Friday, June 25, 2021

Blackness Fatigue: Enough Is Too Much

...The appeasement of blacks, fear that they might riot, runs through society. Increasingly jurisdiction simply give up on enforcing the law. Cities like Chicago and New York have abolished cash bail to that criminals immediately go free, and immediately often offend again.". . . 

Blackness Fatigue: Enough is Too Much, by Fred Reed - The Unz Review"Methinks the US may very well be heading toward a social explosion. The phrase “race war “is overwrought if it implies organized units and chains of command. However, in a country awash in firearms, a bloody, disorganized, continent-wide eruption is possible. To think “it can’t happen here” is complacently inattentive. We have already seen it in temporal and geographic piecemeal in the Fergusons and Portlands and Baltimores, in the armed anarchy of the cities. Arguably a broader uprising has failed to happen only because of intense pressure from government and media, and because whites have not acquired a sense of racial identity. If they do, or when they do, Katie bar the door.

"Both racial war, and its close cousin, ethnic war, result from contact between groups of different kinds—that is, diversity, which causes most of the world’s bloodshed. Americans seldom notice this. One reasons is that they are constantly told that diversity is a blissful state. But it isn’t. Consider: Catholics and Protestants in Ireland, Sunnis and Shia in many places, Jews and Moslems in Palestine, Hutus and Tutsis in Burundi, Hindus and Moslems in India and nearby, Tamils and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka, Chinese and Indonesians in Indonesia, French and Africans in Paris, and so on. The assertion that “diversity is our strength” seems an attempt to avoid realizing that it isn’t.

"Racial and ethnic conflicts are cruel, often explosive, and irrational. They seldom make sense because the devastation and hideousness are disproportionate to the assigned causes. For example, the differences between Protestants and Catholics in Ireland are so slight as probably to be undetectable to you and me, yet the two fought murderously for years, blowing up pubs packed with member of the other faction. In the American case, nice and good-hearted people will point out that blacks are warm and friendly people if they like you, immensely talented in this and that, have legitimate grievances’ against society, and so on. All true. And irrelevant. Similar things can be said about both sides in most ethnic conflicts." . . .

..."What the country is doing hasn’t worked, isn’t working, and shows no sign of working. Things get worse by the month. With Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and so on apparently doing everything they can to infuriate the other half of the country—gun control, open borders, erasing the South, anti-white indoctrination in the schools, promotion of sexual curiosities, on and on, anger will grow."...

How the Media Ignore Jew-Haters

 ..."Bobb telling Jews how he thinks they should feel: “If I were a Jew today, my sensibilities would be tormented. I would find it increasingly difficult to reconcile the long cycles of oppression that Jewish people have endured and the insatiable appetite for vengeful violence that Israel, my homeland, has now acquired.”

Parody from the Babylon Bee:  Ilhan Omar: 'If Israel Is So Innocent, Then Why Do They Insist On Being Jews?' 

Many Republicans have condemned the statements, but Democrats have mostly remained silent, Speaker Nancy Pelosi claiming to have never heard of Representatives Omar and Tlaib.

- Christine Rosen at Commentary Magazine  "If you Google the term “anti-Semitism,” the search engine returns a straightforward definition: “Hostility to or prejudice against Jewish people.” By this definition, it is beyond doubt that the statement “Jews have an insatiable appetite for war and killing” is anti-Semitic; replace “Jews” with any other race or ethnic group and there would be no argument about it.

"But while Google offers a clear definition online of anti-Semitism, it is much more confused about the matter among its employees. How else to explain, as Alana Goodman of the Free Beacon first reported, that Kamau Bobb, Google’s head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, continues to be employed at the company after saying in a 2007 blog post that Jews have an “insatiable appetite for war” and an “insensitivity to the suffering [of] others.” . . .

. . . "In the wake of George Floyd’s killing in 2020, Google issued a lengthy statement outlining its commitments to racial equity in hiring and promotion as well as the money and support it had promised to the Black Lives Matter movement. Yet Google has said nothing about the recent spike in anti-Semitic violence, including brutal beatings of Jews on the streets of American cities, despite the fact that Jews are the targets of hate crimes in the U.S. far more frequently than other racial or religious groups." . . .

