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The very angry first lady Michelle Obama

The Washington Times  "Now, she is ready to spew her bilious disgust with America on the campaign trail. A dignified, transcendent first lady? No chance. Michelle is going to break with a hundred years of tradition and play the role of attack dog, heaping derision on her husband’s political opponents like no other first lady before her."
So, America’s first lady will travel the country this election season to tell her fellow Americans just how bad it is out there (between lavish vacations, of course). Unlike President Ronald Reagan, who saw morning in America - that great shining city on a hill - Michelle will tell all who will listen that Republicans want to poison the air and water, stifle free speech, oppress the religious. She will offer not an uplifting vision of what her husband’s America could be but only a vapid view of what Republicans’ America would be.

"That is the America she lives in, and by campaign’s end, it will be clear that she’s no longer “proud of my country.” Maybe she never really was."

Some afternoon reports on Herman Cain

Cain: “I was falsely accused” of sexual harassment at trade group   "This is a much better response than the one offered last night in response to the Politico story.  It acknowledges that Cain had to deal with accusations, and puts him on the record with a strong denial specific to them.  Unless Politico reveals more about the nature of the complaints and the women involved come forward, this will likely be enough to keep Cain in the game, as it’s doubtful that voters will give much credence to the vague nature of the allegations — unless they get a lot less vague, and unless more people come forward with complaints, assuming they can credibly do so."  Hot Air.

Weekly Standard: Cain's Former Secretary: This Is Not the Herman Cain I Know; Former staffers call sexual harassment allegations unbelievable.
" “It’s just not Herman,” says Sibby Wolfson, who was Cain's executive assistant from 1997 through his first campaign for office in 2004, in a phone interview. “He’s got a lovely wife, a lovely family.”
"Did Wolfson ever see Cain act in a way that could be construed as sexual harassment? “No, God, no,” she says. “Nothing. Absolutely nothing. In fact, I think Herman was careful to act in the opposite way.”" h/t to Hot Air

Why This Could Be the End of Cain ...."Here is what troubles me."....
1. Herman Cain, in his role as head of a major trade association, did not bother to learn how a complaint or complaints of sexual harassment against him was resolved.

2. Herman Cain, not bothering to have learned how a complaint or complaints of sexual harassment against him was resolved, decided to run for president without bothering to learn.  Kevin D. Williamson

Herman Cain Iowa chairman: 'Distraction' will help here  "POLITICO's Reid Epstein reports: Herman Cain's Iowa chairman, Steve Grubbs, said the POLITICO story about sexual harassment claims against Cain will only serve to motivate the campaign in the first-in-the-nation state. "I bet we'll land more precinct captains than we did before the story," Grubbs told POLITICO Monday. "These sorts of distractions are not stopping our campaign from reaching our daily goals." Grubbs, who declined to comment on how Cain and his national staff are handling the situation, said the campaign in Iowa has "a full phone bank of volunteers" "
Via Lucianne

Shall we do great things or should we let Democrats govern America?

The latest on Herman Cain

From Big Journalism:  Media Quick To Cover Cain Allegations, All But Silent On Edwards Scandal  "Politico dropped a bombshell on the candidacy of GOP front-runner Herman Cain tonight; what remains unclear is if this turns out to be a hit of the Anita Hill, or Monica Lewinsky variety. What is clear is that when Democrat John Edwards was accused of far worse, there was no immediate media feeding frenzy, as we’re already seeing play out. At the same time, it isn’t as thin as were the charges used in the attempted media lynching of Justice Thomas. As Philip Klein writes, blaming the establishment, the media, or another GOP campaign may not be enough to end the controversy for Cain’s campaign." 

Coulter: Politico's Smear Of Cain Shows Liberal Media "Terrified Of Strong, Conservative, Black Men
"Liberals are terrified of Herman Cain. He is a strong conservative black man. Look at the way they go after Allen West and Michael Steele and they aren't even running against Obama. They are terrified of strong, conservative, black men," Coulter said.
"The most damning part of the report, which is not well sourced, seems to be that Mr. Cain made "physical gestures" that weren't sexual in nature, but made the women uncomfortable:"...

American Thinker:  The sexual harrassment accusation against Herman Cain  "Herman Cain is accused of sexually harrassing two women, though no direct nor specific accusations are made, nor are facts presented to support it. There apparently was a settlement in the "1990's" under terms of non-disclosure when he was the CEO of the National Restaurant Association; meaning, no one gets to talk about the settlement, including Mr. Cain, nor the alleged victims, nor the attorneys."

