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Video: A.F. Branco’s 2017 Legal Insurrection Cartoons

Legal Insurrection via Weasel Zippers
"This has been another year of great cartoons from A.F. Branco.
"We celebrated Tony’s 5th Anniversary at Legal Insurrection back in August. "That post has lots of details on the mystery man behind the legend, including a video in which you can hear him talk!
"Each year Tony produces a video compilation of his cartoons for that year. You can see prior years here:
"On New Year’s Day we will continue the relatively new tradition of having a Reader Poll to select the Best cartoon of the year from a list of 10 I have selected. Here are prior year votes:
"Here is Tony’s 2017 Video:

How Can We Miss You, Senator Franken, If You Won't Go Away?

Paul Jacob  "Where have you gone, Al Franken?

" A nation turns its Pervnado eyes to you

"The answer? " Nowhere. As we welcome in 2018, Minnesota’s discredited junior U.S. senator is still ensconced in the U.S. Capitol like a wet hair clump in a shower drain, employed by the people of Minnesota and paid in full by American taxpayers.

"That is until this coming Tuesday, January 2, 2018. That’s when the comedian turned cad turned politician turned pervert has pledged to resign his seat . . . and hopefully keep his mitts off other people’s seats to boot.

"Yet, Mr. Franken’s pending resignation, announced nearly four weeks ago, now appears to be the longest ongoing adios in modern history.

"I’m reminded of the Huntingtons’ smash hit, “How Can I Miss You If You Won’t Go Away?”

"All the while, there are concerns the senator may have contracted a case of resigner’s remorse. And polls show half of Land of 10,000 Lakes voters prefer Franken stay in the Senate.

"There is the small timing issue. According to CNN’s Chris Cizzilla, “Two things were clear after Al Franken finished his speech on the Senate floor . . . 1. He was resigning his seat by the end of the year.” Now it’s been pushed to the New Year, but what are a few days among scoundrels?

"There’s the other thing, too: “2. He didn’t believe he had done anything for which he should have been forced to resign.”

" Of course, no one “forced” Senator Franken to step down. He did so voluntarily. Why?

"Simply put, because three-quarters of Democratic Party senators demanded he resign, clearing the way for an attack on Republican sexual sleaze-balls without partisan distraction. Then, many of these same senators reportedly hugged Franken after his announcement.

" 'Made me sick,” remarked Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), calling the behavior of his fellow Democrats: “hypocrisy at the highest level I’ve ever seen in my life.' ” . . .

Why ‘Dunkirk’ is the Best Film of 2017

American Greatness

"Let us begin at the end of the beginning: “Dunkirk” is the best film of 2017. It is an epic war movie, where names are neither memorable nor necessary because the scenes are unforgettable. And the suspense is almost unbearable, as the story is more about psychological terror than physical turmoil. The terror of aloneness. The terror of bombardment from air, land, and sea. The terror of abject failure, as the enemy attempts to destroy Europe’s only hope for freedom and drown England’s only chance to remain free. The terror of watching this epic unfold in record time (106 minutes), without having to hear the voice of Hitler or the shouting of the Nazi Hun.
“ 'Dunkirk” uses minimalism to maximum effect. It shows us how inconsequential man is in the face of nature, while it proves how consequential men can be when they face—and overcome—the worst of human nature.
"It shows us the actor Cillian Murphy as a shell-shocked soldier clinging to the propeller of a torpedoed ship, where each blade is as brown—and dead—as the petals of the biggest flower. He is a speck in the flotsam of the English Channel, impotent before the laws of physics and immobile before this unlawful attack of Nazi aggression. He is inseparable from that flower, which symbolizes his all-but-inevitable burial at sea. The terror of the sea is not its turbulence, but its totality: a seemingly endless expanse of water, unfit to drink and unrelenting in its drive to down whatever touches the surface.
"Murphy is a tragic figure, as much a sign of God’s wrath as he is a reminder of what happens when men violate—and mock—the warnings of a prophet. That prophet is Winston Churchill. He speaks to us through Tommy, the everyman’s name of the British soldier from the Great War, when the boy reads the words of England’s greatest leader.
"He reads them aloud, hearing for the first time what the audience listens to as the film’s final words; that “we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.' ” . . .

