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Happy Trans Day of Visibility

 The writer, Clarice Feldman, begins with the issue of "Transgender Sunday", but moves over to the case of Biden and the Democrats wanting to make the wake of the murdered police officer their own occasion. TD

Politically Incorrect Humor

Clarice Feldman "For those of you who celebrate this sacred day, Happy Easter. For those who don’t, most Americans appreciate that it is the holiest day of the year for you and treat it with civilized respect.

"To the President who claims he is a Catholic in good standing, it’s just another day to poke his fingers in your eyes." . . .

"New York governor Kathy Hochul apparently thought someone in her party ought to make an appearance at the wake and cover up the bad look. She showed up uninvited to the wake, perhaps to get a useful photo op. The family seems to have turned her away. In any event, she was there for only a few minutes, and the crowd, doubtless consisting in large part of his fellow officers, applauded what seemed to onlookers to be the family’s denying her further participation.

"According to Fox's Brian Kilmeade, Hochul also asked to speak at the funeral ceremony itself. Needless to say, she was turned down flat. (As was, believe it or not, Letitia James.)  

"Hochul followed up her disastrous appearance at the wake by ordering major state landmarks, including Niagara Falls and One World Trade Center, lit up in trans flag colors on Easter.

"Obviously, the wake presented problems for Democrats because it showed the consequences of their ridiculous no-bail and lenient sentencing policies:

The prime suspect in Diller’s murder -– 34-year-old Guy Rivera -- has at least 21 prior arrests and did a five-year prison stint. . . .

. . ." In truth, Democrats had to mostly ignore the wake, because to show up was to underscore the consequences of their pro crime policies and laws and the increasing justified concern of people about rising crime. But the proclamation remains a puzzlement to me -- did Biden think he had to insult Christians to gain the votes of Muslims in Dearborn? If so, are those same Muslims concerned about the lack of visibility of transgenders? Are there lots of transgenders sitting on millions of dollars to contribute to his campaign? Mostly I just think the White House is being run by leftist idiots."

‘Good’ Catholic Biden declares open war on Easter and the Bible - Andrea Widburg   . . ."But Biden isn’t content with mere symbolism. When it comes to Easter, this central Christian holiday, Biden wants to make sure that the White House celebration is unsullied by…Christianity. Thus, in the White House announcement for the art contest, the instructions are clear. No actual Easter iconography is allowed (emphasis added):" . . .

"But I never lose track of the fact that these sanitized, ecumenical holidays exist above a religious foundation. Apparently, though, that most Catholic of Catholic American presidents has forgotten that…or Biden agrees with Marx that the pathway to a utopia filled with human divinities is paved with the abandoned norms of the most prosperous, stable, accomplished culture in human history.

"(Now let’s see which norms he smashes for Ramadan…)"    We're waiting, Joe.

Biden's Special Proclamation for Easter Sunday Isn't About Easter - It's About Transgender Visibility Day – RedState  

Joe Biden declares that Easter Sunday is transgender visibility day while he bans Christian symbols from the White House Easter egg roll. Disgraceful. Easter will forever be the celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

 Black voter in Baltimore has had enough: "You couldn't pay me to VOTE for a Democrat" "These cities have been led down the toilet by democrats... - Whatfinger News Summary

Joe Biden's Re-Election Hopes Shattered: 'We're Never Voting' For Him Again (

Politically Incorrect Humor

This trans predator was caught. Happy Trans Day of Visibility. We see you and know what you are.

"Transgender Sunday"? How low can whatever the Democrats have become take us?

Is this nation no longer capable of knowing evil when it is present? TD

Ian Macfarlane

The White House is under fire after declaring Easter Sunday as "Transgender Visibility Day." It is a direct attack on the holiest day in the Christian faith.

“It is appalling and insulting that Joe Biden’s White House prohibited children from submitting religious egg designs for their Easter Art Event, and declared Easter Sunday as ‘Trans Day of Visibility,'" Trump National Press Secretary Karoline Leavitt told The Todd Starnes Show.