October surprise!!! The high tech lynching of Herman Cain has begun.   "Cain might be new to politics, but he made the right comment when confronted by the media after his Face the Nation appearance today. Cain said that he would not comment until " I see some facts or some concrete evidence.”
"That is how you shut down the media's anonymity tactic. Demand that they put up the evidence first and then respond accordingly. I know the media is praying for a John Edwards, Gary Hart moment. As I read further into the Politico story, I found something interesting."  From Wake up Black America

Here is the Politico story :

For context, let's recall this story about The "lion of the Senate", Ted Kennedy, beloved of all Democrats.
"In 1985, Dodd and fellow Senator Ted Kennedy were out (with dates) for a night on the town at La Brasserie. Much liquor was consumed--that will come as a shock to those of us familiar with Ted Kennedy--and the two Senators were at one point unaccompanied by their dates. The Senators made a "Waitress Sandwich" out of some poor, unsuspecting waitress.
"If you're not entirely sure what that means, let's just say you wouldn't want to be the waitress."
Juanita Broaddrick

More on this at Free Republic:

Another beloved Democrat story here.  "In her first radio interview, the woman who nursed the wounds of Juanita Broaddrick shortly after an alleged sexual assault by Bill Clinton, says she remains convinced the ex-president is a rapist.
""Every time I talk about this, it still makes me upset," said Norma Rogers Kelsey, in an interview with talk show host Bob Enyart of KGOV in Denver. "

Back to Herman Cain, this is from Concerned Women for America: Statement of Penny Nance Regarding Herman Cain and Social Issues
Penny Nance CEO of Concerned Women for America today called for presidential candidate Herman Cain to make up his mind. Nance stated, “Last week Herman Cain said he didn’t support a federal marriage amendment, this week he has backed away from his earlier position on the sanctity of human life. Herman Cain needs to decide whether or not he is a social conservative. The issue of life is like the issue of slavery, it is an inalienable right. The life issue is a dividing line proving whether or not a leader’s moral compass is intact. This is not a point on which social conservative women will negotiate. Cain needs to figure out what he believes.” From Concerned Women for America

Mike Adams: Judging Mrs. White

Prof. Mike Adams
Mike Adams in Townhall  "It is a truism to say that Marxist thought has done much to undermine the quality of today’s college experience. But few people realize just how deeply Marxist thought has penetrated education in America. Its influence is not restricted to the realm of higher education. Nor is it restricted to the realm of economics. Marxism also affects our moral reasoning and it begins to do so in grammar school. The case of Mrs. White is illustrative."
Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Feminists Say the Darndest Things: A Politically Incorrect Professor Confronts "Womyn" On Campus.

Have a Democrat Halloween

This one has gone viral into many people's in-boxes and made it into today's Big Journalism:

Barack Obama 'Acting Stupidly'

Jeannie DeAngelis  "Without saying anything, Barack Obama's silence speaks louder than all his empty words. The President who likes to define himself as a champion of racial equality and promoter of civility has thus far stood by in silence as liberals attempt to lower the stature of Herman Cain by portraying him as a conservative version of Stepin Fetchit." ....
"By exhibiting selective indignation and failing to address the negative racial remarks directed at potential presidential opponents, supporting the nationwide disgrace that is the 'Occupy' movement, and choosing to associate with liberal comedians who make Herman Cain the butt of racial jokes, President Barack Obama is proving he doesn't understand the responsibilities of his role, or understand his place as a leader."
Via American Thinker

Steven Crowder discusses "Occupy Racism". Posted by Wake up Black America

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gross-out of the day: Occupy Madison loses permit

The Daily Cardinal (Wisconsin) via Drudge:  "City officials temporarily denied Occupy Madison a new street use permit Wednesday after protesters violated public health and safety conditions and failed to follow the correct processes to renew or amend a permit."....
"A neighboring hotel's staff alleged voiced concerns about having to recently escort hotel employees to and from bus stops late at night due to inappropriate behavior, such as public masturbation, from street protesters."

Woman charged with pimping teen recruited at Occupy NH rally  "Police allege Jensen met a teen at the local protest, which is an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street, and used the Internet to arrange a first liaison for the girl with a man who turned out to be an undercover police officer."

There appears to be a theme here...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

NBC- Setting journalistic standards for the MSM

And you thought our appreciation of Herman Cain would shut down those "racist Republicans" mantras. Liberals never sleep and would rather demagogue that eat.

Rick Moran  "The irony is that the left is channeling their own feelings about Obama from 2008. Perhaps they think the only way anyone can vote for a black man for president is if it makes them feel superior to those who vote for a white man.
"They have no clue that racial politics - the kind practiced by liberals both white and black - is pretty much unknown on the right. Cain has earned his place as a front runner based on what he stands for and what he has said, not his skin color. This is obviously driving liberals nuts and has them casting about for reasons they are already familiar with.
"What a shallow, myopic view these liberals have of their opponents, and of people of color."

Weasel Zippers;  "No low is too low for MSNBC."