Trump agrees to recruit the mentally ill for military service and pay for 'sex change operations'

Ed Straker   "Trump agrees to recruit the mentally ill and pay for sex-change operations
"A few months ago, President Trump agreed to ban transvestites, the so-called "transgendered," from the military.  Obama, on his way out the door, had ordered these mentally ill people to be recruited into the military...but only after he left office.  Curious, that. . . ." The petulant juvenile struck again.TD
. . .
"If the Trump administration had taken this to the Supreme Court, it is very likely it would have prevailed.  There is no constitutional right for the mentally ill to be in the military, despite whatever name they invent for themselves.  Trump could even have gone to the Supreme Court right now to get the preliminary injunction stayed.
Instead, not only did Trump fold on the preliminary injunction, but he gave up on the entire case.
Now that the mentally ill are going to be admitted to the military (and given free "sex change operations"), you can bet that the military will become advocates for their inclusion and seek them out for recruitment.  They will be put in the middle of life-and-death situations and given control of dangerous weapons.  That's not a place for the mentally ill to be.
The next time you see a flattering news story about a mentally ill fighter pilot in charge of a billion-dollar bomber armed with nuclear warheads, think to yourself, "Thanks, President Trump!"
See the source image

Can't you see a Democrat administration bringing this about here?
UK Socialized Medicine Asks for  Female Nurse for Cervical Smear, Gets Tattooed Trans Man With Stubble  "The National Health Service (NHS) patient said she was “embarrassed and distressed” when summoned by a nurse with “an obviously male appearance … close-cropped hair, a male facial appearance and voice, large number of tattoos and facial stubble” to carry out a cervical smear, The Times reports.

"When she pointed out what she thought was a mistake, the nurse told her off: “My gender is not male. I’m a transsexual.”
"Speaking after the examination, which she ultimately decided to abandon, the patient said it was “weird where somebody says to you: ‘My gender is not male’ and you think: ‘Well, what does that even mean? You are clearly a man.’ ”
"In a formal letter of complaint, she objected that “People who are not comfortable about this are presented as bigots and this is … kind of how I was made to feel about it.”

Bill Nye wants 'economic sanctions' against states that deny climate change

Image result for bill nye political cartoonsRick Moran  "When Bill Nye first hit TV in the 1990's, he was an inoffensive, nerdy guy playing a real scientist (he has a degree in mechanical engineering). He was a mildly entertaining science popularizer and was a hit with a certain segment of science nerds.

"If he had kept that persona, he probably would have slipped into obscurity. Instead, he has reinvented himself as a the left's favorite science guy, largely because of his outrageous advocacy of global warming and gender issues.
"On Friday, Nye appeared on MSNBC hawking his favorite theories on global warming and targeting those who disagree with him.
. . . 
"If he gets to refer to "hillbillies" on national TV, we can call him a pointy-headed climate hysteric.
"In worrying about the national debt, Nye betrays a shocking ignorance of how we would go about bringing it down. I daresay that most liberal social programs - including every program created to deal with climate change - would be cut to the bone. So, in a sense, Nye is advocating we do nothing about the problem - a curious position for such an hysteric.
"If Nye wants war, he can have it anytime."
See the source image

