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ICE director: Democrats should 'get their facts straight' before protesting family separation

Washington Examiner  "Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Tom Homan said Friday that Democrats who protest his agency for separating illegal immigrant families are barking up the wrong tree, since his agency has nothing to do with it.

" 'They need to educate themselves," Homan said on Fox News. "I mean, this protest yesterday to protest about family separations on the border, ICE doesn't separate families on the border. That's the Border Patrol. We're a different agency."
" 'So they need to get their facts straight and inform themselves what's actually happening," he said." . . .

Get Your Facts Straight: ICE Director Has Harsh Words For Democrats

Ben Shapiro Fights Back When Bill Maher Tries To Pin Incivility On Trump — ‘I Needed 600 Officers To Protect Me At Berkeley’

Daily Caller  "Ben Shapiro punched back at Bill Maher during a Friday night appearance on HBO’s “Real Time,” taking issue with Maher’s claim that President Donald Trump was ultimately responsible for the decline of civil discourse in American politics.
“ 'I needed 600 officers to protect me at Berkeley,” he reminded Maher."

"Maher asked whether there were any circumstance under which Shapiro would vote for a Democrat.

“ 'I would say under some circumstance,” the Daily Wire editor-in-chief responded, “but the Democratic Party would have to stop being insane. Meaning that they would actually have to approach something like moderation in terms of policy, and also present a face that doesn’t look like people shouting down people at gas stations or entering restaurants and trying to throw them out.”

"Maher argued that Republicans chanting “lock her up” in reference to Hillary Clinton or “lock him up” in reference to former FBI Director James Comey were indicative of the roots of the problem. “Shouldn’t we stop the ‘lock them up’ before we care about who gets their entree?” he asked.

"But then Shapiro brought up the recent comments made by California Rep. Maxine Waters, arguing that it was possible to simply say that civility was lacking on both sides. (RELATED: Maxine Waters: God Is On The Side Of People Driving Trump Officials From Restaurants)" . . .

This does not bode well for Nancy Pelosi

If she has to go, how far left will her replacement take the Democrats?

Country Overboard! Women And Children Last!

Ann Coulter  . . . "Last week, in a column that does not misstate the facts and the law about immigration, I covered some typical asylum and refugee admissions to our country, including Beatrice Munyenyezi. She was the Rwandan who got into our country by claiming to be a victim of the genocide that killed nearly a million people, even though she had helped orchestrate it.


"Munyenyezi wasn’t the only participant in the Rwandan genocide who got in as a victim and was then unmasked as a perpetrator. So far, nearly 400 Rwandans granted special refugee status have been convicted of lying on visa applications about their role in the genocide. Great job, U.S. refugee admissions officials!

"Courts are dealing with so many genocidal Rwandans who came to America as “refugees” that just last Friday, a federal appeals court upheld the conviction of another one, Gervais “Ken” Ngombwa, who not only lied about his participation in the genocide, but also about his family relationships. (You can’t get anything past our State Department!)

"Aside from our immigration authorities missing little things like the Rwandan genocide, what is the argument for taking in millions of people from backward cultures, hotbeds of real racism, pederasty, misogyny — as opposed to the “microaggressions” that are the bane of our culture?

"It’s one thing to use quotas as a response to slavery and Jim Crow in our own country, but why do we have to have an immigration quota for “people who don’t live here, have never seen an indoor toilet, and rape little girls for sport?”
"Liberals act as if they are striking a blow for feminism by importing desperate women from misogynistic cultures to America. But, even to the extent they’re telling the truth, the women aren’t always victims only. They’re often co-conspirators." . . .

James Nachtwey’s Reflections on the Rwandan Genocide:  
. . . "The number most often heard is 800,000. It’s a big number no matter what it’s applied to. Trying to imagine 800,000 people with their heads bashed in by rocks and clubs, impaled on spears, hacked to death with hoes and machetes – in just three months – stuns the mind, and we struggle to wring meaning out of words like “biblical” or “apocalyptic.' ” . . .