MSNBC Analyst: GOP Sees Herman Cain as a 'Black Man Who Knows His Place'  "This isn't the first time liberals have made this kind of charge about Cain and his supporters. During an online production of NBC's Meet the Press this week, Democratic congressman Elijah Cummings of Maryland said white voters support Cain to show they aren't racist. “I think when [members of the Tea Party] can vote for a Herman Cain and hear him say the things that he says they feel like, ‘Well, you know, I can, I support this guy it shows that I’m not racist and I’m supportive,'" Cummings told host David Gregory."

Video: Janeane Garofalo: Racist Republicans Support Herman Cain

From Hot Air: Dem strategist: Conservatives like Herman Cain because he’s a black man who knows his place  "Makes sense. What better way to keep blacks down than by electing a rich, self-made black businessman president of the United States? I appreciate the fact that he’s willing to sit in the back of the bus, and by “the bus” I of course mean “his own limousine.” Such cheery subservience deserves a pat on the head and a treat of some sort. How about we give him the nuclear launch codes?"

Reason Magazine: The Left's Race-Baiting of Herman Cain; Understanding liberal hostility to the Republican presidential hopeful
"Liberals accuse conservatives of wanting to bring back Jim Crow; conservatives liken the black community's allegiance to Democrats to plantation slavery. And yes, some on the right have engaged in racially tinged anti-Obama rhetoric (Obama-as-witch-doctor posters, anyone?). But what happens when the left faces a black opponent? Just ask Herman Cain."

The way it is with the occupiers

The Trouble with Romney and the Perils of Perry

PJ Media  "So now, the Perry campaign is doing three things to get back on track. One, he is rolling out his energy and jobs plans. Two, he is floating the idea of skipping debates. And three, he is launching attacks on Mitt Romney. The attacks are fair — accusations that RomneyCare includes illegal aliens, which it does, and that he’s unreliable to conservative voters, which he is; and that he has flipped on everything from gun rights to abortion to global warming, all of which are true — but are they likely to help Perry? And is skipping the debates the right idea?"
drawfortruth with a h/t to the comment to the
above article by MN

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Keep the Electoral College! (updated)

Popular Vote or the Electoral College?  "The Electoral College preserves federalism, encourages candidates to build national coalitions, and grants definitive electoral outcomes. It requires a presidential candidate to win simultaneous elections across 50 states and the District of Columbia."

Lets look at it this way, shall we?  Look at this map of the United States mainland taken at night and observe the lights. Some areas are very bright while others have few lights, but the most brilliant patches of light are the areas that will choose our president if this nation abandons the Electoral College.

The great swath of the plains will have little voice -candidates will rarely visit there- while the brilliant patches along the Eastern Seaboard, Great Lakes and Pacific Coast will pretty much be the chooser of the candidates.
Now compare this photo with the Electoral map of the US below and see which political spectrum would have the say on presidential elections. Blue states are Democrat-controlled, (in case you were not aware) and the Pacific Coast area sends us Nancy Pelosi along with Fortney "Pete" Stark, Maxine Waters, Jerry Brown and left-wing indoctrinating school curriculum.
The Great Lakes area gave us Obama, Reverend Wright, Rahm Emmanuel and Chicago-style politics. The Eastern Seaboard sent us Barney Frank, Carl Levin, Bernie Sanders, Al Sharpton and mushy RINOs such as Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and Mitt Romney ( the latter being an excellent debater, however).
The Electoral College map tells me the Democrats will be at the forefront of any fight to replace the EC with the popular vote and will make eloquent arguments about "putting the American people back in charge of our nation's destiny".
The Electoral College is our best safeguard against electing trendy,"movement" candidates, its main failure being the election of a "celebrity" president such as Barack Obama, the darling of Hollywood, the news media and the PC entertainment industry. But it is our best hope.
We must keep the Electoral College.
The Tunnel Dweller.

Update: Hans von Spakovsky: Destroying the Electoral College: The Anti-Federalist National Popular Vote Scheme  "The National Popular Vote (NPV) plan is the latest in a long line of schemes designed to replace the Electoral College. Imbued with the ideals of this nation’s Founders, the Electoral College has proved itself to be both effective in providing orderly elections for President and resilient in allowing a stable transfer of power of the leadership of the world’s greatest democracy. Therefore, while it would be a mistake to replace the Electoral College, replacing this system with the NPV would be a disaster."

Lets check in to see how our Occupy folks are doing, shall we?

Iraq War Veteran Injured at #OWS Oakland Founder of IHateTheMarineCorps.Com  "But I ran across something this evening that may add a new dimension to this story. It has been widely reported that Olsen is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. But apparently his opposition to the U.S. military and the Marine Corps in which he served runs a little deeper.
"The site is no longer live, but Olsen was the founder of, a private user forum apparently dedicated to bashing the Marine Corps."

