

"His bait and switch lie to pass ObamaCare has cost millions healthcare plans they liked. Cancer patients are in fear for their lives because ObamaCare caused them to lose their doctors

"Obama's illegal open border policy is exposing our kids to deadly diseases brought to school by illegals. 

"Under Obama more folks are going out of business than starting businesses (oppressive regulations, anti-business climate and taxes). " . . .  
The MSM's outrage over Rudy's “rudeness” has further exposed who they truly are; not reporters. They have laid their journalistic integrity on the altar, offered up in worship; cult followers of Obama – his minions. GOP, seeking praise, fairness or approval from the MSM is a fool's mission. Stop it and do right by your people.
Read more:

Facebook Page Of 12 Year Old Conservative Yanked After His Viral Video Saying “Obama Doesn’t Love America”

Weasel Zippers

"You may recall we reported on CJ Pearson and his viral video criticizing Obama, saying he doesn’t love America. We thought he would face challenges, just not quite so soon. CJ is learning, at a very young age, being conservative means you will face media suppression and attack.
"Via Examiner:
On Friday, C.J. Pearson, a 12-year-old conservative from Georgia who posted a viral video supporting Rudy Giuliani, discovered that his personal Facebook page was locked. In an exclusive interview with Examiner.com on Saturday, Pearson said he received a message from someone about 6 a.m. Friday. That’s when he learned his account and page had been locked for “suspicious activity.”
He jumped through all of Facebook’s hoops, but wasn’t able to recover his account. So he created a new profile to take its place. His public page was not affected, he said, however, he can no longer administer the page. Fortunately, he said, a friend is helping post links to that page.
As is so often the case in these situations, Facebook did not respond to his requests for help. Nor would they tell him what the alleged suspicious activity was. We reached out to Facebook, but the social media giant has so far refused to respond to our request for comments.

Friday, February 27, 2015

For Valour; God bless our British friends along with the Israelis

Mark Steyn   "The Victoria Cross is the Commonwealth's highest decoration for valour on the battlefield. Yesterday it was awarded to the first living Briton for action in the Afghan war (if memory serves, three living Aussies have been so honoured). Lance-Corporal Joshua Leakey was with the 1st Battalion the Parachute Regiment on a joint UK/US operation in Helmand when it all went pear-shaped, and he found himself having to rescue a fallen American Marine captain while fending off 20 Taliban single-handed:"
. . .
"I would like to think he was "a normal bloke". But I worry these days that your "normal bloke" is fretting about micro-agressions in the safe space at Wesleyan University. The gulf between those who fight and those they fight for has never seemed wider."

Not So Random: Here’s What Paris Terrorist Asked His Victims Before He Shot Them Dead

The Gateway Pundit   "Barack Obama said the shooting victims were just a “random bunch of folks” shot “in a deli.”

"But now we know that Coulibaly asked his Jewish victims their name and origin before he shot them dead in the Kosher deli.
"The BBC reported:

Details have emerged of footage filmed by Paris gunman Amedy Coulibaly during a bloody rampage inside a Jewish supermarket, a French website says.
He delivers an anti-Semitic rant and shouts “Stand up or I’ll kill you” at hostages, according to a transcript obtained by Le Nouvel Observateur.
During the seven-minute video he shoots dead three of his four victims.
Investigators are examining seven minutes 45 seconds of footage apparently filmed by Coulibaly on a GoPro camera worn during the siege, according to reports.
It shows him shouting “Nobody move”, before grabbing hold of a customer, asking his name, and then shooting him dead.
He asks another man what origin he is. And when the hostage replies “Jewish”, he kills him too.
“So you know why I am here then. Allahu Akbar,” he shouts, according to Le Nouvel Observateur’s report. He is also heard making anti-Semitic remarks when one woman tries to tell him that his hostages have done nothing wrong.