Can the (Maxine) Waters be stilled? Don't bet on it

. . . Upon further reflection, while the moniker “Mad Dog” is appropriate Mattis, it is not for Waters. It was given Mattis as an honorary title for his battlefield leadership. One would not wish to diminish it in any way. Thus, to give a moniker to Waters, perhaps we should consider the 1979 dystopian action film “Mad Max.” After all, that movie was about chaos evolving in the wake of societal collapse. By her inciting words, “Mad Max” Maxine is promoting America’s societal collapse. . . .

Posted By Lt. Col. James Zumwalt  "Having a “mad dog” in your corner during a fight can be good or bad depending upon the battlefield involved.

"A mad dog, unleashed upon a foreign battlefield to do America’s bidding in combat, is good. Fighting militants in Fallujah, Iraq, in 2004, Marine general and now Secretary of Defense James Mattis was respectfully given the name “Mad Dog” for being more determined than a determined enemy to win.
"But a mad dog unleashed upon the political battlefield is bad. It denies the American public a substantive and civil discourse on issues. With the rabid rage heard from Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., we see characteristics of a mad dog that mindlessly urinates upon civility, refusing to rationally debate diverse political views.
"The Democratic Party has obviously lost control of “Mad Dog” Maxine who recently added another bite to her bark. Ever since President Donald Trump took office, she has incessantly clamored for his impeachment. She does so while remaining hard-pressed to offer up concrete evidence upon which to justify impeachment, other than her personal opinion. Adding to her repertoire, Waters now howls encouragement to her minions to confront members of the Trump administration whenever and wherever they may be encountered in public.
"In October 2017, Waters threatened the president with the statement, she would “take Trump out tonight.” She later claimed it was “ridiculous” to view it as a threat, but any reasonable interpretation does. Yet, no voice within her party spoke out against her.
"At a June 23rd rally in Los Angeles, Waters whipped up supporters, instructing them: “Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”
"Few people are willing to confront a mad dog on the prowl. However, Trump is not one of them. While suggesting Waters is a “low IQ individual,” he also tweeted a warning to her to “be careful what you wish for.”
"But, for the most part, there again has been dead silence from congressional Democrats about the political feeding frenzy Waters seeks to stir up. Save for a half-hearted comment by Nancy Pelosi, no one dares cast Maxine’s “call to arms” as being inciteful and a danger to our republic. All appear afraid to “be still the Waters.”
"Pelosi proved unwilling to unequivocally condemn Waters as she sought to give Maxine’s comments a justifying “spin”—done against the backdrop of lyrics from “America the Beautiful.” Pelosi said, “In the crucial months ahead, we must strive to make America beautiful again. Trump’s daily lack of civility has provoked responses that are predictable but unacceptable. As we go forward, we must conduct elections in a way that achieves unity from sea to shining sea.” A call for harassment or violence against non-violent government officials is never justified, and Pelosi irresponsibly failed to get that message out.
"One must consider whether Maxine’s endless rage and ranting against Trump might have an ulterior motive. We need remember that her flagrant disregard in the past for ethics once earned her the title of one of the most corrupt members of Congress. More recently, her effort to funnel campaign funds to a campaign worker that just so happens to be her daughter has raised eyebrows, particularly as it puts the daughter well on her way to millionaire status.
. . . 
"Waters still stands by her activist call to harass Trump administration personnel. What she fails to understand is there will always be those who take such a call to an extreme. Once she lets the “cat out of the bag,” she has no control over how it is manifested."