Looks like a Happy New Year for the Forces of Freedom

Clarice Feldman  "As I leave D.C. for a weekend in frosty New York City, thousands of people are taking to the streets of Iran to protest the corruption and mismanagement of the ruling mullahs. 
The White House is not following the last president's "bearing witness" to the pleas of the oppressed.  It has, instead, issued through the Department of State a release strongly supporting the protesters and asking "all nations to publicly support the Iranian people and their demands for basic rights and an end to corruption."
"I have to believe that the protesters are heartened by President Trump's new view of the Middle East and our role in it and the change of rulers and outlook in Saudi Arabia.  While the prior U.S. administration sent pallets of cash to their oppressors, this president has stood firm.  And where once they might have feared Saudi intentions on their homeland, I think they see a new Saudi Arabia – desirous of bringing the region into the modern world, stamping out corruption and terrorism, and encouraging capital formation and investment as the collapse in oil revenue ends the days of easy living.  Lavish living based on little more than exploitation of oil, which the rise in U.S. production based on new energy policies makes the old Saudi way certain of diminishing returns.
. . . 
"Well, we'll see soon enough which view proves correct.  In the meantime, asScott Adams notes, the president has demolished the GOP and reconstituted it; the DNC lacks a leader and funds; the Clinton and Bush dynasties are over; the public has learned to distrust the media; the NFL ratings are down; the FBI leadership has lost all credibility, as have the pundits, nearly all of whom "were wrong about Trump's nomination, election, and successful (by Republican standards) first year"; federal government regulations are far fewer; Hollywood has alienated almost half its audience; North Korea's economy has gone from pathetic to even worse; ISIS has been largely defeated; and we bade adieu to the Paris Accord and the TPP.
"As for the economy, the stock market is up, employment is up, and the upper Midwest economy is growing its fastest in three years.
"I don't think any president in my memory has had such a consequential first year, and certainly none had the pathetic dossier and corrupt FBI and DOJ officials to contend with at the same time."

Trump fires back at Rouhani slam amid deadly Iran protests . . . " Earlier Sunday, Trump tweeted that Iranians were “finally getting wise as to how their money and wealth is being stolen and squandered on terrorism.
“ 'Looks like they will not take it any longer,” Trump wrote. “The USA is watching very closely for human rights violations!”
"Rouhani’s comments came hours after two protesters were killed at a rally.
"The deaths were the first of the demonstrations, which appear to be the largest to strike Iran since the protests that followed the country's disputed 2009 presidential election. Thousands of people have taken to the streets."

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Iranian Women Protesting Versus American Feminazis Protesting

Weasel Zippers

"The Iranian woman who stood against the hijab and for the protests has reportedly been detained today."

VIDEO: Protesters In Iran Shout “Death To The Iranian Revolutionary Guard” Outside An IRGC Barracks…

Top Iranian Cleric Shows Support for Anti-Government Protestors  "But, he did not go so far as to support the anti-Islamic nature of these protests. It is hard to argue that these protests are purely economic driven as protestors chant “Death to Rouani” referring to the president and topple public displays of Supreme Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. As noted byExpress U.K., Khamenei has previously attempted to cast blame on the United States and President Donald J. Trump for Iran’s economic problems." . . .
But President Trump and the United States State Department firmly support the people of Iran. Late last night, President Trump sent a tweet warning Iran that the “world is watching.”
Now there is a  tweet I can get behind! 

Iran's protests are powerful and real. Why are mainstream media outlets so hesitant to report on them?

"For all the squabbling that social media platforms are notorious for, their relevance to the media landscape plays an important role in times of protest.
"This was evident with Black Lives Matter, among other movements. It’s been evident for the past three days in Iran, where thousands have taken to streets and public squares calling for an end to the hardline conservative regime of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
"The question that needs to be asked right now is why traditional mainstream media outlets – grandstanding over their importance in this new, bold era of fact-checking and truth-telling – have largely ignored a blossoming revolution. 
"Despite a near blackout, these protests are not intended for domestic Iranian audiences only." . . .
How will the Obama Presidential Library wing look celebrating a nuclear deal with an oppressive Iranian regime that could possibly be deposed by security forces and the military joining with protesters, thirsty for democracy and a return to an Iran before the 1979 revolution?
More to the point, how will it look if the Trump administration, of all things, facilitates and encourages such change in Iran?
The prospect of this is not lost on the self-styled resistance and anti-Trump media, all too anxious to witness the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Obama Library or hand a Nobel Prize to former Secretary of State John Kerry.
Overseeing the fall of an oppressive, hardline Iranian regime that sponsors terror all around the globe – followed by the rise of a democratic Iran not interested in aggression against its neighbors – would be a foreign policy victory for President Trump, one of the biggest for a president since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The problem of Nancy

