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Blackfive   "Joe Biden's spineless drivel aside, most SEALs that I have spoken to (Active Duty and Reservists) are NOT HAPPY that the details of the raid to capture or kill bin Laden were divulged and now we know what unit rescued the hostages in Somalia.  Identifying the unit after direct action was something that no one has done before to such a level of disregard for the safety of the men of that unit and their families.
"Leif Babin, a highly decorated SEAL, in the WSJ expresses the same sentiment that I have heard over and over again..."

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Barack O-Blah-Blah

Alan Caruba: Stupid Voters

Warning Signs  "The voters have paid a fearful price for electing Obama; increased unemployment, a huge national debt, a hollowed-out military, billions wasted on “Green” energy, unprotected borders, a Congress in near total gridlock, and a world beyond our shores that perceives an America made weaker by Obama’s three years in office."....
"So, to say that those who voted for him were “stupid” is to misread the new era of politics, one that has more to do with “American Idol” and “Dancing With the Stars” than with the serious selection of the leader of the nation and the free world. 
"As they say in advertising, voters bought the sizzle, not the steak."

Russell Brand
 Barack Obama, the choice of these celebrities:  
David Letterman
And these.
Whoopi Goldberg

Karl Rove: It'd be nice if President Obama had a record to defend. But he doesn't, and I've gotten over it.

WSJChanneling David Axelrod:   "These State of the Union addresses are fine, but I'm glad it's over. In that setting it's hard to use a baseball bat to club Republicans. Now we can and will—for nine straight months. Plouffe was saying it would be nice if we actually had a record we could defend and a positive vision to offer. I told him we don't—and get used to it. Let's make a virtue of simplicity. Our job, as we say around here, is to savage the GOP nominee, grind him to dust, turn him into a freak. I'm ready. After all, it's the Chicago Way."

Disgusting: Palestinian TV Airs Show Praising Fogel Family Murderer

Celebrating the murders
Yeshiva World News  "The show featured the aunt and mother of Hakim Awad, who along with his cousin Amjad was convicted of brutally stabbing to death five Fogel family members in an attack on their home in the West Bank settlement of Itamar on the night of March 11, 2011.
"Hakim Awad’s mother sent her regards to her son, proudly describing him as the perpetrator of the Itamar attack and that he was sentenced to 5 consecutive life sentences.
"Awad’s aunt then proceeded to describe her nephew as a “hero and a legend.” "

What is WikiLeaks' Julian Assange's position on the "collateral damage" caused by THESE people?

Which Response to Fogel Family Massacre is Sicker, HAMAS’ or Wall St Journal’s?

Newt, are you STILL here?

Posted by me in the Tunnel Wall, June 13, 2011: Exit Gingrich
Michael Barone   "Through all this, Gingrich always was searching for ideas that commanded 70 percent support. He understood that dovish Democrats’ disdain for American exceptionalism was a grave political liability and sought to exploit it. But after his first moments in the spotlight as speaker, he turned off voters. I think he reminded them of the high-school nerd/egghead whom all the other kids disliked."  (source: Tunnel Wall Bloopers)
I still have this image of Newt being escorted off the set of "What Not to Wear" by some security guys. 

Newt and the Truth Factor   "The most important lesson that GOP candidates can learn from the Gingrich freefall is that honesty counts.  Newt Gingrich wasn't honest, and it will probably cost him the Florida primary and the GOP nomination.  President Obama has a propensity to play loose with the facts, too, and with his "performance record" being what it is, you can bet that he will throw out lots of information that won't pass the truth test.  Will it cost him a second term as president?  I hope so, but the eventual GOP nominee must be willing to challenge the president's claims when they are patently false to make sure that it does."   (Emphasis added)
Somehow the moment we've all salivated over- the confronting of the liberal press by one of our guys- has evaporated into the ether.  

Rick Moran: What's gone wrong with the Gingrich campaign?  "Howard Fineman thinks there are 5 reasons for Newt's decline:"

:  The GOP’s suicide march  "The president is a very smart man. But if he wins in November, that won’t be the reason. It will be luck. He could not have chosen more self-destructive adversaries."

WHEN NEWT WENT TO OXFORD  "In his Washington Post column speculating what an Obama-Gingrich debate would look like, Claremont-McKenna Professor John Pitney recalls the February 1985 Oxford Union debate on American foreign policy in Central America."...

How Marxism Killed Keystone

Bruce Thornton   ...."Obama’s decision is in fact both political and ideological, a mollifying bone tossed to the bicoastal progressive elites on whom Obama depends for campaign contributions and political support.
"For these affluent urban-dwellers, the cult of environmentalism is a cheap way to indulge a vaguely leftist dislike of industrial capitalism while enjoying all the benefits that a high-tech, oil-fueled, free-market economy confers on them."

