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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Where the Left and Islam Intersect


 American Thinker..."Curious how the godless left and Islam share a critical aim.  They both wish to subjugate infidels, though how infidel is defined differs.  But who the infidels are isn’t.  We are, of course, the infidels.  We of western virtues and values.  We who hold to Judeo-Christian beliefs.  We’re obstacles to glorious futures for both.  Both want us consigned to dhimmitude.  Yes, dhimmitude.  That’s second class status, with tribute being paid for the privilege. 
Marked differences and tensions exist between the left and Islam, to be sure.  But is the left using Islam for its ends, and Islam -- for the time being -- willingly being used?   

"Wrote Stephen Schwartz for First Things in February of this year: . . . " Read more:


George W. Bush Bashes Obama on Middle East

 Bloomberg View
"In a closed-door meeting with Jewish Donors Saturday night, former President George W. Bush delivered his harshest public criticisms to date against his successor on foreign policy, saying that President Barack Obama is being naïve about Iran and the pending nuclear deal and losing the war against the Islamic State.

"One attendee at the Republican Jewish Coalition session, held at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas with owner Sheldon Adelson in attendance, transcribed large portions of Bush’s remarks. The former president, who rarely ever criticizes Obama in public, at first remarked that the idea of re-entering the political arena was something he didn’t want to do. He then proceeded to explain why Obama, in his view, was placing the U.S. in "retreat" around the world. He also said Obama was misreading Iran’s intentions while relaxing sanctions on Tehran too easily.

"According to the attendee's transcription, Bush noted that Iran has a new president, Hassan Rouhani. “He's smooth," Bush said. "And you’ve got to ask yourself, is there a new policy or did they just change the spokesman?”

"Bush said that Obama’s plan to lift sanctions on Iran with a promise that they could snap back in place at any time was not plausible. He also said the deal would be bad for American national security in the long term: “You think the Middle East is chaotic now? Imagine what it looks like for our grandchildren. That’s how Americans should view the deal.”

"Bush then went into a detailed criticism of Obama’s policies in fighting the Islamic State and dealing with the chaos in Iraq. On Obama’s decision to withdraw all U.S. troops in Iraq at the end of 2011, he quoted Senator Lindsey Graham calling it a “strategic blunder.” Bush signed an agreement with the Iraqi government to withdraw those troops, but the idea had been to negotiate a new status of forces agreement to keep U.S. forces there past 2011. The Obama administration tried and failed to negotiate such an agreement.

"Bush said he views the rise of the Islamic State as al-Qaeda’s "second act” and that they may have changed the name but that murdering innocents is still the favored tactic. He defended his own administration’s handling of terrorism, noting that the terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who confessed to killing Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, was captured on his watch: “Just remember the guy who slit Danny Pearl’s throat is in Gitmo, and now they're doing it on TV.”

"Obama promised to degrade and destroy Islamic State's forces but then didn’t develop a strategy to complete the mission, Bush said. He said that if you have a military goal and you mean it, “you call in your military and say ‘What’s your plan?’ ” He indirectly touted his own decision to surge troops to Iran in 2007, by saying, “When the plan wasn’t working in Iraq, we changed.”

“ 'In order to be an effective president ... when you say something you have to mean it,” he said. “You gotta kill em.' ” . . . Much more here.


Transgender Bruce Jenner a Republican: ‘I Believe in the Constitution’

So much for that "war on women"

Here's your Hillary bumper sticker

It turns out the gridlock was all about Harry Reid


NY Post. . . "Here’s a story you haven’t seen for a while: Congress is working — well, sort of. Better than it had for the previous six years, anyway.

"The difference? Harry Reid is no longer running the Senate — and Republican Mitch McConnell has made the place far less dysfunctional.

"Just last week, the Senate cast breakthrough votes on a sex-trafficking bill and the confirmation of attorney-general nominee Loretta Lynch.

"The bipartisan trafficking bill was delayed awhile by Reid-style partisanship: Democrats held it up to score “War on Women” points over no-federal-funds-for-abortion language that’s been routine in such legislation for decades.