Joe Biden's and Kamala Harris's very weird day

And now that Biden is almost certainly suffering from dementia, his tenuous grasp on normalcy is diminishing even more.  Having reached an agreement with the Senate about the infrastructure, Biden gave a brief press conference.  That led to a viral video of super–Biden weirdness. 

 Andrea Widburg  . . . "America will lose...again.  But something else happened today, which is that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris proved that their biggest campaign lie might have been their promise to return the White House to "normal."

"I never accepted the premise that Donald Trump was not a normal president.  If you know even a little bit about presidential history, Donald Trump was a whole lot better than many of them.  Franklin Roosevelt had affairs, John F. Kennedy had orgies, Bill Clinton had...well, I don't even want to go there.  If Obama had peccadilloes, the media covered for him, but what's certain is that even the media couldn't cover for how corrupt his administration was, culminating in the Russia Hoax.

"What was really abnormal about Donald Trump's presidency was the Democrat party's behavior, especially in the form of its media coverage." . . . 

'White Rage' Is All the Rage as CNN Host Shows the Memo Has Gone Out –

 At what point did it become acceptable to demonize people based on race? Isn’t that what we’re supposed to be fighting against?

RedState  . . . "This is our Chairman of the Joint Chiefs saying this and that should concern us all. Because there’s a demonizing going on here, not just on the basis of politics, but race as well. And it’s disturbing that there’s clearly an effort to insert both race and politics into the military in a way that could be very harmful and hurt our readiness to deal with military threats.

"But this isn’t just Milley pushing this term. It’s a term that suddenly seems to be taking off in usage in liberal media, in part, as I said, to put a further demonization on those who rioted at the Capitol but to also attack in general people on the right.

"Listen as CNN’s Brianna Keilar tries to get Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) to affirm the term, asking wouldn’t he call what happened at the Capitol “white rage?”

Whose Turn Is It To Watch Joe Today?

 IOTW Report

The Most Bizarre Moment of Biden's Infrastructure Deal Announcement Was One You Probably Didn't See  . . . "In one of the more bizarre moments, Biden actually whispered an answer into his microphone at one point, which sounded like something straight out of a creepy horror movie. In another, Vice President Kamala Harris actually had to remind Biden to mention the horrific Florida beachfront condo building collapse tragedy where one person has been confirmed dead and close to 100 remain unaccounted for. Oddly, Biden let out an inappropriate giggle as he was reminded.

"But it was before the official presser got underway when something perhaps even more bizarre happened just outside the White House."

". . . Notice anything strange?

No Joke: Joy Behar Reveals Hidden Truth of Leftist Bigotry

 The Epoch Times  "I never watch “The View”—life is too short—except when it is thrust upon me by a supposedly controversial clip on cable news.

"One of those occasions arose the other day when their old standby Joy Behar made what she later called an “inappropriate” joke about Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib, who had just become the first active player in NFL history to come out as gay.

"The liberal women on the show chortled away at the alleged witticism only to be caught up short by Meghan McCain—the woman carefully chosen for the “conservative” slot on the program—who registered extreme disapproval. The usual leftwing suspects rushed to downplay the incident, but nevertheless, it went viral.

"If you haven’t yet heard the joke, played endlessly elsewhere, I’ll be discreet and leave it to this link. (Warning: It’s not a very good one. Richard Pryor and Joan Rivers are dead.)

"But this is not about Ms. Behar—one of those mediocrities who for mysterious reasons ends up making millions on television.

Behar by Donkey Hotey
"Something more important is being revealed by this, to use the colloquial term, “Freudian slip.” (Actually, this kind of “accidental” revelation way predates Freud and is really just common sense. Aristophanes was no doubt aware of such things and probably many before him.)

"Behind the joke, and the immediate positive response from the loyal liberal ladies on hand, is something I have observed, and have been yearning to say, for some time:

"The left is considerably more bigoted than the right in matters of both race and sex." . . .