Re-elect Obama because there is more work to be done!

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Race Card Abusers For the Week of Jan 22-28

Nice Deb

...."Anybody who criticizes Obama on this or that issue is a racist. Anyone who shows disrespect (real or imagined) is a racist. If you think he’s a Socialist, you’re a racist. This is all they’ve got to stem the flow of criticism coming at  Dear Leader as our economy, (which should be roaring by now),  barely limps along, hamstrung by his policies, and about to make a turn for the worse."
.... "An MSNBC* news anchor actually argued that the famous photo of Brewer pointing her finger at Obama  reminded her of an ugly anti-integration incident during the civil rights era, when  nine black students trying to enter the school surrounded by an angry (Democrat) mob."


More on that Obama-Brewer airport kerfuffle

Jeannie DeAngelis:  'Menacing' Barack Bullies Jan Brewer  "The difference is obvious when compared to the way the left reacted to Hillary Clinton being approached on a fully-lit stage in front of hundreds of people who heard every word Rick Lazio said. Now, rather than defend a pint-sized woman's claim that she was verbally smacked down by a powerful man historically known to be "thin-skinned," the left is more than willing to abandon their usual condemnation of perceived sexist aggression toward women and side with a hypersensitive bully merely because he's a liberal."

Photocopy of Gov. Brewer's letter to President Obama

HuffPo: Jan Brewer Releases Copy Of Letter She Handed President Obama  "She continues,
 "We both love this great country, but we fundamentally disagree on how to best make America grow and prosper once again. I'd love an opportunity to share with you how we've been able to turn Arizona around with hard choices that turned out to be the right ones. And, of course, my offer to visit the border -- and buy lunch -- still stands."

Elizabeth Warren- Whose Wealth is Eight Figures- Suggests She's Not In The 1%

BuzzFeed  " “I realize there are some wealthy individuals – I’m not one of them, but some wealthy individuals who have a lot of stock portfolios" she told him.
"Hard to see how Warren wouldn't be, by most standards, wealthy, according to the Personal Financial Disclosure form she filed to run for Senate shows that she's worth as much as $14.5 million. She earned more than $429,000 from Harvard last year alone for a total of about $700,000, and lives in a house worth $5 million."

Remember her? This should help jog your memory:

How Obama got this way

Hat tip to The Astute Bloggers

Friday, January 27, 2012

Howard Zinn's Biased History; who wrote the history textbooks that you and your children learned from?

George Mason University's  History News Network
"Through Zinn’s looking-glass, Maoist China, site of history’s bloodiest state-sponsored killings, becomes “the closest thing, in the long history of that ancient country, to a people’s government, independent of outside control.” The authoritarian Nicaraguan Sandinistas were “welcomed” by their own people, while the opposition Contras, who backed the candidate that triumphed when free elections were finally held, were a “terrorist group” that “seemed to have no popular support inside Nicaragua.” Castro’s Cuba, readers learn, “had no bloody record of suppression.” "
"Thumb through A People’s History of the United States and you will find greed as the motivating factor behind every act of those who don’t qualify as “the people” in Zinn’s book. According to Zinn, the separation from Great Britain, the Civil War, and both World Wars all were the result of base motives of the “ruling class” -- rich men to get richer at the expense of others.
" Howard Zinn is a master of cheap Marxist propaganda. His book is a dagger aimed at the heart [of] the country that has given him more freedom than most of the writers who have ever written and made him a millionaire in the process."

Daniel J. Flynn  is the executive director of Accuracy in Academia and author of the newly released, Why the Left Hates America: Exposing the Lies That Have Obscured Our Nation’s Greatness.

If you Google this book title, you will go as far as page 17 and not find a single link critical of this book, but several promoting it's use for young people.TD

Obama's Georgia Hearing Blow By Blow

SilenceDogood2010's Blog  "Update – “Judge Malihi was “Prepared” to enter a default judgment but that would have been without any testimony being heard. We had to get the testimony in the courts records so the offer of a default was refused and the case proceeded, without a Defense council presentation. Now we will await his ruling on this and the various motions submitted by the Plaintiffs.” (via Carl Swensson)


"The Georgia Secretary of State has already stated that he will follow the Judges Recommendations."

Hat tip to Leslie Vaughn Burckard at Facebook

"The birthers believe that the president was secretly born in Kenya. I always thought he was born in a manger in Jerusalem." –Jimmy Kimmel   He doesn't know about Bethlehem?