 Outrage After Ilhan Omar Mocks Video Of Easter Celebration : AWM

"A viral video that has been making its way across social media has caused quite a controversy. The video depicted the moment a group of Christians was singing Gospel music “30,000 feet in the air” as part of their Easter celebration on Holy Saturday. Many people commented on the video and pointed to it as an example of how Christians are treated differently than people from other religions in the United States of America.

"Among those who had something to say about the singing Christians in the video was Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar. Omar, who is a Muslim, argued that if she was celebrating her religion like that in public, she would have been stopped." . . .

. . ."Meanwhile, a Republican from Minnesota named Cicely Davis, who is fighting other Republicans in the state’s GOP primary, claimed that it would be “no problem” for Muslims to openly pray on a plane mid-flight. She added that the issue was not with Muslims but with Omar specifically, writing, “the issue is you hate Christians & Jews & lots of Muslims.' ”

Happy Trans Day of Visibility - Clarice Feldman Posted elsewhere in the Tunnel Wall today.

Gov Kathy Hochul Will Light Up NY Landmarks, One World Trade Center, in Transgender Flag Colors on Easter – RedState

Hochul also announced that New York on Sunday would be lighting up many famous landmarks in the transgender flag colors of pink, blue, and white.

 Trump Demands Biden Apologize for Proclaiming Easter Sunday ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’ | The Epoch Times

. . ."President Biden’s move sparked an outpouring of criticism among conservatives, including from the Trump campaign, which also objected to the White House’s instructions for an Easter egg art design competition for children that ban submissions with religious symbols or “overtly religious themes.”
“It is appalling and insulting that Joe Biden’s White House prohibited children from submitting religious egg designs for their Easter Art Event, and formally proclaimed Easter Sunday as ‘Trans Day of Visibility,’” Trump campaign spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt said in a statement.

“ 'Sadly, these are just two more examples of the Biden Administration’s years-long assault on the Christian faith. We call on Joe Biden’s failing campaign and White House to issue an apology to the millions of Catholics and Christians across America who believe tomorrow is for one celebration only—the resurrection of Jesus Christ,” she added.

"The White House did not respond to a request for comment." . . .
Joe Biden's Re-Election Hopes Shattered: 'We're Never Voting' For Him Again ( Some of whom have swallowed the "genocide" Koolaid and want to stop Israel's war on Hamas. Hamas MUST be destroyed or Israel will have to live with more of their murderous raids. TD 

The Ronna McDaniel Uproar Was Merely a Symptom, As an MSNBC Pundit Pushes Policing Late-Night Comedy

 Brad Slager – RedState

"First, understand that at MSNBC, it is a regular feature for the elitist pundits to declare to their unthinking audience all of the promised calamities Trump will deliver. He will assassinate his opponents. He will eliminate elections. He will end the Constitution and rule for life. He will arrest America's children and kill them."

"MSNBC continues to deal with the fallout from the collective emotional meltdown over the hiring of Ronna McDaniel. Just days after her announced addition to NBC News as a commentator, she was unceremoniously let go, the direct result of the cable news channel showing nearly all of its pundits coming forward with emotional commentary opposing McDaniel joining their ranks. It was ridiculously childish and embarrassingly hysterical.

"It was an all-day festival of wailing and pearl-clutching. The “Morning Joe” co-stars declared disapproval. Joy Reid arrived with her patented racial cant. Lawrence O’Donnell was confused, as he said he would not trust answers from Ronna, then announced a series of questions--after declaring she was not welcomed on the network. He then invited her on his show. (Larry, take a breath and get your thoughts straight, partner.)  

"Rachel Maddow spent half of her show railing over the decision, and Jen Psaki was oblivious to her recent resume while complaining that a political operative was hired. The best was Nicolle Wallace, who joined in with the therapy couch whining, and went so far as to describe the “sacred airwaves” of MSNBC. Seriously, she said this with a solemn expression. All of which was made even more hilariously asinine by one reality: MSNBC had already announced McDaniel was never going to appear on the network." . . .

