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 Tennessee representative who cheered on a mob says we can’t allow a GOP ‘mobocracy’ –      "Representative Justin Pearson is one of the infamous “Tennessee Three” who grabbed a bullhorn and disrupted the legislative session to carry on about gun control after trans shooter Audrey Hale killed six people at a Christian school. The media forgot all about the shooter and her victims and made superstars of the Tennessee Three. Pearson is the one who was outed as a total fraud when video of him campaigning at college in 2016 surfaced. He’s since grown out his afro and adopted a “crazy fake southern preacher accent” — it’s called code-switching.

"The leftist media isn’t done with Pearson yet, and he appeared on “The Last Word” on MSNBC to warn us that our democracy can’t become a GOP “mobocracy.' ”. . .

Karine Jean-Pierre says Biden has ‘turned the economy around’ (well, she’s not wrong) –   "At today’s White House briefing, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and her Big Book of Gaslighting again took a few questions and there were zero truths told except perhaps for her claim that Biden has turned the economy around:" . .  .

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Press Release (parody) on Twitter: "If we tax citizens at a rate of 80%, we'd easily be able to pay 3 trillion dollars in reparations to transgenders." / Twitter   "Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) finds herself in a fight with herself—well, a parody account that seems to be a little too good at its job.  AOC recently took to Twitter to express her concern about a parody account (you should follow if you’re not already) that was impersonating her. “FYI there’s a fake account on here impersonating me and going viral. The Twitter CEO has engaged it, boosting visibility. It is releasing false policy statements and gaining spread,” she tweeted. The Congresswoman is currently assessing with her team how to move forward.". . .

What Is He Thinking? Trump Attacks His Former Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany

 “He’s completely unhinged,” Marc Thiessen observed before pointing out McEnany “was one of the best people to serve in his administration.”  “He’s losing control, lashing out at anyone and everyone who does not [toe] his line. Sad,”. . . 

"On Tuesday evening, former President Donald Trump took to his social media platform Truth Social and launched an assault on his former press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany. He leveled accusations against her, claiming that she distorted poll figures during her appearance on Fox News.

“Kayleigh ‘Milktoast’ [sic] McEnany just gave out the wrong poll numbers on Fox News. I am 34 points up on DeSanctimonious, not 25 up. While 25 is great, it’s not 34. She knew the number was corrected upwards by the group that did the poll,” Trump wrote.“The RINOS & Globalists can have her. FoxNews should only use REAL Stars!!!”

"Trump decided to attack McEnany, who is now a co-host of Fox News’ Outnumbered, where she reported on polling data from Iowa indicating that Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is “closing the gap” with Donald Trump since officially announcing his candidacy last week. 
"Trump’s use of “milktoast” is an apparent misspelling of the term “milquetoast,” which refers to a timid or weak person. How exactly can Trump justify using such a term to describe McEnany, given how she effectively and aggressively handled the media during her time as White House Press Secretary?
"Many on the right slammed Trump for attacking McEnany.
“ 'Zero excuses for this kind of behavior,” tweeted former congresswoman Nan Hayworth. “ "President Trump is capable of better. Kayleigh McEnany served in impeccable faith under the most difficult of circumstances. She’s the best of America in myriad ways. She deserves complete respect.”. . .

Backlash Grows Over Male Transvestite Greeting Children at Disneyland

 Nolte: Backlash Grows Over Male Transvestite Greeting Children at Disneyland (

"My tolerance vanishes the moment adult sexuality and outright perversion (like cross dressing) is aimed at kids. No decent parent does business with a demonic company like Walt Disney."

"On top of grooming your underage children through its movies and TV shows, Disney is allowing transvestites to greet your children at Disneyland.

"On Tuesday, news broke of a cross-dressing male—a guy named Nick wearing a mustache and a dress—greeting little kids outside of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Disneyland. It’s right there on video… Disney is allowing cross-dressing fetishists to greet little kids.