The Brewer-Barry Show

Rick Moran:  Obama and AZ Governor Brewer have words (updated)   
"This was the offending passage in the book that apparently got Obama so riled up that he walked away from Brewer while she was in mid-sentence:

"It was [as] though President Obama thought he could lecture me, and I would learn at his knee," she wrote, according to Capitol Media Services. "He thinks he can humor me and then get rid of me."
"It's not like we haven't heard that before from others who have met with the president. He lectures to the American people all the time, why not in private?
"As far as criticisms of Obama goes, it is milquetoast. That it would set the president of the United States off is indicative of a thin skin - far thinner than a politician should be expected to have, especially the president. And the fact that the president chose a public venue to defend himself from a personal - not political or policy - criticism is just plain weird."

Mollie Hemingway: Obama: Do Not Criticize Me. Ever.  Quoting Gov. Bobby Jindal who discusses a similar encounter with Obama:

....The letter was rudimentary, bureaucratic, and ordinary. .  .  . We were simply asking the federal government to authorize food stamps for those who were now unemployed because of the oil spill. Governors regularly make these sorts of requests to the federal government when facing disaster.But somehow, for some reason, President Obama had personalized this. And he was upset.There was not a word about the oil spill. He was concerned about looking bad because of the letter. “Careful,” he said to me, “this is going to get bad for everyone.”

Goldberg and Krauthammer: The SOTU; The president plays small ball

Charles Krauthammer:  "What Obama offered the nation Tuesday night was a pudding without a theme: a jumble of disconnected initiatives, a gaggle of intrusive new agencies and a whole new generation of loopholes to further corrupt a tax code that screams out for reform.

"If the Republicans can’t beat that in November, they should try another line of work."

Jonah Goldberg:  The president thinks America would be better if it was no longer America.  "President Obama’s State of the Union address was disgusting."

More on the GOP debates

Boortz: "The heaviness of this decision is truly starting to sink in"  "Finally, after all this time, someone launched a concerted and effective attack against Mitt Romney and RomneyCare. And that person was Rick Santorum. He held Romney’s feet to the fire on the issue in a way that he could expect from Obama if he is the nominee."

American Thinker: Jacksonville debate: Santorum; Romney up; Newt down; Paul remarkably fit for his age  "Last night's debate in Jacksonville featured a more aggressive Mitt Romney, who appears to have benefitted from debate coaching, a somewhat tired-looking Newt Gingrich, a sprightly Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum getting much more attention than usual."

The Weekly Standard:  Romney and Santorum Shine in Final Florida Debate  "The worst moments for Romney came when Rick Santorum tore into both Romney's and Gingrich's records on health care:"... 

:  A Good Night for Conservative Principles   "This is a wonderful articulation of America’s founding principle and a nice corrective to those conservatives who tend to focus only on the Constitution at the expense of the document (the Declaration of Independence) that dealt a crushing philosophical blow to tyranny and despotism."

 Jay Nordlinger The GOP Quartet, Once More    Running commentary while watching the debate Thursday

Our enemies are better students of our military than is Obama

Morning Bell: A Slashed and Burned Military  "Meanwhile, America’s enemies are watching. They can count our troops, our planes, and our ships. They can look on as America’s military retreats and loses its ability to project forces around the world. And they will quickly realize that the United States will not be able to cover its responsibilities worldwide. That is an invitation for the sort of security threats America cannot afford — and they are threats that America may not be able to respond to with its stripped-down military."

And you can be sure, the next president who has to deal with some threat that requires a build-up will be the target of liberal (Democrat) demagoguery and the resultant #occupations of you-name-it.

WSJ: Panetta Outlines Pentagon Cutbacks  "The cuts also would slow procurement of the advanced F-35 stealth jet and reduce the Defense Department's purchase of commercial-satellite imagery. The Navy would retire seven of its cruisers early, and the Air Force would take some of its aging C-130 transport planes out of service and halt purchases of one version of the Global Hawk surveillance drone—in favor of keeping the aging U-2 high-altitude spy plane flying."
Blackfive: THE DEFENSE BUDGET  "Or said another way, the administration has decided that it will attempt to cut spending primarily with cuts to national defense.  There is no serious program afoot to cut back the myriad of other government agencies and branches.  In fact, many are expanding (see EPA, IRS, etc.)."
Paraphrasing Sen. Carl Levin: “we’re more than willing to hold national security hostage and see it gutted to get our way on taxes”.

Over all this hangs the question: Will Iran Really Start a War? "The common theme of these modern examples of unforeseen preemptive wars is clear enough: empty, even foolhardy threats of war are not always so empty. The Korean War, the Yom Kippur War, the Falklands War, and the First Gulf War all share a variety of commonalities that are relevant to the ongoing tension with Iran — aside from the fact that these invasions eventually proved costly for the aggressors."  Victor Davis Hanson

The Foreign Policy Initiative:  Obama seems to lack an appreciation of America's unique role in the world, says FPI Executive Director Jamie Fly  "Although voters in 2012 will be focused primarily on the state of the economy, they should consider who is best suited to defend the country and advance America's interests as commander chief when choosing whether to reelect Obama or bring in a new president.