. . ."He seriously wants to throw penalty flags on telling jokes, and is himself hilarious as a result. Then you see he is following the MSNBC mission statement of protecting Biden’s character -- and delivering the network’s trademarked conspiracy mindset in the process. Then he simply devolves into being merely sad and pathetic."

Stephen Colbert slammed for partisan Democratic support as he hosts lavish Biden fundraiser in New York

  Tamkeenat Rose

"LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: CBS host Stephen Colbert's recent involvement in a glitzy fundraiser for Democratic Party luminaries has sparked a wave of criticism, with many accusing him of abandoning his once-cherished role as a fearless satirist in favor of becoming a partisan cheerleader.

"Colbert, known for his biting satire on 'The Daily Show' and 'The Colbert Report,' has increasingly aligned himself with the Democratic establishment since taking over 'The Late Show' on CBS.

"His latest move came when he moderated a conversation with Democratic presidents Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton at a high-profile fundraiser in New York City, which reportedly raised a whopping $26 million for Biden's 2024 presidential campaign." . . .

. . ."Critics have pointed out the stark contrast between Colbert's current role as a Democratic booster and his past reputation as a sharp critic of political power.

"His scathing roast of President George W Bush at the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner, which drew widespread attention and praise for its fearless commentary, stands in stark contrast to his current alignment with the Democratic establishment.

"While mainstream news reports acknowledged Colbert's participation in the fundraiser, they largely overlooked the implications of a comedian cozying up to elite Democrats and actively raising funds for their political campaigns."

You didn't already know all this about Colbert's character? How could anyone forget this next:  Stephen Colbert gushes during Obama interview: 'I just want to take a moment to drink you in' - Washington Times?

Barack Obama’s interview with Stephen Colbert draws criticism for being too soft |   . . .“Can we just take a moment? I just – and I want to talk. I just want to take a moment to drink you in for just a moment, because I’m having to get used to looking at a president again,” Colbert told Mr Obama.

“You know, I’ve gotten out of the habit. I’ve got to warm up for Joe Biden, I don’t want to pull anything when I see him take the oath of office. You’ve got to ease me into this a little bit.”

“Joe’s going to be great. Kamala’s going to be great,” Mr Obama replied.

“I have no doubt,” said Colbert.

"Yes, yes, Colbert is a comedian. We shouldn’t expect Jeremy Paxman here. I’m just saying, when it comes to presidential interviews, this one was about as soft as they get, so brace yourself for that."

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Key bridge collapse: Buttigieg didn’t call bridge racist

Key bridge collapse: Buttigieg didn’t call bridge racist |  "The 1.6-mile Key Bridge collapsed into the Patapsco River at around 1:30 a.m. ET March 26 after a cargo vessel leaving the Port of Baltimore struck one of its columns. Buttigieg joined Maryland Gov. Wes Moore later that day in Baltimore, then made subsequent public appearances where he expressed his desire to reopen the port and rebuild the structure.

"But at no point has he called the bridge “racist,” as the claim states. The Facebook post distorts a comment he made more than two years earlier about how some bridges and roadways were designed. He did not refer specifically to the Key Bridge." . . .

Some background:

Yes, the Francis Scott Key Bridge is indeed named after Francis Scott Key, who wrote the lyrics to the “Star-Spangled Banner”. The bridge, located in Baltimore, Maryland, was erected almost five decades ago and became an iconic part of the city’s identity. It collapsed into the Patapsco River after being struck by a cargo ship that lost power just before the crash. The bridge had 185 feet (56 meters) of clearance above the water and played a crucial role in the region’s transportation infrastructure. Its construction site was near where Francis Scott Key witnessed the bombardment of Fort McHenry on September 12, 1814, inspiring him to write the poem that later became the national anthem of the United States1. The loss of the Key Bridge is deeply felt by the community, as it was not only a commuting route for thousands of Marylanders but also a symbol of Baltimore’s history and resilience. 🌉🇺🇸

But in the Biden administration, everything is racist. 

Daily Wasp

Some Men Just Want...