See the source image

Richard Rail  "She's kind of drifted off the front pages thanks to Harveygate, but Nancy Pelosi is a lingering problem for Democrats in 2018.  The old girl's lost it, but she refuses to go away.  They might get crazy Maxine Waters to talk to her, but Maxine's so race-paranoid and Nancy so feminist-suspicious that they might gang up on the party and take them to court.
"And win.
"But if they use Maxine to get rid of Nancy, what happens to the plan to use Nancy to get rid of Maxine?  And once both are gone, who will make bonehead comments and stupid allegations about Republicans when the Democrats have nothing to say – which is usually – but need to get some face time on the news lest America forget who they are again?
"And who will provide comic relief?
"Other Dems are too scared to ask Hillary's help in, er, getting rid of Nancy because Hillary might turn to Huma and the Muzzie Brotherhood, who don't always use the best of judgment and might blow away Democrat headquarters.  That would certainly solve the problem, since there would then be no one left to think there is a problem, but..."  . . . 
Nancy's past favorites:
See the source image

Trump expresses support for Iranian protests as regime’s hard-liners counter opposition

Just as Obama should have been president enough to have stood for the Iranian people against the mullahs. We could now have been less one major world threat. But then Obama always respected our enemies than our allies. TD

Washington Times

Iranian protesters chant slogans at a rally in Tehran, Iran, Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017. Iranian hard-liners rallied Saturday to support the country's supreme leader and clerically overseen government as spontaneous protests sparked by anger over the country's ailing economy roiled major cities in the Islamic Republic. (AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi)

"President Trump voiced support Saturday for Iranians protesting in the streets against their government, saying Tehran’s oppressive regime “cannot endure forever.”

“The entire world understands that the good people of Iran want change, and, other than the vast military power of the United States, that Iran’s people are what their leaders fear the most,” Mr. Trump tweeted. “Oppressive regimes cannot endure forever, and the day will come when the Iranian people will face a choice. The world is watching!”
"His comments echoed a speech that Mr. Trump gave to the United Nations last fall, in which he called on the Iranian people to return to their “proud roots as a center of civilization, culture and wealth.”
"The president, noting numerous reports of protests by Iranians angry with the regime’s corruption and “its squandering of the nation’s wealth to fund terrorism abroad,” said the government in Tehran “should respect their people’s rights, including right to express themselves.”
"It’s unclear what effect Mr. Trump’s support would have. Iranians already are largely skeptical of him over his refusal to re-certify the nuclear deal. Mr. Trump’s insistence in an October speech on using the term “Arabian Gulf” in place of the Persian Gulf also has also riled the Iranian public.
"Iranian hard-liners rallied Saturday to support the country’s supreme leader and clerically overseen government as spontaneous protests sparked by anger over the country’s ailing economy roiled major cities in the Islamic Republic."
Iran HARD-LINERS Rally as New Protests CHALLENGE Government
. . . "Early on Saturday, U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted out his support for the protests.
“ 'Many reports of peaceful protests by Iranian citizens fed up with regime’s corruption & its squandering of the nation’s wealth to fund terrorism abroad,” he wrote. “Iranian govt should respect their people’s rights, including right to express themselves. The world is watching! (hashtag) IranProtests.”

"It’s unclear what effect Trump’s support would have. Iranians already are largely skeptical of him over his refusal to re-certify the nuclear deal. Trump’s insistence in an October speech on using the term “Arabian Gulf” in place of the Persian Gulf also has also riled the Iranian public." . . .

Friday, December 29, 2017

Vet Sets the Record Straight about Vietnam, After PBS, ken Burn’s Tries to Whitewash Communism

Leno is Tired of Late-Night Shows Bashing Trump

Western Journalism  "Former Tonight Show host Jay Leno said he doesn’t support President Donald Trump, but believes the “constant negative Trump stuff” nightly has gone too far.

"Leno told Page Six he enjoys “bringing people together” rather than dividing them politically.

“ 'If [mocking the president] is a constant thing on a nightly basis, eventually you’re all doing the same joke,” Leno said.

