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The Ladies of ‘The View’ Deliver Their Most Cringeworthy Apologies

They're 'really, really sorry' for offending half the country on a regular basis

WATCH: The Ladies of ‘The View’ Deliver Their Most Cringeworthy Apologies (   "The ladies on ABC's The View probably wouldn't describe their show as a cesspool of shrill nonsense and liberal hackery, but that is precisely what it is. Why else would the New York Times describe it as "the most important political TV show in America"?
"In 2022 alone, The View cohosts were forced to issue nearly 40 apologies, clarifications, and legal disclaimers for statements they made on the air. So much for the "intelligent debate" the journalist Barbara Walters envisioned when she created The View in 1997.
"The list of statements for which Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and their colleagues have apologized (or issued clarifications in response to threats of legal action) is nothing short of astonishing." . . .

• Comparing Christianity to a "mental illness."

• Claiming Supreme Court justices Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas have been "credibly accused" of sexual assault.

• Suggesting the Holocaust was "not about race."

• Asserting that neo-Nazi protesters outside a convention in Florida belonged to a conservative student organization.

• Repeatedly "misgendering" former male athlete Caitlyn Jenner.

• Using a racial slur—"gypped"—to criticize Donald Trump and his supporters.

• Offending nurses by suggesting nursing is "not a real talent."

• Falsely accusing Supreme Court justice Amy Coney Barrett of belonging to a "hate group."

• Defending accused rapist Bill Cosby by comparing him to the falsely accused members of the Duke lacrosse team in 2006.

Biden’s Press Chief Blurts Out Biggest Lie about Bidenomics -

"Let me be clear"...

  The Lid (

‘How Many People Coming Into This Country Illegally Is Enough For President Biden?’ – Issues & Insights (   "Questions like that are almost enough to make you feel sorry for White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. Even someone qualified for that job – which she clearly is not – would have trouble coming up with new ways to tell bald-faced lies about the border crisis and what President Joe Biden is doing to stop it.

Her job got more difficult after U.S. Customs and Border Protection released data Friday showing that 304,162 people entered the country illegally in August – a new record.

For perspective, it’s as many as crossed illegally in all of 2017, and more than the entire population of Pittsburgh.  

Just a couple months ago, team Biden was crowing about a dip in the number of illegal border crossers, even issuing a press release claiming that “the administration’s plan is working as intended.”

Two weeks ago, Jean-Pierre declared that “The president has done more to secure the border and to deal with this issue of immigration than anybody else. He really has.”

Normally, the press would swallow such lies without blinking. But now Democratic politicians are rising up in protest around the country against the devastation Biden’s “secure the border” policies have brought to their cities and states.

The Daily Signal recently reported that “Democratic leaders in Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Texas, and Washington, D.C., have declared states of emergency in response to the border crisis that occurred after President Joe Biden took office.”

The crisis has gotten so bad that the slavishly pro-Biden New York Times has started reporting on its scale and impact. In just the past few days, it’s run stories headlined:

  • “Officials Scramble to Respond as Migrants Overwhelm Texas City”
  • “Influx of Migrants Exposes Democrats’ Division on Immigration”
  • “One Day on the Border: 8,900 Migrants Arrested, and More on the Way”
  • “Unlawful Border Crossings Are Rising Fast”
  • “Eric Adams Asserts Migrant Crisis Will ‘Destroy New York'”

Scared residents are fleeing Democrat-run cities

 Washington, D.C., Other U.S. Cities Becoming War Zones As Crime Skyrockets Under Democrat Control ⋆ Conservative Firing Line   

. . ."  "Residents of the city have said they are changing their routines in response to high crime, with homicides and robberies climbing 29 and 67 percent, respectively. One lobbyist said he stopped walking in his neighborhood after an attack near Dupont Circle, eventually relocating to Maryland to get away from the crime-ridden city. Other residents have reported taking measures such as using alternative entrances to their building and avoiding going to gas stations at night. The general consensus is that the city has taken a major turn for the worse; while crime was largely limited to those associated with drugs and gangs in the past, now innocent people are being shot in nice neighborhoods.

Donald Duck ‘Trumps’ Porky Pig

  American Thinker

"During the Republican presidential debate stage at the Ronald Reagan library in Simi Valley, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie continued spewing his unbecoming insults toward former President Trump.

"Christie stands little chance of winning, but continues to debase the debate.  Perhaps he’s auditioning for a show on “Looney Tunes” legacy media.

