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NFL Great Burgess Owens: Anthem Protest Result Of Liberal Ideology That Destroyed The Black Family

RealClearPolitics  "Former NFL safety Burgess Owens appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the current NFL kneeling controversy. Owens said this is not a black or white American problem, "it's a Democratic, elitist problem." Owens called on players to stand up against the corporate and liberal elites in the NFL who are "using my race.' "
. . . 
" 'We are dealing with an ideology that first of all bans God, has destroyed the black family in the '70s which we led the country in terms of the strength of our family unit," Owens told host Tucker Carlson. "They have destroyed our history. No one even knows about how strong the black American history was. And now they want to take away our pride in our country. And I think it's a bridge too far.' " . . .

Also this:

Suspect identified. Updated

ISIS to Jihadists: Use Fake Apartment, Job, Craigslist Ads to Lure Hostage, Murder Victims

                              A screen grab from ISIS' Rumiyah magazine

. . . "The objective of taking hostages, would-be jihadists are told, is "not to hold large numbers of the kuffar hostage in order to negotiate one’s demands," but to sow terror with "the language of force, the language of killing, stabbing and slitting throats, chopping off heads, flattening them under trucks, and burning them alive, until they give the jizyah [tax] while they are in a state of humiliation.' " . . .

Suspect Claimed He Committed NYC Truck Attack for ISIS: Sources

"Reaching a new low, the alleged suspect chased toward children after crashing his truck into the school bus.

"Eyewitness to NYC truck attack says alleged suspect “sprinted toward the group of kids” after crashing onto bike path and hitting school bus " . . .
WFTS Tampa Bay
The suspect is in custody. Multiple law enforcement officials tell ABC News that the suspect in custody has been identified as 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov from Tampa, Florida.
ISIS Calls for Attacks on Halloween Celebrations: 'Get Out Before It's Too Late'  "A pro-ISIS media group circulated an image today of a knife dripping blood over the Eiffel Tower, calling on lone jihadists to attack on Halloween.
" 'Enjoy their gathering," reads the text superimposed over the image. "Terrorize October 31."
"Added was the hashtag #Paslechoix: "no choice." Below that was the message, "Get out before it's too late."'
. . . "The image was shared by a Twitter account that distributes caliphate news, images and videos in French."

 Suspect in Tribeca Truck Attack Identified as Uzbek National: Sources

Letter to an Aging Communist

Mike Adams
"This is priceless. In your view, the thugs who are inciting violence and vandalizing our campuses are the ones under “onslaught.” And the onslaught is coming from both the left and right. And they are acting irrationally by embracing the First Amendment and criticizing those who would riot. This is classically Orwellian. I am surprised that you stopped short of calling the rioters the Ministers of Peace."

Dear Gary:
It was a pleasure to read your recent "Letter to the Editor" in our local newspaper. I had nearly forgotten about you as I have only seen you once since you retired as Professor Emeritus of Sociology here at UNC by the Sea. You will recall that our last encounter was the day your wife was successfully sued in federal court for violating the First Amendment. Thus, it is no coincidence that you have drawn my attention by writing an article urging young people to violate the First Amendment rights of campus speakers by using techniques of violence and vandalism. I guess it is asking too much to expect an old communist to learn a new trick. Nonetheless, I am going to try by offering a rebuttal to your grossly irresponsible manifesto. Please find my un-italicized responses to your words, which are in italics.

"Congratulations to the university students who are aggressively confronting ultra-right wing speakers on their campuses. Why these people are asked to speak in the first place is beyond me."

"Before I proceed, let me call you out for your cowardice. You are careful not to make specific references to the kind of “aggression” you are applauding. But you and I both know you are applauding both the interpersonal violence employed by protestors at Middlebury College and the vandalism displayed by protestors at UC-Berkeley.

"Through the ages the university has been a citadel for differing ideas, critical thinking, and debating varying points of view. Today the vast majority of lectures at universities span the gamut of political and social ideologies. The very idea that speech is being stifled by these students is absurd. While I support the current student protests, they are not the norm, contrary to what we hear."

