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Good grief, where is the fire in this president's belly?

"Comment from Eleanor in Hell": 01/31/2015 at 10:45 am
His favorite vowel is “I”
…to the point of wearing it out.

President Gumball . . . "Obama should make every American with a modicum of decency feel ashamed and sickened as he continues his coarse and boorish behavior. We used to be known as the Ugly American, a term used to refer to perceptions of arrogant behavior by Americans abroad, but Barack Hussein Obama truly epitomizes such genuine arrogance.
. . . 
"Ergo, Americans find themselves in a weakened position. Military morale is low and the middle class scrambles to keep up with the ever expanding executive decisions that curtail economic and political freedoms.

"So while Rome -- I mean Iraq, Afghanistan, France, Nigeria and Yemen burn, our gum-chewing president keeps displaying the new America.

"Ugly American, indeed!"

Taxpayer funded grovel to Muslims

The shame Obama must feel because of his nation. TThe man is embarrassed to stand tall as our world leader.

How to Bow in Japan  . . . "Bowing seems simple, but there are some different ways. It depends on the social status or age of the person you bow to. If the person is higher status or older than you are, it's common to bow deeper and longer, showing respect." 
Or if your nation is inferior to the other.

"Compilation of Emperor Akihito shaking hands with other foreign (and domestic) leaders, juxtaposed to Obama shaking hands with Emperor Akihito. Does anyone notice the difference? (Hint: Look at the angle created between Obama's Legs and torso)"

Ben Shapiro: The First Amendment Is Dead

"The first amendment is dead; long live the reign of sensitivity. Ben Shapiro explores how Americans have forfeited their fundamental rights in the name of political correctness. See the video and transcript below."

Watching America: Freedom of Expression: France vs. America . . . "Being a good sport, the law professor recognizes that the U.S. government is driven by the same motivation as France. He mentions that the Obama administration has considered installing a new blasphemy standard “to avoid a return to the old patterns of division.” When she was secretary of state, Hillary Clinton even hosted delegations to try to move this agenda forward. In France, such a backward step wouldn’t occur to any reputed decision maker. And it is Obama who declared, before the United Nations assembly, that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” What Turley omits is that many American newspapers, starting with The New York Times, published neither the cartoons nor the cover of the latest Charlie Hebdo. Even in the land of the First Amendment, freedom of expression is threatened, above all, by ... Americans.

Here’s why Trey Gowdy’s had it with Benghazi committee Dems

BizPac Review
Trey Gowdy, Elijah Cummings
Trey Gowdy, Elijah Cummings

. . . "And a potential clash between Gowdy and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is waiting in the wings.

"The Democratic members, headed by Maryland’s Elijah Cummings, seek veto power over the committee’s subpoenas and object to Gowdy’s examination of witnesses by only the GOP members.

"The Democrats would rather debate the matter than hear what the witnesses have to say.
Gowdy, a former South Carolina prosecutor, knows that giving Democrats veto power over issuing subpoenas would mean no witnesses would be called at all.

“ 'I am unwilling to let the minority party veto subpoenas when it is clear they have prejudged the outcome of the investigation,” Gowdy said, according to the Washington Examiner.

“ 'The minority has repeatedly indicated it is unwilling to issue any subpoenas. If subpoenas are necessary for the committee to talk to relevant witnesses or access relevant documents, they will be issued.”

"Gowdy is having none of it." . . .

Saturday Smile: Polish Soldier Names His New Son After U.S. Soldier Who Gave His Life To Save Him In Afghanistan

Weasel Zippers

"On August 28, 2013, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Michael H. Ollis, 24, during a Taliban attack on a NATO base in Ghazni, eastern Afghanistan. Taliban insurgents blasted their way into the compound. As one detonated his suicide vest, Sergeant Ollis stepped in front of Polish officer, Lt. Karol Cierpica, saving his life and shielding him from the blast.
"Lt. Cierpica became a father earlier this month of a baby boy that he named “Michal”(Polish for ‘Michael’) in honor of his protector, Sgt. Ollis.
"Robert Ollis, the father of Sgt. Ollis, said he and his wife Linda were ‘delighted with the news’. According to Staten Island Live,
Robert Ollis and his wife, Linda, called the tribute to their son “unexpected” and “wonderful.” ...
More here.

‘Israel: US deal will leave Iran with 6,500 centrifuges spinning, months from a bomb’

Times of Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama, at the UN September 2012. (photo credit: APphoto/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)
"Israel has been your most faithful ally, Mr. President "                                            " Must stay awake. Must."