"Despite wanting to see late-night hosts minimize their negative coverage of the president, he went on to tell a joke of his own.
 “I remember when House of Cards was a TV show. Now it’s a documentary. You look at the Underwoods. You go, ‘At least this isn’t as bad as the real thing,'” Leno said. Leno made similar comments earlier this week to The Hollywood Reporter. “I was lucky,” Leno said. “I did it at a time when Bush was dumb and Clinton was horny.” 
"Leno said things have gotten much darker now with coverage of the president.
“ 'But the constant negative Trump stuff on a nightly basis? I think it has a debilitating effect on people,” he said. “People are just, ‘Oh, gosh, I don’t wanna watch TV anymore. This is just the same thing every night.'”

See the source image

"In May, he told The New York Times that “this constant pounding” against the president “does have a tendency to anesthetize your feelings.”

"When looking across the current late-night platform, Leno argued entire shows
are centered around Trump." . . .

Still trying to find the truth on this: "Bill Clinton fathered an illegitimate, mixed-race son named Danney Williams with an Arkansas prostitute in 1985."

Gonzo Overkill

Snopes  "On 3 October 2016, five weeks before the U.S. presidential election, a decades-old tabloid story was resurrected by the Daily Mail revealing the supposed existence of a “love child” fathered by former president Bill Clinton with a black prostitute in 1985.
"Adorning the article were side-by-side photos comparing the facial features of Clinton and a 30-year-old mixed-race man named Danney Williams (or “Danney Williams-Clinton,” as he prefers to call himself on Facebook), who claims that he is that love child and all he wants to do is meet his real dad — but he may never get a chance to, because Bill Clinton’s wife Hillary, who is also (far from coincidentally) the current Democratic contender for the presidency, has “banished” him." . . . 

Noisy Room  "Judicial Watch today released Justice Department records showing that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe did not recuse himself from the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s unsecure, non-government email server until Tuesday, November 1, 2016, one week prior to the presidential election. The Clinton email probe was codenamed “Midyear Exam.”

While working as Assistant Director in Charge of the Washington Field Office, McCabe controlled resources supporting the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. An October 2016 internal FBI memorandum labeled “Overview of Deputy Director McCabe’s Recusal Related To Dr. McCabe’s Campaign for Political Office,” details talking points about McCabe’s various potential conflicts of interest, including the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s illicit server, which officially began in July 2015:

While at [Washington Field Office] did Mr. McCabe provide assistance to the Clinton investigation?
After the referral was made, FBI Headquarters asked the Washington Field Office for personnel to conduct a special investigation. McCabe was serving as [Assistant Director] and provided personnel resources. However, he was not told what the investigation was about. In February 2016 McCabe became Deputy Director and began overseeing the Clinton investigation.
The Overview also shows if asked whether McCabe played any role in his wife’s campaign, the scripted response was: “No. Then-[Assistant Director] McCabe played no role, attended no events and did not participate in fundraising or support of any kind.” More here.
"Wider context:
. . .  

Al Gore bilks people at Christmas – asking for ‘climate crisis’ money

Anthony Watts  "The true mark of a shyster is to take advantage of every opportunity to milk a person for money, and especially when emotions and sympathy run high. Christmas is one of those times. I give you exhibit A, Al Gore’s “Climate Reality Project”. I got this in my inbox this morning." . . .

"Of course, when you click on that donate button, Al doubles down:"

"Yes, send money to Al Gore to “end the climate crisis”. Yeah, that’s the ticket.
"He has quite a payroll to support, just look at all the employees here
"Anybody stupid enough to fall for this, especially on Christmas, deserves everything they are going to get back from Mr. Gore, which as my inbox shows, is nothing but requests for more money. Just look at all the emails I’ve received in the last 30 days:" . . .

A wave of what color?