"Already the child predators at Disney are paying a high price for their relentless attacks on the innocence of children. A company that at one time seemed invincible has now lost the animation box office crown to Universal. The company’s stock is in the toilet. One Disney movie after another has flopped or disappointed—and another disappointment, Pixar’s Elemental, appears to be on the way. Disney+, the company’s much-ballyhooed streaming service, is losing subscribers and billions of dollars. Disney has so woke-raped the Star Wars brand, a Star Wars-themed motel crashed and burned.

"What’s my point?

"My point is that Disney is so devoted to the demonic cause of grooming little kids it is willing to lose billions.

"And yet, one of Disney’s few remaining bright spots is theme park attendance, and now Disney is willing to risk that to allow sex fetishists access to small children.". . .

CNN: apologists for terror -

But first, this: When they say they “misspoke,” you know it’s bad | SorryWatch  . . .You wouldn’t think anybody would have a nice word to say about the guy.  But later on Saturday, June 13, a CNN anchor, Fredricka Whitfield, sort of did.". . .

And yesterday, during a segment on the Dallas Police Department attack, I used the words courageous and brave when discussing the gunman. I misspoke and in no way believe the gunman was courageous nor brave. And I’ll be right back.

 American Thinker   "CNN’s Christiane Amanpour appeared tone deaf to the public outcry over her “news analysis” involving a mother and her two young daughters left for dead by three Palestinian terrorists in Northern Samaria.

"She used the blatantly false term “shootout” to describe the cold-blooded murder of Lucy Dee and her two daughters, Maia, 20 and Rina, 15, as if suggesting an exchange of gunfire had taken place at the time the terrorists sprayed bullets into the Dee family vehicle. The Dee family was unarmed and en route to a holiday at the seaside.

"Amanpour’s fanciful imagination at painting a “moral equivalency” between the two groups was not lost on Rabbi Leo Dee, husband and father to the victims. He astutely described the reportage as representing a new age of “terror journalism.”

“ 'Christiane’s false reporting caused my family unimaginable pain and suffering at a time when we could least bear it,” Rabbi Dee said in the Jerusalem Post. “This type of terror journalism perpetuates the conflict in the Middle East… The real cycle of violence is a comment like this followed by a terrorist atrocity and them more of the same.”

"This sort of impassioned commentary is something Amanpour has become accustomed to hearing as a virulently anti-Israel commentator. But she’s less accustomed to looking down the barrel of a $1.3 billion lawsuit proposed by a grieving family member against her personally and her news organization, CNN. Rabbi Dee is consulting with legal experts and has made his intention clear of expressing his concerns to David Zaslav, CEO of CNN. He has requested a meeting with Zaslav.". . .

'The whole place is run by far left lunatics!' CUNY professor unleashes on 'Marxist' faculty which allowed law graduate's shocking commencement remarks

  Daily Mail Online

"A CUNY Law professor who has previously complained about the university's alleged anti-Semitism says the entire place is being run by a faculty of 'far left, Marxist lunatics.' 

"The comments come after a shocking commencement speech on May 12 by pro-Palestine law graduate Fatima Mousa Mohammed, who accused Israelis of 'settler colonialism' and called for 'rage' to tackle the 'fascist NYPD'. 

"It was the second year in a row the school - one of the largest in New York City, which receives more than half its funding from government - allowed such pro-Palestine, anti-Israel remarks at the graduation ceremony. 

"The 2022 speaker was activist Nerdeen Kiswani, who made similarly fired-up comments. 

"CUNY's Board of Trustees finally denounced the speech today in a statement after growing calls for the school to lose its funding. 

"It is yet to explain why the remarks were approved in the first place.

" 'Free speech is precious, but often messy, and is vital to the foundation of higher education. Hate speech, however, should not be confused with free speech and has no place on our campuses or in our city, our state or our nation.". . .

Remember there are many voters who elected Ilhan Omar and Tlaib

ABC television network devoting two prime time hours to 1619 Project ‘documentary’ arguing for slavery reparations

 It is hard to think of a more divisive issue. This will only lead to more racial strife.

Some have called this "reparations"

Thomas Lifson   "There seems to be no end to the destructive propaganda emanating from the Walt Disney Company. Tonight, its wholly-owned subsidiary ABC Television will be airing a two-hour documentary created by the infamous 1619 Project. The Twitter account of 1619 Project creator Nikole Hannah-Jones, using the pseudonym Ida Bae Wells proudly announced the showing yesterday.