Wallpaper Better

Pete McArdle - American Thinker  "In the movie The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne (the Batman) confides to his butler Alfred that he’s having trouble anticipating the psychotic Joker’s next move and figuring out his motives.

"Alfred blinks his owlish, bespectacled eyes, and then, in his British accent, says, “Some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money.  They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with.  Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

"So true.

"And with that excellent answer, Alfred the butler has just educated the rather naïve Master Wayne on the presence of pure evil in our world.

"Doing bad just for the fun of it.

"Sacrilege for sacrilege’s sake.

"This brings me to our sad, decaying country, led by our sad, decaying president and his Deep State/media minions.

"Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re a naïve bleeding-heart, albeit quite muscular, orphan like Bruce.  (I was an orphan; therefore, by The New Rules, I can say orphan.)  And I’ll be Alfred.  Ancestry DNA says I’m overwhelmingly British, plus I’m paler than freshly bleached bedsheets.

"You start.

Why would the people in power leave our country open for anyone in the world to waltz in and potentially bring with them terrorism, crime, disease, drugs, a welfare mentality, and illiteracy?

"Me: Because some men just want to watch the world burn. . . .More here...

Fox News Continues The Anti-Christian “Easter Worshippers” Trope by Noah   "Why is it ok to be anti-Christian….?

Why is it ok to be anti-Christian….?

….but not anti-semitic?

….and not anti-Muslim?

I could go on and on.

The one group that seems to be open season in the Legacy Media is Christians.

Note, I said “Christians” and that is about to be come very relevant in just a moment.

Because the Legacy Media and the Democrats in this Country seem incapable of ever saying the word “Christians”.

"They say “Evangelicals”…

"And their other favorite is “Easter Worshippers”….

"But they refuse to say “Christians”.

"Gee, I wonder why?"  Remember this "Easter" post by Barack Obama?

It's good that Martha's Vineyard is such a welcoming place.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says he’ll send Haitian migrants to Martha’s Vineyard (   "Migrants fleeing the terrifying violence of gang-controlled Haiti will join others getting shipped out to Democratic strongholds like Martha’s Vineyard, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has warned.

“We do have our transport program… that’s going to be operational,” DeSantis told podcaster Dana Loesch on Tuesday of the mass busing of migrants away from border states.

“Haitians land in the Florida Keys, their next stop very well may be Martha’s Vineyard.”

Remember how that worked out in 2022?  Martha’s Vineyard Kicks Out the 50 Illegal Immigrants Flown From Florida (

Graciously welcomed by the Democratic Marthas Vineyard, they graciously left.

"But the media frames it so differently than the way they frame it when the illegal immigrants arrive from Arizona, Florida, and Texas.

"How does the media frame the actions from the other side?

"Martha’s Vineyard homeless advocate cried because the ritzy island just could not take care of the 50 illegal immigrants.

"Lady, I present this tweet from Bill Melugin. Eagle Pass, TX, saw over 500 people cross the border this morning."...500!...That’s 400,000 in 2022."

Scarborough Unglued: He Equates Jan. 6 With Kristallnacht, Says Female Fox Hosts Played With Nazi Barbies

More from the perpetually bitter and angry channel, the home of Joy Reid, Ali Velshi, and other propagandists. TD

Help me Ronna! by Silvio Canto, Jr.     

. . ."Yes, the place is crazy and their reaction to Ronna McDaniel confirms that the network needs someone with a backbone to tell these people to get Trump out of their heads. It is amazing to me that someone as gentle as Ronna McDaniel would generate such a reaction. I could understand such a reaction if a real conservative had been hired. Ronna? No way." . . 

 Mike Miller – RedState

"It's almost like left-wing media sock puppets are locked in a battle over who can make the most vile, inappropriate, and repulsive statements about all things conservative — and of course, about former President Donald Trump. Most of these "journalists" are a dime a dozen, except for race-hustler extraordinaire, MSNBC's Joy Reid and Trump-loathing "Morning Joe" co-host, Joe Scarborough.

"In my book, Scarborough took home the trophy on Friday.

