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Derek Chauvin, Human Sacrifice

Black residents of Minneapolis are threatening to burn the place down if Chauvin isn’t convicted — and the only reason anyone thinks a jury could possibly return a guilty verdict is that they believe them.
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 Ann Coulter   "In modern America, we periodically offer up white men as human sacrifices to the PC gods. Among our benefactions: Jake Gardner, Kyle Rittenhouse, Darren Wilson, the Duke lacrosse players, University of Virginia fraternity members, Stacey Koon and Mark Fuhrman.

"The rest of us just keep our heads down and pray we won’t be next.

"At least the Duke and UVA human offerings were sufficiently upper-crust to have a few journalists and lawyers defending them. But policemen, bar owners, military veterans and a Midwest teenager? Definitely not our crowd, darling.

"Currently, Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is on trial for killing George Floyd by kneeling on his neck, as it appeared in cellphone videos. You may remember something about this: It’s why America had to burn in 2020.

"But the chief medical examiner’s report establishes that, however else Floyd died, it wasn’t from Chauvin’s knee. Oopsie! I guess it wasn’t absolutely essential that our country go through eight months of looting, riots and mostly peaceful arsons.

"In lieu of citing some B.S. media “fact check,” I shall quote directly from the autopsy report by the Hennepin County Chief Medical Examiner, Andrew Baker:" ..... More...

Is the beating of Asians some sort of media generated fad?

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Australian Reporter: 'Woke' Biden Destroying Military, Making World 'More Dangerous'

"The US military is increasingly going woke and falling for PC fads and identity politics and narratives that come straight out of the hard progressive left."And that means America’s enemies from Beijing to Tehran, are not just laughing, but planning."These are dangerous times and thanks to Joe Biden, they’re getting a lot more dangerous."

 "One of Australia's top journalists has raised major concerns about Joe Biden's leadership, warning that the world is becoming a "more dangerous place" while Biden is focusing on making the U.S. Military more "woke."

"During a recent broadcast, Sky News host James Morrow said America’s enemies have started to become more aggressive around the world as the United States becomes weaker under Democrat Biden.

"On Friday, Chinese forces committed their largest-ever incursion into Taiwanese airspace, as worries grow by the day of a Chinese invasion of the Democratic island.". . . 

" 'Surely the U.S. is still big enough and ugly enough to ward off anyone planning anything truly dangerous, right?" the reporter mused.

"Well, not so fast because the U.S. military, I am sorry to report, has fallen prey to invading armies of PC wokesters, human resources PowerPoint jockeys, and identity politics radicals." . . .

Why Is Biden Creating His Own Crises?

 Patrick J. Buchanan  "Our mainstream media largely ignored it, the world media did not.

"Ascending the stairs of Air Force One on Friday, to fly to Georgia, President Joe Biden slipped and stumbled. Getting up, he slipped again and then fell. The scene was jolting and disquieting. Adversaries abroad will use it as a metaphor for the decline of the last superpower to emerge from the Cold War.       

"And while our major media may scoff at it, there is talk all over this town about what appears to be the visibly declining physical and mental capacity of this oldest of American presidents at 78.       

"Biden's press conference this coming Thursday—after the longest delay before a first full presidential press conference since Cal Coolidge—will be as closely monitored as Ronald Reagan's second debate in 1984, after he seemed to suffer a mental lapse in his first debate with Fritz Mondale. But now, after his legislative triumph with the enactment of his $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, Joe Biden has some new problems, all of his own making. The COVID-19 pandemic he inherited, as Nixon inherited Vietnam in 1969. But Biden and the nation were fortunate in that, by the time he took the oath, two vaccines had been approved and the shots were being given to Americans at a rate of a million doses a day.        

"The new crisis on America's border, however, with record numbers of children, teenagers and families arriving and asking for asylum, is almost entirely Biden's doing. By trashing Donald Trump's border controls as inhumane and promising a more compassionate policy, Biden sent word to Central and South America and the world that the U.S. borders were open again. The result is what we see nightly on TV: Migrants crossing over into the USA in record numbers, with no end in sight." . . .          

Teaching History Without Identity Politics

 Intellectual Takeout  “Our children need to learn more history and civics!” is a regular rallying cry for those who want to see America returned to its moral and common sense roots.