. . . "In a series of now-deleted tweets, Hannah-Jones admitted that the project is not history but is about the “narrative” – meaning propaganda intended to influence public opinion, and ultimately lead to anger and pressure for people who never owned slaves to pay money to people who never were slaves. Via Legal Insurrection:

I’ve always said that the 1619 Project is not a history. It is a work of journalism that explicitly seeks to challenge the national narrative and, therefore, the national memory. The project has always been as much about the present as it is the past.

— Ida Bae Wells (@nhannahjones) July 27, 2020

The crazy thing is, the 1619 Project is using history and reporting to make an argument. It never pretended to be a history. We explicitly state our aims and produced a series of essays. Critique was always expected, but the need to discredit it speaks to something else.

— Ida Bae Wells (@nhannahjones) July 27, 2020

Biden’s student debt forgiveness is a slippery slope that will make tuition inflation worse and hurt the U.S. economy


Biden’s student debt forgiveness is a slippery slope that will make tuition inflation worse and hurt the U.S. economy (   . . ."Slippery slope: Loan forgiveness is a slippery slope. Some will argue it started with Uncle Sam bailing out the big banks during the Great Financial Crisis. That is debatable, and there are important differences: The U.S. government then did not “forgive” the banks or give them money but provided high-interest loans. Uncle Sam came out ahead in the end. Arguably, if the U.S. had not bailed out its financial institutions, the U.S. economy would have crumbled. These nuances are somewhat lost, as the public looks at the government’s actions in the crisis as a bailout that set a dangerous precedent. Yes, the government came out ahead, but it could have lost money.

Then, during the pandemic, the federal government threw trillions of dollars at anyone and anything with a bank account. This time Washington wanted to make sure that everyone got the money (not just the fat cats on Wall Street), but due to its ineptitude a lot of this money was misappropriated. Some were showered with more paycheck protection money than others.

"Now comes student debt forgiveness. Anyone who went to college, has student loan debt, and makes less than $125,000 a year receives “forgiveness” from Uncle Sam — and my daughter Mia Sarah.

"Endless forgiveness:

"This executive order doesn’t even attempt to fix the core issue of runaway inflation in college tuition. In fact, it will likely make tuition inflation even worse by throwing more taxpayer money at colleges and lead to endless “forgiveness” in the future.". . .

Bud Light Just Keeps on Digging, Donates $200K to National LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce –


dilly dilly

RedState   "It’s one thing to intentionally create what was arguably the worst marketing decision in history but it’s a whole different ballgame when a company doubles and triples down — while simultaneously trying to win back formerly loyal customers who can’t stop buying the company’s product fast enough.

"I’m talking about Bud Light, of course, which has now lost roughly 30 percent in sales since hooking up [no pun intended] with a 26-year-old man pretending to be a teenage girl — Dylan Mulvaney — who first gained notoriety on TikTok, as he chronicled his first “365 days of womanhood.” Mulvaney’s act is disgusting, yet at least a few folks in the Bud Light marketing department bought it — hook, line, and sinker.

"As the boycott against Bud Light grew stronger, and more costly to Anheuser-Busch InBev, the panicked beer maker put out a statement announcing that the Mulvaney fiasco wasn’t really a campaign at all, while laughingly saying “only one can” featuring Mulvaney was produced.

"Not to nitpick, but who the hell cares if it was one can or a million cans? The number of cans was irrelevant. The fact that Bud Light risked decades and countless millions of dollars building brand loyalty, only to throw it away in the name of “woke,” not to mention, via the Mulvaney character, was insane.

"Then we find out that Bud Light is set to sponsor three different Pride events in the coming months. . .