"Before I proceed further, let me also comment on your gross intellectual dishonesty. There is simply no one with an IQ above room temperature who believes that there is ideological diversity in terms of who is invited and allowed to speak on our university campuses. The sole controversy is over whether the current lack of ideological diversity is good or bad for higher education. I take the position that it is bad. You take the position that it is good. In that sense, I am both more liberal and tolerant than you are." . . . 

6 Killed After Truck Plows Into NYC Crowd; Suspect ["may have"]Yelled Allahu Akbar Before Shooting

Zero Hedge   "In an attack that bears some of the hallmarks of terror attacks that have unfolded in the UK, Spain and France, a truck veered into the West Side Highway bike lane Tuesday afternoon and mowed down cyclists and pedestrians, leaving as many as six dead and up to 15 injured near Chambers Street and West Street. The as-yet-unidentified suspect has reportedly been taken into custody after being shot by police, according to the New York Times.
"Police said the suspect may have shouted Allahu Akbar before the attack, according to several witnesses.
"The scene is still active: NBC New York has a live feed below:
"NBC is reporting that shots were fired at the scene, but it's unclear if those shots were fired by police responding to the incident or the attacker. The vehicle also collided with a school bus carrying students from Stuyvesant High School. There were reports that the suspect fired shots from his truck, but these reports could not be immediately confirmed. Police say they are not looking for additional suspects. Several nearby buildings, including Stuyvesant High, were placed under lockdown. The FBI's New York field office is also responding. The attack occurrred at 3:15 pm Eastern Time.
"NBC is reporting that the driver fired a paintball gun or a bb gun before driving the truck into pedestrians. NBC has confirmed that the incident was a deliberate attack."
"One witness told the New York Post the suspect got out of his vehicle and was armed with two guns.
"CBS is reporting that police are treating the incident as a terrorist attack:" . . .
The aftermath:

"One report said the attacker was yelling “allahu akbar,” Arabic for Allah is greater, during the attack, but there were no immediate outside claims it was terror. . . . "The scene was not far from the original site of the Twin Towers, demolished in a Muslim terror attack on Sept. 11, 2001, in which nearly 3,000 people died. 
"The suspect then got out of his vehicle wielding two guns, the report said." . . .

Circa gives a timeline of the incident.

. . . “ 'Police and witnesses say a motorist drove onto a busy bicycle path near the World Trade Center memorial and struck several people, then emerged from the vehicle screaming and firing something that appeared to be a gun,” the Associated Press reported." . . .

. . . "How terrorists have turned to vans and lorries to murder hundreds of people in a matter of months
"Today’s terror attack in New York is chillingly similar to a spate of killings in Europe in recent months where vehicles were used.
"It is believed six people were killed by a truck driver who mowed them down on a bike path in lower Manhattan.
"The driver made his way from Houston Street down towards Tribeca where he mounted the bike path on the West Side Highway shortly after 3pm.
"After striking several cyclists and runners, he came to a stop when his truck crashed into a school bus beneath the Tribeca bridge.
"But it is not the first time a vehicle has been used to carry out mass murder in Western Europe with similar atrocities taking place in Britain, France , Germany, Spain and Stockholm and claiming well over 100 lives." . . .

DNC Email: Straight White Men Need Not Apply

" 'Cisgender" is a term meaning someone who identifies as the gender assigned to them at birth, i.e. someone who is not transgender."

DNC Email: Straight White Men Need Not Apply

"The Democratic National Committee is hiring for some new positions in their Technology Team, including Chief Security Officer, IT Systems Administrator, and Product Manager. In the email soliciting job applications, it says that the DNC is looking for a "staff of diverse voices and life experiences." 

"Unfortunately, according to the DNC's Data Service Manager Madeleine Leader, this desire for "diverse voices and life experiences" apparently doesn't extend to "cisgender straight white males." In the closing paragraph of the email, Leader said "I personally would prefer that you not forward to cisgender straight white males, as they are already in the majority." 