"In a petulant, sophomoric quip, Christie labelled Trump as Donald Duck, for refusing to debate.  The collective, disapproving sigh from the audience was palpable. Many pundits, and co-moderator Stuart Varney, say it fell flat.

"But as long as we’re assigning the persona of cartoon characters to Republican presidential candidates, being Donald Duck is not the worst mantle to assume.

"Indeed, some of Donald Duck’s characteristics might benefit dysfunctional Washington D.C.  To wit:  while a bit irascible, Donald Duck is a beloved character known for perseverance and determination.  Sure, he’s a bit tempestuous, but Donald Duck always manages to overcome whatever challenges he faces.  Overall, Donald Duck has some remarkable traits that do mimic the real Donald, enabling him to shake up the porky political establishment." . . .

Joe Biden's nightmare coming to life: RFK, Jr. all but announces third-party run for the presidency

RFK Jr. renews calls for Secret Service protection after armed man arrested at campaign event - ABC News (

. . ."Kennedy's initial request for Secret Service protection was rejected after Department of Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in a July letter that, after consulting with a bipartisan congressional advisory committee, it was determined a detail was "not warranted at this time."

Kennedy has since been vocal in his desire to receive Secret Service, posting on X, formerly known as Twitter, after the rejection, "Since the assassination of my father in 1968, candidates for president are provided Secret Service protection. But not me."

 Monica Showalter - American Thinker  "Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is again calling for a U.S. Secret Service protective detail to be assigned to him following an incident at a campaign event last week involving an armed man who now stands accused of impersonating a police officer.

"Since then, Kennedy's campaign has highlighted his family's history of assassination and the recent security scare as examples of the increased threat environment he faces amid his campaign to defeat President Joe Biden." 

Hillary Is Back - "How many more decades must Americans endure this vile political hack who long ago wore out her stay?"

Hillary Clinton Asked To Leave Costco After Repeatedly Accusing Sample Lady Of Being A Russian Asset | Babylon Bee... '"Orange... orange like Trump!" Clinton screamed suddenly, frightening the poor food demonstration worker. "You're in league with him, aren't you!?" The failed presidential candidate lunged across the cart and attempted to pull off her face mask, certain the lady was actually Vladimir Putin in a skin suit.

 She's Baaaak! J.B. Shurk- American Thinker   "Sheeee's baaaaack!  Yes, America's cold sore, Hillary Clinton, is back in the news.  She's hoping the newly resurrected Clinton Global Initiative (the fake charity but real influence-peddling operation that temporarily closed its doors while being investigated for engaging in pay-to-play fraud) can make a financial killing off all the real killing going on in Ukraine.

CGI is ready to help the widowed, orphaned, and suffering people of Ukraine by collecting large sums of money that will go a long way to supporting the Clintons' lavish lifestyles.  What remains of their tax-free charitable "services" can then be distributed among their army of cronies desperate for an easy payday.

"Keeping the Clintons and their friends in the upper class doesn't come cheaply.  Hillary might have time to pose for a few pictures with those left injured and homeless...that is, if she's not bogged down avoiding Russian gunfire as she jaunts around in a private jet or too busy accepting some award for her selfless heroics.  She also might be preoccupied fighting "climate change," though — so no promises, Ukrainian orphans!  The planet must come first!  Rest assured: the Clinton Global Grift will eventually find some spare change and old blankets to hand out.  Otherwise, Bill and Hill might be accused of exploiting Ukraine's most needy for profit.

"Hillary's also warning that Putin will likely interfere in America's 2024 election — no doubt a Deep State talking point being regurgitated to justify the insertions of inveterate liars John Brennan and James Clapper into their Department of Homeland Security roles as "disinformation experts" with authority over determining which kinds of political speech will be censored (i.e., any speech helpful to President Trump and harmful to the Democrat-led Uniparty).  Isn't putting John Brennan on a "disinformation" committee after he manipulated the last two presidential elections by first pushing the Russia Hoax and then fraudulently labeling Hunter Biden's "laptop from Hell" as "Russian disinformation" a lot like putting former CIA director Allen Dulles on the Warren Commission to investigate President Kennedy's assassination?  It sure seems as if the Intelligence Community learned some time ago that the best way to cover up their crimes is to make sure that they are the ones charged with discovering them. ". . .

. . ."This time it was a Chinese-American ‘socialite’ who has been photographed rubbing elbows with Clinton.

"Apparently the woman died in Hong Kong after plunging from her penthouse naked while carrying her five-month-old daughter in her arms." . . .