Bud Light finally got hit by a truck

♬ original sound - notmichaelknowles

 Bud Light sales decline ’accelerating’ -- parent company shares fell nearly another 5% in worst day yet on Wall Street - American Thinker

It appears to me that a widespread revolt against the transgender propaganda push is underway. People are saying that enough is enough. It’s easy to switch beer brands, and Bud Light never had a devoted following. It has always been just good enough, considering it is less caloric than regular beers.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

News in Brief

J.K. Rowling Puts the Kibosh on Transgender Ideology With Language That Is Going to Set off a Firestorm – RedState   . . ."Hammer, meet nail. The transgender lobby is not some put-upon minority group. It’s a powerful, politically connected movement that seeks to force its insane theology on the rest of the world, and it should be treated as such. Words like “insidious” and “misogynistic,” which Rowling uses, are perfect descriptions.  Get ready for the backlash because what Rowling said here pulled no punches. She’s going to get hell from the mainstream media and the transgender lobby for this, and conservatives should be right there supporting her.". . . 

 Another Murder Happens Because of Soft-on-Crime Los Angeles DA (   Under the guise of good social medicine, liberals and leftists have poisoned the culture with the colossal lie that “whiteness” is the culprit behind a “400-year pandemic of foundational racism” that’s keeping America sick.  It’s being perpetrated by whites through “antiquated systems of oppression.”

"Whiteness, the creation of white people of European descent, they say, is a lopsided “system of privileges and advantages” that favors whites at the expense of people of color “through government policies, media portrayal, decision-making power with our corporations, schools, judicial systems, etc.”

"To cure the country, people with big mouths, big money, and big plans are wildly swinging sledge hammers at America’s load-bearing walls to destroy what they see as a “white system,” to replace it with – God knows what. ". . . 

Watch: Sunny Hostin Steps on a Shovel in Defense of Kamala Harris Over Low Approval Ratings – RedState   “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin is one of the most rabidly racist people on television and it’s really not even debatable at this point.

On any given day, she’s spouting off racist remarks such as the ones where she likened white women who vote for Republicans to roaches voting for Raid roach spray."

As I’ve said before, this is – sadly – what obsession with identity politics does to people. It turns even the most privileged among them into bitter, self-loathing human beings who are incapable of viewing anything outside the prism of race or sex or whatever. You lose sight of who people are because your sole focus is on their physical characteristics and cultural background over the sum total of the person.

 Chick-Fil-A Goes Woke? Applies For Membership With Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Board [VIDEO] (   . . ."And yet despite watching the backlash against Bud Light, and Target, Chick-Fil-A has decided to jump into the woke camp after building its successes on its hugely conservative customer base. The company was featured on the DEI Board website, announcing that Erick McReynolds is a new board member. According to the post Erick McReynolds is an experienced director in the restaurant industry and in charge of diversity, equity and inclusion at Chick-Fil-A. He is joining the DEI board as its newest member.". . .

Florida Black Business Owner On NAACP’s Travel Advisory, “Simply Ignore It”… | Weasel Zippers    Video

WATCH: Kirby Scrambles for Answers When Reporter Finally Asks About Biden's Corruption – RedState

And how does the whole "turn your head and cough" thing work?

AfterMath - Home (

Female Volleyball Player Suffers Concussion After Being Injured By Trans Athlete - Analyzing America   "The future of women’s sports is clearly at risk as an alarming number of radical left-wing social activists have insisted biological males who identify as transgender should be allowed to compete against women.
"In North Carolina, a frightening story revealed that a female volleyball player suffered “significant and long-term physical and mental injuries” after the ball was spiked in her face by a trans athlete.". . .

Johns Hopkins Medicine staff given roadmap to navigate dozens of pronouns: ‘faerself, ve, xe"    
What does a doctor do when prescribing medication or providing nutrition guidelines to a woman who identifies as a man? Does he go with reality and prescribe/advise according to her actual biology? Or does he recommend that she eat like a man and prescribe medication based on a man's size and weight? When Johns Hopkins truthfully answers this question, it will learn how to handle the pronoun issue.

Lying Biden Falsely Claims He Re-established Alliance Trump Revived In 2017 (Video)

  The Lid

"During a press conference in Hiroshima, Japan, on Sunday, Joe Biden, the evil corrupt, lying, demented fraud occupying the White House, took credit for re-establishing an alliance that former President Trump revived in 2017.