Silvio Canto, Jr.  "It's the last week of 2017, and people are already making predictions about 2018.  So let me give my early take on all this.
Let's start with Newt Gingrich, who predicted a "surprise" in 2018:
The great political surprise of 2018 will be the size of the Republican victory.
After members of the elite media have spent two years savaging President Trump, lying about Republican legislation, and reassuring themselves that Republican defeat was inevitable, the size of the GOP victory in 2018 will be an enormous shock.
"Newt goes on to mention our friend Barry Casselman, who has a good eye for political waves:
H[i]storically ... the party out of power makes gains in the first mid-term election after [it] lose[s] the White House.
This precedent has fueled recent media and Democratic Party strategists' anticipations of a 2018 "blue wave."
This tide in blue might still happen, but the genuine signs for it are not yet present. " . . .
Wellll, not so fast. Let's not set up that fireworks display on the river quite yet: 

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Predictions  . . . "The trouble with predictions is that if you are right, and you remind others of that, you end up looking like a jerk.  And if you are wrong, you will be reminded of that fact too often.

"Another issue with predictions: The professional pontificators making them are rarely held to account when wrong.  Instead, they remain working at places like the N.Y. Times, CNN, and MSNBC.

"No, you will not hear any predictions from me.  Instead, it's more fun to look back at those foolish enough to make them to see who was right and who was wrong."
. . . As we look back on the year that was, and forward to the year that will be, one thing we can count on is that dire predictions rarely come to pass.  Proclamations of pending greatness follow a similar pattern – although, judging from the above, it appears that greatness is leading at the moment." . . .

Guess who Marie Harf credits with the virtual defeat of ISIS?

Twitchy  "U.S. military officials on Tuesday revealed that ISIS has lost 98 percent of the territory it once held, and since President Trump took office, half of its so-called “caliphate” has been captured.
"You can thank the Obama administration for that, says Marie Harf, now a political commentator for Fox News. Here she is on “The Five” to explain.
Marie Harf: "The strategy that has led to a virtual defeat of ISIS in the largely a strategy that was laid out during the administration by military commanders."

Comment to this: 
 L Dec 27MoreMarie what are you smoking? Obama would not let military commanders do their job. Even they said that.
But there is this point of view:

ISIS Has Lost 98% Of Its Territory Since Trump Replaced Obama

Liberals mocked then-candidate Trump's promise to "smash ISIS" during the presidential debates in 2016, but they are now being forced to eat crow.

. . . "Liberals mocked then-candidate Trump’s promise to “smash ISIS” during the presidential debates in 2016, but they are now being forced to eat crow.
"The massive gains against ISIS come after years of weak tactics and ineffectiveness under President Obama, when critics say the Obama administration “micromanaged” the war and shunned a more intensive air strategy that could have ended the conflict much sooner.
“ 'The rules of engagement under the Obama administration were onerous. I mean what are we doing having individual target determination being conducted in the White House, which in some cases adds weeks and weeks,” said retired Air Force Lt. Gen. David Deptula, the former head of U.S. Air Force intelligence. “The limitations that were put on actually resulted in greater civilian casualties.' ” . . .

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Security Theater Comes to Disney World Resort

See the source image
UK Daily Mail
Katherine Timpf  "Just when you thought Disney World couldn’t be a bigger nightmare, new security measures at some of its hotels are basically allowing Mickey Mouse and his obnoxious friends to invade your room.

" According to a piece in the Miami Herald, Walt Disney World Resort Hotels has removed the “do not disturb” signs from the rooms in three of its hotels and replaced them with “room occupied” signs as part of a new security policy. What’s more, a Disney cast member will now be required to enter each hotel room at least once per day to “ensure gun safety,” according to Walt Disney World News today. 

"Disney has not explicitly stated its reasons for the new policy, but it seems to have been implemented in response to October’s Las Vegas shooting, when a man was able to enter a hotel room with a boatload of weapons and subsequently murder 58 people. 

"Now, while I do appreciate that Disney wants to keep people safe, this is, quite frankly, a stupid idea. Stupid . . . but not surprising. After all, responding to violent incidents with overzealous, privacy-invading security theater is exactly what the government has been doing for years." . . .  
 Read more.