The real intent of the Occupy Wall Street movement reveals it’s head again.  Too many misspellings to choose a pullout quote,

From Freedom Fighter's Journal:  OWS CHICAGO LED BY TERRORISTS (DIDN'T WE ALWAYS KNOW?) "They were lead by radical anti-war activists Joe Iosbaker and Andy Thayer, who we have reported on in the past for their ongoing investigations by the FBI. In September of 2010 they were targeted for suspicion of providing material support to Hamas, the F.A.R.C. and other terrorist organizations."

Powerline: Epistle to the Occupations  "Millionaire Marxist Michael Moore was traumatized by questions addressed to him on CNN concerning his wealth. It doesn’t take much to reduce him to incoherence. Even with time to collect his thoughts, he is not entirely capable of lucidity."

It Begins… #OWS Goon Threatens to Stab Local FOX 5 Reporter  "“This is somebody I’ve come across several times for the last few days. He threatened to stab me in the throat with a pen. He ripped the mic out of my hand,” said Huddy."

M Catharine Evans:  Richmond Occupiers Haven't Paid Squat   "The First Amendment prohibits the government from treating assemblers differently based on their particular message. In short, no one gets a pass just because a mayor, a police commissioner or any other local authority figure sympathizes with the assembly's cause.
"Every informed law-abiding citizen has to keep the pressure on exposing the hypocrisy of the Left. Tea parties across the country would do well to follow Richmond's lead."

Jason Pappas:  Phony Downtrodden in Zuccotti Park  "Perhaps the occupation will be taken over by real poor.  "Organizers took other steps to police the squatters, who they said were lured in from other parks with the promise of free meals." Aren't the OWS people squatters?  When did Zuccotti Park become theirs?  How can they reject the homeless as squatters on land that isn't even theirs? "

Jonah Goldberg: OWS Needs a Republican President; It’s tough to have a revolution while supporting the status quo.  ...."Because Obama is the most divisive figure in American politics today.
"I suspect that sentence reads funny to some people because in the mainstream press, “divisive” is usually a term reserved for “conservatives we disagree with.” But as a factual matter it can apply to anybody who is, well, divisive.
"Obviously, Obama divides the right and left. That’s not all that interesting or relevant (even if it does represent a failure to live up to his “one America” rhetoric from 2008)."....

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Obama, the Destructive Divider

Newsmax: Rep. Ryan Says Obama's Class Rhetoric Weakens America  "“You know, it’s really disappointing, actually — I don’t enjoy doing this because he gave us a message of hope three years ago, of uniting and not dividing,” Ryan said. “And what we’re getting [is] class warfare. We’re getting very polarizing rhetoric that puts class against class, pits people against one another.
"“And I would simply say sowing social unrest and class resentment does not make America stronger, it makes America weaker,” he said. “It strikes me as an ideological thing — it also is a political decision I think he’s made — he decided not to work with Congress.” "

And it will only get much worse as Obama begins the racial rhetoric, and you know he will. If he is happy to divide America along economic lines, who still thinks he won't do it along racial lines?
Academics will then pick it up and spread it among the colleges with the willing help of news media and, of course Hollywood will do its part. It is not will he, only when? Wait for it.

Victor Davis Hanson: Railing Against Reality  "Unfortunately, political leaders — unwilling to risk their careers by irking the people — have offered few explanations for the root causes of all the various unrest. Instead, they assure us that Social Security is solvent, or that pensions and wages can remain sacrosanct, or that billionaires and millionaires are alone culpable. Sometimes they exploit race and class divisions in lieu of explaining 21st-century realities."

John W. Lillpop: Obama Cavorts with "Haves" in Tinsel Town: Whither ‘Occupy Hollywood’ Vigilantes?   "In the midst of the most serious wealth gap between “Haves” and Have nots” in U.S. history, one would expect America’s self-proclaimed “Middle Class Warrior” to spend his time in venues like East Los Angeles, Watts , or perhaps Bell, where poverty and the “Have Not” status are proudly displayed as a badge of honor."
Another by Victor Davis Hanson: Obama’s Target List ; While calling for civility, Obama demonizes everyone in sight.

"Yet lecturing, demonizing, and caricaturing are not just symptoms of narcissism or being socially dense, but are also a revelation that Obama feels that he can say almost anything he wants, with the expectation — always borne out in the past — of few consequences."

Alan Caruba: President Kill-Joy

Warning Signs  "“We have lost our ambition, our imagination, and our willingness to do the things that built the Golden Gate Bridge,” said President Obama at a recent fundraiser in San Francisco."....
"What is the difference between those great construction projects and the building of the Freedom Tower that has now passed a decade in the effort to replace the destroyed Twin Towers? The answer is government at all levels from federal to local makes such projects difficult because of a matrix of laws and regulations, mostly environmental, that slow all enterprises in America today."

"I could go on but, as they say, the facts speak for themselves and, unfortunately, President Obama just keeps speaking and speaking and speaking about himself."

This is not the Democrat Party of John Kennedy. Not any more.
No....we can't.

