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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Ann Coulter   " For years, Republican candidates have been assured by their political consultants that amnesty is a runaway hit with the public. Then they always come in for a zinger of a surprise when the American people are finally able to express themselves on the subject. (Sometimes it seems as if political consultants are in the game only to make money.)

"Washington has tried to sneak through three amnesties in the last decade -- in 2006, 2007 and 2013. Each time, amnesty had the full support of the media, the White House, leaders of both political parties, big campaign donors and lobbyists.

"And every time, as soon as the public got wind of what was happening, the politicians scattered like roaches and the loudest amnesty proponent in the room would suddenly be demanding "border security first!"

"Couldn't Republicans spare themselves the embarrassment of having to say they "learned their lesson" by learning the same lesson of the last 17 guys to push amnesty?

"The McCain-Kennedy amnesty passed the Senate in 2006, instantly inspiring an outpouring of voter anger so virulent that it shut down the congressional switchboards. Despite enormous opposition from voters, lame-duck President Bush cockily told reporters, "I'll see you at the bill signing" -- the first step to ushering in a Democratic Congress in the upcoming midterm elections.

"By contrast, House Majority Leader John Boehner told a group of Republicans that he had "promised the president today that I wouldn't say anything bad about this piece of s--- bill'.". . . 

Part 2 of three: Camille Paglia takes on Jon Stewart, Trump, Sanders: “Liberals think of themselves as very open-minded, but that’s simply not true!”

. . . "I think Stewart’s show demonstrated the decline and vacuity of contemporary comedy. I cannot stand that smug, snarky, superior tone. I hated the fact that young people were getting their news through that filter of sophomoric snark. Comedy, to me, is one of the major modern genres, and the big influences on my generation were Lenny Bruce and Mort Sahl. Then Joan Rivers had an enormous impact on me–she’s one of my major role models. It’s the old caustic, confrontational style of Jewish comedy. It was Jewish comedians who turned stand-up from the old gag-meister shtick of vaudeville into a biting analysis of current social issues, and they really pushed the envelope. Lenny Bruce used stand-up to produce gasps and silence from the audience. And that’s my standard–a comedy of personal risk. And by that standard, I’m sorry, but Jon Stewart is not a major figure. He’s certainly a highly successful T.V. personality, but I think he has debased political discourse. I find nothing incisive in his work. As for his influence, if he helped produce the hackneyed polarization of moral liberals versus evil conservatives, then he’s partly at fault for the political stalemate in the United States." . . .
. . . "So far this year, I’m happy with what Trump has done, because he’s totally blown up the media! All of a sudden, “BOOM!” That lack of caution and shooting from the hip. He’s not a president, of course. He’s not remotely a president. He has no political skills of any kind. He’s simply an American citizen who is creating his own bully pulpit. He speaks in the great populist way, in the slangy vernacular. He takes hits like a comedian–and to me he’s more of a comedian than Jon Stewart is!" . . .

Baby parts on sale

Kathleen Willey's new website

"Bill Clinton’s Oval Office sexual harassment accuser Kathleen Willey announced Monday she’s setting up a website asking all women who’ve ever been sexually harassed by Bill Clinton to join the site. She said he groped her breasts in the Oval Office. Churchill’s bust doesn’t do it for every president."  Comedian Argus Hamilton

a SCANDAL a day 

"Are you being harassed, stalked, intimidated or persecuted by a person in position of power or public trust? Are you being told if you tell their dirty little scandal to anyone, that they can make you disappear, ruined, used as a scapegoat?

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
Quote from Edmund Burke.

 "Do you want to reveal wrongdoing within an organization or a person that holds a position of trust to the public in the hope of stopping it? If you do, contact us on our tip line and we will help you.