U.S. Estonia Ambassador Resigns Over Trump NATO Jibes

MSN  "The U.S. ambassador to Estonia is resigning in frustration at President Donald Trump’s jibes at America’s European allies. 
"Ambassador James D. Melville Jr. revealed in a Facebook posting that Trump’s comments about Europe had led him to bring forward his retirement. "

In the private Facebook post seen by Foreign Policy, Melville reportedly told friends: “A Foreign Service Officer’s DNA is programmed to support policy and we’re schooled right from the start, that if there ever comes a point where one can no longer do so, particularly if one is in a position of leadership, the honourable course is to resign. Having served under six presidents and 11 secretaries of state, I never really thought it would reach that point for me.
"For the president to say the EU was 'set up to take advantage of the United States, to attack our piggy bank', or that 'Nato is as bad as Nafta [the North American Free Trade Agreement]' is not only factually wrong, but proves to me that it's time to go."
"A career diplomat with 33 years in the foreign service, Melville was appointed to his position by President Barack Obama in 2015. " . . .

Reporter resigns after falsely tweeting that Maryland shooter wore MAGA hat

One wonders why this blame game continues. No one from . . . either side changes their minds about who is responsible. Most other Americans are repelled by this exercise in futility. But as America careens toward violent conflict between the two sides, the blame game will escalate and could eventually lead to tit for tat altercations. Violence will beget violence, reaction to counterreaction. Only losers will be left standing.

Rick Moran  "If the first casualty of war is the truth, it is also a casualty in the wake of any recent mass shooting in America.

"It has become de rigueur for both sides to heap responsibility for a mass shooting on the backs of their political opponents. Trying to make political hay out of a tragedy used to be an infamia - no one would dare use the bodies of innocent people to make a political point.
"Those days are in the past. Even if the shooter is demonstrably insane or mentally incompetent, there are always nuggets of information that can be unearthed in the shooter's past that will tie him to one side or the other. And sometimes both.
"A reporter in Springfield Massachusetts thought he was just playing the blame game when he tweeted that the man who killed 5 people in a Maryland newsroom "left behind" a MAGA hat. The intent was clear - blame the president's tirades against journalists for the massacre.
"But the reporter's newspaper reacted swiftly and decisively. The 21 year veteran newspaper man was fired.

Also in the above article:  
Reuters reporter Rob Cox tweeted Thursday, "This is what happens when @realDonaldTrump calls journalists the enemy of the people. Blood is your hands, Mr. President. Save your thoughts and prayers for your empty soul." 
What about the consequences of the "journalists"/ media and their unceasing call of this President being the enemy of the people? Is that restaurant's action against Sarah Sanders a foretaste of worse things to come? TD

The media, news and "entertainment" blame Trump for the Gazette murders? Well, what about THESE anti-Trump people?

Jerkitude  "The Jerk Store is open." 

Watch the Rogen-Colbert interview if you can stomach it. And they dare to say President Trump incites people to violence! TD

. . . The jerk culpably fails to appreciate the perspectives of others around him, treating them as tools to be manipulated or idiots to be dealt with rather than as moral and epistemic peers. . . .The jerk himself is both intellectually and emotionally defective, and what he defectively fails to appreciate is both the intellectual and emotional perspectives of the people around him.
"Which brings us to the owner who kicked Sarah Huckabee Sanders out of her restaurant, Robert DeNiro’s f-bomb at the Tony Awards, President Trump’s twitter feed, Corey Lewandowski’s “mwah-mwah” about a child with Down Syndrome, Maxine Waters, and actor, director, and thorough jerk, Seth Rogen." . . .

Suspect Arrested for Threatening to Kill FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s Children
“I will find your children and I will kill them”

"Federal authorities have located and arrested a California man suspected of threatening to kill FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s children. He faces a maximum of 10 years in the federal slammer.
"He “is charged with a threatening to murder a member of the immediate family of a U.S. official with the intent to intimidate or interfere with such official while engaged in the performance of official duties, or with the intent to retaliate against such official on account of the performance of official duties,” says the Department of Justice.
"According to a Department of Justice press release, the man was upset about the repeal of net neutrality and was trying to frighten Pai in retaliation." . . .