"McConnell broke that logjam by refusing to allow a vote on Lynch until Democrats quit playing games.

"Meanwhile, members of both parties are cooperating, particularly on the committee level' . .. 

When Ayatollah Ali Khamenei speaks, the world should listen.

 Political Cartoons by Gary McCoy

Rich Lowry...Via  Lucianne   . . . "On inspections, it seems highly unlikely that the Iranians will give way on their military sites. Why would they? They have been able to wring concessions from Obama on almost everything else important — from maintaining thousands of centrifuges, to continuing to enrich, to maintaining its Fordow site buried in a mountain.

"The president’s fallback of last resort is “snap-back” sanctions that supposedly will punish any Iranian violations, but they will depend on Chinese and Russian cooperation. The Russians just stuck a finger in our eye by agreeing to sell Iran a sophisticated air-defense system.

"A blasé Obama said he was surprised that the Russians hadn’t sold Iran the missiles before. If the Ukrainian crisis were met with a similar presidential sang-froid, Obama might have said: “Candidly, I’m shocked that Putin didn’t take Crimea sooner. We’re just lucky that Russian forces haven’t yet overrun Kiev.”

"Sometimes you wonder if Obama is even trying. But the scandal is that he isn’t a naif; he is a sucker by design." . . .

Political Cartoons by Dana Summers

Baltimore baseball fans trapped in ballpark because of Freddie Gray riots (UPDATED)

 UPDATE: Maryland Dem: Baltimore rioters 'mainly from out of town'  " Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) alleged Sunday that many rioters in Baltimore the previous night were from "out of town," noting that he was amid crowds in the area." . . .

Why isn't Al Sharpton there to calm emotions and talk reason to these rioters?  Oh, never mind; just be glad he's not there. TD
Rick Moran "The "largely peaceful" protest in Baltimore against police turned violent when marchers reached the Camden Yards baseball park where a game had just ended. The unruly crowd began to throw bottles at police and break windows, which resulted in the mayor and police chief ordering those left in the ballpark to stay where they were.
. . . 
"Can someone enlighten me as to what this protest is about? No one knows what happened to the young man. The fact that he died in police custody is suspicious but absent any evidence whatsoever that officers were responsible for his death, why the protests and violence?

"I guess it was Baltimore's turn. It would be bad PR strategy to have more than one city being targeted with anti-police protests, so blowing up the tragic death of Freddie Gray into a police brutality issue gives the social justice crowd the perfect opportunity to grab some TV face time and rant against whitey."
. . . 
"How silly will these people feel if it comes out that the police had nothing to do with Gray's death? Not very. Judging by what happened in Ferguson when the truth finally came out, the narrative will continue to be advanced without any reference to reality."

 Valdosta, Georgia -- a racial powder keg?. . . "Al Sharpton briefly sniffed around, but even he couldn’t find anything of substance that offered a profit to his National Action Network." . . .

Saturday, April 25, 2015

This Adorable Baby Can’t Stop Laughing After He Sees A Dandelion For The First Time

 "Tom Fletcher, of the British band McFly, uploaded an adorable video on Saturday of his baby son, Buzz, experiencing a dandelion for the first time."

HILL-ARIOUS: Bill Clinton’s Wife Condemns ‘Scourge Of Sexual Assault’ In First Big Speech

"In the first major speech of her scandal-plagued presidential campaign, Democrat Hillary Clinton explicitly raised the issue of sexual assault on college campuses.

"Clinton delivered the wide-ranging speech at the Women in the World Summit in New York City on Thursday, according to Inside Higher Ed.

“ 'When women of any age, whether on college campuses or military bases or even in their homes, face sexual assault, then no woman is secure,” she declared.

