Thursday, April 29, 2021


Chauvin: The Case Against the Mob

 Ann Coulter  "One of the main arguments being advanced by Eric Nelson, sole attorney for Derek Chauvin in his trial for the murder of George Floyd, is that the hostile crowd itself prevented the officers from attempting to perform CPR in the last minutes of Floyd’s life.

"Even the prosecution’s “use of force” experts admitted repeatedly on cross-examination that a hostile crowd would justify Chauvin keeping Floyd restrained until an ambulance arrived. An officer’s duty to provide care is overridden by his duty to keep himself, the suspect and the bystanders safe.

"As was evident from the videos (and admitted to by the bystander witnesses), they were shouting obscenities at the police, threatening them with bodily harm and, in a few instances, had to be held back from rushing the officers.

"And of course, because of the presence of the angry crowd, the EMTs themselves did not stick around to provide care, but did a “load and scoot,” heaving Floyd into the back of the ambulance and driving three blocks to get away from the mob on the street. They didn’t even want to work inside an ambulance near this feisty group.

"As it becomes increasingly obvious that the belligerent onlookers themselves may have gotten George Floyd killed by creating a dangerous situation for the officers, media commentators leap in to do backup work for the prosecutors by sneering at the idea that the officers might have felt threatened by a few rowdy teenagers.

"     Oh, the big pansies! So, a few teenagers yelled at the officers. Show me just ONE example of disaffected urban youth going from agitation to brawling!

"Here’s one! . . ."

Ann Coulter: "Thanks, jurors! You're safe now. We aren't". One juror feared more rioting "To watch the hours of celebratory fist-pumping from government officials and black activists after the guilty verdicts against police officer Derek Chauvin this week, you’d think Minnesota had just won the NCAA tournament.

"One man is dead and another will be spending up to 40 years in prison. How about Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison show a little dignity, with something like: “We had the trial; we’ve got a verdict; I’m not taking any questions”?

"Nope! We got a one-hour spirit rally for the championship team. The key was teamwork. Our guys practiced every night — staying even after the gym had closed! We couldn’t have done it without the fans.

"There wasn’t this much triumphalism when Ted Bundy was convicted! He murdered 30 women, escaped from jail twice, and killed again before finally being brought to trial. We didn’t have hours of gloating after they got the Green River Killer, and it took 20 years to catch him.

"Maybe we’ve gotten less decorous in the past few decades. But how about celebrating the conviction of a gangbanger who killed an 8-year-old girl in a drive-by? Would the media be as giddy about that?

"Not likely. Wild celebrations are in order only for the railroading of a cop." . . . More...

Alternate Juror in Derek Chauvin Trial: “I did not want to go through rioting and destruction again” "Well before the guilty verdict was announced in the Derek Chauvin trial earlier this week, there were concerns that fears of riots breaking out or jury members being personally targeted if they voted the “wrong way” would play a role in their deliberations, especially after some “news” outlets stupidly revealed previously unknown personal information on some of the jurors in the closing days of the trial.

"Lisa Christensen, who was an alternate juror in the trial (but did not know she was an alternate until just before deliberations began), gave an interview to Minneapolis news station KARE 11 on Thursday where she provided the first insight the public is getting into what went through the minds of jurors before and during the trial. Some of the things she said during the interview raised more questions regarding the possibility that some jurors feared voting to acquit would hurt their city – or them.

This is my personal opinion, of course, but it’s hard to believe that fear of retaliation wasn’t present in the jury room on some level, even if it wasn’t explicitly discussed. If you’ll recall, during the jury selection process, some prospective jurors admitted to fears of being targeted by rioters.


'Worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War!' Can Biden really be this dumb?

Patricia McCarthy

That one line tells us everything we need to know about who Biden and the cabal running him are; they absolutely believe that the American people are not only simple-minded but virtual toddlers who will believe anything they say.

"Whoa!  Joe Biden thinks that the relatively mild, wholly unarmed breach of the Capitol was the "worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War!"  How historically ignorant are his speechwriters?  They seem to have forgotten about the assassination of Lincoln, WWI, Pearl Harbor and WWII, the Kennedy assassination, 9/11!  Did they really think that line would resonate with anyone with a modicum of historical knowledge?

"While the entire speech was banal, this was the most egregious spoken line.  That an American president would utter such an unspeakable lie is the measure of this man.  He is a fool.  Surely, he knows better, but he and his handlers believe that most Americans are so dumb, so uninformed, that they will accept such a lie as true." . . .

. . . "Sadly, the fact that the timorous Republicans voted to confirm nearly every one of Biden's radical, racist Cabinet appointees does not bode well for America's survival.  They've put us at the mercy of an almost vicious anti-American left." . . .

More than 200 Seattle police officers quit over the last year, many citing anti-police climate

 Fox News  . . . "Many of the officers cited an anti-police climate in the city – including in the City Council -- and disagreements with police management in their reasons for moving on, leaving the department with what Police Chief Adrian Diaz called a "staffing crisis" on Tuesday.

"He said 180 police officers quit last year and another 66 officers so far this year. 

"Some of the officers retired early while others took policing jobs in other cities or moved on to other careers, the officers said in exit interviews, according to KING-TV in Seattle.