“I doubt many people…would’ve said that two years after being elected, I’d be able to convince India, Australia, Japan, and the United States to form an organization called the Quad,” Biden told those gathered."

Quadrilateral Security Dialogue - Wikipedia


New messages show Bidens offering 'safe harbor' to Hunter as he flails over scandalous reports

 NY Post   "In 2018, Hunter Biden’s world was collapsing.

"The New York Times had run a story on one of his shady deals with the Chinese and his father, then vice president, was pulled into the vortex.

"It appears that Hunter was in a free fall and his uncle Jim Biden reached out in newly discovered messages to offer him a “safe harbor.”

"The exchange is an insight into the train wreck of the life of the scion of one of the most powerful families in the country.

"However, it is also insight into a world of influence peddling where millions of dollars simply evaporated into the coffers of the Biden family.

"On their face, the messages seem to contradict public statements from President Biden on the foreign influence-peddling that used to fund Hunter’s drug-infused, self-destructive lifestyle.

"The Times story caused panic in the Biden family.

"Despite a largely supportive media, the Bidens have long been known for influence-peddling.

"Jim Biden has been repeatedly criticized for marketing his access to his brother in pitches to clients.". . .

From comments to this post:
 Well, the guy wasn't living the life he wanted. He was being used as a tool, for the whole KornPopppJoe Krime Famileee, to hide corrupt financial dealings & launder moolah for all of them, his Daddie, being the Primary Biggg Guy. The pressure was too much for him, in addition to his family being creepily dysfunctional...🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️
  • Oh please, he was living the high life in every respect.

    Joe and Jim could have done a real intervention, but that would have interrupted the gravy train.

School official laments electric buses cost ‘5X more’ and are riddled with ‘performance issues’

 Heather Hamilton

"One Michigan school official admitted his district’s move to using electric buses was less than the government has touted it to be.

"Emile Lauzzana, the environmental sustainability director of Michigan’s fourth-largest school district, recently told the Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education that the district’s electric bus fleet has had “a lot of downtime and performance issues.”

“ 'It’s been a tough 2 1/2 years with this program,” Lauzzana said.

“ 'We’ve been learning a lot about this technology,” Lauzzana also said. “Electric buses are approximately five times more expensive than regular buses, and the electrical infrastructure, which was originally estimated to be only about $50,000, give or take, for those four buses ended up being more like $200,000."

"Lauzzana explained the district attempted to utilize "Vehicle to Grid" interconnection, which helps push energy back to the grid when buses are not being used, but that the “technology was not working.” . . .

That was Then: Soon This Will be Too -

  American Thinker   "Many of us feel like we’re swimming against a torrent that is rushing toward a massive waterfall. We can hear the water crashing over the edge and slamming onto the rocks below, and it’s getting louder and louder.

"We look to history for guidance and find that at first glance it’s no help at all. It merely reminds us that empires fall and usually due to the stupidity, and/or perfidy of those in charge, which is terrifyingly all too familiar. But let’s narrow that focus a little. No other nation has ever been built solely on a principle -- that each human being has an inalienable right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” It is also true that no nation in history has maintained a constitution anywhere near as long as has the United States. Ours has been functioning, more or less, as intended, for over 234 years, whereas other nation's average is just 17 years. We must have gotten something right. 

"We can also look back at our history and find times when things looked this grim, and yet, we came through, we won. What chance did we have against England back in the 18th century? We had to be nuts to think we could successfully divorce ourselves from the most powerful nation on earth at the time. We weren’t even a full-fledged country yet. We had no standing army, no organized system of taxation, very little in the way of infrastructure, and only the most rudimentary methods of communication. Our forefathers had only three things going for them: the British soldiers were 3,000 miles from home; King George III was mentally unstable; and these first Americans took God seriously -- and had since the early 1600s, and it doesn’t take much looking to see that God controls history.