“ 'Every woman deserves to have the safety and security they need. That means we have to guarantee that our institutions respond to the continuing scourge of sexual assault.' ” . . 
. . .
On November 13, 1998, midway through his second presidential term, Bill Clinton paid former Arkansas state employee Paula Jones $850,000 to settle her claim that, in 1991, then-Gov. Clinton exposed his erect penis to her and begged her to have sex with him.
Clinton grabbed Jones’s hand “and pulled her toward him, so that their bodies were in close proximity,” according to a complaint filed in federal court. Jones “retreated several feet.” Unperturbed, Clinton followed Jones, saying “I love the way your hair flows down your back,” and “I love your curves.”
 Weiner should ask: What about Broaddrick, Willey?  Larry Elder; 7/31/2013
 . . . "The New York Times, among others, tells me to quit the race. Here’s my proposition. I’ll resign when the Times poses this question. In the upcoming NBC-produced miniseries called “Hillary,” who will play Juanita Broaddrick   and Kathleen Willey?

"What, confused expressions? Interesting how the Weiner-get-out crowd forgets that “everybody lies about sex” – except when it comes to politicians whose last name is not Clinton." . . .

CHART O' THE DAY: How the Clinton Global Initiative Used its Funds During Hillary's Tenure at State

Doug Ross Journal
" In 2010, when Barack Obama said, "I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money," he certainly wasn't referring to the Clintons.
"Because it wasn't enough for Bill Clinton to sell sensitive missile technology to the Red Chinese for campaign donations. It wasn't enough for Hillary Clinton to sell America's most valuable nuclear technologies to the Russians for "contributions" to her family's personal piggy bank.

"That piggy bank, otherwise known as "The Clinton Global Graft Initiative", had an interesting way of doling out the "contributions" it received."


"The Clintons are a malignant tumor on the body politic. They have a history of doing anything for money and when it comes to their personal bank accounts, there's apparently never enough zeroes."

Al Qaeda Hostage’s Family Paid $250,000 For Release, Obama Regime Didn’t Tell Them He’d Been Killed In January So They Continued To Negotiate

"I didn’t think this regime could sink any lower than they already have, but why they kept the family in the dark is beyond me. Even if there was something classified, why couldn’t you just say you know he was dead? And didn’t they know the family was negotiating?

"Via NY Post:
The al Qaeda captors of now-slain hostage Warren Weinstein pocketed $250,000 in ransom money from his family in 2012, before reneging on the secret deal, according to a Pakistani intermediary.

The captors even continued to negotiate with the intermediary for weeks after the 73-year-old American aid worker was accidentally killed in a US drone strike in January.

After that strike, the kidnappers spoke of handing Weinstein over to ISIS, never hinting he was dead, according to the intermediary, who spoke directly with the terrorists.

The ransom money — in $100 bills — had been handed over to kidnappers in Peshawar in northwestern Pakistan about a year after his capture.

Fraternity charged with theft after students urinate on flag, spit on veterans

"On Friday, the University of Florida said it is charging the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity with theft, along with obscene behavior, public intoxication, causing physical or other harm and damage to property after students urinated on a flag and engaged in what was called inappropriate behavior, WHNT reported Friday. The school, WHNT said, suspended the fraternity for students' actions at a Panama City beach resort and the fraternity has expelled three of its members.

"Warrior Beach Retreat Founder Linda Cope said students threw marshmallows at vehicles belonging to veterans, made inappropriate comments to females at the retreat and tore flags off their cars. They also spat on a service member and his dog. Worse yet, police filed no charges in the incident.

“ 'They actually spit on me and my service dog as well, and that’s just so disrespectful and it hurts. I come and I feel honored and I feel safe and that I belong, but now I feel like I’m defending myself,” said Nicholas Connole, a wounded veteran at the event. Cope, the organizer of the event, said students "were urinating off the balconies, throwing up in the elevators, making suggestive and sexual comments about veterans with their service dogs and derogatory and suggestive comments about their wives." She also said it was all too reminiscent of treatment meted out to Vietnam veterans." . . .
Sad to see the "peace" symbol making a fashion comeback. Most who wear it are too young to realize that during the Vietnam war, people sporting that image assaulted and spat on our soldiers. I remember it and will never be caught wearing the thing. TD