. .. . "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was said to have indicated to confidants that he feels he has “no choice” but to speak out against the imminent deal, including at a controversial address scheduled for March 3 to Congress, Channel 10 said. Netanyahu does not intend to speak against President Barack Obama, or to give a partisan address, or to focus overly on sanctions, but rather to talk strongly against the deal, the report said.
"Warned that his March 3 visit and Congress appearance may harm Congressional efforts to prevent a poor deal with Iran, Netanyahu is said to be unmoved, the Channel 10 report claimed. The White House has said the March visit was not coordinated in accordance with protocol, and that Obama and Secretary of State Kerry will not meet with the prime minister, because it comes just two weeks before Israel’s general elections.

In Defense of the Right to Shame Gluten-free Hipsters

Katherine Timpf at NRO
"A blogger with Celiac disease has launched a petition demanding that NBC pull a NASCAR Superbowl ad that makes fun of the gluten-free diet trend because some people really do have to avoid gluten and therefore it’s too offensive.
You see . . . I don’t think we’re soft or weak as the ad implies,” the blogger, who calls himself Gluten Dude,writes. “I don’t think we’re part of the problem. I think we’re a pretty strong bunch who just wants the world to move on to something else and let us handle our disease as we wish.”
. . .
"Shame them. Shame me (I’ll be fine!). Hell, even shame NBC, but don’t ask them to remove the ad just because you don’t like the joke. I ate bread today. I even plan on doing it again, and there are some people out there who would shame me for that. Please let me (and NBC/NASCAR!) keep the right to shame them back."

Why Obama Needs to Pretend the Taliban Aren’t Terrorists

Andrew C. McCarthy   "The administration makes a desperate and indefensible claim."
"No doubt because of my background investigating, prosecuting, and studying terrorism, the cynical claim by White House spokesmen that the Taliban is not a terrorist organization has annoyed me even more than the Obama administration’s nonstop lying usually does. No surprise then that I could be found railing about it on The Kelly File Thursday night.

"In that spirit, ten thoughts for the weekend:" . . .  Read the full article here.

Washington Times’ Bombshell Tapes Confirm Citizen Commission’s Findings on Benghazi

New Zeal

"As Hillary Clinton further delays the announcement of her 2016 run for the White House, more news has broken regarding her role in the 2011 disastrous intervention in Libya, which set the stage for the 2012 Benghazi attacks where we lost four brave American lives.
"Two new stories from The Washington Times expose some of the infighting among government agencies and branches of government on this controversial decision, and highlight the key role that Clinton played in initiating the war. You can listen to tapes of discussions between Pentagon staffers, former Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), and the Qaddafi regime for yourself." . . . 

More here: Qaddafi was willing to step down peacefully but Hillary prevented it
The Washington Times has revealed that Hillary Clinton stepped in to quash the discussions. She would have never done this without Obama’s express permission. Now why, I ask you, would two diehard liberals dedicated to “world peace” for their entire lives miss a perfect opportunity to avoid a civil war? Was it a blood lust desire to see Qaddafi murdered by revolutionaries as payback for Pan Am 103? Nothing of the sort. Obama has shown himself more than willing to shed American blood when it serves no useful purpose. If America has something to gain, only then will he back off.

Hatin’ on the Police – an Old Communist Strategy. Helped by this anti-police rap video.

Gulag Bound  "The second half of 2014 was marked by a very intense anti-police campaign from the US left.

"In an obvious attempt to destroy public confidence in local police forces, every black death at the hands of uniformed officers was trumpeted across the nation as proof of endemic police racism.
Revolutionary Communist party signs at "Ferguson" protest
Notice the website on the signs? It's the Revolutionary Communist Party 

"This is an old communist game, but unfortunately not enough people know history.

"Below are extracts from the testimony of Mr. Bellarmino Joe Duran, a plasticizing press operator and an FBI informant, working in the West Side Mexican Branch of the Communist Party of Denver, Colorado.

"Mr. Duran was active in the Denver Communist Party from 1948 to 1956.

"This testimony was given to the “Investigation of Communist activities in the Rocky Mountain area.” Hearings conducted 


"Note what Mr. Duran has to say about the Communist Party’s campaign against the Denver police in response to government investigator Arens . . ."

What do we want?
Blah, blah, blah
When do we want it?

"A pair of New York City lawyers are facing heat for participating in a music video that decries police shootings of young black men and calls for police to be killed in return, Gothamist reportedThursday.
"The two lawyers with the taxpayer-funded Bronx Defenders appeared in a December WorldStarHipHop music video and allowed their office to be used in the video as well.
"The song’s lyrics call for cop killing, and at the beginning of the video, two black men are shown pointing guns at the head of a white man dressed as a police officer." . . .