Trump: The Unlikeliest Churchillian


Patricia McCarthy  . . . "To the horror of our 2016 establishment, Donald Trump was elected.  He has been as loathed as Churchill was when he took on the P.M. job as the catastrophe at Dunkirk was unfolding.  Like Churchill, Trump is a bit reckless with his opinions and his speech.  Churchill regularly offended people on both sides of the political spectrum, as does Trump.  Churchill was innovative, imaginative.  He devised the civilian boat rescue of all those soldiers at Dunkirk.  It worked.  Trump has, in a year, defeated ISIS, although the media are loath to report that.  Trump has revitalized the economy beyond anything Obama was able to do.  He has successfully rolled back the restrictive regulations Obama put in place that have strangled the economy and suppressed GDP growth to 2% for eight years."
. . . 
"Would it not be a hilarious turn of events if Trump became recognized as the greatest American president of all time?  Churchill was a highborn man of letters with a lifetime of public service under his belt.  Trump is none of those things, but he is a host of things Churchill was not.  The end results may just be similar.
"Trump may just be our Churchill.  They certainly share some personality traits.  Churchill's love of England saved England.  Trump's love of America may save us as well."
Pictured: ISIS (ISIL to Obama)under Trump

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez
"A bust of the former prime minister once voted the greatest Briton in history, which was loaned to George W Bush from the Government's art collection after the September 11 attacks, has now been formally handed back." . . .

You Don't Have to Like this President to Acknowledge the Obvious

. . . "To say journalists have a liberal bias and detest this president isn't exactly breaking news. When it comes to Donald Trump, a lot of journalists figure if the sun rose in the east today, he must have done something wrong and they're going to prove it. So they let their journalistic instincts lapse; they let their guardrails down. Instead of being skeptics, they become gullible patsies, taking in all sorts of later discredited information peddled by anonymous sources -- as long as it makes the president look bad.

" They put out false information about collusion with the Russians, for example, because they want to believe that he conspired with his pal Vladimir Putin to rig the election. Collusion, after all, could lead to impeachment, the holy grail. 

"And if, heaven forbid, you criticize them for sloppiness or for going overboard, you're accused to being a Trump sycophant who wants to put a stake through the heart of the First Amendment and democracy itself. 

"But how would these same journalists respond if it were Barack Obama or President Hillary Clinton who was under investigation by a special prosecutor who loaded up his team with Republican donors? How would they react if a lead FBI investigator texted his mistress that candidate Clinton "is a (expletive) idiot" and that they needed an "insurance policy" in case she somehow won the election? 

"We know how they'd react: They'd say the deck was stacked against the Democrat. They'd be outraged. And for good reason." . . . 

American Silliness: Do we even know what racism is anymore?

Professors claim farmers’ markets cultivate racism: ‘Habits of white people are normalized’  "Two professors from San Diego State University claim in a new book that farmers’ markets in urban areas are weed-like “white spaces” responsible for oppression.". . . Define oppression:  "the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjustmanner. an act or instance of oppressing or subjecting to cruel or unjust impositions or restraints."

Washington DC restaurant accused of dress-code racism changes ‘no sneakers’ policy  . . . "Rashid said that the dress code policy was “no different than any DC, LA or New York lounge,” and that when guests saw other guests who weren’t dressed according to the code, it was usually because the underdressed guests were dining in the restaurant, which has no dress code, and stuck around for the nightclub portion of the night, when the dress code is instituted. . .

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee invokes racism when not given her demands.

Woman Accused Of Racism By Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Is Human-Rights Activist   There goes her race card.

Tucker Carlson Tweets 100 Racist Things — It’s Even More Ridiculous Than You Think It Is

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee once called for hurricanes to be given African-American names so that "all racial groups would be represented."

The Top 10 False Claims of Racism on Campus From 2015:  "As the University of Missouri is engulfed by a number of bratty students offended over racial incidents that might not have even happened, it's important to note that race hoaxes tend to pop up on campuses throughout the country. Here are the top ten race hoaxes that have occurred on campus." . . .

NAACP official: Trump judicial nominee 'a product of the modern white supremacist machine'   I hate to say this, but the NAACP may have a claim here that can't do any good for President Trump's image. How sad that the antics of those such as Jackson-Lee, Sharpton, and Maxine Waters can cause us to disrespect serious racism claims out of hand. TD