"That a greater emphasis on history and civics is needed is evident from The Nation’s Report Card, which finds only 24 percent of American high school seniors proficient in civics, while only 12 percent of them are proficient in American history.

"These earnest requests and dire statistics have been met by recent bipartisan efforts to beef up the curriculum in these areas in the form of “The Civics Secures Democracy Act,” a bill sponsored by Sens. John Cornyn (R-TX) and Chris Coons (D-DE) among others.

“The bill is part of an extraordinary push by academics, politicians, foundations, and research centers to re-emphasize civics in elementary and secondary education,” Mark Bauerlein writes in a piece for City Journal.

"Only things might not be as rosy as they seem. “Organizers present the Roadmap as bipartisan and balanced, but if you scan the details, you’ll find it relentlessly focuses on group identity, access and exclusion, agency and dissent, and diversity,” Bauerlein explains. While such reforms may be well-meaning, the fact is that “progressives will outnumber conservatives 50 to 1” when the new curriculum is implemented.

"In other words, while one may start out with the goal of teaching about George Washington, John Adams, and other figures in Western civilization, such efforts will soon be replaced by seeing everything from the supposedly repressed perspectives of minorities, women, or sexually divergent individuals.".... More...  

Here Come The Biden Judges, Including His Likely Eventual SCOTUS Nominee

 Legal Insurrection

Will Republicans have the guts to go after the Biden appellate court nominees to prevent SCOTUS grooming the way Democrats went after Miguel Estrada?

"You can read about the Judges at the White House website, but Carrie Severino tells you what you need to know — the list is payback to far left activist groups."

The Grammy Awards Show Is Dying. Here’s Why


. . . "But overall, for decades, the Grammy Awards served as an important cultural institution. It helped connect people—artist, audience, and industry—with each other through music. Kenny Rogers was right when he said, in 1982, that “the Grammy is finally established in the minds of everyone as the most meaningful and highly desired award.”

"But just as a rising tide lifts all boats, a sinking tide lowers them, and the Grammy Awards has become just another degenerating institution within our larger degenerating civilization. It now amounts to an orgy of laughably misguided self-congratulation; cliché-ridden social justice pontifications from multimillionaires living in Beverly Hills mansions; packaged rage; racist guilt-tripping; and pathological female autodegradation.

"The most recent example of that last thing, of course, was the pornographic exhibitionism of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. That so many of our cultural overlords have applauded it, and similar Grammy performances over the years, as an expression of “female empowerment,” only shows how perniciously insane our culture has become. I await any intelligible explanation of how women publicly depicting themselves as nothing more than wank fodder “empowers all women, everywhere.” By this dysfunctional standard, Larry Flynt’s Hustler magazine was the best friend your precious daughter ever had." . . .

The meaning behind Kamala's cackle

Andrea Widburg  "Video emerged of Kamala Harris recently speaking about the problems parents face when their schools are closed but they can't afford childcare. This is a serious issue with massive repercussions for children's development and for working mothers. So what did Kamala do? She cracked herself up, laughing so hard she could barely get the words out. What the heck is going on with that woman? Here's the video, so that you can see I'm not exaggerating. For some reason, Harris finds it inordinately funny that parents and children are suffering, even as she backs away compulsively from her audience:" . . .

 . . . "This is not the first time we've seen Kamala laugh uncontrollably and inappropriately.  A few more examples show that it's a go-to behavior for her.  For example, when Stephen Colbert asked Kamala ever so delicately how she could accept the offer to become Biden's vice president when she'd agreed that he probably sexually molested someone, Kamala couldn't stop laughing:" . . .

. . . "As for the laughing, yes, it shows she has liberal hubris, but she’s also a terrible human being. Remember she laughed when asked if she was going to visit the border, which has become a humanitarian crisis zone, thanks to this administration's de facto open borders approach to immigration." 

Monday, March 29, 2021

How People Think You Stop Bigotry

Ryan Long

Graham shares blunt public message for VP Kamala Harris


 "At the border, Sen. Lindsey Graham assailed the Biden Administration and called for VP Kamala Harris to visit the border."

Democrats lead America down that slimy slope. What will ever stop it?