Journalists Spread Conspiracy Theory That DHS Document Contains Secret Nazi Code

Michael Moore Riles Up The Resistance: We Have To ‘Get Off The Couch’ And ‘Put Our Bodies On The Line’ Instead of sitting there growing corpulent

. . . "On the subject of civility, Moore began by calling out Democrats for being so “wimpy and weak” on “constantly giving in” on policy and insisted that “we don’t have to be violent.”[…]
"Colbert then asked the documentary filmmaker what the “end game” is if it avoids violence and some sort of “revolutionary confrontation.”

Friday, June 29, 2018

Capital Gazette Keeps Working, And Publishing, After 5 Die In Newsroom Shooting

"Today we are speechless," reads the opinion page in Friday's edition of The Capital, where the staff is still reeling after five of their colleagues were shot and killed. Despite Thursday's attack, the staff put out a newspaper, with powerful reporting on its own tragedy.
"That opinion page — A9 — sits almost entirely empty, with a huge blank space where columns and editorials would normally be.
"Beneath it, the editorial staff wrote, "Tomorrow this page will return to its steady purpose of offering our readers informed opinion about the world around them, that they might be better citizens.' " . . .
Pictured: The empty Friday Opinion page.

The limits of liberal virtue-signalling

"You might think that the Dems would get a clue that they were being trolled. But when you are full of angry self-righteousness, all perspective and any trace of a sense of humor disappear. (If you don’t believe me, tune in to any of the late night Trump-hating comedians and watch the unalloyed hatred that now replaces humor)."
Political Cartoons by AF Branco
Tony Branco
. . . "You might think that the Dems would get a clue that they were being trolled. But when you are full of angry self-righteousness, all perspective and any trace of a sense of humor disappear. (If you don’t believe me, tune in to any of the late night Trump-hating comedians and watch the unalloyed hatred that now replaces humor).
"That’s why the Dems at the convention fell for one of the great political  pranks of all time:
On Friday, conservative Houston-area Rep. Briscoe Cain pranked Democrats at their own convention. He, a political consultant and other activists others handed out yard signs reading, “This home is a gun-free safe space," according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
"It's amazing how many people took one and thanked us. They said they would put it in front of their house. I think it's funny," the Houston-area Republican told the newspaper, adding: "Nobody should put this in front of their house."
"I wonder how many of the Dems understand the natural limits of virtue signaling?" . . .

Under Trump, We win while wimps whine

Dig around some, however, and you’ll find plenty of victories. Here are just a few of the accomplishments that have taken place in 2018 thus far.
Ghenghis Gary
2018 Has Been Very Good to Trump  "In his final day of campaigning ahead of the 2016 primary in the state of South Carolina, then-Republican nominee Donald Trump held three different rallies. Feeding off the energy of the crowd, he delivered a classic Trump line.
“ 'We’re going to win so much,” he told thousands of supporters in attendance. “You're going to get tired of winning. You’re going to say, ‘Please Mr. President, I have a headache. Please, don't win so much. This is getting terrible.’ And I'm going to say, ‘No, we have to make America great again.’”
"It would become one of many classic Trump quotes from the 2016 campaigning season -- one that supporters would repeat with big smiles, and one that detractors would laugh about in dismissal as they mocked the real-estate tycoon’s chances of becoming president.
"The notion of winning so much that people would get tired was obviously delivered tongue in cheek, but here we stand, just over two years removed from that rally, and supporters are beginning to enjoy a glimpse of what the now-president predicted back then." . . .
“So Much Winning” in 2018
Everyone can agree that Trump had a unique strategy as a politician -- and now as president. Whereas most political figures use the same safe, cookie-cutter strategies, he goes against the grain.
He uses provocative tweets and tangential tales to send the media into a frenzy. Then, have gotten the media to yammer about issues that don’t really matter, he gathers his team and goes to work, unimpeded by reporters and commentators who are busy booking segments on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.

