Friday, August 13, 2021

You knew this would happen: Biden Blaming Donald Trump for Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan

Only one thing to do: impeachment!


 . . . "The officials complained that Trump only left them with 3,000 troops in Afghanistan, forcing them to withdraw because there was no way to keep the peace with such a small force, according to the report.

"There was an early peace in Afghanistan, team Biden argued, only because Trump agreed to leave on May 1.

"That was an argument that White House press secretary Jen Psaki used in July, noting Biden believed the Taliban “would have been shooting at U.S. troops again after May 1.”

“ 'The withdrawal deadline negotiated by the previous administration kind of set that timeline,” she said." . . .

Joe wouldn't say this if it wasn't true, you know.

‘We Are Powerless’: Joe Biden Official Deletes Social Media Post Admitting Failure in Afghanistan  "A senior Biden official at the State Department expressed sadness Friday that the administration was “powerless” to protect women and girls in Afghanistan from the Taliban.Deputy Assistant "Secretary in the State Department Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs Molly Montgomery shared her thoughts on Twitter early Friday morning after reports demonstrated the swiftness of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan." . . .

“I personally had discussions with top Taliban leaders whereby they understood what they are doing now would not have been acceptable,” [Trump] said, noting that if he was still president, he would have focused on a “conditions-based” withdrawal.”

The Biden Doctrine: Beg

So after 20 years of warfare, the United States of America is reduced to begging the Taliban to spare our humble embassy so as to save America the humiliation of having a desperate, Saigon 1975–style rooftop evacuation as the communists close in.

Monica Showalter "Joe Biden is begging the Taliban to spare the U.S. embassy when they knock down the Afghan capital of Kabul and overrun the country.  And with the fall of Kandahar, Herat, and all the other big Afghan cities, that could be any day now.

"Here's the lovely story from the New York Times:

. . . 

"The Taliban is out doing victory dances like this.  They're hanging collaborators like this.  They've fired up the kidnap/sex-slave rackets and are hunting down local journalists.  They've already been issued stern warnings from the U.S. embassy in Kabul about this to no effect, and $2 trillion's worth of warfare from the U.S. over 20 years has had no effect, either. 

"Think they'll take to Joe Biden's call to spare our embassy to ensure no hurt feelings and public relations problems?"

 CODE RED: Afghanistan Is Lost. Don't Leave Our Allies Behind

"There are hundreds of interpreters who aided us and need our help before that failed state falls back into barbarism. We were never going to turn Afghanistan into a democracy. I fear what we are seeing is a replay of Saigon 1975 with us leaving our friends and allies to find their own way out of hell.

"Before we see people hanging from the slicks of Hueys, as helicopters depart from the roof of another US embassy, I hope Biden opens up our doors and welcomes the people who fought for America.

"We cannot save Afghanistan. We can save the people who helped us." . . .

Did Cuomo open the door for Tara Reade?

  Silvio Canto, Jr.  "As a wise man said, be careful what you wish for because you may get it.  Will Gov. Andrew Cuomo's exit open the door for Joe Biden's accuser, Tara Reade?  Well, Tara is hoping it does. 

"This is from The Daily Mail:

Tara Reade demanded shortly after Governor Andrew Cuomo's resignation on Tuesday that her sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden be fully investigated and that the president also step down.

'My heart is with the brave Cuomo survivors who endured attempts to discredit them like I did coming forward about Joe Biden with the help of nonprofits that were supposed to help women like Time's Up,' Reade told Fox News.

'May there be some measure of justice for the survivors,' she added.

 'Now, let's call for a real investigation into Joe Biden and expose the corruption protecting powerful predators.'

The 57-year-old revealed last year her accusation that Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993 in a Capitol Hill office when she was a Senate staffer.

"Let me take a guess and say "yes."  In other words, Tara may finally get her turn.

"First, I don't know whether Tara is telling the truth or not.  At the same time, "truth" was never a consideration when the press and the Democrats went after Brett Kavanaugh with all those phony stories.  So let the lady make her case.