OWS Irony of the Day: Self-Loathing in the Kitchen Serving the Lower 99% 98%

The Powers That Be  "The Occupy Wall Street volunteer kitchen staff launched a “counter” revolution yesterday — because they’re angry about working 18-hour days to provide food for “professional homeless” people and ex-cons masquerading as protesters."

Victor Davis Hanson: Obama’s Empty Apologetics

Victor Davis Hanson  "Apologizing for the sins of long-dead others, in psychological fashion, obviates the need for present contrition for one’s own personal shortcomings. For example, Obama blasts past racism, but to this day has never apologized for subsidizing, by attendance and tithes, the abject racist and anti-Semite Rev. Jeremiah Wright. It is easier for Obama to apologize for America’s action in World War II than to apologize because as an irresponsible youth (“teenage boys are frequently confused”), he used cocaine (“maybe a little blow”) — a felonious practice that has long subsidized the murderous Latin American drug cartels. To cast stones at the dead, one must first be free of sin while alive.

The Obama Bow-O-Meter:

"In short, anytime an American president offers apologies for supposed transgressions in his nation’s long distant past, it tells us more about the apologizer than it does about the purported sin."

A Hollywood Republican comments on Democrat and Republican Strategies

Democratic Strategy  "The left is doing a scorch earth campaign and this campaign will continue beyond   the election.  This campaign will be based on the 1996 Clinton re-election campaign and the 2002 California election as the Democrats will target Republicans while Republicans are vying against each other during the primary.  It will also combined the tactics of Democrats and their union allies in Wisconsin, in which protestors hit the street, unions threatens businesses to support them or else face boycotts and forced recall elections against a sitting State Supreme Court justices and Republican Senators."

 Republican Strategy for 2012  "The second thing is to move into the minority communities with a campaign that features how liberal policy has failed them. This will do two things, lower voter turnout by removing the fear of Republicans and peel a few extra votes which will prove decisive in key battleground state. The Democrat’s strategy is to design a spike campaign to try to overwhelm Republican voters in key battleground states and a proper Republican response will be instrumental in dampening this key part of Democratic strategy."

Tom Donelson  Opinions and commentary from Conservatives in the entertainment industry. Mr. Donelson has written seven books, two books on public policies, Economics 101 and Other Thoughts, Empire of Liberty...


Freedom Fighter's Journal  " The long-time financial industry executive and radio host asked the protesters what they felt was a fair percentage for him to be taxed. None seemed to provide a clear answer, but were intent on telling Schiff that the Bush tax cuts need to be abolished. Schiff then attempted to explain to the demonstrators that, if the Bush tax cuts were allowed to expire, he would end up paying more than 50 percent to the government in taxes. Is “that fair?” he asked. The protesters simply stayed on course, reiterating that Schiff and all those in the “1%“ need to ”pay their fair share.”
"Schiff provides a good example of what happens when “the 99%” are confronted with legitimate questions about taxes, entrepreneurship, employment, and giving back to society."
Article and video here.  
Buncha skulls full of mush as Rush would say.

Speaking of which, lets take a look at Academia and the Flea party:  "“Economists whose recent works have decried income inequality have informed the movement’s critiques of capitalism.” They include Hardt, a professor of literature at Duke, and Antonio Negri, former professor of political science at the University of Padua. “They have anticipated some of the central issues raised by the protests,” Berrett notes. “Most recently, they linked the actions in New York and other American cities to previous demonstrations in Spain, Cairo’s Tahrir Square, and in Athens, among other places.”"

(Update) Ten richest celebs supporting OWS have collective net worth over a billion dollars "Celebrity airheads who are supporting the occupiers are feeding Wall Street to the crocodile, forgetting that the beast quickly gets hungry for more. Celebrity Net Worth has a highly amusing article on the subject. The top ten:"

#1 Yoko Ono Net Worth - $500 million.
Ono stated "I love 'Occupy Wall Street'! John is sending his smile to 'Occupy Wall Street'. I am sending my love to 'Occupy Wall Street'. We are all working together. "....

Likely Opponents of the Obama Jobs Bill

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ann Coulter: If I Were a Liberal

Ann Coulter "If I were a liberal, I would have spent the last week in shock that a Democratic audience in Flint, Mich., cheered Vice President Joe Biden's description of a policeman being killed."
"Obama's jobs bill tackles the problem of rape and murder by giving the states $30 billion ... for public school teachers.
"Only $5 billion is even allotted to the police, but all we keep hearing about are the rapes and murders that Democrats are suddenly against (as long as being "against" rape and murder means funding public school teachers and not imprisoning or executing rapists and murderers).
"Finally, did Flint use any money from Obama's last trillion-dollar stimulus bill to hire more police in order to prevent rape and murder? No, Flint spent its $2.2 million from the first stimulus bill on buying two electric buses."
Here she is on Matt Lauer  (video)

Neal Boortz on the "Occutards" including "The Occupy Movement is Obama's Movement"

Here is a full list of articles for those who enjoy/are driven to more and more commentary on these useful idiots littering American streets. Disagree with me? Then click on this link and enjoy.