Brought to you by the good people at...

Image via YouTube

The Bronx Defenders web site denies their association with this video in a new pop-up disclaimer.

PBA takes aim at Bronx defenders
. . . "Once it was discovered and the city started investigating, then members of the organization purportedly lied to the investigators.
"Not only is this organization funded by NYC taxpayers, but it’s also American taxpayer funded through an Eric Holder Justice Department grant. According to New American, the DOJ gave this organization $1.5 million." . . .

Friday, January 30, 2015

Qaeda in Yemen says France top enemy because the US under Obama is weak

"Dubai (AFP) – The ideological leader of Yemen-based Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) said Friday that France had surpassed the United States as the top enemy of Islam.
"  With the “weakening” of the United States in recent years, France has replaced America in the “war on Islam,” Ibrahim al-Rubaish said in an audio message published by AQAP’s media arm on YouTube." . . .

Michelle Malkin:  To call President Obama's Afghanistan policy a mess is a colossal understatement.  " . . . It's a bloody, incompetent and treacherous disaster.
"Our military heroes and families, God bless them, refuse to stay silent about the consequences. Consider these three national security fiascos:"
Obama has agreed to 80 percent of Iran's demands in nuclear talks, Israeli officials tell Ch. 10  . . . "According to unnamed officials, Washington “has given the Iranians 80 percent of what they want” out of the negotiations, Channel 10 is reporting.
"Jerusalem officials appear alarmed at the prospect that the United States will soon strike a deal with the Iranian regime that will leave it with a “breakout point” of months before it can gallop toward the bomb."  The WH says nonsense.

America’s Anti-Israeli President  "The Obama administration is unusually petty and sophomoric. The attacks leveled against Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, are part of a troubling pattern in which officials in the Israeli government–including and especially Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu–are vilified."
. . .
"Perhaps given President Obama’s history–including his intimate, 20-year relationship with the anti-Semitic minister Jeremiah Wright–this shouldn’t come as a surprise. But that doesn’t make it any less disturbing."

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Just words? Not to our Wordsmith-in-Chief

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

Krauthammer asks, "Do we really mean ‘never again’?"

Charles Krauthammer

"Amid the ritual expressions of regret and the pledges of “never again” onTuesday’s 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, a bitter irony was noted: Anti-Semitism has returned to Europe. With a vengeance.
"It has become routine. If the kosher-grocery massacre in Paris hadn’t happened in conjunction with Charlie Hebdo, how much worldwide notice would it have received? As little as did the murder of a rabbi and three children at a Jewish school in Toulouse. As little as did the terror attack that killed four at the Jewish Museum in Brussels.
"The rise of European anti-Semitism is, in reality, just a return to the norm. For a millennium, virulent Jew-hatred — persecution, expulsions, massacres — was the norm in Europe until the shame of the Holocaust created a temporary anomaly wherein anti-Semitism became socially unacceptable." 
"The hiatus is over. Jew-hatred is back, recapitulating the past with impressive zeal."

Group White House Says Doesn't Qualify as "Terrorists" Kills Three Americans in Afghanistan

PJ Media Pressed by reporters about why the Jordanians can’t trade a would-be suicide bomber to ISIS for the return of a downed pilot, the White House said today that deal-making with the Taliban to win Bowe Bergdahl’s release was different.

 '“The Taliban is an armed insurgency. ISIL is a terrorist group. So we don’t make concessions to terrorist groups,” spokesman Eric Schultz said today.". . .

. . . "As a reminder, the Taliban has been classified as a terrorist organization since 2002.
Tuesday White House National Security Council spokesperson Caitlin Hayden noted that the Taliban was added to the list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGT) by executive order in July 2002, even if it is not listed as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) by the State Department.

"Race fatigue"; What exactly does the race industry want from white America?

American Thinker  " Nothing frustrates me more than for someone to rant on and on about something while never really specifying the desired outcome that he or she is seeking.  Or for someone to imply that I somehow owe him something without specifically telling me what it is.  This tactic of never specifying or articulating an actual wrong or debt is used so that the accused will be forever indebted to the accuser.  The race industry and their cohorts in the Democratic Party have been ranting and raving about black injustice ever since the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and have yet to articulate exactly what the injustices are or what can be done to correct them." . . . 

. . . "Instead, the American people are bombarded with trumped up charges of racism (some turn out to be complete hoaxes) to the point that we have developed race fatigue."
 Full article.