"Elliott Hamilton from the Daily Wire posted a screenshot of the email on Twitter, saying that this is another symptom of the "patently absurd oppression Olympics."
"This was an actual email sent to insiders within the @TheDemocrats. The DNC hasn't given up the patently absurd #OppressionOlympics. 
. . . 

"("Cisgender" is a term meaning someone who identifies as the gender assigned to them at birth, i.e. someone who is not transgender.) 

"First off, kudos to the DNC for recognizing that their technology department probably needed an upgrade, so that's at least a positive step. But second--was it really necessary to straight-up single out a group of people who shouldn't apply? If the best candidate for the job is a straight white male, they should hire the straight white male. His hypothetical "life experiences" aren't any less valuable due to his sexuality or skin tone and could certainly contribute to a diverse workplace." . . .

Branco Cartoon – Horror Show

Legal Insurrection

From the comments to this cartoon:
"Notice the mother is wearing a blue dress. Nice touch."

Hillary On Mueller Indictments: ‘I Have A Great Chapter On Russia’ In My Book

Weasel Zippers  "Stuff a cloth in her mouth and hit the reset button.
"Via Breitbart:
Monday in Chicago at a signing for her book “What Happened,” former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was asked about the charges special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe brought against Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos.
Clinton said she wrote “a great chapter about Russia.”

Judicial hubris has escalated into a judicial coup

Joe Herring  "A federal judge has ventured far beyond mere judicial activism in declaring that the president cannot alter the policy of his predecessor regarding men who consider themselves women, and vice versa, serving in the military.

"In effect, this judge has deemed President Trump to no longer be commander-in-chief.
"President Trump nullified the order that granted transgendered personnel full access to military service while pretending to be members of the opposite sex.  Today, a federal judge has ruled that the president has no such authority.  Let that sink in.  The president has no authority to set policy for military service.
"This is a gross usurpation of power that, if permitted, establishes a precedent for any federal judge to stay the hand of the president in the conduct of war.  This egregious overreach must be resisted and punished.
"The hubris of the federal judiciary has only grown since getting away with ignoring the stated presidential prerogative codified in law granting him the power to determine the status of immigrants and refugees seeking to enter the U.S.
"I have written previously about Congress stripping these court's jurisdiction over these decisions, and now there can no longer be any hesitation in doing so.  This latest ruling constitutes a quiet but altogether pernicious judicial coup and must be addressed forcefully and without delay.
"It is time for Congress to act.
"Do as President Clinton once did, and strip jurisdiction from these out-of-control courts before they launch our nation into a full-blown constitutional crisis."

At least 200 people killed after tunnel collapses at North Korean nuclear test site, claims Japanese media

UK Daily Mail  "At least 200 people have been killed at a nuclear test site in North Korea after a tunnel collapsed, according to an unverified Japanese media report.
"The collapse is said to have taken place during the construction of a new underground facility at the Punggye-ri site in northeastern North Korea on October 10, the report says.
"But there has been no official confirmation of the claims, apparently made by an unnamed North Korean 'source'.
"According to Japan's TV Asahi, up to 100 people had been trapped in the tunnels and a further collapse happened during attempts to rescue them, raising the death toll to at least 200." . . .

The last five of Pyongyang's six nuclear tests have all been carried out at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site (pictured) under Mount Mantap, in the north-west of the country
The last five of Pyongyang's six nuclear tests have all been carried out at the Punggye-ri nuclear test site (pictured) under Mount Mantap, in the north-west of the country

"It comes a day after Seoul warned that one more North Korean nuclear detonation could destroy its mountain test site and trigger a radiation leak.
"South Korea says any future nuclear test by Kim Jong-un risks collapsing the location set aside for launching missiles." . . . Full article here.

From Fox News:  Reports of 'unusual' wartime preparations in North Korea
. . . "The test triggered a 6.3-magnitude earthquake that day and multiple tremors have been detected from the area since then. Satellite images obtained by 38 North, which specializes in North Korea issues, showed several landslides occurred after the Sept. 3 test. Also a possible “collapse chimney crater” was seen on Mount Mantap, possibly caused by the underground tests." . . .