Clear Out the Occutards   "Hat’s off to Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed this morning. Last night he sent in the Atlanta Police to clear the occupiers out of Woodruf Park. To everyone’s credit, there was no violence. Most occupiers left, a small group decided to stay and be arrested. "

Trust Fund Useful Idiot   "Now bear in mind that through this entire rant this kid is crying and screaming at the top of his lungs. Also bear in mind that this kid is a trust fund baby. He has wealthy parents and has neither had, nor will he have for some time to come the necessity of working to sustain himself. He’s a professional student … now with some actual teaching responsibilities at Columbia."

The Occupy Movement is Obama's Movement  "It is a leftist, anti-wealth, anti-capitalist movement inspired by Obama’s class warfare rhetoric over the past years. These childish and ignorant know-it-alls actually believe that the rich don’t pay taxes and that Wall Street is to blame for our financial crisis. When you tell them that people who earn over $380,000 a year earn about 18.9% of all earned income, but pay nearly 40% of all income taxes, they give you that brook trout look … mouth hanging open with glassy eyes. When you tell them that the Republicans tried to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac but were blocked by Democrats – principally Barney Frank – no less than four times over the past ten years, they look at you with the face of complete incomprehension.
"We have a president who despises capitalism. The protestors echo that. We have a president who believes that wealth belongs to the government, and that the government is the ultimate decider on how it will be distributed. The occutards echo that.
"In some respects it would be sad to see the occupy movement end. These children are constant reminder of the inevitable results of Obama’s class warfare efforts and what is sure to be a pure wealth-envy class warfare campaign."

Young Occutards Got Suckered  "The reason they are not protesting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is because to do that would mean that these kids .. who have always been told how wonderful they are .. would have to admit that they made a mistake. They would have to take responsibility, and you know how much they must loathe the concept of personal responsibility. So instead of blaming themselves for putting an incompetent Marxist hack in the White House, or instead of protesting the hack himself, they find a scapegoat: Wall Street."

Random Insensitive Thoughts  "OccuTards tweet me saying “What’s the matter with having a conversation?” Beating drums and crapping on my flag does not constitute a conversation."

Christian Charity Free to Staff on a Religious Basis

Heritage  "The question in the World Vision  case involved the scope of the Title VII religious staffing freedom: Does that freedom apply to independent religious charities, such as World Vision, or only to traditional houses of worship, such as churches, synagogues, and similar groups and groups closely affiliated with them?
"Earlier this year, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit decided that World Vision qualified for the Title VII religious staffing freedom. That decision stands as a strong victory for religious freedom."
More here.  And here.

Treason? Senior Communist Lobbies “Super Committee” for Defense Cuts

NewZeal  "Judith LeBlanc  is a leader of the Communist Party’s Peace and Solidarity Commission, the party body charged with directing the US peace movement and liaising with foreign “peace’ and radical organizations.
"LeBlanc is also national field organizer for Peace Action, the country’s largest grassroots peace organization with 100,000 members across the country."
Hat tip to Crusader Rabbit

Left: LeBlanc with Yasser Arafat

And below we see her on video at a rally overseas. Note the prominent "peace" symbol so prevalent in trendy fashions.

Rep. Ryan accuses Obama of 'sowing social unrest'

Rick Moran  "It's about time someone pointed out the consequences of Obama's reckless class warfare rhetoric."
..."The only way Obama can win is by dividing America by class and pitting the have nots against the haves. But countering that argument is vital so that the disease of class warfare does not gain a foothold and create conditions ripe for the tar and feather crowd to go off on those they believe are better off than them."

Obama class warfare

Global Warming: An Obituary

Warning Signs  "I have predicted the death of global warming several times, but like a Hollywood zombie global warming is kept alive by its massive propaganda machine and useful idiots in the media.
"Since the late 1980s The New York Times has engaged in the most horrid effort to convince its readers and the world that the IPCC should be taken seriously even though its successive reports have proven to be an offense to real science and the truth. No opportunity was ignored to advance the hoax even in the face of incontrovertible facts of every description."

The Ayers Brothers Connection: Coaching #OccupyChicago, Calling for School ‘Occupations’

Trevor Loudon  "Is the “Occupy” movement a passing phase that will wither when the first blasts of winter hit Chicago and New York and Milwaukee? Or is this the beginning a much more significant, and dangerous period of US history?
"The involvement of veteran activists like the Ayers brothers indicates that this is no mere passing explosion of youthful anarchist outrage. The “mature” left is backing OWS for a reason. They’ve been waiting for this for a long time. They knew it would come. After all, their Marxist creed tells them that revolution is inevitable. Its only a matter of time."