Friday, September 29, 2023

J6 Prosecutor Facing Over a Decade in Prison After Being Accused of Violent Crime

 WJ; (

"A former federal prosecutor who handled cases related to the Jan. 6, 2021, disturbances at the U.S. Capitol is set to appear in a court again — this time, as a defendant.

"Patrick Douglas Scruggs, 38, is facing three felony charges in Florida after what prosecutors are describing as a violent road rage assault in Tampa.

"Scruggs formerly worked for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Tampa, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

"Scruggs is accused of breaking the window of a driver who collided with him on the Interstate 275 — allegedly going on the stab the victim numerous times with a pocket knife, according to WTVT-TV.

"The former federal official is also accused of attempting to stab a couple who came to the aid of the driver he attacked. 

"The victim of the stabbing was hospitalized in serious condition after the event.

"A witness to the incident described seeing a knife in a Facebook post.". . .One of the Jan. 6 prosecutors has been arrested in Florida on suspicion of carrying out a knife attack that seriously injured a person. Patrick Scruggs is charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault & armed burglary. He was released on $65k bail.

Democrat Rep Jamie Raskin's Words Come Back to Haunt Him During Biden Impeachment Inquiry

 WJ  "Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, the ranking Democrat member of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, appeared to have a short memory Thursday when he argued Republicans should have a full floor vote before beginning an impeachment inquiry.

The Oversight Committee began its first impeachment inquiry hearing into President Joe Biden’s alleged public corruption and bribery concerning payments from overseas interests.

“We’ve had to slide awkwardly into a House impeachment process without the benefit of the floor vote that Speaker [Kevin] McCarthy insisted was absolutely imperative and necessary when Donald Trump was impeached,” Raskin said in his opening remarks.

“That’s exactly what has not happened here, because they don’t have the votes, because dozens of Republicans recognize what a futile and absurd process this is,” he added.

Raskin argued that Republicans have been looking for months and, “They’ve got nothing on Joe Biden.”

"Jackson, Wyoming – Joe Biden boasted two years ago that the CEO of a major electric bus manufacturer was making him “look good” and federal dollars poured into the company. Now those words have come back to haunt him as an entire town’s electric bus fleet backed by the company broke down.
"The Cowboy State Daily reported Tuesday that Teton County and the town of Jackson wanted a low-emission transit system for the county. The Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit (START) system, a joint operation between Jackson and Teton County, had bought eight electric buses to complement its fleet of 31.
"But the entire bus fleet broke down so the town’s transit system is now solely relying on its diesel fleet. The last of the electric buses went out of service two months ago and some of the broken buses have been awaiting parts for months." . . .

Pentagon Targets the Unborn Enemy

This is a military bent on national suicide, more concerned with killing the unborn than killing the enemy.   "Rather than kill the enemy, the Pentagon is now in the business of killing the unborn. How much confidence should we have in these “leaders?” They are a disgrace to the uniform.

"They should defect to Russia and China. Only then would we be in better shape.

"As we anticipate the anniversary of 9/11, many assume that Pentagon brass and the leadership of the CIA and FBI have corrected the problems that led to a terrorist attack on American soil. Instead, the Pentagon is attacking Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville for objecting to the Department of Defense turning into an abortion factory.

"Tuesday’s release from the Department of Defense, disguised as a news story,  attacked Tuberville for holding up various promotions of the top brass, as long as the DoD remains adamant in favor of aborting children using taxpayer funds. Tuberville’s position is legally and morally correct.

"Here’s how the DoD propagandists put it: “To ensure equitable access to care, DOD implemented a policy enabling service members to travel outside their duty stations’ state if that state imposes restrictions on reproductive health access.”

"Translated into common language, this means the Pentagon is using money for national defense to facilitate abortions across state lines.

"But the Congress never voted for that.

"There is no constitutional right to abortion, and there never was.

"Despite DoD propaganda, let us understand that the term “reproductive health access” is abortion. Pentagon scribblers don’t even want to use the term. They are ashamed to refer to the killing of the unborn.

"When the Pentagon is distributing such lies, under the cover of a “news” story, you know that moral standards have declined dramatically." . . .

New York Democrats to Distribute Flyers to Illegals at Southern Border Warning Them 'You Are Better Off' Somewhere Else

Naturally Democrats mean that in a nice, compassionate way. TD

  The Gateway Pundit | by David Greyson   "New York Democrats are planning to distribute flyers at the US-Mexico border telling illegals to “consider another city.”

"On Wednesday, Mayor Eric Adam’s office announced this plan to “combat misinformation at the border.”