"Let’s look back at the Civil War. How hopeless that had to be for everyone involved. After all, it was fought on our soil, so, like the War for Independence, the battles would be fought in people’s backyards, their schools, and churches turned into field hospitals, the soldiers billeted in their homes. Medicine had yet to catch up to weaponry, so both sides suffered more casualties than ever before at a time when surgeons were not capable of mending soldiers -- they could only saw off the injured limbs. The horror is almost unimaginable. And yet, right prevailed, the Union was saved, the slaves were freed, and the country kept on growing.". . .

Dianne Feinstein as the living embodiment of the Democrat party -

 Bookworm Room "Her decline and fall seem to match the Dem party’s trajectory over the decades. Thus, she’s a caricature, not just of herself, but of her party."

This is the lady who trashed Judge Kavanaugh?

. . ."Indeed, one of the reasons everyone I knew was a Democrat was because I lived in a Jewish world. We may not have belonged to a synagogue, but 90% of my parents’ friends were Jewish, and they knew which California party discriminated against Jews. DiFi, by the way, is genetically Jewish and, while not religious (and a graduate of the Covenant of the Sacred Heart High School), she still identifies as Jewish.

"Attractive, vibrant, intelligent DiFi was the embodiment of that Democrat party.

"Over the years, though, just as DiFi has decayed, so has the Democrat party. It’s no longer a party that represents ordinary people within the relative confines of the Constitution. Instead, it’s a Maoist organization that represents the very rich nomenklatura, the criminal class, the race hustlers, and the activist LGBTQ++ crowd. It’s rotten inside and out, broken and hideous. DiFi has come to look like what the Democrat party is. No wonder Democrats are desperate to force her to retire. She reminds Americans that the party is decrepit and oozes a fatal corruption.

"DiFi should have left politics while she still had dignity. And it’s high time that Americans leave the Democrat party. Both DiFi and the Dems are walking corpses and need to be retired.

"By the way, if you want another analogy, DiFi’s decline also symbolizes San Francisco’s collapse from a beautiful city into a scary hellhole."

Is Michelle Obama going to replace Senator Feinstein to jumpstart a presidential run? - American Thinker 

. . .You also have to consider that the Dems have few other choices; they have no bench or people that are even likable or decent.  That’s why they have to constantly point fingers at the pro-freedom right. They can pretend that they can be ‘successful’ at rerunning the 2020 playbook, but the people are sick of the COVID scam and no matter how much they try to distract, the fact is that the Biden regime has been an unmitigated disaster for the country." . . .

Many Of Our Elected Officials Are Unfit To Serve — Medical Problems Are Sometimes The Cause – Issues & Insights  . . ."That’s in the same category as the concern of Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., that stationing 8,000 U.S. military personnel on Guam would cause the small island to “become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.”

"Currently serving Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, once proclaimed that the U.S. Constitution is 400 years old. And as a member of the House Science Committee, during a visit to the California Institute of Technology’s Jet Propulsion Lab, she asked a NASA scientist whether the Mars Pathfinder probe had photographed the flag that astronaut Neil Armstrong left behind in 1969. Armstrong had, of course, left the flag on the moon, not on Mars. No manned spacecraft has visited Mars.". . .

George Bush, MIA

 Don Surber

"As Durham’s Report exposes the lies about RussiaGate and the truth about Obama using the FBI as his personal police unfolds, there is one silence that roars above the white noise of denial. George Walker Bush has not said a word. Not one darned word. He has been one silent lamb while the Democrat Party ran roughshod over our political institutions — weaponizing the IRS, the FBI, FISA, the media, the courts and the border.

"Hundreds of Trump’s voters were jailed over a protest at the Capitol over the counting of the votes and we have not heard his protest. Indeed, Bush has condemned these protesting patriots as threats to America. Most — if not all — of them were Bush supporters who voted for his father twice and two times for him, too.

"Never has Bush defended President Trump from the outrageous lies and unprecedented illegal spying on him as a private citizen.

"Bush was silent when the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago. I want his home (as well as Biden’s, Obama’s and Clinton’s) SWATTED at 4 AM on 21 JAN 2025 by whoever the Republican president is. Let them reap the whirlwind they sowed.

"I get that President Trump was rough on Jeb! in the 2016 debates and family honor is at stake, but Clinton was meaner on his father in 1992 and George W. Bush has no problem being palsy-walsy with him. Partisan politics washes away once you become president because now you are a member of an exclusive club.

"Donald Trump earned his way in but GWB won’t allow him into the club. Trump’s blackballed — after years of Obama and his minions spying and lying on him. ". . .

Monday, May 29, 2023

Arrest of Chicago ‘Peacekeeper’ police substitute demonstrates the folly of ‘defund the police’ -

Thank you, AOC and Democrats

  American Thinker  "A man wearing the vest of the new “Peacekeeper” corps deployed over the Memorial Day weekend to stem the mayhem on a holiday weekend that has become an opportunity for murder tallies to soar, was arrested for a violent attack. David Struett of the Chicago Sun-Times reports:

A man in a neon “peacekeepers” vest beat up and robbed a man in Little Village on Friday night, police said, as dozens of violence prevention workers fanned out across Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend.

Oscar Montes, 31, was in a group of seven or eight people that pulled a man from a car and punched and kicked him on the ground in the 2300 block of South Washtenaw Avenue, Cook County prosecutors said in a Sunday bond hearing.

Montes took the man’s cellphone and struck him over the head with it, and another person stole the man’s wallet, prosecutors said.

The man’s face and ribs were fractured, and his eye was damaged to the point that he suffered partial blindness, prosecutors said.

"One of the many fantasies of the progressives is that there is something inherently wrong or dangerous with police.  Instead of armed police capable of using the threat of violence to restrain offenders, unarmed social-worker-like alternatives can reduce violence by sympathizing with offenders and understanding the root causes of their behavior.  

"The Chicago Police Department’s 1,700 vacancies are so catastrophic that Democrat politicians are desperate to deflect blame for their support of defund the police and anti-cop measures." . . . 

Gavin Newsom's Claim About CA Being a Free State Blows Up in His Face

 Gavin Newsom's Claim About CA Being a Free State Blows Up in His Face (   "Gov. Gavin Newsom doesn’t like it when you trash his state. The blue bastion has become one of the states whose residents are most likely to flee due to the state's burdensome taxes and hyper-regulatory nature. Comedian Bill Maher remarked about the red tape on his show, mentioning the painfully slow process it took to get a permit to build his solar shed, which looked no bigger than an ordinary Porta Potty. Newsom either doesn’t know this or doesn’t care because he embarrassed himself at the California Democratic Party’s Re-Organizing State Convention, where he was joined by Nancy Pelosi, Ted Lieu, and other communists.

"Newsom had the stones to say, “This is the free state of California!…Eat your heart out Florida and Texas!”

"He was promptly roasted for this patently false remark. Also, has he forgotten that his state banned books?". . . 


Yes, Democrats Are Coming For Your Favorite Appliances

  Issues & Insights

"Back in January, an official in the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission let slip that the Biden administration was coming after Americans’ gas stoves.

" 'There was an immediate, huge public backlash. In response, Joe Biden and his lackeys took to the media circuit saying the claim was a lie, MAGA-created fake news – the administration had no intention to ban gas stoves. The media fawningly parroted Biden, et al.’s claims that Republicans were lying about gas stoves – take a chill pill, your gas stoves are safe, said the media.

"Weeks later, events proved that it was Biden and the Democrats who were lying when, with little attention paid to it by the media, the administration published energy efficiency and emission rules that banned the sale of all but the most expensive gas stoves. And, going further, the Biden administration has allowed cities and states to impose their own bans on gas hook ups and appliances.
"If only the White House had stopped there it would have been bad enough, but it didn’t!

"In the run up to the gas stove ban, and subsequent to it, the Biden administration has unleased the biggest, most comprehensive, strictest regulatory onslaught ever on home appliances. As the Washington Times documents, “President Biden’s green energy goals have resulted in an array of new efficiency rules for a slew of household appliances,” including microwaves, air purifiers, and even toothbrush chargers. Also among the appliances soon to be regulated out of existence or fundamentally altered are, gas furnaces, air conditioners, lightbulbsrefrigerators, clothes washers, and gasoline- and diesel-powered cars.". . .