Thursday, June 2, 2022

Joy Reid of MSNBC: Uvalde Police Would’ve Saved Kids If They Were White…

Is there nobody at MSNBC with the moral standards to be sickened by this Demagogue?

Despite having no law enforcement background to speak of, Reid insisted “it doesn’t take eleven minutes for the police to respond to an active shooter call.” Adding in some class warfare for good measure, Reid claimed “in wealthy communities, it don't take eleven minutes.” 

Weasel Zippers  "Proving once again how filled with hatred she is, MSNBC’s Joy Reid invited Maria Teresa Kumar the leader of the left-wing Latino voter mobilization organization "Voto Latino" to discuss the delayed police response to the mass shooting at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, and the conversation immediately took an ugly turn when Kumar & Reid both agreed that if the students were white the police wouldn’t have responded so slowly.  

"Kumar started off by noting how “since the last election in 2020, Joy, we've had over three hundred thousand young Latino and African American youth turn eighteen.” 

"Which led her to ask “where do you want to live, and do you want to live in a place that is segregated or in a place that's inclusive and recognizes you as a human and your rights?” Seemly suggesting that Uvalde is racially segregated by design. ". . . 

 USA   "For years now Joy Reid has used her MSNBC platform to peddle outright racism. But no more according to an insider who claims she’s being removed from the airwaves.

35 Arkansas Churches Consider Leaving UMC over LGBT Debate

 Worthy Christian News  "Thirty-five Methodist congregations in Arkansas are considering disaffiliation from the mainline United Methodist Church (UMC) denomination amid concerns that the UMC is headed away from its traditional stance on LGBT issues and toward blessing same-sex marriage and allowing noncelibate homosexuals to serve as clergy, the Christian Post (CP) reports.

In light of disagreement on LGBT issues, on May 1 a number of theologically conservative Methodists launched the Global Methodist Church (GMC) as an alternative association to the UMC, CP reports.

A growing number of churches, especially in the US, have decided to separate from the UMC and join the GMC instead. Among these congregations are 107 churches in Florida belonging to the Wesleyan Covenant Association, a theologically conservative UMC group. The Florida chapter of the WCA told the Christian Post: “107 Florida Methodist churches have chosen to initiate the process to depart the Florida Conference of The United Methodist Church … 107 represents approximately 20% of the 560 United Methodist Churches in the Florida Conference.” . .  .

That puts them one up on the Marines. TD