"The flyers will be in both Spanish and English and will warn the illegals that New York City is the most expensive city in the world so they will be better off somewhere else.

"How interesting that a sanctuary city run by Democrats who have been all for illegal immigration is now troubled by the flood of illegal aliens. Leftist ideas sound compassionate coming from those Democrat leaders until it’s at their front door.

(Bloomberg) — New York City is planning to distribute flyers to migrants in shelters and at the US southern border that say the city’s resources “have been exhausted” and they won’t get any help finding work, officials said Wednesday.

The one-page flyer, printed in both English and Spanish, warns asylum seekers that “you will not be placed in a hotel,” and that “NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world; you are better off going to a more affordable city.” The flyer also declares “NYC cannot help you obtain a work permit, and you will not be able to easily find work.”

The effort to dissuade migrants from coming to New York is the latest attempt to slow the rapid influx of some 100,000 people who have arrived in the city since the spring of 2022, overwhelming its shelter system and straining coffers. The city pays $387 a day to shelter each migrant family, and estimates the cost for caring migrants will total $12 billion through mid-2025.

"New York City wants to make illegal aliens a problem for other cities." . . . 

Keep Biden upright


Annals of senescence | Power Line (   "Alex Thompson reports that President Biden is working on a critical project for his re-election bid: Make sure he doesn’t trip. Thompson’s Axios scoop runs under the headline “Biden team’s don’t-let-him-trip mission.”

"The Biden team is worried that one more public tumble might convince voters that Biden is not up to the job. I believe that voters already come to that view, and with good reason. The physical manifestation of his senescence corresponds with his visible limitations of speech and understanding. He makes 80 look like the new 100." . . .

Obama was working on his jump shot. Biden is working on maintaining an upright position while walking.

. . ."I would suggest that Biden take up ballet. It would do wonders for his balance and give him the kind of up-close-and-personal social opportunities he loves."

Trump shut the border and got a migrant deal with Mexico. Biden also shut the border and got ... more illegals - American Thinker  . . ."But what isn't symmetrical is Trump's insistence on a win-win situation for both sides, and Biden's insistence on a lose-lose result.

If this isn't proof of Biden's idiocy, what is? Biden has opted to get all the pain of a border shutdown and none of the benefits, all to preserve the chaos of his open border. It's the hill he means to die on and may be the stupidity that will sweep him from office." . . .

Texas Democrat roasted for claiming Biden only guilty of loving Hunter ‘unconditionally’ | Fox News

Dianne Feinstein, Centrist? Newsom a tyrant?

She was a California Democrat, you know?

  Power Line (    "Dianne Feinstein died last night. She cast a Senate vote earlier in the day. Tributes to her are pouring in, which is natural and appropriate. But check out how the Washington Post described her:

. . ."So throughout her career, Feinstein was a consistently left-wing senator, and over the last 18 years she almost never deviated from the liberal line on any issue or on any vote. You may think this is fine if you are a liberal Democrat, but there is no sane sense in which it represents a centrist voting record.

"The Post’s characterization tells us nothing about Feinstein, but a lot about where the Washington Post sits on the political spectrum: it holds down the far-left pole, which it myopically sees as the middle of the road." . . .

Pressure is on Newsom to quickly appoint Feinstein's temporary Senate replacement - POLITICO   "The death of Sen. Dianne Feinstein places Gov. Gavin Newsom under intense pressure to quickly name a replacement as a bitterly divided Congress votes on a spending plan in the coming hours to avert a government shutdown.

"Newsom had hoped to avoid the politically charged decision of selecting a second senator. But he will need to move swiftly as a budget standoff has the government on the verge of shutting down, and Senate Democrats could need every vote. Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) affirmed on Friday that the fast-moving political situation creates an imperative for Newsom to make a difficult decision quickly." . . .

A COVID Tyrant For President?   "When recently asked if he was going to run for president next year, California Gov. Gavin Newsom wouldn’t rule it out. This is no big news, since we’ve been hearing for some time that he will rescue the faltering Biden-Harris regime. But it is distressing. In addition to driving people from his state with policies that become more deranged with every passing year, Newsom was a malevolent pandemic warrior who should have been punished for his offenses. Voters deserve to know just how vicious he was – and that he remains unrepentant.

"It would be hard to argue that any another state mistreated its citizens more than California. Given the opportunity of the novel coronavirus outbreak, Newsom smoothly tapped into his just-below-the-surface authoritarianism (the same urge to dictate that afflicts nearly every Democrat in the nation)." . . .