Reckless: The Rush To Blame Trump for Maryland Newspaper Shooting Blew Up In The Left's Face

Matt Vespa

. . . "The rest of the media should have taken note. There was no drama, commentary, or jumping to conclusions with this story. The publication also had stories about the colleagues that they lost, which also served as a final goodbye  Still, plenty of anti-Trump folk on social media could not help but blame one person for this shooting: the president of the United States. No, I’m not kidding. Not shocking, I know—but it’s just totally unspooled. Ramos’ beef with The Capital stems back to 2011. In 2012, a defamation lawsuit was dismissed. All of this predated Trump as president, but it’s convenient. It’s reckless, and totally predictable that the Left stepped on a rake doing this. God bless Twitchy for doing this; I would go insane finding the worst of the worst on liberal Twitter. " . . .
There doesn't appear to be a connection to Trump's rhetoric based on what's available online by the Capital Gazette shooting suspect.
His bizarre feud with the paper goes back to at least 2011.
Read the vindictive comments here.
"It’s the age of Trump Derangement Syndrome, if you think the media, everyone really, would slow their roll on on stories like this in the Trump-era. Nope, not in the least bit, which ends up with the whole industry having egg on its face. When The New Republic notes this tragic and heinous shooting stemmed from the Obama-era days, you know a) it’s not Trump’s fault (so ridiculous we have to say this); and b) the Left stepped in it." . . .
 Political Cartoons by Steve Breen

The Capitol Gazette, the shooting, and the dead

NY Times  “ 'He didn’t have enough bullets for us,” Mr. Davis said, struggling to grapple with the images of his fallen colleagues. “It was terrifying to know he didn’t have enough bullets to kill everyone in that office, and had to get more.' ” . . .
From the Miami Herald:
A former leader of the Capital Gazette described the intensity with
which Ramos fought the newspaper in court.“He waged a one-person attack on anything he could muster in court against the Capital,” Tom Marquardt, a former editor and publisher of the Capital Gazette, told the Los Angeles Times. “I said during that time, ‘This guy is crazy enough to come in and blow us all away.’”Social media posts from an account in Ramos’ name indicate that — even after the lawsuit was dismissed — he held a years-long grudge against the newspaper, the Times reports.
MSM . . . "Paul Gillespie, a staff photographer, had just finished editing photos from one assignment and was preparing for the next when he heard shots behind him, and the newsroom’s glass doors shatter. Another shot, and Gillespie dove under a co-worker’s desk “and curled up as small as I could,” he said.
“I dove under that desk as fast as I could, and by the grace of God, he didn’t look over there,” he said. “I was curled up, trying not to breathe, trying not to make a sound, and he shot people all around me.”
"Gillespie said he heard one colleague scream “No!,” then a shot, then another colleague’s voice, and then another shot. Then came the sound of the gunman getting closer to where he was hiding, Gillespie said.
“ 'I kept thinking, ‘I can’t believe I’m going to die. I can’t believe this.’” Gillespie said.
"Instead, the gunman passed him, continuing to shoot, he said. Eventually, there was a lull in the shots, and Gillespie said he stood and ran for the exit, through the shattered glass, jumping over a colleague who he believed was dead as another shot rang out in his direction. Once outside, he ran to a nearby bank, where he screamed for people to call the cops." . . .
Capital Gazette shooting victim Rebecca Smith:   "Rebecca Smith was a recent hire at the Capital Gazette but had already proved herself a valuable asset.
"Smith, 34, a sales assistant, worked in the news organization’s office in Annapolis. She was one of the five people who were shot and killed Thursday afternoon.
Her boss, Capital Gazette advertising director Marty Padden, said she made sure the sales office ran smoothly.
“ 'She was a very thoughtful person,” Padden said. “She was kind and considerate, and willing to help when needed. She seemed to really enjoy to be working in the media business.” . . .

