Thursday, June 9, 2022

Report: Dr Seuss Inspired Mug Draws Backlash From Liberals

They're Calling The Mug "Racist" Just Like The Books.. Can You Believe It!  
They have taken it way too far this time with their cancel culture! Read more


DHG) — The liberals are back at it again... it seems like cancelling Dr. Seuss was not enough!

"An innocent patriotic brand selling hilarious "I Do Not Like You Sleepy Joe" Mugs on their website has enraged Liberals and boy are they angry.

"They've gone to social media to rant about how owners of said mug are "losers" and how it is just like the "racist" Dr. Seuss books. Simply hilarious!" . . .

Press sec Karine Jean-Pierre has entered the Twilight Zone

 Thomas Lifson  "New Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre yesterday ignored the First Law of Holes and kept on digging.  It's been a rough start for the Psaki successor, reading from notes rather than spontaneously answering questions, and cutting off briefings and walking out as reporters continue to shout questions.

"But yesterday, trying to defend the miserable mismanagement of the economy, she fully escaped the bounds of reality and entered what must be the Twilight Zone.  Precisely nobody will believe this:

What we're trying to say, what I'm trying to say to you, is that the economy is in a better place than it has been historically.

"Yet she said it:

 "What is the point?  Everyone but the very rich is experiencing a decline in our standard of living, as we no longer can afford what had been customary expenditures due to steep inflation in food and energy, as well as many other essentials.  People who have had to give up eating fast food hamburgers are not going to be fooled by rhetoric from the White House briefing room.

"This presentation reeks of panic.  Does KJP suspect she is being set up as the fall gal?  Something very weird was on display."

Jimmy Kimmel, meet Joe Biden


Biden’s Senility Takes Center-Stage on Jimmy Kimmel, His Political Excuse-Making Was Worse  "Joe Biden went on Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night. In typical fashion, he did nothing to help his prospects, ranting against the Supreme Court on the same day it was revealed a deranged liberal tried to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

"Here’s what my colleague Nick Arama had to say about that.

On a day including an assassination attempt against Justice Brett Kavanaugh and vile tweets directed at his family, you would think Biden might try to present a unifying, calming presence. No such luck. Biden didn’t even bring it up or condemn it, and Kimmel never asked about it. Indeed, Biden attacked the draft decision of the Supreme Court calling it “ridiculous.” He whipped up more anger against the Court and indicated that he would try to get around the decision.

"But as I’ve shared before, the new rules on incitement and rhetoric don’t apply to the left. Thus, Biden will never be questioned for continuing to stoke irrational hate over a decision that might make it a little bit tougher to kill babies in the womb. The immorality on display is stunning.

"And you know what else is stunning? Just how senile Joe Biden is. I mean, that’s not the main reason I’m posting this clip for discussion, but how can you ignore how bad this is?". . .

Biden pushes voters to polls for gun control and abortion in rare TV interview; Katherine Doyle, White House Reporter

Joe Biden Joins Jimmy Kimmel To Embarrass Himself

That’s also a record high for a president who is propped up by the propaganda press daily as a “healing” leader who deserves no blame for the nation’s border crisis, skyrocketing inflation, nearly $5 per gallon gas price average, baby formula shortage, supply-chain crisis, fatal Afghanistan withdrawal, and more. 

Shapiro: There’s something wrong with a White House that puts Biden on Kimmel and McConaughey in the press room

Jimmy Kimmel did not ask Joe Biden about the Democrat terrorist who showed up at the home of a Supreme Court Justice with a gun to murder him after Democrats encouraged people to harass the justices at their homes. Biden didn't even bother to bring it up to call for peace.

. . . “It’s all screwed up,” Kimmel commented concerning progressives being unable to implement their leftist agenda.

Well, it is screwed up,” Biden affirmed. “But we are only a few votes away from being able to straighten it out.”

"Kimmel commented that many of the nation’s problems could be blamed on a “death star pumping false information into our brains.”