"Second, and more important, the media are bored with President Biden.  Worse than that, no one is watching, so a lot of reporters are scared to death that their jobs may be on the line.  President Trump was great for the people who sold air time.  Biden is the exact opposite.

"What better way of getting people to watch than to start talking about another woman and another politician?

"The media are desperate for something, and Tara may just be the answer."

Biden accuser Tara Reade, 56, says watching inauguration was 'exceptionally hard' and accuses Dems of being 'complicit' with misconduct after she claimed he sexually assaulted her  . . . "Reade who now identifies as a 'progressive independent' after previously describing herself as a lifelong Democrat, says she feels conflicted about Biden's presidency.  

" 'Yesterday was exceptionally hard on many levels, because the media, certain media outlets made it so clear that I was to be smeared, ignored, and erased. And they were pretty successful in doing so,' Reade told Fox News on Thursday." .  .  .

Reade said in 2020 that Biden digitally penetrated her and groped her in the basement of a Capitol Hill office building in spring 1993. Biden has vehemently denied her claims, and current and former Biden staffers say they cannot recall such an incident 

GUEST COLUMN: Yeah, I Threw Myself a Massive Party at My Island Estate in the Middle of a Pandemic, And There’s Nothing You Worthless Plebs Can Do About It

 Washington Free Beacon

"MARTHA'S VINEYARD — If you're reading this, you probably aren't important enough to be invited to the massive party I just threw myself to celebrate my historic existence and countless intellectual contributions to the human canon.
"We're all pretty hungover, to be honest. Between LeBron's tequila (a little underwhelming, like his NBA Finals record), Willie Nelson's choom plug, and Hunter Biden's "rocket sauce," we partied pretty hard. If I wasn't a multimillionaire who can afford to hire an army of professional cleaners, my island estate would be a mess. I bought the place from a Democratic donor for $11.75 million in December 2019. Today, it's worth more than $17.5 million. Happy Birthday to me!" . . .

Prominent Anti-Semite Attends Obama Birthday Bash, Jewish Comedian Snubbed   Al Sharpton, the prominent anti-Semite and verbally challenged MSNBC host, was among the "sophisticated crowd" of guests who attended former president Barack Obama's 60th birthday bash on Martha's Vineyard over the weekend. Jewish comedian Larry David was not."...
Sharpton, who was photographed arriving by private jet, was a central figure in the Crown Heights riot of 1991. His anti-Semitic rhetoric and inciteful actions fueled what would become the worst outburst of anti-Semitic violence in modern American history. Yet "Reverend Al" remains a ubiquitous figure within the elite subset of liberal activists, Democratic politicians, professional journalists, and other celebs. 

If Biden explains economics and none of us listen to him, does he still make a sound?

 With Biden and AOC shutting down America's energy independence in favor of getting oil from the Middle East, the costs of shipping food to stores will increase as well. Why on earth do people still vote Democrat? ...Oh, yes; climate change fears! Yet proponents still buy mansions on the sea shore. TD

Grocery Prices Could Rise 10 to 14 Percent By October, Grocery Chain CEO Warns 
. . . "While we can’t know for certain, Catsimatidis said rising costs could mean an astounding 10 to 14 percent specific increase in grocery prices by October. That’s truly a shocking amount. But this warning offers more than insight into the grocery industry. It’s a painful reminder of how price inflation hurts everyday Americans.
"When we hear terms like “Consumer Price Index” or “expansionary monetary policy,” the conversation surrounding inflation quickly becomes inaccessible for many people, whose eyes understandably glaze over amid discussion of the abstract-seeming phenomenon. But at its core, price inflation is simply a question of our purchasing power being eroded. Because what really matters is not the number on our paychecks, it’s what that number can buy us. " . . .

. . . How did that happen? The good news is that compensation went up 2.8 percent between March and June. But the good news ends there.

Producer price inflation, which tracks how much producers receive for goods and services, rose 7.8 percent over the last 12 months ending in July, according to CNN. This is the highest measure ever recorded since it first began being calculated in 2010." 

 Biden: CPI Showing Prices Rising At Fastest Pace Since 2008 Is ‘A Good Monthly Report’…