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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mike Pence Learned HHS Was Dumping Illegal Alien Children In Indiana From The Press, Not HHS

No borders
Weasel Zippers    "Indiana governor Mike Pence said he first learned the federal government had placed 245 unaccompanied alien children in Indiana through media reports.

"In a letter to President Obama, Pence wrote that the Department of Health and Human Services informed him that the federal government had housed hundreds of unaccompanied alien children in Indiana from January 1, 2014, to July 7, 2014, but only after reports surfaced in the media."...

Dingbat Politicians for Hamas

Sara Noble   "After a bit of rambling, Nancy Pelosi recently told interviewer Candy Crowley on MSNBC that Hamas is a humanitarian organization. And do you know who told her that? Qatar! Qatar, the sponsors of terror in the region who are also financial backers of Hamas, that’s who told her.

"At least she knows where to get her information."

"More good news. candidate for president, Hillary Clinton, of Benghazi fame, thinks Hamas keeps their rockets and missiles in civilian areas because they don’t have a lot of room. It’s merely a problem of space. That’s a relief!

"It doesn’t explain how tiny Israel fits all their missiles in without filling up schools and hospitals.

"Oh well, what difference…at this point…does it make? The country is going to hell in a hand basket anyway.

"People should keep in mind that if Hillary is elected, no one will be able to criticize her no matter what she does or the person will be called an anti-woman fiend."  Emphasis added, TD

Obama: Muslims Contributed to Building 'The Very Fabric of Our Nation'

Big Government

... "The comments were made to mark the celebration of Eid-al-Fitr, a time of spiritual renewal for Muslims which comes at the end of the month-long fast of Ramadan. The Obamas said in their statement that Eid “celebrates the common values that unite us in our humanity” and “welcomed their commitment to giving back to their communities.” The International Business Times reports that during Eid, Muslims join in Islamic prayer, while saying "Allahu Akbar," or "God is Great," and feasting.

"The statement further reads that the administration “wishes Muslims in the United States and around the world a blessed and joyous celebration.” The letter ended with salutation of “Eid Mubarak,” which roughly means “blessed celebration.”

How Ryan T. Anderson Responded to a Gay Man Who Wants to Redefine Marriage

One can appreciate the politeness and respect for each other in this reasoned conversation.

Daily Signal  “ 'Why should I, as a gay man, be denied the same right to file a joint tax return with my potential husband that a straight couple has?”

"Anderson also talked about the differences between the law’s interest in contracts and in marriage:

A Big Attaboy for Sen. Harry Reid. Harry Reid? Harry Reid!

"Senator Reid took the Senate floor on Monday to call Congress to approve aid to Israel. In doing so, he stepped away from his Liberals and Democrats, who relentlessly portray Israel as the aggressor.
“Mr. President, our great country has many friends in the world, we’re proud of all the alliances we have,” Reid said. “But certainly, our deepest attachment is what we have with Israel. The United States and Israel have stood by each other in good times and bad times, in times of peace, in times of war. Right now our friends in the state of Israel are under attack. Hamas continues to indiscriminately fire thousands of rockets into Israel.”
“When Hamas fires these rockets, Hamas has no idea where they’ll land,” he continued. “Military installation, they hope; a daycare center, they don’t care; empty parking lot, they don’t care. They’re just firing these rockets indiscriminately.”
" "Even Sen. Reid knows that Conservatives are right on the issue of Israel. Will the President listen?"

Leaked story about an alleged transcript of Obama and Netanyahu call

The original story: Pamela Geller   "...Channel 1 reporter says PM-POTUS transcript legit: Despite rejections by American and Israeli officials, Channel 1′s Or Nahari insists that the transcript leaked to him by a “senior American official” is authentic, but acknowledges that the quotes he published were merely an except from a long conversation. (TOI)

"The State Department is running for cover. They can leak Israel intel that jeopardizes their national security  (here and here too) but don’t reveal what Obama is actually doing."
What we know about the alleged transcript of Obama and Netanyahu call    "The world is buzzing with the leak of an alleged transcript between U.S. President Barack Obama and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"But we warn you: Proceed with caution." ...

PM of Israel         @IsraeliPM
We have seen reports of an alleged POTUS-Netanyahutranscript; neither reports nor alleged transcript bear any resemblance to reality 1/2

The Times of Israel:  Israel, US deny veracity of transcript of ‘hostile’ Obama call to Netanyahu    ... "In the wake of the American and Israeli denials, the journalist who broadcast the report, Oren Nahari, told The Times of Israel that he stood by it.
"In his TV report, Nahari (right), a veteran Channel 1 journalist, said that a senior American official forwarded him a transcript of the two leaders’ 35-minute conversation. They spoke about positive issues, such as Netanyahu thanking Obama for the administration’s support for Israel, he said. But during the part in which they discussed efforts to reach a ceasefire to end Operation Protective Edge, the president was “unfriendly, stiff-necked, unwilling to listen to counter-arguments” and even “hostile,” he said, quoting the American official.

Israel stands against Hamas and the media

How the Media Support Hamas' Efforts to Delegitimize Israel    ... "Hamas knows that the international media will rarely provide the context, balance, history, and technical details for Israel to be judged fairly. So to achieve its goal of delegitimization, Hamas just has to start a war with Israel. Then, a cooperative media will dutifully reinforce a simple and oft repeated narrative: the militarily superior IDF brutally and disproportionately harms innocent and defenseless Palestinians. That narrative defames Israel, with potentially serious political and economic consequences." ...