COVID-19 ‘Vaccine Passports’ Are Coming But Voter ID Is Still Racist ..  "It seems like just yesterday, and it was, that the liberal media dismissed the idea that people would have to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to engage in commerce and travel as a wild QAnon conspiracy theory. Today however that same liberal media is applauding Joe Biden for working on “vaccination passports” to do just that. Don’t worry, voter ID laws are still racist because proving who you are has its limitations." . . .

Liberal Group Files Complaint That Criticizing Joe Biden Is A Crime  . . . "The Hatch Act basically says that employees of the federal government cannot campaign while acting in their official government position. The Obama administration violated this approximately one million times and nobody ever pitched a fit, but now that Trump is President, it’s an outrage.

"And what exactly did Miller say that was a crime according to these selectively outraged liberal ding-dongs? Well…this:" . . .

For CNN, Race Is Only Relevant When It Fits Their Narrative

For CNN, Race Is Only Relevant When It Fits Their Narrative

Daily Wire

"This weekend, Mohammad Anwar, a 66-year-old Uber Eats driver, was killed “when he was thrown from his vehicle after two teenage girls allegedly carjacked him near Nationals Park in southeast Washington, D.C,” according to the Daily Wire.

"Police say the two girls, aged 13 and 15, used a stun gun on Anwar and attempted to drive off with him still partially inside the vehicle, before it flipped, according to NBC 4 Washington.

“ 'Graphic video taken by a bystander depicts the violent scene, which shows how Anwar fought with the girls before they drove off while he was still attached to the vehicle. They crash the car, and the video later shows Anwar’s body on the sidewalk as National Guardsmen help the girls out of the flipped vehicle. One of the girls can be heard saying something about her phone,” the Daily Wire report continued.

"While many reacted in horror at this act of thoughtless and callous violence, several pointed out the obvious double standard applied by the legacy media when it comes to the condemnation of violence.". . . 

"This inane tweet — which attempts to dilute the offense, separating the perpetrators from culpability for Anwar’s murder while conveniently leaving out any racial characteristics of the carjackers — is indicative of a larger pattern. In simple terms, if the perpetrator is white and plays into a narrative of systemic “white supremacy,” their race is relevant. If they are not white, then their race is irrelevant, with additional effort often spent on obfuscating any mention of race.

"This inane tweet — which attempts to dilute the offense, separating the perpetrators from culpability for Anwar’s murder while conveniently leaving out any racial characteristics of the carjackers — is indicative of a larger pattern.  

"In simple terms, if the perpetrator is white and plays into a narrative of systemic “white supremacy,” their race is relevant. If they are not white, then their race is irrelevant, with additional effort often spent on obfuscating any mention of race.CNN, for example, sparked an angry backlash when they reported on the incident, writing “Police said the girls, 13 and 15, assaulted an Uber Eats driver with a Taser while carjacking him, which led to an accident in which he was fatally injured.” . . .

Mark Levin Slams Biden: Illegal Immigrants Not Coming Because You’re Nice, It’s Because You’re An Idiot

 100%Fedup  "During Joe Biden’s presser, PBS “journalist” Yamiche Alcindor suggested to Biden that illegal immigrants are coming to the border because Biden is such a nice and moral man.

"Biden actually repeated her point and bought into it.

"Mark Levin slammed this exchange on his show.

"CNS News reports:" . .  . 

“The perception of you that got you elected as a moral, decent man is the reason why a lot of immigrants are coming to this country and entrusting you with unaccompanied minors,” Alcindor told Biden.

“No, they’re not coming because you’re the nice guy. They’re coming because you’re an idiot,” Levin responded. “You’ve said that they should come and they know that you don’t mean it when you tell them not to come….Then you lie about President Trump allowing little kids to die on the border.”    More...

Conservatives need a leader — and all we’ve got are politicians

 Bookworm Room

"In Congress, you can always count on Democrats to vote the straight Democrat ticket. And you can always count on the Republicans to go to war against each other." . . .

"Since November 2020, conservatives have been adrift, something that won’t change until someone moves to the head of the pack and brings them together.

"One of the things that makes leftists leftist is that they are pack animals. They move in unison. Even when they’re being insanely tribal, as with Columbia University having separate graduation ceremonies for Blacks, “La-tinx’s,” Native Americans, Asians, gays, and low-income people, they still have an overarching ideological lockstep.