"Biden summed up the interview by tellingly replying, “Fox, right?”

Biden takes shot at Trump and Republicans on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

He went on to say that the GOP has undergone “a radical shift” since Trump was elected, moving “hard right,” and its members often vote against what many call “common-sense” gun control because they’re afraid of being voted out of office.

“This is not your father’s Republican Party,” Biden said. “This is a MAGA party, a very different Republican Party and you find people who are worried, I believe, that if they vote for rational gun policy, they’re gonna be primaried and they’re going to lose in a hard-right Republican primary.”

He said, however, that the American people must in fact make gun control a voting issue in order to pass the reform measures that will likely die in the current Senate.

 Biden Glitched so Badly During His Interview That Jimmy Kimmel Had to Cut to a Commercial  

“Look how the press has changed. Look how the press is it has changed,” Biden said, before he started making up words. ” I know you get—you overstand [sic] it. You don’t just understand it, you overstand. But here’s the deal. One of the things is that it’s very difficult now, to have a… even… with notable exceptions, even a really good reporters, they have to get number clicks on… on… nightly news. So instead of asking the question, anyway, it just, everything gets… gets sensationalized… in ways… but I’m convinced we can get through this. We have to get through it. And one of the things, look—”

“I’m going to take a break,” Kimmel interrupted, clearly seeing Biden was glitching and wasn’t able to complete a coherent idea. “and then we’ll talk a little bit more.”

Censure Chuck Schumer: The New Joe McCarthy

In the wake of the arrest of Nicholas John Roske for the attempted murder of Kavanaugh, Schumer’s blatant call that Kavanaugh “will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions” is nothing if not a call for censure by his Senate colleagues.
Der Schumerglower

 The American Spectator  ". . .The question now is obvious: Will the United States Senate punish Schumer for his open incitement of violence?

"Specifically, when will the Senate censure Chuck Schumer?

"There is one particular moment in Senate history that should be recalled here — the censure in 1954 of Wisconsin Republican Sen. Joe McCarthy.

"Recall that in the early 1950s, McCarthy was investigating communists in the U.S. government. But a legitimate investigation went out of control, with McCarthy’s Senate colleagues believing that McCarthy had allowed his political power and the headlines to go to his head. In short, they believed McCarthy should be censured.

"Over at the National Constitution Center is the tale of what happened:

By the summer of 1954, the Senate decided to take action against McCarthy. On July 30, 1954, Ralph Flanders, a Republican, introduced a censure motion that his conduct as chairman of the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations was “contrary to senatorial traditions.”

McCarthy verbally abused some of his colleagues during hearings that started in August. The Senate then reconvened in a lame-duck session after the November election to consider two charges. And McCarthy again attacked committee members who leveled the challenges. But Republican Arthur Watkins of Utah, who led the selected committee, spoke about how McCarthy violated the Senate’s dignity.

On December 2, 1954, the Senate voted on a motion that said that McCarthy “acted contrary to senatorial ethics and tended to bring the Senate into dishonor and disrepute, to obstruct the constitutional processes of the Senate, and to impair its dignity; and such conduct is hereby condemned.” The motion passed by a 67-22 vote.". . .

A Disturbing Poll in the Aftermath of the Attempted Assassination of Brett Kavanaugh

 PJ Media

"The attempted assassination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh should have universally shocked Americans. It seems that, out of basic human decency, people should have a real problem with resorting to violence and killing over differences in opinion on public policy, regardless of what side of the aisle they’re on.

"Americans come together in the aftermath of tragedies such as mass shootings, natural disasters, and other highly publicized events that leave families shattered. Yet, people apparently have different attitudes about political assassinations.

"According to a recently released poll, nearly half of male Democrats under the age of 50 (44 %) say it’s acceptable to assassinate a politician “who is harming the country or our democracy,” the highest percentage of any age/gender/party demographic.