Obama, the left, and the, um, journalists

Big Journalism: White House Attempts To Bully Reporter Over Biden Questions   "Joe Biden has traveled across the country, threatening Americans with “rapes and murders” if congress didn’t pass Obama’s jobs bill, the same jobs bill that Democrats killed in the Senate (so are on the hook for said “rapes and murders?”). He didn’t like the questioning he received from Human Events’s Jason Mattera on the subject, so now the White House is taking aim at Mattera with an investigation."

Petty Punishment for the Washington Post  "The purpose of such treatment, and the denial of the housing “scoop” to the Post, would be to get inside Goldfarb’s head so that he doesn’t try this again. Many reporters can’t help but think twice before writing something that will result in verbal abuse, and short-sighted editors get very nervous when the competitors have a story that they don’t.
"Hopefully, Goldfarb and his editors will be undeterred." Keith Koffler  via Big Journalism

Jewish Leaders Join Bozell’s Demand for Network Coverage of Anti-Semitism at 'Occupy Wall Street'
  "Neither Jews nor Christians, nor any person of faith should stand for the deliberate whitewash of anti-Semitism at these protests, especially not by the same newsrooms that were eager to link supposed racism to the Tea Party. We will not stop applying pressure to these networks until they stop concealing the hatred and report the reality of Occupy Wall Street."
"At the top of CBS's The Early Show, co-host Chris Wragge teased that viewers would "hear what President Obama makes of the GOP race." Later, following the clip of Obama dismissing the Republican field, news reader Jeff Glor reported: "Mr. Obama is the only sitting President to appear on The Tonight Show.""

Tea Party Embodies the Order of a Republic, #OWS Embodies the Chaos of a ‘Democracy’

Big Government  "Occupy Wall Street has often been compared to the Tea Party; I think it’s usually meant as an insult. By comparing the grass roots protest of the Tea Party to the amalgam of radicals at Occupy, they can diminish the Tea Party’s success and make all protests distasteful to the general public.
"There is little similarity. While the Tea Parties were neat and orderly, the Occupy protests are noisy, juvenile, and stinky. The Tea Parties were friendly while the Occupy movement is violent, angry, and crime ridden; they have the same problem with lawlessness that plagues most Democrat-controlled cities."
"This explains why there is such a vast difference between the two. The Occupy movement is not only mostly Democrat; it is also democratic. Likewise, the Tea Parties are both a republic and Republican. They are microcosms of the political philosophies they each represent." Emphasis added.

President Obama Holds Secret Meet-and-Greet With Hollywood Execs and Influencers (Exclusive)

The Hollywood Reporter  "The meeting comes at a time when Obama seems to be grappling with how close his campaign should align itself with the entertainment industry. The president has recently returned to Los Angeles twice for star-studded fundraisers, and the campaign clearly knows that the executives invited to the meeting can deliver singers and other stars who often provide the entertainment at major campaign events.
"At the very least, it sounds like the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, next year will have a great soundtrack."
I suppose he had back-up teleprompters for the evening.


Posted by Ronbo in the Freedom Fighter's Journal
"Political satire and protected speech under the First Amendment."
"No doubt it will happen on a beautiful sunny day like September 11, 2001 - We will wake up one morning and go to our jobs (if we still have a job) or be sleeping late hung over because we don't have a job anymore.
"How will we know something terrible has happened?

The article depicts an uprising against a government that seeks to control more and more elements of our lives. While this article may not reflect the feelings of most citizens -TEA Party or otherwise- there is a growing undercurrent of anger that the socialism we resisted for decades in the Cold War we now begin to embrace.
There seems to be little of the former respect for the "loyal opposition", but instead a level of vitriol that began emanating from the left and grows by the day. And who can not feel anger when TEA Partiers stage peaceful, respectful protests in the streets against Obama policies, leaving the place clean in the aftermath, yet are vilified by the left? They are taunted by Democrats in congress and accused of evil deeds by a corrupted press - the same press and Democrats who exalt the shabby antics of the OWS crowd.
Read the signs carried by the Occupy crowd and tell me you do not see the roots of civil war beginning to sprout in America. The FFJ story may be satire, but it is scary when placed alongside the statements of the American left and its mood should not be lightly regarded. TD

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cassy Fiano: Remembering Our Fallen

TD belatedly came across this Memorial Day post at the Cassy Fiano blog. She is the wife of a Camp Lejeune Marine and supports him and his buddies in every way she can, especially with this blog. I feel a special kinship with her family, having been stationed at "Swamp" Lejeune with Alpha 1/2 back in 1959-61.
This post is very special for Memorial Day as she recognizes buddies of her husband who have paid the ultimate price. But these men deserve recognition year-round and any day is good to post this.
The riff-raff occupying our cities for some time are not fit to carry the baggage of these young Marines.
God bless you, Cassy.
Cassy writes:
"These are just seven of the countless servicemembers who have given their lives for their country. These are just our fallen. Today, I hope that you’ll see their names, look at their faces, and read what is just a small fraction of the lives they led. So often, we turn the fallen into nothing more than a man in a uniform who became a hero. We need to remember not just the sacrifices they made, but the lives they lived and the people they were. Take the time to remember the 6 men we lost from 1/8, to remember Balthaser, and everyone who gave their lives so that we could be free."