Exclusive Interview - Former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren

Blackfive    . . . " Former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren’s latest book Ally is a riveting description of the relationship between Israel and the United States.  Readers get a behind the scenes look at how the Obama Administration has a one sided point of view. Through his numerous notes and direct insight he tells of the struggles Israel has had with the Obama Administration, especially regarding the Iranian nuclear deal.  He warns that Israel is in existential danger, that his only agenda is a reality check regarding this administration’s policies toward Israel. Blackfive.net interviewed him about his book and the Iranian nuclear deal." . . .
 Oren has written books, articles, and essays on Middle Eastern history, and is the author of the New York Times best-selling Power, Faith and Fantasy and Six Days of War: June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East, which won the Los Angeles Times History Book of the Year Award and the National Jewish Book Award. Oren has been a visiting professor at Harvard, Yale, and Georgetown universities in the United States and at Tel Aviv and Hebrew universities in Israel. He was a Distinguished Fellow at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem and a contributing editor to The New Republic. The Forward named Oren one of the five most influential American Jews and The Jerusalem Post listed him as one of the world’s ten most influential Jews.   Wikipedia

 ‘Ally': Michael Oren’s Memoir to Expose Obama Administration’s Abuse of Israel
Ally by Michael B. Oren . . . "The book tells the story of Oren’s four years (2009-13) as Israel’s representative in Washington–and reveals just how hostile the Obama administration is towards Israel. Though he argues Obama is not anti-Israel, Oren notes that his administration did all it could to bully Israel into compliance with its hopelessly na├»ve new agenda in the Middle East." . . .


Blackfive   Posted 17 July


. . . "Third, it is time and well past time to get rid of the idiotic, pantywaist, ill-considered (you get the drift) prohibition on our troops being armed. There was a day (until fairly recently) when an officer (and even NCOs) were not in uniform and properly dressed without a sidearm. They were expected to be so, to maintain order, and to defend themselves and others. Having them armed is not a violation of Posse Comitatus, or an invitation to disorder. I've heard one unconfirmed report that one person was able to retrieve a personally-owned firearm and return fire, and if so they deserve to be commended and not chewed-up and spit out by senior leadership as I fully expect. There is a lot of data that clearly shows that any resistance prevents things from being worse." . . .

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

L.A. Gangs’ Hashtag Bet: Kill 100 People in 100 Days

The Daily Beast

 "Under the hashtag #100Days100Nights, users on Instagram and Twitter are issuing a stark warning: Two Los Angeles gangs are betting which one can kill 100 people—in a gang, or innocent—within the next 100 days.

"A law enforcement source confirmed the reports exclusively to The Daily Beast on Monday night.

"The bet—which follows the death of “KP,” a member of the Rollin 100 gang—was allegedly made last week.

"Gang members say it will remain “on” for 100 days straight—and innocent people driving between the streets of Western and Normandie in Los Angeles could be risking their lives over a game on Twitter." . . .
 Is Los Angeles some kind of "sanctuary city" for illegal immigrants? People on all sides of the debate like to think so. Those who want to protect the immigrants and their families use the term with a certain bravado, as if to stress that their city has adopted a firm and unique moral stance.

Third Planned Parenthood Video Released: “Huge Trafficking Of Fetal Tissues” From Aborted Babies – UPDATE: Prices For Dead Babies Offered On Butcher Shop-Like Menu

Weasel Zippers  "Via Washington Examiner:
"A third Planned Parenthood video was released Tuesday morning that features a whistleblower who says her biomedical company would compensate Planned Parenthood clinics for fetal organs based on their condition and quality after being extracted from an abortion.
. . .
“The more valuable the tissue the more money you get, so if you can somehow procure a brain or a heart you’re going to get more money than just umbilical cord,” O’Donnell says in the video. “So I guess that’s incentive to try and get the hard stuff because they get more money.”

"The footage shows medical professionals picking through trays of aborted fetal tissue for legs and other recognizable body parts." . . .

Camille Paglia: How Bill Clinton is like Bill Cosby

 In exclusive Salon interview, the cultural critic finds parallels between Cosby and Clinton, takes down modern p.c.