Japan Meteorological Agency's earthquake and tsunami observations division director Toshiyuki Matsumori speaks in front of a screen showing the seismic event that was indicated on North Korea and observed in Japan, during a news conference at the Japan Meteorological Agency in Tokyo, Japan, September 3, 2017, following the earthquake felt in North Korea and believed to be a nuclear test. REUTERS/Toru Hanai - RC19ECC1F430

“Suburbicon” Is Just More Evidence That Hollywood Is Imploding

The Hayride

"The box-office catastrophe that is the George Clooney-directed and Matt Damon-starred ‘Suburbicon’ is making waves across the entertainment business.
“ 'Suburbicon” had a $25 million production cost for Black Bear Pictures and cost $10 million for Paramount to distribute to over 2,000 screens. Over the weekend it did a miserable $2.8 million at the box office." . . .
And why, you might ask?
. . . "And the race-riot piece simply looks like an attack on Donald Trump, which even Democrats are sick of hearing from Hollywood. Furthermore, audiences made up of suburbanites, most of whom are white, are probably sick of being demonized by the likes of George Clooney – who spent most of his career palling around with, and apologizing for, a notorious rapist.
"This summer was more or less the worst the film industry has ever had, and it’s not getting better. Rotten scripts, actors and directors who have poisoned themselves with the public – yesterday, amid Kevin Spacey’s admission that he sexually assaulted a 14-year old actor, the sixth season of House of Cards was cancelled, and a total lack of connection to the majority of American audiences means the film industry, as currently constituted, is dying." . . .
I personally am sick of these self-righteous, virtue-signalling scolds here, on late-night talk shows, and pretty much everywhere else on the entertainment menu. TD


Update: Never, never forget this:
"Law & Order": another TV show that sucker-punches half the American population   Why, you ask? Because this same episode of Law & Order ran on TNT again this week
"We began watching a 2009 episode of "Law and Order" entitled "Fed" last night and I had to shut it off at the start. We saw people like ourselves - TEA par-tiers, portrayed as rifle-toting, hateful bigots. Only Hollywood is capable of inspiring dislike and outrage by the simple means of the skillful acting of those who portray people like you and me as despicable and violent. They give us the same treatment they give to pharmaceutical  and insurance companies.

"May God bless all courageous conservatives in our country trying to stem the socialist tide sweeping America because the left has such massive force to bring against them. And the propaganda is being spoon-fed to the American public. How do we stand a chance?"   The Tunnel Dweller

On Law & Order Tea Party Protesters are Like Terrorists Murdering Capitalists

Monday, October 30, 2017

Brit Hume Spars With Stephen Hayes and Bill Kristol Over ‘Bizarre’ Weekly Standard Anti-Trump Editorial

Mediaite reports on this Twitter-war.

"For many conservatives it almost felt like when your favorite uncles start arguing with each other at the Thanksgiving table."Fox News Senior Political Analyst and elder statesman Brit Hume took to Twitter Friday afternoon to publicly criticize an anti-Trump editorial in The Weekly Standard titled “The Surrender.” Hume’s colleague, Fox News Contributor and Weekly Standard Editor-In-Chief Steve Hayes responded and it, as they say, was on:" . . .
. . . 
 "Indeed, the back and forth between the two “Fox News All Stars” was a rare, public display that only escalated after Bill Kristol, a former long-time Fox News contributor and the Editor-at-Large (formerly EIC) at Weekly Standard chimed in with a rebuke of Hume’s critique.

The (bizarre) premise you have to accept not to be alarmed by Trump: “Hey, he’s just a normal GOP president backing a routine GOP agenda.” https://twitter.com/brithume/status/924103762591014913 

"Hume continued the public spat by responding to Kristol in kind:" . . .

American Silliness, Oct 30, 2017

HuffPo Calls Out Rachel Maddow for Niger Conspiracy Theory
"Rachel Maddow, whose anti-Trump tirades have propelled her show to the top of the ratings rankings, went a little too far for the HuffPost, which said her latest conspiracy theory “was so flimsy that it could be debunked by a quick glance at a map.”
"On Thursday, Maddow spent 25 minutes tying the ambush that killed four Green Berets in Niger to the inclusion of Chad in President Trump’s latest travel ban.
. . . "Colby College Department of Government assistant professor Laura Seay told the HuffPost that “any expert” would have said that Maddow’s theory about Chadian troops battling ISIS was “crazy” and that everyone she knew was “appalled” by it." . . .