Meanwhile, the very nature of conservativism is a kind of “leave me alone” attitude that doesn’t want to move in lockstep with anybody. That approach to life, if given free rein and tempered with morality, tends to make for a very good country. The problem is when conservatives find themselves facing off against insanely well-organized leftists.

"That’s what we’re seeing now in America. It’s not just that the leftists have control over the federal government, it’s also that they are moving with the precision of a synchronized swimming team. At the same time, it’s impossible to corral Republican senators and House members to do anything together. Republicans have NeverTrumpers, RINOs, Chamber of Commerce types, core conservatives, and every other “diverse” form of conservativism. Across the aisles from them are Democrats who can count on every last person to climb on board. (To the extent that’s not always true, the exceptions are notable precisely because they are exceptions.)" . . .

You're Racist, whether You Like It or Not

 Nathan Stone

" 'In my mind...this was an anti-Asian hate crime."  So declared Congresswoman Judy Chu regarding the Atlanta shooting, in which eight women died, six of whom happened to be Asian.  It seems to be a popular opinion.  Andrew Sullivan, writing on his Substack page, reported that (as of March 19) the New York Times had published nine pieces that presented the slaughter as motivated by anti-Asian racism, while the Washington Post had published sixteen stories in the same vein.  All these stories, to a T, found the real motivation of the murders the deeply rooted anti-Asian bigotry in American history.  Many of them also linked it to the rise in anti-Asian crimes, which was then coupled with Donald Trump's labeling of COVID-19 as "the China virus."

"What makes these stories so shocking — or predictable — is that there is no evidence at this point to suggest that the shooter, Robert Aaron Long, was motivated by racism of any kind.  When questioned by police as to why he killed the eight women and wounded several more, Long replied that he was a sex addict who saw the women as a near occasion of sin (he is also Southern Baptist) and decided that if there were no more temptations, there would be no more addiction.  Several pieces of evidence back up this declaration.  Long's former roommates told authorities that he had frequented the spa/masseuse parlor where his victims worked because he could acquire cheap sex easily.  It also doesn't make sense that a white supremacist operating under anti-Asian bigotry would kill two white women along with his six Asian victims." . . .  More...

Sunday, March 28, 2021

As every kid knows, you can’t force friendship

 Frank Liberato

. . . "President Trump has been called a racist nonstop since 2015. I’m confident that there is not a racist bone in his body but that had nothing to do with it. Progressives had to endlessly repeat that narrative to keep a grip on the African American vote which they knew was in peril right up until the pandemic hit. Trump’s roaring economy lifted all boats and, had COVID not provided the left with the opportunity to devastate American employment, I’m sure he then would have carried enough of the black vote to lift him past all the fraud.

"Trump’s first three years do, however, provide us with an example of what a healthy, robust economy can do for unity. Even in the midst of the most vicious lies ever perpetrated by an American political party and their twisted news media enablers, we were doing pretty darn well.

"When we’re all doing well there is just no reason not to get along. With success comes kinship. Harmony is linked to freedom and prosperity. Coercion breeds misery and strife."

Asian Woman Running For NYC Council Attacked In Hate Crime By Black Woman, Didn’t Want To Report It Because Attacker Wasn’t White…

NY Post

Via NY Post:

A woman shoved an Asian American City Council candidate down a Manhattan subway staircase in a random attack last week, the candidate told The Post.

Candidate Susan Lee said she was in the stairwell at the Oculus subway station when she spotted the woman staring at her.

“You know she has this mischievous look on her face, and I was just thinking like, ‘Oh gosh, this isn’t good,’” Lee, 42, recalled of the March 17 incident.

“She pushed me,” she said, adding that she grabbed the handrail to brace herself.

Keep reading…

So she looked at the woman who she thought seemed to be a threat; will someone now claim her fear was racist? 

Turns Out What Biden Called Texas’ ‘Neanderthal Thinking’ In Eliminating Restrictions/ Mask Mandates Was Right

Weasel Zippers

weet See new Tweets Tweet Greg Abbott @GregAbbott_TX · Mar 26 Today Texas recorded the lowest 7-day Covid positivity rate since that data began being calculated: 5.43%. We also recorded the largest daily number of vaccines administered to Texans: 342,849. More Texans getting vaccines will keep down the positivity rate. Always voluntary.