Megyn Kelly Scared Trump Will Be Taken Out: 'I Do Worry for His Safety'

 Rachel M. Emmanuel, Western Journal (  "Some prominent voices in the media have been saying something lately that Americans need to pay attention to.

"On Friday’s episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show” on YouTube, host Megyn Kelly expressed concerns that the “demonization” of Trump could lead to him being hurt or “worse.”

"During a discussion with her guest, Dan Bongino, conservative radio host and author of “The Gift of Failure,” Kelly voiced her concerns surrounding the portrayal of Trump and its potential escalation as the presidential primary contest continues.

“ 'You heard Tucker asked Trump about it when he interviewed him,” Kelly said, referring to an August interview between Trump and former Fox News host Tucker Carlson. “Whether Trump is worried, whether there’s a realistic possibility, the left is going to so melt down as his power rises, as he rises toward a second term … that they try to do something to him, God forbid, or that they try to do something to our country.”

"She cited the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 and other leftist violence, as well as the Democratic Party and establishment media’s efforts to inflate the importance of the Capitol incursion of Jan. 6, 2021 — and place the blame for it exclusively on Trump." . . .

Tucker Carlson Says He Fears for Trump’s Life: ‘We’re Speeding Toward Assassination’ (Video) (

Tucker Carlson Reveals Why He Fears For Trump’s Life (   "During an interview on comedian Adam Carolla’s podcast, Carlson explained why he fears for Trump’s life as polls suggest the former president will be the next GOP nominee in 2024. 

"Carolla asked the former Fox News host if he thinks the Democrat-run establishment will “let” Trump take over the White House should he beat President Joe Biden— which, according to polls, is a very likely event. 

“ 'Graph it out, man. We’re speeding toward assassination, obviously, and no one will say that, but I don’t know how you can’t reach that conclusion,” Carlson said. “You know what I mean? Like, they have decided — permanent Washington, both parties — have decided that there’s something about Trump that’s so threatening to them that they just can’t have it.” 

"As the Left continues to stop Trump from making it on the 2024 ballot, Carlson believes the next step is to kill the 45th president as their protests, impeachments, and indictments repeatedly fail.". . .


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Joe Biden’s Legacy: A Closer Look

This leads us to one question: Where’s the criminal indictment of Joe Biden?


Joe Biden's Legacy: A Closer Look - Analyzing America   "Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich argues that the Biden family is the “most corrupt” in United States history.

"It’s easy to see why. Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign repeatedly insisted that he had no involvement in his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings.

" 'I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings,” Biden said at the time. “I don’t discuss business with my son.”

"At another time, Biden categorically and emphatically said, “I’ve never discussed with my son or my brother, or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses, period.” (Poll: Is Joe Biden Fit to be President? VOTE)

"Multiple witnesses have testified that then-Vice President was regularly involved in the businesses of Hunter Biden and foreign nationals. The explosive testimony of Joe and Hunter Biden’s longtime friend and business partner Devon Archer revealed that Joe was on speakerphone at meetings with business partners at least 20 times. “Joe Biden was put on the phone to sell ‘the brand,'” Archer explained in his testimony.

"Despite having no personal or business ties to Ukraine, and no experience in the energy sector, Hunter Biden and his business partner Devon Archer were placed on the board of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma. They received millions in this position. In exchange, Archer testified that Hunter was required to get help from then-Vice President Joe Biden “regarding the Ukrainina prosecutor Viktor Shokin.” Shokin was investigating Burisma on corruption charges.

"Biden later bragged that he demanded that Ukraine fire Shokin or else the U.S. would withhold $1 billion in aid. “Well, son of a b****. He got fired,” Biden said laughing. A reliable FBI informant said Burisma CEO Zlochevsky paid off the Bidens with $10,000,000 for this service." . . .

"We’re all in this together. If a Democrat wins the next presidential election (and, God forbid, the Senate, too), we’ll all hang go to the gulags together . . ." *

This is easily the most disappointing performance I’ve yet seen by a host for a presidential debate. This should raise serious questions about Ronna McDaniel’s leadership at the RNC, especially because she made the debates a key issue in her re-election as RNC chair. She pledged to make sure that these forums would not become turkey shoots of Republican candidates by mainstream media. The first Fox News debate had its issues, but this was far worse, and every candidate on the stage last night should demand some answers and accountability for what McDaniel has wrought thus far.