He Said He Wanted a 'Lawyer[,] Dog'; The Court Ruled That Was Too Vague

"If y'all, this is how I feel, if y'all think I did it, I know that I didn't do it so why don't you just give me a lawyer dog cause this is not what's up." "That was Warren Demesme talking to the police after he voluntarily agreed to be interviewed over accusations he sexually assaulted a minor. In an opinion concurring with the Louisiana Supreme Court's decision to deny the man a writ of certiorari, Justice Scott Chricton insists that Demesme only "ambiguously referenced a lawyer.' " . . .
Supreme Court refuses to hear from man who wants to marry his laptop  "The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a request from a man who wants to be able to legally marry his laptop, saying he cannot intervene in the court’s upcoming case involving a baker who refused to make a cake for a same-sex couple’s wedding.
"Chris Sevier had asked to be allowed to take part in the case to argue that if same-sex couples are able to get married and demand that Christian bakers make them wedding cakes, then he should be allowed to marry his laptop and demand a cake to celebrate the union between one man and one machine. 
"He said he asked Jack Phillips the Christian baker, to make a cake for him and his laptop — which Mr. Sevier called “non-secular parody weddings.' ” . . .
Above Sources: Weasel Zippers
Marion Barry to get his own statue in Washington, DC  . . . "What a glorious reflection of heroism on our fair capital city.  Coming at the time when statues and plaques of Robert E. Lee are being taken down, erecting a new statue to the crack-smoking, whore-mongering, tax-cheating mayor certainly is the embodiment of "progressives" and their values.  Presumably, the plaque will memorialize Barry's most famous quotable line: "B---- set me up!' " . . .
"It also shows a contempt for real heroism, a desire to rewrite history in its own image, with only leftists as heroes, replacing real history with someone like Barry's version of heroism. Spare us.  This is disgusting."

"Felonia von Pantsuit "?
. . . During the ceremony she was serenaded with ‘Happy Birthday’ led by Jane Fonda as the crowd joined in. She accepted the first ever award of its kind by the Women’s Media Center. . . "

Plan to Split California into Three States May be on Next Ballot

Legal Insurrection  Looks like the blue part gets the worst of it.

"A sign that not all Californians are represented by Sacramento."

"My home state of California remains the entertainment capital of the nation!
It used to be our movie industry that captured the imagination of our fellow Americans. Now, our politics are what amazes.
"This week, a plan to split California into three separate states is now making its way through the proposition process.
A plan to split California into three separate states may be on next year’s ballot.
Official paperwork was filed with the secretary of state’s office last week.
Tech billionaire Tim Draper, who came up with a six-state split in 2014, is behind the three-state plan: Northern California, Southern California” encompasses Fresno and most of Southern California.
The new California will be for part of L.A.county and most of the coastal areas.
Draper says the political and economic diversity of California is too difficult to govern.
"I would argue that it is not too difficult to govern; rather, our state is being mismanaged by progressives more interested in engaging in politics at the national level and transforming Sacramento into the West Coast Washington, DC than in focusing on the less than glamorous items that make other states successful…like infrastructure, business development, and public health.
"What would these states look like? . . .
. . . "Other Californians must take a different approach. The Citizens for Fair Representation, known locally as the State of Jefferson (a group of several counties in Northern Califonia and Oregon that have petitioned to form a 51st state), has filed a lawsuit against the State of California over what they believe to be lack of representation and dilution of vote."