When It Comes to Israel, Liberals Can’t Handle the Truth   ... " people hold to a false belief despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. In this instance, the Hamas charter and the Hamas leader don’t accept Israel’s right to exist. And yet liberals don’t seem to care. They appear to be content to live in world made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust. A world of make believe. And so in the context of Israel’s war with Hamas, they continue to revert to arguments that simply don’t apply–for example, arguing that Israel needs to “end the occupation” despite the fact that Israel completely withdrew from Gaza nearly a decade ago.

"Israel, on the other hand, has to live and survive in reality. Israelis know the nature of the enemy they face–implacable, committed, ruthless, malevolent..." More...

Curious Imagery

... "Meet the spokespeople, spokespersons, spokeswomen, (I search for the proper presentation) of the State Department. These are the faces and voices of the American State Department. Foreign nations and the American citizenry look to these people for information regarding our national policies. They hear and watch these sources of information. A style, a panache coupled with a carefully cobbled method and approach, all tailored to project a certain appearance accurately reflective of the intricate inner workings of this most important department of our national government. A well oiled machine."

"Meet Marie Harf and Jen Psaki. They are probably nice people. But do they belong where they are? Some believe they are “perfect” for these positions. I beg to differ." ...

Scrubbed: NBC Journalist 'Witnessed' Israeli Attack Against Gaza Hospital    ..."The eye witness report was at first included in this NBC News article, and read, "a NBC News journalist witnessed the attack on the hospital and said it had been fired by an Israeli drone."

"Since that report was published, though, the accusation has been scrubbed entirely from the article. The only evidence of the NBC journalist's "eyewitness" accusation is the apparent insertion of this sentence:

Early reports from the ground had said an Israeli drone appeared responsible for the attack.

"Since the reporting and subsequent scrubbing of this eyewitness report, the Israelis say they have confirmed that the Gazan hospital was hit by rockets fired in Gaza by Hamas, not by Israel or an Israeli drone."  

A Conversation Between the President and Susan Rice

A parody by Irwin M. Stelzer
Please explain to any low-information friends what "parody" means. I quote below:

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Tunnel Too Far; Hamas may finally have provoked a biblical (that is, Old-Testament) response from Israel

Joel Levine   ... "The IDF is sent into battle with a reminder that it is sword of Israel.  It is an agent less of the State than of the people.  At some point, the harsh reality of its history is finally accepted.  “Death to the Jews” fills the air in many capitals, East and West.  Until this moment, this was taken as the background noise.  But “Death to the Jews” is now its own reality.  Israel is perilously close to the IDF code: Israel cannot afford to lose one war and cannot fight on its own soil.

"The words of outgoing President Shimon Peres that the fighting will stop at the moment the rocketing stops are prescient.  Hamas has miscalculated what would bring Israel to negotiations or move it away from compromise.  Yahweh can be a very vengeful God, and the modern state of Israel may prove a bit less modern than others imagine it to be.

"Faced with clear risk to Jews for simply being Jews and aware that even more radicalized jihadist groups wait in the wings, Israel may choose to show that it too can be as merciless as was our Army Air Corp over Germany or the Enola Gay over Hiroshima."

Obama failed to stop the Islamic State when he had the chance

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Marc A. Thiessen    "From Europe to the Middle East, we have seen how disaster follows U.S. retreat and disengagement from the world. But the one area where President Obama seemed to be leaning forward was drone strikes. He personally approved terrorist “kill lists” and has taken out many hundreds of terrorists with drones in Pakistan, Yemen and East Africa.

"So why, when Iraqi officials began pleading with him one year ago to strike Islamic State terrorists with drones, did Obama repeatedly refuse — standing by while terrorists overran the country?
"Remember those words. Obama saw the threat from the Islamic State developing for a year. He had a chance to stop it. He failed to do so."   Via http://www.lucianne.com/

Political Cartoons by Gary McCoy

We may blame Obama and certainly will, but Democrats everywhere have been his enablers.

What chance that these people will be sent to Nancy Pelosi's area? That is Democrat-owned country anyway.

Drudge: Children crossing border: 'Obama will take care of us'    "I don’t usually get into the political part of it,” explained Chris Cabrera, now a vice president in the National Border Patrol Council Local 3307, “but I find it odd that their whole thing is, ‘We are going to get amnesty when we get here. Where is my permiso? Where is my permission to go north so I can get my medical care and my schooling and all that? President Obama is going to take care of us and make sure we’re all OK.’

"“Whether it’s the adults or the young kids, one thing we consistently hear is, ‘Obama will take care of us,’” Cabrera said.
"He also suggested the tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors illegally entering the United States appear to have been coached on what to say when they cross the border.

“ 'The ‘magic words’ are something along the lines of ‘asylum,’ or ‘political asylum’ or to say ‘fighting in my home country,’” Cabrera said. “They know these words … because we can’t send them home, because it’s too dangerous back there.”

..."He said agents have overheard conversations in which recruits are given phone numbers to call after crossing the border in order to contact gang members.
"Ironically, many immigrants flooding across the southern border of the U.S. say they're fleeing violent gangs in Central America.
"Experts, however, say those gangs are actually a byproduct of U.S. policies in the 1990s that sent many immigrants back to Central America after they had been indoctrinated into gang culture in this country.
"The violence they took with them easily took hold and flourished in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala - countries with weak, dysfunctional governments." ...

Illegals demand representation in White House meetings

The shadow of Obama on our nation