Rob Hiaasen, journalist killed in Maryland newsroom shooting, had deep South Florida ties
"Hiaasen, 59, had worked as a columnist and editor for the Capital Gazette in Annapolis since 2010. But his connections to South Florida were lifelong. He grew up with his brother, Miami Herald columnist and author Carl Hiaasen, in the Fort Lauderdale area and worked at the Palm Beach Post in the 1990s." . . .

Capital Gazette shooting victim Gerald Fischman: Clever and quirky voice of a community newspaper  . . ."Fischman’s personality was so quiet and withdrawn that it hid the brilliant mind, wry wit and “wicked pen” that his colleagues would treasure.
"For more than 25 years, Fischman was the conscience and voice of the Annapolis news organization, writing scathing, insightful and always exacting editorials about the community.
He was the guardian against libel, the arbiter of taste and a peculiar and endearing figure in a newsroom full of characters.

Capital Gazette shooting victim John McNamara: Sports reporting was his dream "John McNamara was toiling as a news copy editor at the Capital Gazette when he left to pursue his dream: sports reporting.
"He honed his skills at the Prince George’s Journal, a competitor to the Annapolis news organization. Within a few years, the Capital Gazette hired him back. He would work there for nearly 24 years.
"McNamara, 56, was one of five staff members who was shot to death at the Capital Gazette on Thursday." . . .

Capital Gazette shooting victim Wendi Winters: A prolific writer who chronicled her community  . . .  "After a career in fashion and public relations in New York City, the 65-year-old mother of four moved to Maryland 20 years ago and began stringing for the Annapolis news organization. She soon built a reputation as a prolific freelance reporter and well-known community resource.
"The Edgewater woman was one of five Capital Gazette staff members killed in the shootings Thursday.
"Her daughter Winters Geimer said the family was gathering late Thursday." . . .

The Capital Gazette web site.

At this hour the names of the wounded could not be found.

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Dan Rather Goes To Smack Trump, Ends Up Giving Him Possible Campaign Slogan

Daily Wire  "Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather tried to attack President Donald Trump at the start of the week and ended up giving him a possible campaign slogan to use, calling him "mean as a wolverine.' " . . .

Lean and mean as a Wolverine!

The Maryland shooter

An idiot who killed over a personal grievance, after the paper, accurately, reported on him.  . . . "So for the liberals who immediately jumped on it and said it had to be a white male Trump supporter who hated the media, wrong again."

Capital Gazette Shooter Identified: 39-Year-Old JARROD RAMOS

Authorities have identified the Capital Gazette shooter using facial recognition software.His name is Jarrod Ramos; he is 39 [maybe 38] years old, according to NBC.Law enforcement is now telling media sources the shooter previously sued the Capital Gazette for defamation.NBC News: The shooting suspect’s name is JARROD RAMOS. 38 years old. He was identified by multiple law enforcement officials to NBC News. He had sued the paper in 2012 for defamation. Case was tossed by a judge.  
"This individual had some type of vendetta against the Capital newspaper and they were specifically targeted," law enforcement says.

He sued the paper a few years ago for defamation and it was later overturned by an appellate court:
Jarrod Ramos of Laurel made the defamation claim in Prince George’s County Circuit Court in 2012 after a 2011 column by then-Capital staff writer Eric Hartley about Ramos’ guilty plea to criminal harassment.
Prince George’s Circuit Court Judge Maureen M. Lamasney dismissed Ramos’ claim in 2013, saying the article was based on public records and Ramos presented no evidence it was inaccurate.
Ramos, who represented himself, appealed the decision to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, which upheld Lamasney’s ruling in an opinion filed Thursday. Source: Capital Gazette
 Posted by Dell Cameron

The Deadly Manipulations of the Anti-Israel Mob

  Seth Mandel – Commentary Magazine   The claim that Israel is carrying out a genocide of the Palestinians is meritless, but its proponents ...