"Another nail in the coffin of government control."

Via Fox News:

Just over two weeks after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott lifted coronavirus mandates allowing businesses to operate at 100 percent capacity and made masks optional, the red state is still reporting decreases in cases and hospitalizations.

The governor championed his state’s success in a Friday night tweet saying, “Today Texas recorded the lowest 7-day COVID positivity rate since that data began being calculated: 5.43%.”

“We also recorded the largest daily number of vaccines administered to Texans: 342,849. More Texans getting vaccines will keep down the positivity rate,” he said, though adding that receiving the vaccine was “always voluntary.”

Keep reading…

North Korea Confirms Missile Tests as Biden Warns of Response

This photo provided by the North Korean government, shows what it says is a test fire of newly developed new-type tactical guided projectile by the Academy of Defense Science, at an undisclosed place in North Korea, Thursday, March 25, 2021. (Korean Central News

. . . "The test-firings were the North’s first major provocation since Biden took office in January. Some experts say North Korea aimed to apply pressure on the Biden administration to boost its leverage in future talks.

“ 'We’re consulting with our allies and partners,” Biden told a news conference Thursday. “And there will be responses if they choose to escalate. We will respond accordingly. But I’m also prepared for some form of diplomacy, but it has to be conditioned upon the end result of denuclearization.”

"The United States has asked for a meeting of the U.N. Security Council committee that monitors sanctions against North Korea, and it’s set to take place Friday morning behind closed doors. The committee includes representatives from all 15 nations on the council." . . .

Conservative Mallard Fillmore cartoon canceled by leftists

Independent Sentinel 

Independent Sentinel   "The popular cartoon Mallard Fillmore, created by Bruce Tinsley 27 years ago, was canceled by left-wing Gannett newspapers without warning. It’s described as unprecedented.

"They canceled it over criticism of [demented] Joe Biden and transgenders participating in womens’ sports.

"Tinsley said it’s unheard of. His syndicate never heard of anything like it.


"The first cartoon depicts Biden musing, “For too long segregation sullied women’s sports…They were restricted to women! Thank goodness those dark days are over.”

"The second has Biden saying, “I hear what you, the American people, want me to The second has Biden saying, “I hear what you, the American people, want me to do…kill fossil fuel jobs…devalue Americans’ labor…and help more transgender athletes beat the *@!# out of biological females.”

"Both ran on February 19-20. Tinsley spoke to half the country and if you don’t like it, don’t read it. But, no, Gannett has to ban it. That was the last vestige of conservatism in their newspapers.

"Mr. Tinsley didn’t feel either cartoon was over-the-top.

"Mallard Fillmore chronicles the exploits of a politically conservative duck as a reporter at a television station in Washington, D.C.

"The Left is thrilled. They say things like, “thank you, thank you,' " . . .

USA Today owner drops comic strip ‘Mallard Fillmore’ for ‘not meeting standards’ after jabs at trans female athletes

Numerous Newspapers Cancel Popular Comic Strip Over Joe Biden Criticism 

CNN: Not all Senate Dems want to ‘fundamentally transform’ America

  Andrea Widburg

"However, the fact that something is unconstitutional doesn’t matter in the America of the Democrats’ imagining."

"When Mitch McConnell was negotiating Senate rules with Chuck Schumer, he paved the way for a rule change putting the filibuster at risk. However, CNN is saying that some Democrats in a 50-50 Senate, with Kamala Harris as the deciding vote, are not necessarily prepared to open the floodgates to transform America into another country entirely." . . .

So there are some good Democrats?

. . . "Once the Democrats have their systems in place, the sky’s the limit. Fully socialized medicine, fully socialized housing, unlimited taxes on the middle and working classes, the end of the Second Amendment, social credit systems of the type seen in China, whites relegated to second class citizenship through the permanent elevation of Critical Race Theory, and more – let your imagination run wild, and they can do it.

"What’s currently stopping the Democrats is the filibuster. Under the filibuster, which has existed since 1806, the minority can insist that 60 votes, not 51 (and Kamala Harris will always be the 51st vote), are necessary to pass a controversial bill. As Joe Biden explained in 2005," . . .