"Scarborough once again trotted out a Trump-Hitler analogy, with a couple of new Nazi comparisons tossed in just for grins — which was made even better by the presence of guest George Conway, who also hates Trump more than anyone else on the planet. Ready to laugh? Here we go.

"Joe's co-host and wife, Mika Brzezinski, kicked off the ridiculous festivities by bringing up the Jan. 6 Capitol riot for the 47,593,734th time on the dopey show." . . .

. . ."Boasting to Conway, Scarborough bloviated:

It's so funny, George. You and I were conservatives, and are conservatives, but we were conservatives when some of these women on Fox News who call us liberals were still playing with their— their Barbies. Of course, Eva Braun edition. [Conway laughed, hysterically.] . . .

To fit in at MSNBC, McDaniel would have had to become as bitter and distorted as her coworkers there, ridding herself of all traces of integrity. TD

As with Joy Reid, McDaniel would have to believe or just affirm that America still lived under the Jim Crow Laws that had such a wretched effect on our society for decades. They have either left Reid scarred and obsessed or simply given her motivation to spread her bitterness. As Reid is 55 years old now, it is doubtful she personally lived under those laws. TD

. . .“As soon as I saw those other colors, I knew they had to go, and fast,” Reid said holding the trophy. “I always knew I had it in me. I have a ton of experience in aggressively trampling over the wrong colors.” . . .

NBC's Ronna McDaniel meltdown: Falsehoods and debunked narratives MSNBC promoted on its 'sacred airwaves'   "A mob at MSNBC got its wishes this week and helped ensure new colleague Ronna McDaniel would be ousted from the network. NBC announced just days ago that the former RNC chair would be joining as a political analyst, but within four days, McDaniel was sent packing after an on-air outcry. 

"In the various diatribes against McDaniel, she was characterized as dishonest and labeled an "election denier" over her actions on behalf of former President Trump over his claims of a rigged 2020 race, as well as her own remarks that it was unfair.

"One MSNBC host suggested McDaniel wasn't worthy of the network's "sacred airwaves."


Joe Biden had $7.5 billion to spend on 500,000 EV charging stations. He has built ... 7

 Things do not bode well in America. TD

Monica Showalter - American Thinker

"It's the old problem of central planning for a Better Tomorrow instead of letting the market decide." 

. . ."Had Biden left the green future up to market forces, the charging stations would have gone up on their own because enterprising entrepreneurs would have found a market for it and with that, a profitable opportunity to do so.

"They didn't, because electric vehicles are expensive and less efficient than gas-powered vehicles, harder to drive, and seemingly more dangerous and less socially responsible based on their reliance on rare earth minerals mined by third world children. Those were the signals the market was responding to, but for Biden, that didn't matter.

"Biden ignored all that and took it upon himself to force electric vehicles onto the public anyway with his electric charging station schemes.

"Getting everyone into electric vehicles whether they like it or not was the name of his greenie leftist game, which he and his allied claimed was all about saving the planet. The greenie left has always had a thing against efficient cars with members of the public driving these individual cars without a bus driver directing them and Joe Biden has embraced its agenda, with ambitious mandates on buying less-efficient electric vehicles, impossible fuel efficiency standards, actual bans on gasoline-powered vehicles in coming years, and innovations-from-hell like metered mileage taxes, as we see bruited about in California.

"Now that he's gotten what he wanted, he's made another mess of it, wasting a lot of money on consultant contracts, crony payouts and other things that don't put charging stations on the ground.

"In reality it has never been about global warming but about consolidating government and greenie control and power." . . .

Biden's electric road to nowhere: Two years after he vowed to spend $7.5 billion building 500,000 charging stations only SEVEN have been plugged in (UK Daily Mail)    . . ."The Washington Post reported Friday on the sluggish pace the allocated $7.5 billion in infrastructure funds have been put to use.  

"The bulk of the funds, $5 billion, are to go toward building fast chargers along major interstates - what's being called the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure or NEVI program. 

"To satisfy the federal program's requirements, chargers must be built at least every 50 miles over major highway routes and be operational 97 percent of the time.

"They also must take credit card payments and certain components must be made domestically." . . .