Related: TERRIFYING: Here’s What Kavanaugh’s Would-Be Assassin Had in His Suitcase

"The poll, which was conducted by Tulchin Research for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), also found that nearly a third of younger Democrat women and younger Republican men agreed with the statement, as did 40% of younger Republican women.". . .

CNN Blames Republicans For Attempted Left-Wing Assassination Of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh The disgusting left corrupts everything it touches.

Boudin out; now what about Gascon?

"Meanwhile, hello, Cook County, hello King County, hello New York County.  All the laws and all the policemen in the world aren't worth a fig without prosecutors who won't prosecute."

What will happen now that voters kicked out Chesa?

So where's Chesa Boudin going now after having been booted from his disastrous gig as San Francisco's District Attorney?

My bet's academia — sooner or later — where, like his highly educated radical clansmen, he can continue the modern American academy's "progressive" mission of infecting the young minds of America's future civic elites (i.e., its future school teachers, university professors, social scientists, journalists, politicians, bureaucrats, statesmen, corporate CEOs, financiers, lawyers, doctors, and culturally revisionist aristocrats in general).

I mean, after all, who else would have him?

 The recall of San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin demands a rethinking of the "progressive prosecutor" brand.   . . ."Sending the most dangerous and chronic lawbreakers to prison so that they cannot continue to threaten the public will always be part of a prosecutor's job, but a broader toolbox and vision are needed to deliver individually tailored justice to maximize the use of public resources. If we pigeonhole the performance of the vital government function of prosecution as either progressive or conservative, it obscures the truth that enforcing the law and balancing safety and justice are moral and practical imperatives, rather than ideological crusades. The recall in San Francisco is over, but a holistic, data-driven approach to prosecution is too important to forget." 

However, this will almost certainly not be the last DA recall election in the Golden State. Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón is facing a similar situation after repeated criticism of light sentencing for dangerous criminals. Organizers say they already have more than half a million signatures and need roughly an additional 60,000 before July 6. Boudin’s ousting could well be the impetus Gascón’s detractors require.

School Backtracks on ‘Sexual Harassment’ Probe Against Kids Who Misgendered Non-Binary Student

Trending Politics

 The Obama administration extended this policy to include the prohibition of any discrimination based on gender identity and transgender status. This addition to the Title was later removed by Trump but has since been reinstated under Biden.

Dana Perino: If Biden And Pelosi Don’t Act To Protect SCOTUS Judges They’re Complicit (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit  "After a young man was arrested for attempted murder outside the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, many people began pointing out that Nancy Pelosi is holding up a bill that would protect the families of SCOTUS judges.

"On ‘The Five’ of FOX News, Dana Perino bluntly stated that if Pelosi and Biden don’t take steps to address this immediately, that they are complicit in the threats and whatever else happens.

"Perino is exactly right about this. Hopefully, the White House is listening.

Townhall has details: Dana Perino Excoriates Democrats for Inaction Following Plot Against Kavanaugh ( “This group, Ruth Sent Us, it’s like the Westboro Baptist Church — except for one thing,” Perino said of a group that’s been posting the addresses of justices’ homes online and organizing protests at their residences. “It’s illegal to protest at the home of a justice.”

“So Ruth Sent Us, they were at his house today, they plan to be there tonight,” Perino continued before offering advice for the Biden administration and other Democrats in Washington with the power to do something.

“If I was the Attorney General of the United States, I’d say arrest them all,” she said of protestors breaking the law at Justice Kavanaugh’s home. “And Biden should say they absolutely should be prosecuted — you cannot do this — they have to take a stand tonight,” she said. “And if they don’t take a stand tonight, they are complicit.”

“The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has been slow-walking this bill that passed the Senate unanimously to protect Supreme Court justices,” Perino also noted. The Supreme Court Police Parity Act, a bipartisan effort guided to unanimous passage in the Senate by John Cornyn (R-TX) and Chris Coons (D-DE) has yet to be taken up by House Democrats. “Why is she doing that?” Perino asked of Pelosi’s inaction in the month since the bill passed the upper chamber. “Fast-track it tonight — and if you don’t, you’re complicit.”