Reverend Al Sharpton extortion mafia organized crime godfather

If we are responsible for the slavery and Jim Crow laws of past generations, then the Democrat Party must today be held liable for the KKK.  And Reginald Denny owes reparations to those who beat him nearly to death during the Rodney King riots. TD

Romney pulls the plug

I think this is as it should be, but do consider Mitt to be head and shoulders above Obama and Clinton as a human being.

Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

Mitt Romney has decided not to run for President in the 2016 campaign. . . . "Romney’s attempt to enter the race started falling apart recently as major donors indicated that they were looking to Jeb Bush as their favorite to take 2016 by storm.
"A Chicago supporter told AP that he had “great respect for Gov. Romney, and I busted my buns for him,” said Craig Duchossois, whose wife contributed $250,000 to a pro-Romney super PAC while he collected tens of thousands more for Romney’s last campaign. “But I have turned the page' ”
Scott Walker Rejects Your Premise  "The conventional wisdom after Republicans lost two presidential elections to Barack Obama was that the GOP needed to concede the premise of certain Democratic talking points. Suddenly immigration reform became urgent enough for a prospective GOP candidate to lead the effort in the Senate. And even more suddenly, talk of inequality has emerged in conservative circles. But what if the conventional wisdom is wrong? What if, instead, Scott Walker is right?" . . .

Mitt takes a parting jab at Jeb Bush  "But the rivalry between the two might still persist. Notably, Romney said in his remarks to donors on Friday that he believed the next GOP leader would be one “who may not be as well known as I am today, one who has not yet taken their message across the country, one who is just getting started.' ”

Michigan Steakhouse Owner Officially Bans Michael Moore and Seth Rogen

Detroit's Brann Steakhouse announced on its outdoor marquee that it's banned Michael Moore from the restaurant for his comments ripping American Sniper. The filmmaker's reaction was swift. Before this could spread, Michael Moore apologized to McDonald's and said that Chris Kyle was a hero.
 Comedian Argus Hamilton

Mediaite  "If either Michael Moore or Seth Rogen are passing through Grand Rapids, Mich., and are looking for a place to eat steak, they can forget about visiting Brann’s Steakhouse and Grille. That’s because owner Tommy Brann has decided to defend the film American Sniper by banning them from his restaurant. He’s even broadcasting the news on a giant sign out front.

"He didn’t even give Rogen the courtesy of spelling his name correctly" . . .
Amarillo's Big Texan Restaurant asked, "you mean we can do that?"
. . . "As the hour contest came to an end, this gastronomic superman had eaten:
4 & 1/2 pounds of steak, (which is 72 oz’s) baked potato,shrimp cocktail,salad & a bread roll.

"In his amazement & delight of the crowd, Owner Bob (RJ) Lee stood up on a chair in the middle of the dinning room to proclaimed that: “from this day forward, anyone who could eat the entire 72 oz dinner-in one hour– gets it for FREE.

"On that date in 1962 the legendary 72oz Steak Challenge was born & to this date the contests stands strong." 

Texas Muslim Capitol Day marred by anti-Islam protesters


"Islamic Sharia Law will now be practiced in the state of Texas, YES, Texas!"

Muslilm Brotherhood member and Former Obama advisor, Mohamed Elibiary

Via Texas TEA Party Patriots:

Texas Muslim Capitol Day marred by anti-Islam protesters  AUSTIN - They came out by the hundreds from Dallas, San Antonio and Houston, mostly women and children, girls with silver-bowed shoes and pink owl backpacks. They sang the national anthem and prayed.
But less than 20 feet from where the group of Texas Muslims gathered on the steps of the state Capitol in Austin, a small handful of protesters told them exactly how they felt about their visit.
"We don't want you here!" shouted one. Others yelled, "Go home," "ISIS will gladly take you" and "remember 9/11."
"You don't have to dress that way! Take it off!" came from a woman holding an Israeli flag. "Islam is the war on women!"
Woman Seizes Mic at Muslim Event: “Islam will never dominate the United States and by the grace of God, it will not dominate Texas.”

. . . "Keep in mind that this event is sponsored by the designated terror group Hamas-Council on American-Islamic Relations. Also keep in mind that the executive director of the Houston chapter of Hamas-CAIRMustafaa Carroll, has gone on record to declare, “If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land.' ”.

What about other religions in America that have their own laws?  "Get lost! Women struggle to get Jewish divorce from their Orthodox husbands. Without a get, a new marriage would be considered adultery in Orthodox Jewish community"

So other religious communities, including mainline Christian denominations have their own binding laws based on divine ordinance and they should have the freedom in America to practice them. 
The Jews, the Sikhs, the Amish and many others have laws applying to those in their communities that we have no reason to fear. However I know of no other religion other than Islam holding the position that their law must be applied to everybody in the world under pain of beatings or death. TD . .