 The Second GOP Debate Was a Mess...and It Exposed a Glaring Issue Within the Republican Party (

What the Heck Was Fox News Thinking? – RedState    . . . "Not to say some candidates didn't acquit themselves very well, including Ron DeSantis, Doug Burgum, and Vivek Ramaswamy (in my opinion), but it is to say that the overall production hovered somewhere between a dumpster fire and testicle cancer. All of that can be traced back to the moderators. As was mentioned in my post-debate article about Univision's Ilia Calder贸n, who was inexplicably allowed to be a moderator by Fox News and the Ronna McDaniel-led RNC, it felt like you were watching an MSNBC primetime show at points." . . .

"To give one example, Calder贸n actually blamed United States citizens for the fentanyl crisis in an astonishing attempt to pass the buck from Mexico and China.". . .

I'm not trying to be hard on Dana Perino, but her attempt to get the candidates to play a faux game of Survivor was ridiculous. It perfectly encapsulates why so many have turned away from Fox News. We don't want silly, manufactured drama. We want results, and we want a "conservative" news network that can keep its eye on the ball instead of morphing into the equivalent of a CNN broadcast.

 Whose Side Is Fox on Anyway? – PJ Media   "The Fox Business GOP presidential debate was a total trainwreck—and that’s putting it mildly.

"If you watched, you were treated to nearly two hours of left-wing talking points from the moderators, who not only had no control of the debate but ignored their own rules and allowed candidates to attack one another without the opportunity for rebuttal.

"The leftist Univision moderator—Emmy award winner!!! Ilia Calder贸n—who had trouble speaking English clearly, kept asking questions about Dreamers and DACA, turning the questions into speeches to condemn GOP policies on immigration."
Then there was Dana Perino’s stupid question at the end asking the candidates who should be voted off the GOP “island” to clear the field. DeSantis spoke up and called her out for asking a question with no substance in what should’ve been a serious debate. The other candidates quickly united behind DeSantis, nodding their heads.

Second GOP Debate Marred By Univision Moderator’s Anti-American HATE and LIES | Newsbusters "In another instance of why Republicans shouldn't submit themselves to questions from a biased press, Calder贸n pedded Kamala Harris's BIG LIE about what Florida teaches about slavery.

 Ilia Calder贸n's Accent Is Too Thick - - Gmail (  . . ."When the spoken word is part of one’s job description I wonder why Ms. Calderon has chosen not to improve her pronunciation. Why was she chosen to moderate this debate? Because she is a Trump-hater? Her August 2020 book, “My Time to Speak: Reclaiming Ancestry and Confronting Race,” makes it clear she is both a hater-at-large and a Trump-hater specially.

"When she asked Chris Christie the following question, she was lying: “What do you say about a pathway to citizenship for 11 million immigrants?”

"Yale study in 2018 found that 22 million illegal aliens were living in the United States. Granted, some illegals that were counted in 2018 have no doubt since moved out of the country; but, THAT doesn’t include those that entered since then, including Biden’s guests. They tally about 9 million, with 10,000 currently arriving daily. Her question should have referred to the Yale study AND the total of Biden’s guests. THAT would have been an honest question. Christie did not correct her, nor did any of the other candidates." . . .

Get ready for more terrible questions like those when NBC News hosts the third GOP debate.

Paula Bolyard is the editor of PJ Media. Follow her on TwitterGab, and ParlerFor media inquiries, please contact

Stick a Fork in Biden – He’s Done!

 Brian C. Joondeph - American Thinker

Losing to Trump is unthinkable which is why Democrats’ politicized and weaponized FBI, DOJ, and legal system are attempting to send Trump to prison for the next thousand years. Trump is a force of nature with tremendous support of the people, and most of the Republican party.

"President Joe Biden has become a joke, confabulating tall tales about his past political exploits, shaking hands with phantoms, not shaking hands with world leaders, getting lost on stage, and frequently falling. These are all clear signs of his physical and mental decline, obvious to all but his most partisan enablers and sycophants.

"He has announced his candidacy for reelection, but that is as credible as Jack Nicklaus announcing a run for the US Open next spring. The only question is how Joe exits the presidency and campaign, whether voluntary or by his handlers making him an offer he can’t refuse.

"The latest polls should be a bucket of cold water on Biden’s aspirations and the hopes and dreams of his enablers. A recent ABC News/Washington Post poll suggests the turkey in the oven is done, ready for carving. Mind you, any political poll is merely a snapshot in time, the sentiments of voters, or whoever was surveyed, in late September 2023, more than a year from the next election." . . .