Can the GOP stop Democrats from trashing the country?  . . . " Just as Biden does what he's told, so are we to shut up and do as we're told.

"The filibuster is racist, didn't you know.  Antifa is a myth; there's no crisis on the border.  On and on it goes.  Most everything the Democrats and their media hack enablers say is an affectation and a canard.  Most everything the Dems do is a premeditated attack on their avowed enemies — namely, anyonewho didn't vote for them.  Will the people get a fair shot at turning the tide in 2022?  Not likely, especially if or when the Dems ram H.R. 1 down our throats." . . .

Meet our new Supreme Court Justices:

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Fox's Doocy vs. the Left's Psaki

The Dooce is a serious man and not a CNN Acosta showoff

Doocy vs. Psaki: Is It Official Policy For Biden Not To Take Questions From FOX News? . . . "PETER DOOCY, FOX NEWS: Okay, and just one more about yesterday. We noticed, starting at the end of the campaign and then into the transition and here at the White House, anytime that the President has an event where he’s given a list of reporters to call on, Fox is the only member of the five-network TV pool that has never been on the list in front of the President. And I’m just curious if that is an official administration policy." . . .

She did not stammer, but gave the usual wordy obfuscation that a cornered spokesman gives a serious reporter (Steve Doocy) not from MSNBC or CNN. TD

 RedState  "Yesterday, Joe Biden did a press conference in which Fox News’ Peter Doocy was the only member of the major networks to not receive a question (see Joe Biden Shows He’s a Massive Coward at Today’s Press Conference). This follows a pattern going back to the campaign, with the now-president icing out the only reporter who might dare ask him something challenging.

"Doocy did get a question at the regular press briefing with Jen Psaki today, though. He made the most of his opportunity. With Biden now signaling support for abolishing the filibuster, Doocy read the verbatim words of the president from 2005, in which he lauded the filibuster and opposed any tampering with it." . . .


The Media’s All-In Campaign to Destroy the Filibuster

National Review 

"As we speak, there is no bill on the congressional docket that would provide Democrats an excuse to blow up the filibuster — or, as the media might euphemistically refer to it, “reforming” or “overhauling” the filibuster.
"One day, of course, there will be. Democrats, after all, used the filibuster hundreds of times in the past few years. But as far as we know, the party doesn’t have the votes for their election-integrity-killing bill. They don’t have the votes for a gun-restriction bill. Not any bill

"Yet, a casual follower of politics would surely be under the impression that there is a pressing battle unfolding because the media are incessantly covering the filibuster issue as a way to pressure holdout moderate Democrats to join the Left in the efforts to destroy the Senate.

"Take Manu Raju at CNN, whose main job it seems is to badger Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema with hypothetical questions about stripping Senate guardrails to allow Democrats to jam through their agenda with a narrow majority. Would you blow them up for a gun bill? Would you blow them up for a voting bill? Would you like it in a house? Would you like it with a mouse? Would you? Could you? In a car?

. . .  "In July 2020, before Democrats had even won their slim Senate majority, Raju was already haranguing Manchin and framing the filibuster — a “stall tactic” — in left-wing terms. To which Manchin emphatically responded, “That’s bullshit.” And then noted he had opposed a Democratic Party effort to kill the filibuster in 2013 and would do it again. Boy, that seems pretty clear to me." . . .More....

But now... Democrats, undereducated public, assault filibuster :

Biden bribes Manchin, bye-bye filibuster

Those legislative priorities — passing H.R. 1 to guarantee Republicans will never win another presidency or congressional majority by mandating nationwide cheating-enabling mail-in voting with no ID requirements and much more — depend on ending the filibuster.  Manchin's vote is required to do that.

Reason: Abolishing the Filibuster Is About Power, Not Anti-Racism   . . . "We should make no mistake. This nuclear option is ultimately an example of the arrogance of power. It is a fundamental power-grab by the majority party," then-Sen. Joe Biden (D–Del.) said during a speech delivered on May 23, 2005, from the Senate floor.

"Calling it "the single most significant" vote he would cast in more than three decades as a member of the Senate, Biden admonished Republicans for trying to blow up the filibuster to get judicial nominees confirmed with a simple majority. "Folks who want to see this change want to eliminate one of the procedural mechanisms designed for the express purpose of guaranteeing individual rights and they also, as a consequence, would undermine the protections of the minority point of view in the heat of majority excess," he said.