The transparency we were promised

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ramirez, Beeler on Obama’s class warfare

"Sometimes, it doesn’t even really take a breaking-news hook to appreciate Michael Ramirez.  The two-time Pultizer Prize winning editorial cartoonist sums up Barack Obama’s class warfare strategy perfectly in one image from the day before Obama’s State of the Union speech (via Power Line):"

Re-Elect Obama: Vote Newt!

Ann Coulter  "To talk with Gingrich supporters is to enter a world where words have no meaning. They denounce Mitt Romney as a candidate being pushed on them by "the Establishment" -- with "the Establishment" defined as anyone who supports Romney or doesn't support Newt."....
" Romney's one great "flip-flop" is on abortion. (I thought the reason we argued with people about abortion was to try to get them to "flip-flop" on this issue. Sometimes it works!)"

"Romney is "moderate" only in demeanor -- which is just another word game. His positions are more conservative than Gingrich's, but he doesn't scare people like Gingrich does. Ronald Reagan and Jesse Helms were moderate in demeanor, too. No one would call them political moderates.
"Romney is the most electable candidate not only because it will be nearly impossible for the media to demonize this self-made Mormon square, devoted to his wife and church, but precisely because he is the most conservative candidate."


Lets not forget Ron Paul


Drudge  "It was clear from the moment they greeted one another that this would not be a run-of-the-mill encounter between the president and a local official. At one point, she was pointing her finger at him and at another, they were talking at the same time, seemingly over each other. 

"He appeared to walk away from her while they were still talking, and she confirmed that by saying she didn't finish her sentence." 

President Narcissist not happy with Gov. Brewer’s portrayal of him in new book

Story developing...
Thou Shalt Not Write Bad Things About Obama

Being Obama; It’s all about him.  "As he talked to the donors, he started drawing a little sketch on the newspaper lying in front of him. Lizza reported:"

I couldn’t help noticing, when we sat down to talk in the dilapidated storefront that houses his Springfield campaign headquarters, that the blue-pen drawing he’d doodled on his newspaper during fundraising calls was a portrait of himself.

Still more commentary on that State of the Union, unless you prefer that we rehash Newt and Mitt's attacks on each other

From Heritage:
Obama’s State of Omission "The speech was notable for the items he did not mention, including many of the failed spending programs and policies he undertook over the past three years, the foreign policy and defense challenges he has exacerbated, and the economic actions he failed to take that would have created jobs and spurred economic growth."

President Obama Glossed over Afghan War  "President Obama needs to be up front with the American people about the risks of a precipitous withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan. A hasty troop drawdown could lead to a civil war and the Taliban regaining influence in the country, which would strengthen Islamist militant forces in both Afghanistan and Pakistan and provide the conditions for al-Qaeda to revive in the region."

FACT CHECK: 10 Dubious Claims from Obama’s State of the Union  "President Obama made a number of questionable statements in his State of the Union address on Tuesday night. Heritage experts took on some of the policy issues he raised, but we at Scribe thought we would address the simple factual accuracy of 10 of the more outlandish statements from the president. Quotes are drawn from the president’s prepared remarks."
Heritage Reaction Roundup  "President Obama omitted two words from his State of the Union speech, but there’s two words that speak volumes about the president’s direction for America’s energy policy.  Keystone and Solyndra"
"Besides, this spending will have to be paid for, and since Obama has yet to propose a serious reduction to federal spending that means it would likely be through higher taxes or more debt – and both will further drain the economy."

To quote just two of many subjects in this section.

From PJ Media:
Barry Rubin:  Obama’s State of the Union Speech: My Response Discovers Some Curious Insights and Strange Formulations  "Governor Mitch Daniels gave the Republican response and stuck completely to domestic economic issues, which was after all Obama’s main theme. Yet international affairs was the only other theme and if Obama’s critics can’t do a better job of analyzing his claims, responding to his policies, and offering an alternative to his strategies he is more likely to remain president for five more years."

Ron Radosh:  Why Mitch Daniels Should Enter the Race: The Real Conservative Alternative  "But those who saw President Obama’s lengthy, boring, and uninspiring faux populist presentation could see a strong contrast from the Indiana governor. As the full text of his speech shows, Daniels touched upon the important themes that our president completely ignored."

Voice of Lillpop:
John W. Lillpop:  State of the Union: Occupied and In Decline!  "Were President Obama to break with tradition and give an honest report about the real State of the Union, he would be compelled to admit that America is occupied by forces hostile to the U.S. Constitution—himself and the Marxists in the U.S. House and Senate. Those forces are opposed to free-market capitalism and the rule of law held in such high esteem by the majority of Americans."