Thursday, January 29, 2015

What is an extremist?

Hat tip to Jim Couch on Facebook

Communist Party USA Chairman Vows To Work With Democrat Party To Advance Shared Communist Goals…

Weasel Zippers

. . . “ 'First, we are part of building the broadest anti-ultra right alliance possible, uniting the widest array of class (including a section of monopoly), social and democratic forces. This necessarily means working with the Democratic Party,” the communist leader explained.
“ 'Second, our objective is not to build the Democratic Party. At this stage we are about building the broad people’s movement led by labor that utilizes the vehicle of the Democratic Party to advance its agenda,” Bachtell further expounded. “We are about building the movements around the issues roiling wide sections of people that can help shape election contours and debates.”
“ '[W]e are for building movements in the electoral arena and see engagement in the electoral arena and democratic governance as a vital means to further build movements,” Bachtell also said.
"To that end, he claimed, “thousands of trade unionists have been elected” at municipal and local levels of American government. Bachtell did not note a party affiliation of these elected leaders.
"The rest of Bachtell’s declaration is mostly a somewhat modernized version of the same, garden-variety communist drivel communists have been spouting since roughly 1840." . . .

George Will: Questions for attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch


"Senate confirmation hearings put nominees on notice that, as a Michigan state legislator reportedly once said, “I’m watching everything you do with a fine-toothed comb.” Loretta Lynch, a talented lawyer and seasoned U.S. attorney, should be confirmed as attorney general. Her hearing, however, should not be perfunctory. Questions like the following would highlight some festering problems:" . . 
One  salient issue would be Will's asking what Lynch would do with regard to the "politicization and corruption of the Internal Revenue Service."

What sort of man have Obama voters elected?


Voting "present" has been a refuge for Obama for years.  
The record has become an issue on the presidential campaign trail, as Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, his chief rival for the Democratic nomination, has seized on the present votes he cast on a series of anti-abortion bills to portray Mr. Obama as a “talker” rather than a “doer.”
Obama Squirms to Dodge the Truth  . . . "Our superficial and self-deluded political elites pretend that jihadi Islam is peaceful, just like early Buddhists did before all the monasteries were destroyed. Muslim forces have bought up our political and media class, which is why they keep lying to us about a clear and present danger.

"So Obama is blaming the victim, along with his Eurosocialist buddies in Europe. If only Israel would surrender to the phony “Palestinians” everything will be okay. For Hitler it was Czechoslovakia that had to be his to prevent war, and once he swallowed the Sudetenland he would never, ever, be nasty again. Then it was Poland. Then it was all of Europe, and ultimately it would have been America, because the Nazis had a world-conquering ideology. So did Stalin." . . .  The French are finally seeing the obvious.

In Obama's Speeches, the 'I's Have It  "When President Obama gives a speech, it often seems as though it's more about him than whatever subject he's supposed to be talking about.

"A case in point comes from his 33-minute talk in India, during which Obama referred to himself 118 times. That works out to once every 16.6 seconds. PJ Media managed to compile them all into one amusing 3-minute video." ...

"This is quite a feat, but it's not even close to a record for Obama.

Our president would call this "evolving"

Saudis Say Michelle Obama Not Blurred on TV

Is too! Is NOT! Is too! . . .

<p>Arrival in Riyadh.</p>
 Photographer: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

"The new king shook hands with President Obama at the Erga Palace but didn’t acknowledge the first lady during a brief meeting at the funeral for King Abdullah. Barack and Michelle Obama cut short their trip to India to attend the funeral.  
"Several videos posted on Saudis' Facebook pages obscured Michelle Obama's face. They were removed shortly after they were posted. I captured a screenshot of one such video before it was taken down. The Arab news service Mashahead posted on YouTube a video allegedly taken from the Saudi government television broadcast showing the blurred spot." . .

. . . "The alleged blurring wasn't the only controversy.  Some Arab media outlets criticized Michelle Obama for wearing a blue dress, rather than a black one. Videos of the short meeting between Salman and President Obama showed the king leaving in the middle of the protocol, abruptly turning around and walking away, in order to go to prayer.". .
One can cheer this sticking it in the face of these 7th century denizens, but then we realize this is all part of a pattern of tone-deafness and lack of grace in this couple toward both  political opponents and international allies over the past six years.
If the next president is a Republican, they will have to start off their time in office with a world apology tour and a couple of dozen reset buttons. TD