Cassy Fiano
Smokin’ Hot Commentary
Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same. -- Ronald Reagan

Obama ruling by decree

Thomas Lifson  "Remember when the Constitution applied, and a president wanting to implement a new program would have to persuade Congress to pass a law and appropriate money? President Obama, facing a GOP House, has chosen to use executive orders and is getting away with it. And he is openly proclaiming his intent to do more of it."

Neal Boortz: Dear Ruler apparently can no longer wait for Congress to act,.. "Oh well .. you get the idea. I guess the bottom line is that We Can’t Wait to correct the massive error we made four years ago. We introduced a virus into the bloodstream of governance … and the voters are cure."
Thomas Sowell:Random Thoughts  "Have you ever heard anyone as incoherent as the people staging protests across the country? Taxpayers ought to be protesting against having their money spent to educate people who end up unable to say anything beyond repeating political catch phrases."....
"Most of us may lament the fact that so many more people are today dependent on food stamps and other government subsidies. But dependency usually translates into votes for whoever is handing out the benefits, so an economic disaster can be a political bonanza, as it was for Franklin D. Roosevelt. Don't count Obama out in 2012."


Hat tip to Ron Gazda, Richardson, TX

JIHAD: holy struggle or holy war?

CampusChristians  "I do not know if other Muslim countries are condemning the actions of these Islamic nations that so easily violate human rights. I do not know if Muslims outside of those countries are even aware of the problems going on within their theologically diverse ranks of other nations. But, when a Holy Book like the Qur’an advocates Holy War, when the very sayings and deeds of their beloved Prophet Muhammad advocate Jihad, and when we see some Islamic nations killing non Muslims -- because they are not Muslims, how can we not be worried about what they would do if they had control of the is their goal."

Romney Unable to Capitalize on Obama's Weakness

Taegan D. Goddard's Political Wire  "Despite Obama's obvious vulnerabilities, Romney has been unable to make himself a more attractive candidate.
"Key findings: "Romney is stuck at 45% on the vote -- virtually unchanged all year. He is not popular, and his personal ratings are not improving. His mean thermometer rating is at just 43.1 degrees, the lowest since we began tracking. As the only Republican who seems to have any staying power, for now, voters are left with this choice. As a result, more people are volunteering they will vote for a third party candidate for President.""
Now that is a scary thought!

Goddard also has this: Obama Losing His Base

Steve Wynn Blasts Obama/Reid/Pelosi Economy: “The Speeches Are Great – the Actions Are Horrifying”

NiceDeb  Casino Exec, Steven Wynn blasted the Obama administration and his congressional toadies in an interview with Neil Cavuto, yesterday. He recounted a stunning conversation he had had in early 2010 with the NV Dem Rep, Shelley Berkley regarding ObamaCare. When he begged her to reconsider voting for the heinous bill, she had told him, “Steve I know it’s terrible. My husband’s a doctor. He hates it too. But if I don’t vote for it, she will punish me.”

Is Obama Losing Iraq?

Powerline  "After eight years, enough is enough. If the Iraqis are capable of governing themselves and joining the modern world, they will do so. If not, they won’t. But if they fail, it won’t be the fault of the Obama administration or the USA." John Hinderaker

I couldn't disagree more with this position. The issue is no longer helping the Iraqis build a nation; it is protecting American security by holding back Iran which is licking its chops over the thought of that nation being a Persian Gulf superpower.
I believe Obama does not care if Iran is the winner in all this and Iraq falls under their hegemony; he will blame it all on President Bush with the support of Democrats in Congress and a compliant media.
The next president is the one who will inherit a mess like you won't believe to clean up. TD 

Art work at right by Rich Terrell and Norman Somebody.
"You can expect the theme for Obama’s reelection being one that shows his leadership, tough decision making, and proven results in bringing our enemies to justice. The other debacles such as Gitmo, his world apology tours, handing over Central Europe to a Putin-controlled Russia, pushing Israeli relations to extremes, and his unwillingness to confront Iran will go unmentioned."

Heritage: The Decline and Fall of Obama’s Foreign Policy Czars  "As another Foreign Policy commentator put it, “the president’s decision to appoint so many czars was a classic rookie mistake that has not really worked out very well for anyone.”"

Never accept a cheap substitute: Trudeau called truckers "Nazis," applauds the real thing –

And the unit he was attached to – 14th “Galicia” division – were  some particularly nasty hombres . I don’t think “war criminals” would be t...