BREAKING: US Special Forces Capture The Leader In 2012 Benghazi Attack

Weasel Zippers

"Via Fox News:
American special operations forces and FBI agents have captured a militant who allegedly was involved in the deadly attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound and CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya, two U.S. officials confirmed to Fox News on Monday.
Officials identified the suspect as Mustafa al-Imam. The capture took place Sunday at an unknown location in Libya.
The attack, on September 11, 2012, killed four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.
Al-Imam is being transported back to Washington where he will be charged in federal court, a U.S. official told Fox News. The Department of Justice has the lead on the prosecution.
A.B. Stoddard, associate editor and columnist at Real Clear Politics, warns against jumping to conclusions.Video
Critics trying to turn Niger attack into ‘Trump’s Benghazi’

US left wing groups travelled to Germany for the G20 Summit last July to meet with Al qaeda and ISIS leaders and plot the destruction of President Trump...

...  secret FBI investigation reveals

UK Daily Mail  . . . "A secret FBI investigation of the violent 'resistance' movement on college campuses against President Trump has led to an alarming discovery—the collusion between American anarchists and foreign terrorists in the Islamic State and Al qaeda, according to a confidential 'Informational Report' by FBI field offices.

" 'There is clearly overwhelming evidence that there are growing ties between U.S. radicals and the Islamic State, as well as several [ISIS] offshoots and splinter groups,' stated the FBI field report, which was delivered to Acting Director Andrew McCabe on July 11, 2017, and which is being published for the first time in my new book All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump.

"The FBI report on efforts by Islamic terrorists to recruit followers among violent U.S. groups like Antifa corroborates President Trump's controversial claim, following last summer's deadly protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, that left-wing anarchist groups are just as dangerous as right-wing white supremacists." . . .

Descendents of the leftists who cheered over Ho Chi Minh and the Americans he killed.

And we've discussed only one roller in the dossier-uranium wringer

Rich Terrell
Dirty Hillary, Hoist by Her Own Petard  "The moment that a story starts hurting the Democrats the media loses interest in it. This explains the media’s ho-hum coverage of the confirmation that Hillary Clinton paid for the notorious “pee tape” dossier a former British spy compiled in an attempt to blow up Donald Trump’s candidacy.

. . . "The same pundits who pretended to tremble at dark forces outside the country trying to “tip the election” now say it is perfectly normal and even commendable that Hillary paid a foreign source to smear her opponent.

. . . "Hoist by their own Russian petard, liberals now seek to change the subject, though the more shameless ones are double-downing on the dossier. A few of them still insist that a report Bob Woodward called “garbage” contains devastating information. How do we know? Well, it hasn’t been “disproven,” they sputter absurdly, as if the burden of proof for a charge as outlandish as paying prostitutes to urinate on a bed Obama once slept on in Moscow should naturally fall on the person accused of it." . . .

The fake dossier: Not just Hillary but did the FBI also collude?  ". . . On Tuesday, the Post tossed some fuel into that fire when it reported that the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee had paid for opposition research by the firm Fusion GPS, which had commissioned a dossier that alleged Russian operatives had “been cultivating, supporting and assisting” Trump for at least five years.
"The dossier — really a collection of memos that included unconfirmed salacious gossip about Trump — was written by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele. According to news reports, the FBI has confirmed portions of the 35-page document, but information about a “clandestine meeting” between Kremlin representatives and a Trump lawyer in Prague has been discredited.
"The Post story sent ripples through Washington. Shortly after the story went online, New York Timesreporters Maggie Haberman and Kenneth P. Vogel took to Twitter to grouse about Democratic operatives lying to them." . . .

Hill Republicans want more answers from Wasserman Schultz, Podesta about Trump dossier money  . . . "“I am also interested in sharing some memory tricks with folks at the DNC because no one can remember who paid $10 million to a law firm to do oppo research,” Gowdy said. “I find that stunning. $10 million and no one can remember who authorized it, who approved it, who said, ‘This is a really good idea.’”
"When questioned about the issue by Fox News last week on Capitol Hill, Wasserman Schultz said only: “I wasn’t aware of the arrangement at all.”
"Also on Sunday, Maine GOP Sen. Susan Collins, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said Podesta and Wasserman Schultz “absolutely need to be recalled” before the panel." . . .

Democrats and Dossiers Week at Legal Insurrection

"So the Russia dossier story took an unexpected turn this week.
Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel