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E-mails Suggest Collusion Between FEC, IRS to Target Conservative Groups

NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE  "Embattled Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner and an attorney in the Federal Election Commission’s general counsel’s office appear to have twice colluded to influence the record before the FEC’s vote in the case of a conservative non-profit organization, according to e-mails unearthed by the House Ways and Means Committee and obtained exclusively by National Review Online.
The correspondence suggests the discrimination of conservative groups extended beyond the IRS and into the FEC, where an attorney from the agency’s enforcement division in at least one case sought and received tax information about the status of a conservative group, the American Future Fund, before recommending that the commission prosecute it for violations of campaign-finance law. Lerner, the former head of the IRS’s exempt-organizations division, worked at the FEC from 1986 to 1995, and was known for aggressive investigation of conservative groups during her tenure there, too.

O'Reilly: Killing History

Ann Coulter   ...."During his otherwise excellent commentaries on race in America, Bill O'Reilly, host of the No. 1 cable news show, claimed on Tuesday night that the one person who tried to help African-Americans more than any other was ... Robert F. Kennedy!
"No one laughed. I guess that's what they're teaching these days at the John F. Kennedy School of Government. (I can't wait to hear how Ted Kennedy helped eradicate drunk driving!) "....

The Chattanooga Free Press writes: "Take your jobs plan and shove it, Mr. President: Your policies have harmed Chattanooga enough."

RRB  "God BLESS the brave souls at the Times Free Press – who have the courage to speak Truth to power. They had a message for Obama – who came barnstorming in today.Obama was visiting a new Amazon facility. You know Amazon – the book publishing giant – owned by left-wing billionaire Jeff Bezos – the guy who also published the pedophile how-to book
"—–the Times had a message for Obama—-"....

....That’s because your jobs creation plans so far have included a ridiculous government spending spree and punitive tax increase on job creators that were passed, as well as a minimum wage increase that, thankfully, was not. Economists — and regular folks with a basic understanding of math — understand that these are three of the most damaging policies imaginable when a country is mired in unemployment and starving for job growth....

WeinerToons as of today

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Sorry, you probably don’t understand your cat’s meows.

Discover  "Are you one of those people who swears they can understand what their cat is “saying” when it meows? If so, you should pay attention to this paper, because it may tell you something about yourself. These scientists decided to try to verify whether people really can tell what cats are saying by recording cat meows in different contexts, such as food-related (being fed) or distress (in a car). They then played the calls back to people and had them classify what they thought the cat was talking about. The results? People are generally pretty crappy at telling what cats are meowing about...." Via Buzzfeed 

Barack Obama’s clueless message to America’s middle class shows a presidency out of touch with reality

Nile Gardiner  "Conveniently, he leaves out the bankruptcy of Detroit, a city run by his own party for more than half a century. His message is so stale and unconvincing, that even The New York Times and Washington Post have noticed."....
Stanley Kurtz   "The consensus response to President Obama’s Knox College speech on the economy is that the administration has been reduced to pushing a menu of stale and timid policies that, in any case, won’t be enacted. But what if the administration isn’t actually out of ideas? What if Obama’s boldest policy initiative is merely something he’d rather not discuss? And what if that initiative is being enacted right now?
"A year ago, I published Spreading the Wealth: How Obama Is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities. There I described the president’s second-term plan to press a transformative “regionalist” agenda on the country. Early but unmistakable signs indicate that Obama’s regionalist push is well underway. Yet the president doesn’t discuss his regionalist moves and the press does not report them."

Obama’s Five Disconnects  "On another level, the speech was stunningly dishonest … OK, maybe that’s harsh. Put it this way–it exposed some big disconnects. At least four of them, actually. Here they are, in order of increasing significance:"  More...

Rush Limbaugh: Media to blame for biggest partisan divide since the Civil War

Daily Caller  "In a wide-ranging interview with Fox News’ Greta van Susteren on Tuesday night, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh said there is an alliance between President Obama’s White House and the mainstream news media.
" “They agree with him,” Limbaugh said. “They’re him. They are — I think they’re all part of the elitist New York-Washington-Boston media academic corridor and they think they are Obama."....  More here.

We The People   "It has been said here frequently Greta Van Susteren does the best interview on TV.
"This is just part of an hour long interview.  You will love it."
"Why because she won’t let the individual off the hook.  She’s quite amazing in that way.
"While the majority of the “media” toss out marsh mellows and bob and weave she gets what she wants."

Guns are for white people. Racism is for journalists.

Bob Owens
The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

"There are pictures of guys with guns, gals with guns, animals with guns, ammo with guns and guns with guns. Curiously absent are pictures of black people with guns, brown people with guns or Asian people with guns. The good guys are white. The bad guys are white. In the Gunworld depicted in these pages, pretty much everyone is white.
This point was so striking, in fact, that I decided to count the faces in the ads and stories, figuring arithmetic would refute a lazy first impression. Including illustrations and photos, here’s my tally:"....

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Unsung Black People

Ann Coulter    "It must be hard for young black males to always be viewed as criminals by people who notice crime statistics. We've jawboned that sad story for 40 years. Last week, President Obama ran it around the block again in another speech about himself in reaction to the George Zimmerman verdict."
"Only black people are expected to never speak against their community. Might we spend five minutes admiring the courage of blacks who step forward and tell the truth to cops, juries and reporters in the middle of our periodic racial Armageddons? This one is never discussed at all."
 ...."In fact, you'll never hear a peep about any of these courageous black people, unless you obsessively research every "race" case of the last 30 years, as I did for my book Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama. (All these black heroes appear in my book.)"
"Instead of being asked to weep over President Obama's ever having been looked at suspiciously (probably by Jesse Jackson), could we reflect on the fortitude of ordinary black citizens who resist "racial solidarity" and speak the truth?"

Overview of Coulter's book, Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama  

“'This isn’t a story about black people—it’s a story about the Left’s agenda to patronize blacks and lie to everyone else.” 
"For decades, the Left has been putting on a play with themselves as heroes in an ongoing civil rights move­ment—which they were mostly absent from at the time. Long after pervasive racial discrimination ended, they kept pretending America was being run by the Klan and that liberals were black America’s only protectors.
 "It took the O. J. Simpson verdict—the race-based acquittal of a spectacularly guilty black celebrity as blacks across America erupted in cheers—to shut down the white guilt bank.
 "But now, fewer than two decades later, our “pos­tracial” president has returned us to the pre-OJ era of nonstop racial posturing. A half-black, half-white Democrat, not descended from American slaves, has brought racial unrest back with a whoop.
 "The Obama candidacy allowed liberals to engage in self-righteousness about race and get a hard-core Leftie in the White House at the same time. In 2008, we were told the only way for the nation to move past race was to elect him as president. And 53 percent of voters fell for it."

Thoughts on Huma, Hillary and humiliation

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert
Jennifer Rubin  "It’s not that the Clintons fear for the good people of New York; as usual their concern is purely selfish. It’s not Anthony, I suspect, that is gnawing at Hillary and Bill but Huma. Huma’s made herself into the object, first, of pity and then of disgust; her relationship with Hillary is just a little too close. Too power-hungry, too transparently self-delusional, Huma suggests that she learned all the wrong lessons from Hillary."
Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler
Andrew C. McCarthy; The Huma Unmentionables : "What a racket. The marriage to Huma Abedin, a Clinton insider, enables Anthony Weiner to resurrect a debased career and deflect attention from his psychotic antics even as he continues them. The marriage to Anthony Weiner, a prominent Jewish progressive, enables Huma Abedin to deflect attention from her associations with various Islamic supremacists even as, during her tenure as a top State Department official, American policy embraces Islamic supremacists."

Weiner's wife meets with Hillary Clinton spokesman
"The public meeting comes amid speculation that former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are concerned about the fallout as Weiner struggles to regain a foothold in the race for New York City mayor after new revelations emerged about his lewd online behavior.
"Reports citing many close to the Clintons said the couple was angered by comparisons between their marriage and that between Weiner and Abedin and over personal concern for Abedin.
"Abedin served as Hillary Clinton's deputy chief of staff at the State Department and the two women remain close friends."
Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler
Rush Limbaugh; Weiner Hangs In, Disses Angry Clintons

Byron York; Weiner using Clinton playbook? No way  "Now the Clintons are reportedly angered by talk that Team Weiner is modeling its defense on their example. In anonymous quotes, Clinton associates are trashing Weiner and expressing horror that Abedin has been dragged into such a situation.
"But the Clintons need not worry about competition. When it comes to doing whatever it takes to survive scandal, they are the masters. Weiner and Abedin are not even in the same league."

Stop the Train—We Want to Get Off

Bill Kristol  "The train wreck has gathered momentum in the three months since Baucus spotted it. The Obama administration’s delay of the employer mandate and its abandonment of the enforcement of many of the rules governing the individual mandate have only made more obvious what a mess the exchanges​—​the central mechanism of Obamacare​—​will be."

Economic Malpractice and Political Slander

Obama Phony Scandals
"It’s difficult to listen to a Barack Obama speech when it would be easier, faster, and less painful to write one.
"So it was with as much a sense of impending boredom and déjà pivot as concern about predictable content that I embarked on listening to President Obama’s speech on “the economy” delivered on Wednesday at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois.
"If you’ve heard any of the many other “pivots” to jobs and the economy, always when the stuff Obama actually cares about somehow fails to support his poll numbers, you won’t be surprised that I can (and therefore shall) summarize his economic points in brief…which is to say in 45 minutes less than he did:"....
at American Spectator

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Clintons are reported to be livid at comparisons to Weiner/Abedin (and who knows what “livid” means, anyway?)

Legal Insurrection  Here’s the story:
“The Clintons are upset with the comparisons that the Weiners seem to be encouraging — that Huma is ‘standing by her man’ the way Hillary did with Bill, which is not what she in fact did,’’ said a top state Democrat…
A longtime Hillary aide and Clinton friend, Abedin’s surprisingly unequivocal support of her husband after his bombshell admission Tuesday that he engaged in salacious online sexting well after he resigned in disgrace from Congress in 2011 left the Clintons stunned, continued the source.

Get Ready for the All-Hail-Hillary Movies

John Fund  " I wasn’t surprised to learn that sometime before the 2016 election, NBC will be releasing a four-hour miniseries about Hillary Clinton starring Academy Award nominee Diane Lane. What did surprise me was that the series will cover none of her life before the Monica Lewinsky scandal, which took place five years into her husband’s second term as president and when Hillary was already 51 years old. It’s as if her first half-century will be airbrushed away, along with the many scandals that dogged her in those decades."....

“I inhaled”… Apparently, He Never Stopped!

Politcal Cartoons

Joe Messina "In 2006, Senator Obama declared that he had “inhaled, that was the point.” In a moment of total unadulterated truth the now-president admitted to doing something illegal. But none the less he told the truth and admitted to it. Something, it seems, he has not been able to do for at least 5 years now.
"The president said this past week in several “campaign-like” speeches that Washington has taken its eye off the ball. They are obsessed with phony scandals! Did he really say that? Phony scandals?"....

"Middle out": It’s a new term for the old leftist dream of redistribution over wealth creation.

"President Obama has finally stopped blaming George W. Bush for America’s current economic mess. Now it’s Ronald Reagan’s fault.

"Obama didn’t use those exact words or make that explicit claim in his Knox College speech last week, but that’s the gist of it. The Great Recession and its slow-growth, high-unemployment aftermath are really just the culmination of three decades of pro-market economic policies that favored the rich at the expense of the middle class."

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Race relations in Obama's America

Obama: “Race Relations Won’t Get Better, May Get Worse” Unless We Redistribute More Wealth…
"Wasn’t he supposed to usher in a “post-racial” era, or something?"

"President Obama said that if economic prescriptions of the type he supports to increase economic growth and reduce “income inequality” are not adopted, then race relations in the United State may deteriorate further.

White Man Beaten And Robbed By Three Black Men In D.C.: “This Is For Trayvon Martin!”
"Two of the men threw the victim to the ground and kicked him, Alali said. The three perpetrators then took the victim’s iPhone and wallet and fled."

Lloyd Marcus; O'Reilly: Keep Those Right-on Commentaries Comin', White Boy  "As a black conservative tea party activist, I am extremely excited about Bill O'Reilly's recent series of commentaries and TV shows addressing the hypocrisy and exploitation by the American race industry that has and continues to devastate the black community.

"O'Reilly boldly called out all of the usual suspects: Sharpton, Jackson, the Congressional Black Caucus and Obama." Read more:

Meet Glen Doherty, Hero, Killed In Benghazi. His Death Is Not A “Phony Scandal”, It Is A Crime

Weasel Zippers  "Thank you to Glen’s mother for allowing this footage of her son to be seen, so we could know him as more than a name.
"His smile and infectious nature draw you in; to know that this man was left to die is almost incomprehensible." 

Obama’s doomed attempt to save his legacy/ The White House adopts a strategy of deception by distraction

From Lucianne: Emily Miller's excellent look at Obama's "sad attempt
to save his legacy" took the day.

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok
Emily Miller  "President Obama’s approval ratings are falling faster than skydiver Felix Baumgartner during his record-setting jump from outer space.

"In a desperate move to salvage his second term, Mr. Obama threw out his top liberal agenda items — immigration, gun control and race relations — and pivoted to the economy. The problem is that the only one to blame for the five-year malaise is the current resident of the Oval Office." Via Lucianne

Are media buying into ‘phony scandal’ claim?

Fox News

"Becky Gerritson, a Tea Party activist whose group was stalled by the IRS and who testified about it on Capitol Hill, took umbrage at the administration's "phony scandal" line.
" "I think it's like the captain of the Titanic calling the icebergs phony," she said. " "I think the only phony thing going on is the narrative that the White House is trying to push off on the American people." "


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Grievance, Inc. 7/27/13

"EW and TMZ both cite sources claiming that Corey Clark (Season 2, pictured), Jaered Andrews (Season 2), Jacob John Smalley (Season 2), Donnie Williams (Season 3), Terrell Brittenum (Season 5), Derrell Brittenum (Season 5), Thomas Daniels (Season 6), Akron Watson (Season 6), Ju’Not Joyner (Season 8), and Chris Golightly (Season 9) are part of a lawsuit that claims that were mistreated while on the show and unfairly disqualified from the competition, mainly due to their race."
....The letter cited ”cruel and inhumane” treatment....
""You have a certain entitlement as a white person that people of color don’t have. You don’t see that? You’re filtering through a place of privilege that you don’t understand. Your privilege does not allow you to see certain biases and certain circumstances in society.""
 " “We need a real conversation about race in this country, not the same old right-wing divide and conquer garbage,” Sharpton said. “Bill O’Reilly, the Willie Horton stuff has got to go.” "
 "A terrorist petitioning an American hating organization. Oh, that will go over well."

Jesse Jackson: Boycott Florida Over 'Stand Your Ground'  ""We can boycott Florida, cut conventions in Florida, for its 'stand your ground' laws," said Jackson, speaking on a panel at the National Urban League's annual conference in Philadelphia. "If we can boycott South Africa and bring it down, we should boycott Florida and bring it down." "

Fort Hood suspect to Fox: US at war with Islam

Juror B29 and Zimmerman Revisionism

Powerline Blog  "One of the George Zimmerman jurors, identified as Juror B29, gave an interview to ABC News on Thursday that some news outlets treated as a blockbuster. The juror, whose first name is Maddy,... was quoted as saying that Zimmerman “got away with murder.” (Some observers said that if you watch the unedited footage of the interview, which is available online, the suggestion that Zimmerman got away with murder was offered by one of the ABC interviewers and repeated by the former juror.) She also said that “in our hearts we felt he was guilty.” At the same time, Juror B29 said that the evidence just wasn’t there to convict, and she believed the prosecution never should have been brought. Then again, despite that admitted lack of evidence, Maddy told the interviewers that she was the one who held out for a second degree murder conviction–despite the lack of substantial evidence, apparently.

Obama: Ho Chi Minh 'Inspired' by the Declaration, Jefferson; Press Coverage Is Superficial, Hostile Towards 'Right-Wingers'

Newsbusters "At the White House on Thursday, President Obama let his radical leftist slip show when he accepted a 67 year-old letter from from Ho Chi Minh to U.S. President Harry Truman given to him by Vietnam's current president Truong Tan Sang and spoke of the letter's contents: "... we discussed the fact that Ho Chi Minh was actually inspired by the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and the words of Thomas Jefferson. Ho Chi Minh talks about his interest in cooperation with the United States. And President Sang indicated that even if it's 67 years later, it's good that we're still making progress.""
Obama would like to inform you Ho Chi Minh was totally inspired by Thomas Jefferson
Nevertheless, was it really necessary tacitcly to praise a man who killed approximately half-a-million people in an effort to consolidate his power, or to concede ideological similarities between the founding of the United States and modern Vietnam? In Sang’s translated remarks, the Vietnamese president doesn’t mention Minh at all and doesn’t hint at any remorse over his actions. Instead, he noted that he and Obama ”touched upon the war legacy issue, including human rights” and that the two “still have differences on issue.”
Obama says mass murderer Ho Chi Minh was inspired by Jefferson    "This kind of tone deafness by Obama, quoting Ho as if the monster actually admired much of anything about the US and wasn't just sucking up to Truman in his letter, shows the president to be the radical that anyone with an ounce of brains has known since he announced for president. To speak admiringly of such a man as Ho Chi Minh reveals a blindness about history that we've come to expect from Obama."

Move over Jane Fonda, President Barack Obama has all but toppled you from that iconic anti-aircraft gun perch as as America’s top Communist Viet Nam booster

Reflections from a Lonely Rooftop in Benghazi

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok
Chip Jones   "As the story unfolds about the heroism of the diplomatic security officer (Conservative Reports Online has declined using his name out of respect for his safety) who was gravely wounded and lost a leg in the second wave of fighting in the debacle now simply called “Benghazi”, the general public deserves to know the experience of this man and his colleagues Glen Dougherty and Tyrone Woods.
"But to totally appreciate what this unnamed ARSO (Assistant Regional Security Officer) endured on that lonely rooftop, so far from home, let’s look back at what he had done just before, starting after supper at the CIA Compound just down the street."....
And all the while those men were rushing upstairs, into the possible teeth of death, to honor their commitment to their brethren, the President  of the United States climbed stairs as well….off to go to bed….

And there were our men, left stranded on a lonely rooftop in Benghazi…..

Friday, July 26, 2013

Krauthammer: Stein’s Law

Charles Krauthammer  "If there’s an iron rule in economics, it is Stein’s Law (named after Herb, former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers): “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”

"Detroit, for example, can no longer go on borrowing, spending, raising taxes and dangerously cutting such essential services as street lighting and police protection. So it stops. It goes bust.

"Cause of death? Corruption, both legal and illegal, plus a classic case of reactionary liberalism in which the governing Democrats — there’s been no Republican mayor in half a century — simply refused to adapt to the straitened economic circumstances that followed the post-World War II auto boom."....
 Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler

President Obama ran against cynicism — and defined his presidency by it.

Jonah Goldberg  "Even now, the Cynic-in-Chief admits that his “highest priority” is neither economic growth nor job creation but reducing income inequality. In fairness, he says he wants to reduce inequality through something called “middle-out” economic growth by taxing the wealthy (again). But my hunch is that the highest priority for those without work is . . . work. While the president’s highest priority is to exploit resentments."
Michael Barone: “Pivot to the economy” may be a useful catch phrase, but Obama has few serious policy recommendations.   
"We have a president who loves to give campaign speeches to adoring crowds, but who doesn’t seem to have much interest in governing.

"That was apparent Wednesday, when Barack Obama delivered the first of several promised “pivot to the economy” speeches at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill., where he spoke eight years ago as a newly elected U.S. senator."
Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler


Vimeo   "Documentation, chapters, and videos at:

"Traces the history of PLO/Fatah, now better known as the 'Palestinian Authority,' the organization that will govern a future Palestinian State. The video shows how PLO/Fatah emerged from the German Nazi Final Solution. Hajj Amin al Husseini, father of the Palestinian Movement, creator of Fatah, and mentor to Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, was co-director with Adolf Eichmann of the death camp system that exterminated between 5 and 6 million European Jews in WWII."


Alan Caruba; What "Phony" Scandals is Obama Talking About?

Warning Signs
"It is absolutely astonishing that Obama could refer to “phony scandals” when the list of genuine scandals keeps growing. Despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to deflect attention from them, they have become a constant factor from Obama’s first term to his second. To dismiss them as “phony” is a display of arrogance that is breathtaking."....

The Democrats just can’t seem to take America’s side

PowerLine  "Let’s see. The current Democratic standard-bearer (and U.S. president) believes that Ho Chi Minh was inspired by America’s founding fathers and, apparently, that Harry Truman should have cooperated with the mass murdering Vietnamese Communist.
"The previous Democratic standard-bearer, John Kerry, considered the U.S. troops who fought against Ho Chi Minh’s forces to be like “the Army of Genghis Khan.” Kerry is now the U.S. Secretary of State.
"It almost makes you nostalgic for the days when the Democratic standard bearer was merely a war-hating draft dodger."....

Heroics Revealed As Barack Obama Abandons Benghazi, Again

Political Cartoons by Glenn Foden
Chip Jones   "As the President circles the country referring to his recent scandals as “phony”, the story of another Benghazi hero is unfolding. The identity of a diplomatic security officer has been revealed, one whose role in the Benghazi raid is no less that mind numbing."

Mother of Benghazi victim asks how her son's death could be considered 'phony'?   ""I don't believe him anymore," Smith said. "He's wrong. My son is dead. How could that be phony?"
According to Smith, she has been given no answers about what happened that night. She said the administration told her she "didn't need to know." 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Exactly which scandal do you call "phony", Mr. Obama?

Top 10 Signs Scandals Aren't 'Phony'  "But with this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals, Washington has taken its eye off the ball. And I am here to say this needs to stop. (Applause.) This needs to stop." - President Barack Obama, Speech on the Economy and 'Phony Scandals,' Galesburg, IL, July 24, 2013

Nile Gardiner, in an article posted elsewhere here, Gardiner wrote that Obama "condemned what he called “an endless parade of distractions, political posturing and phony scandals,” a direct reference to the Congressional investigations into the IRS and Benghazi scandals, which most Americans don’t see as phony."
Political Cartoons by Glenn Foden
Scandal Watch: Senior DHS Official and Top Obama Nominee Under Investigation  "The US government's Inspectors General have been mighty busy lately.  Whereas the IRS, DOJ and Benghazi scandals can all be succinctly summarized in a sentence or two, this latest emerging story cannot -- which is why it may lack the legs to really blow up."

Obama: 'Phony scandals' effort 'needs to stop'  "This contradicts his earlier promises to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal, but the president has moved into the realm of postmodernism where truth is optional, and all that matters is a narrative. His narrative is now set, and we can expect future speeches to mock the Republicans with the trademark sarcastic condescension that marks his humor when turned on his political enemies."  Emphasis mine, TD

Rep. Joe Wilson should have been at the Obama speech Wednesday

3 Whoppers from Obama’s Big Economic Speech  "President Obama sure was excited about his speech yesterday. He talked for more than an hour in sweeping, grandiose terms about everything that’s happened since he became President, and everything that’s still going to happen.
"If only more of it were true.
"Here are three major whoppers Obama tried to sell yesterday."....

Just hope Chris Matthews doesn't see this Rich Terrell toon.
Obama Road Show Is All About Politics, Not Economics "President Obama is speaking around the country to sell his economic program directly to voters--over the opposition of a reluctant Congress. But it's all about politics, not economics."
Obama on Economy: Sail With Me to 'Ocean of Tomorrows'!  Speaking on Wednesday at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, President Obama laid out his plan for the failing economy. After his hour-long mashup of old Keynesian bromides, leftist platitudes, authoritarian braggadocio, and demonization of political opponents, he concluded with this glittery line...." if we set our eyes on the horizon, we too will find an ocean of tomorrows, a sky of tomorrows – for America’s people, and for this great country that we love." "
By Nile Gardiner in the UK Telegraph; Barack Obama flops in Knox: the president’s speech was a disaster   "In an hour-long address, which seemed to last forever (and par for course started 15 minutes late), the president spoke in deeply partisan terms, often with bitterness and anger, lambasting his political opponents, dismissing criticism of his policies, and launching into his favourite theme of class warfare, attacking the wealthy and what he calls the “winner takes all economy.” "

Obama speaks on the economy and no one cares   "The fact is, there was
nothing new in this, the 19th "pivot" Obama has made to the economy. Everybody knows it, and that's why nobody paid much attention to it."

Lecturer-in-Chief; President Obama should stick to his real job.   "Why are there demonstrations about the just and rigorous Zimmerman acquittal, and not about the spreading and deepening IRS scandal, about the cynical treatment of the Benghazi murders, or the crumbling economic recovery?..."

J. Christian Adams; President Alinsky Threatens Americans with Rising ‘Social Tensions’   "There was plenty of content in that speech, if you know what to listen for.  Boehner’s response might have worked during more civil times.  But with soaring debt and a new muscular federal government, sweet quips don’t cut it."

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

UPDATED: DEFENDING THE WEST; Jesus vs. Muhammad – scholarship vs. propaganda

Exclusive: Pamela Geller compares media treatment of 2 authors' books

Reza Aslan
UPDATE: Liberal media love new Jesus book 'Zealot', fail to mention author is Muslim
"Media reports have introduced Aslan as a “religion scholar” but have failed to mention that he is a devout Muslim.
"His book is not a historian’s report on Jesus. It is an educated Muslim’s opinion about Jesus -- yet the book is being peddled as objective history on national TV and radio."
"Zealot” is a fast-paced demolition of the core beliefs that Christianity has taught about Jesus for 2,000 years. Its conclusions are long-held Islamic claims—namely, that Jesus was a zealous prophet type who didn’t claim to be God, that Christians have misunderstood him, and that the Christian Gospels are not the actual words or life of Jesus but “myth.”
This is akin to the teachings of the Jehovah's Witnesses. An ardent Pakistani Muslim friend from work had a number of books on his shelf that he used to refute Christian beliefs and they included several Watchtower publications.

...."“Zealot” is not new work from a historian. It is a sophisticated presentation of views that Muslims have held about Jesus for more than 1,000 years.

"Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs   "It is critical to point out a small but stunning example of the low state of legitimate public discourse today.

"Not so long ago, Robert Spencer, one of the world’s leading scholars on Islam, wrote an extraordinary book entitled “Did Muhammad Exist?” It was a brilliant, original and scholarly work investigating the legitimate questions surrounding the historical value of the early Islamic texts about Muhammad. Spencer pulled together information from ancient documents with linguistic and archaeological data in a remarkable reevaluation of Islam’s origins."
"But although Spencer didn’t entitle his book any of those things, and “Did Muhammad Exist?” is a straightforward, dispassionate historical investigation, the media treated it as if it were the one that was designed solely to denigrate and disparage the founder of a religion. That is not true of Spencer’s book, but it is true of Aslan’s screed “Zealot.” "

In the comments to this post, Walter Sieruk said:
Jesus never killed anyone and taught be love and pray for your enemies. In contrast Muhammad did murder many people and taught his follower[s] to do likewise. Let these facts speak for themselves. 

Obama's first big speech of the economic series today

Expect demagoguery toward Republicans and watch for straw men: "Some say..."

Morning Bell: 3 “Kitchen Table” Topics for Obama’s Speech Today 
"Obama told supporters earlier this week that his speech today will focus on the economy. He said: “There is no more important question for this country than how do we create an economy in which everybody who works hard feels like they can get ahead?”
"For liberals, that usually means that one person’s “getting ahead” is going to come at the expense of a hard-working taxpayer.
"But it doesn’t have to be that way."....

ABC News; Obama to Try to Focus Public Attention on Economy  
American Enterprise Institute; 8 ways for Obama to jumpstart the economy Here is one of their suggestions. Do you see Obama doing this?
President Obama should approve the Keystone XL pipeline, as suggested by official analyses, which would expand employment among skilled blue-collar workers. Moreover, the evolving administration policies on ‘carbon’ should be rethought fully and subjected to analysis far more rigorous than has been the case thus far.” Ben Zycher

The 'economy tour': It happens every time his polls drop 
"Does this guy know that he's been president for the last 5 years?  or that he passed a "stimulus" in the spring of 2009?
"President Obama is doing a little more distraction than unveiling anything new about the economy:" Read more.

The Weekly Standard; Obama 'Pivots' for 19th Time

Carney: Obama focused on economy not ‘phony scandals’  " “He’s not focused on pretend scandals.”... Carney engaged in a heated discussion with MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who said the administration was trying to downplay legitimate probes into the IRS targeting scandal. “What we’ve seen is inappropriate activity that the president came out and forcefully said he would not tolerate,” said Carney."

Americans for Prosperity; Obama’s Talking Tour Proves Obamanomics is in Full Retreat   "Of course, the president has political reasons to divert the public’s attention away from touchy security issues.  A slew of scandals — Benghazi, IRS conservative targeting, and NSA data collection — have harmed the administration’s reputation and dominated media coverage for much of 2013."

Victor Davis Hanson; Lying in the Age of Obama  "When the president uses emphatics like “make no mistake about it,” “let me be perfectly clear,” and “in point of fact,” we know what follows will be untrue."....

Never accept a cheap substitute: Trudeau called truckers "Nazis," applauds the real thing –

And the unit he was attached to – 14th “Galicia” division – were  some particularly nasty hombres . I don’t think “war criminals” would be t...