 McConnell demands House pass SCOTUS security bill after Kavanaugh threat  “House Democrats must pass this bill and they need to do it today. No more fiddling around with this, they need to pass it today,” McConnell said on Wednesday. “Pass it before the sun sets today.”

“House Democrats have spent weeks blocking, blocking the measure that passed here unanimously,” McConnell complained on the Senate floor.

 Chuck Schumer Owes Brett Kavanaugh Apology for Warning SCOTUS Justice He ‘Will Pay the Price’

Abortion Activists Firebomb Another Pro-Life Office…

The Threat Against Kavanaugh Sadly Isn't Surprising

I fear we are no longer worthy of our Founders and their nation. TD


Arrest outside Justice Kavanaugh's home is shocking. But, sadly, not surprising. . . .Some of us expressed disgust at the threat made two years ago by Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer on the steps of the Supreme Court when he called out Kavanaugh by name: “I want to tell you, (Justice Neil) Gorsuch. I want to tell you, Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”. . .
. . .. . .'Last year, Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., told George Floyd protesters in Minnesota to "get more confrontational" if a jury found former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin not guilty. And when Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, was threatened in 2018 because she had not opposed Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court, Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., mocked the concern over her safety with "boo hoo hoo."

"For her part, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke loudly when she failed to condemn left-wing mobs destroying statues and historic displays in her home city of San Francisco. Pelosi shrugged and said, "People will do what they do."  Schumer: a Democrat at his most disgusting.

"The arrest near Justice Kavanaugh's home frighteningly shows what some people will do.". . .

Sen. Barrasso: Schumer "Bears Some Responsibility" For Kavanaugh Threat

Liberal Media Predictably Downplays or Ignores Threat to Justice Kavanaugh

The FBI was very clear that Brett Kavanaugh's would-be murderer was acting to advance standard Democratic Party/liberal dogma about Roe and gun control. He said he'd find purpose in killing Kavanaugh to advance that agenda. So of course it's getting so little media attention. Glenn Greenwald

 Gunman Arrested Outside Home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh Charged With Attempted Murder, Found Address “On The Internet”  Criminal Complaint: Nicholas John Roske found Kavanaugh’s address “on the internet,” took a taxi to his house because “he was upset about the leak of a recent Supreme Court draft decision regarding the right to abortion as well as the recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas…. [and] he had purchased the Glock pistol and other items for the purpose of breaking into the Justice’s residence and killing the Justice as well as himself.”

How long will Merrick Garland, Obama's choice for the Supreme Court, let this go on?

Video of Chuck Schumer Threatening Kavanaugh He Will “Pay The Price” For Roe V Wade Resurfaces In Wake Of Attempted Murder Of Supreme Court Justice "A video of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer telling Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh that he would “pay the price” for a potential reversal of Roe V Wade resurfaced Wednesday amid the arrest of a potential assassin outside of Kavanaugh’s home in Maryland.

"In March 2020, Schumer made a speech outside the Supreme Court as justices heard a case about a Louisiana abortion law. Schumer shouted a stark warning at Kavanaugh and Justice Neil Gorsuch during that speech, saying they could face sinister consequences for their “awful decisions.”

" 'I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price,” Schumer said. “You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.' ”

More on that would-be assassin . . ."This is precisely the sort of person likely to act on incitement to violence by the likes of Chuck Schumer. "The New York Post has more, including reaction from the group who published Kavanaugh’s home address:". . .

"The Democratic Party and the liberal movement need to do some serious soul-searching in the wake of this attempted assassination. They caused it. They foreseeably brought it about. It was more or less inevitable, in view of the disgusting tactics they have used in recent years. And now they have run for cover.

"Joe Biden has said nothing. The appalling Chuck Schumer, who personally incited this attack, has, as of this moment, said nothing at all. "

Pictured: The Kavanaugh family just before the Democrats began their inquisition.