 Camille Paglia: How Bill Clinton is like Bill Cosby

"Camille Paglia, the political and cultural critic, has been a brave and brilliant provocateur on Salon for almost 20 years now. Paglia seemed to be on the winning side of the wars over feminism and political correctness in the 1990s, but recently those battles have been reopened. Suddenly we’re talking again and in very different ways about sexual culture on campus. Comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Maher talk about the return of a stifling political correctness. And we’re staring at the potential rematch of a Clinton and a Bush.

"There were so many stories that we wanted Paglia’s take on: Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, the state of the Democratic Party. So we spent two hours discussing all of them on Monday, and we’ll present her thoughts over the next three days. Stand back: Paglia does not hold back on anything.
 Right from the start, when the Bill Cosby scandal surfaced, I knew it was not going to bode well for Hillary’s campaign, because young women today have a much lower threshold for tolerance of these matters. The horrible truth is that the feminist establishment in the U.S., led by Gloria Steinem, did in fact apply a double standard to Bill Clinton’s behavior because he was a Democrat. The Democratic president and administration supported abortion rights, and therefore it didn’t matter what his personal behavior was.
. . .
 The Clinton’s are responsible for the destruction of Monica Lewinsky! They probably hoped that she would just go on and have a job, get married, have children, and disappear, but instead she’s like this walking ghoul.

Jon Stewart's secret White House visits

"Obama, aides took unusual steps to cultivate ‘Daily Show’ comic"
Politico via Althouse
 . . . "To engage privately with the president in his inner sanctum at two sensitive moments — previously unreported meetings that are listed in the White House visitor logs and confirmed to POLITICO by three former Obama aides — speaks volumes about Stewart and his reach, which goes well beyond the million or so viewers who tune into The Daily Show on most weeknights.

"Love Stewart’s jokes or hate them, he has proven to be a unique voice who is capable of turning in-the-weeds policy discussions into viral video sensations that the country is still talking about the next morning." . . .

Brit Hume delivers jarring commentary on abortion

Liberty Alliance
"In a July 20 Fox News Special Report, Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume “laid bare the essentially brutal nature of abortion.” And he did it well. His commanding denouncement of the industry followed the July 14 release of “stomach-turning” Planned Parenthood videos, which showed officials coolly discussing the traffic of fetal body parts while eating lunch. “Those revelations…have parted the veil of antiseptic tidiness behind which the abortion industry has for so long operated,” Hume declared. “Let’s be blunt,” he continued. “Abortion involves the extraction and killing of a human life, which within a couple of weeks of pregnancy has a beating heart. Five weeks in, its hands and legs begin to grow.' ”

Monday, July 27, 2015

Some quick hits on the news

Migrants Jump Off Boat, Run Ashore, During Miami Beach Fashion Shoot (VIDEO). . . "Juskowski's video illuminated how brazenly migrants are entering the country along the Florida coastline."

PHOTO: No one interested in ‘Young Americans for Hillary’ party "Attendees are promised “young people, Hillary swag, Pizza, Political discussion, A good time.” And a photo of a young Hillary in garishly striped pants — what else could a college student possibly want?
"Apparently a lot of things, as no one wants to be reminded about this “party.' ” . . .

Dowager Empress of Chappaqua’s ‘Campaign’ Gets More Bad Polling News    " Now there’s a heckuva candidate: the more you see of her, the less you like her. But it all makes sense. Hillary!’s poll numbers were always high based on sheer name-recognition alone; she’s the Kim Kardashian of politicians, and you can’t avoid her even if you wanted to."

Weasel Zippers is a treasure trove of info like this:

Gowdy: Obama Saw His Son In Trayvon, In Kate Steinle, We See Our Daughter . . . "BAM. Just like that, Gowdy reminds the nation of the political games Obama plays with the lives of citizens in this nation. He cares when he can make a statement." . . .

FCC should FINE people for ‘MISGENDERING’ Trangenders, says NBC’s ‘black commentator’   "I’ve never heard of this nutty lady but she thinks that everyone should be fined by the FCC if they dare “misgender” a transgender person. That’s the loony liberal term for referring to a transgendered person with pronouns they don’t prefer.' . . .