"The times, they sure have changed.

"During a Thursday press conference, now-President Joe Biden indicated publicly what he has reportedly been saying behind closed doors for a while: that the Senate's filibuster rules should be changed—perhaps even abolished, allowing legislation to pass with a simple majority, though he continues to hedge on that point." . . .

Senator Collins: I Toured the Border. Cartel Members Taunted Us.

Katie Pavlich

Border Patrol is overwhelmed, overworked, & discouraged by new policies. Agents took us through a dangerous path to the Rio Grande where we could hear the Cartel members taunting us across the river. Human trafficking, child abuse, & drug smuggling are rampant. This is a crisis.

— Sen. Susan Collins (@SenatorCollins) March 26, 2021


Democrats, undereducated public assault filibuster

Don't hold your breath for the mainstream media to call out this barely disguised bribery scheme.  They are on board with the "legislative agenda" that will transform America into a very different country.  The door is about to open for the "fundamental transformation" Barack Obama promised.

Thomas Lifson  . . . "Those legislative priorities — passing H.R. 1 to guarantee Republicans will never win another presidency or congressional majority by mandating nationwide cheating-enabling mail-in voting with no ID requirements and much more — depend on ending the filibuster.  Manchin's vote is required to do that.

"If confirmed by the Senate (almost certain, given a party line vote — though it wouldn't surprise me to see Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and maybe other GOP solons duped by the notion of "comity" voting to confirm), Mrs. Manchin will have  major role in an agency with a $165-million budget whose "mission is to innovate, partner, and invest to build community capacity and strengthen economic growth in Appalachia' "  More...

Democrats cannot erase the history or hypocrisy of the Senate filibuster   . . . "The foundation for the filibuster here can be traced to an argument of former Vice President Aaron Burr that led to an 1806 rule change. Throughout our history, senators in the minority used different versions of the rule to block or force compromises on controversial legislation, ranging from war measures to oil regulations. It was not created during or for the Jim Crow period.

"However, Biden is correct that some of the most abusive uses of the filibuster came from segregationists during the Civil Rights period, as embodied by Senator Strom Thurmond, then a South Carolina Democrat, who set the record by filibustering the Civil Rights Act of 1957 for 24 hours and 18 minutes. The filibuster was designed as a protection for the minority in what is often called “the world’s greatest deliberative body.” It is not inherently racist. If that were the case, majoritarian voting rules would be racist since all of our racist legislation was passed by majority vote, including bills that supported slavery or targeted Blacks, Chinese, Native Americans, and other groups."

 . . . "Jim Crow laws were state rules, but the Senate enabled that disgraceful era of discrimination. In the end, our laws are no better than we are, but we are worse when there is little need for consensus or compromise." . . .

 Democrats Used the Filibuster They Say Is Racist Against My Police Bill Last Year

Scott said, “It was a frustrating, irritating moment where the Democrats used the filibuster to block police reform that would have positively impacted disproportionately African American communities. Here’s what we know about the Democrats: They were for the filibuster before they were against the filibuster. I keep asking myself, will the real Chuck Schumer please stand up? Is it the one who was for the filibuster or is it the new one who’s now against the filibuster?”

  Or does the only acceptable form of speaking truth to power involve speaking truth to Republican power?   . . . "As for the filibuster, Biden endorsed former President Barack Obama's smear, which we've dismantled previously.  Even left-leaning 'Politifact' admits that the filibuster was not invented in the Jim Crow era, and of course modern-day Democrats have used it promiscuously for decades.  Biden sought to illustrate filibuster "abuse" during his presser by citing statistics from last year, during which every single filibuster was mounted by the Democrats:" . . .

Special Operations Command Hires Diversity and Inclusion Chief Who Posted Anti-Trump Memes


"United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has hired as its first “chief of diversity and inclusion” a person who posted anti-Trump memes on his Facebook page, including one that compared the former president to Adolf Hitler." . . .


The Deadly Manipulations of the Anti-Israel Mob

  Seth Mandel – Commentary Magazine   The claim that Israel is carrying out a genocide of the Palestinians is meritless, but its proponents ...