"Diaz said the number of officers left with the department is at "record" lows. "I have about 1,080 deployable officers," he told KING. "This is the lowest I've seen our department.' " . . .

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) coronavirus protocols that match the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance.

Unless you are at a tony beauty parlor having maintenance and repairs performed. TD

Breitbart   . . . "Biden delivered his speech without a mask to about 200 people. The number is about 1,400 invitees short of a traditional speech of this magnitude due to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) coronavirus protocols that match the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance." . . .


When a politician uses the word "investments", hold on to your wallet

 Like All Robbers, They Wore Masks  . . . "Hundreds of masked people conspired to rob your children and grandchildren on Wednesday evening in Washington. Like the Hamburglar, Robin Hood, and the Riddler, the thieves hid their faces behind masks.
"Chalking up the facial accoutrement to the bylaws of the Secret Society of the Knights of Fauci misses something beyond their identities. The already vaccinated wore masks for the reasons other violators of “thou shalt not steal” do: so their victims cannot pick them out of a lineup, to allow the anonymity to boost their courage, to psychologically separate themselves from the act, shame.
"The conspirator-in-chief outlined the $6 trillion in proposed and actual spending during his first 100 days in office at the gathering. “We can afford it,” Joe Biden assured his audience. But the weight of a $28 trillion debt and a fiscal year 2021 projected (before Biden took office) deficit of $2.3 trillion contradicts those words.  
"And who is this “we” of which the president speaks?" . . .

Biden tells rich to 'pay their share' with tax hikes as he tops off $6TRILLION Big Government splurge with $2.3TRILLION 'blue-collar’ jobs plan announced in address to Congress slammed by Republicans as a 'boring, socialist dream' "President Joe Biden launched his sweeping tax hikes, attacked Wall Street, said he inherited a country in 'peril' and laid out a list of legislative demands in his first address to Congress.

Walking into a chamber with just 200 lawmakers he pitched his $2.3trillion 'blue-collar blueprint' American Jobs Plan, pushed his $1.8trillion investment into 'human infrastructure' and spoke about how he will try and deal with the border, China, guns and police reform. 

"He also handed over more responsibility to Vice President Kamala Harris by asking her to promote his investment in 'jobs, jobs, jobs' and insisted she would 'get it done', a month after directing her to deal with the border.  

"He opened his speech standing in front of Harris and Speaker Nancy Pelosi by calling the Capitol riot the 'worst attack on our Democracy since the Civil War' and said 'America's house was on fire' when he took office - but he didn't mention Donald Trump.

"Republicans widely panned the speech as 'boring' and a list of 'socialist dreams'. GOP Senator Tim Scott said in his party's rebuttal that the president was 'pulling the country apart' instead of promoting unity and his remarks were 'full of empty platitudes'." . . .  More...

Joe Biden Announces $1.8 Trillion ‘Human Infrastructure’ Proposal to Congress Partly Financed by Expanding Death Tax   . . . "A breakdown of the tax adjustment from the officially named American Families Plan are as follows:

  1. Raise the top income-tax rate to 39.6 percent from 37 percent
  2. Raise the capital gains and dividends tax to 39.6 percent from 20 percent for households making more than $1 million
  3. Raise the payroll and investment taxes each by 3.8 percent — the top rates on wages and the death tax would reach 43.4 percent from 23.8 percent
  4. Use the previous 3.8 percent increase to expand over other types of income currently uncovered like active income from S corporations making over $400,000
  5. Adjust death tax to include unrealized gains as sold and thus taxable with an exemption of $1 million a person
  6. Limit the ability for real estate to be exchanged without reporting capital-gains income by capping that break at $500,000  . . . 

Coca-Cola receives warning over its attempt to impose racial quotas

 Power Line Blog  . . . "Coca Cola’s stated goal is that the legal teams it hires “be representative of the population it serves,” and the policy’s minimum racial quotas therefore roughly track the racial distribution of the American population at large, rather than the labor market for attorneys. Thus, for example, the letter requires that at least 15% of time be billed by black attorneys. Blacks make up approximately 13.4% of the U.S. population, but only 5.9% of attorneys. . . .

"In adopting this new policy, Coke appears to be following the view of “anti-racist” activist Ibram X. Kendi that justice requires proportional representation in all spheres of life and that the “only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. . . .And in order to treat some persons equally, we must treat them differently.”

"Such a policy of discrimination is illegal. Since the Civil Rights Act of 1866 (codified at 42 U.S.C. 1981), federal law has prohibited all forms of racial discrimination in private contracting. As the late Justice Ginsburg noted just last year, Section 1981 is a “‘sweeping’ law designed to ‘break down all discrimination between black men and white men’ regarding ‘basic civil rights'” Comcast Corp. v. Nat’l Ass’n of Afr. Am.-Owned Media, 140 S.Ct. 1009, 1020 (2020) (Ginsburg, J. concurring) (quoting Jones v. Alfred H. Mayer Co., 392 U.S. 409, 432 (1968) (emphasis in original). And decades of case law have held that — no matter how well intentioned — policies that seek to impose permanent racial balancing are prohibited."

The abrupt departure of Bradley Gayton after less than a year as General Counsel suggests that Coca-Cola is already aware that its racial quota requirements on outside firms are indefensible. Indeed, if press reports are accurate, Coca-Cola has already paused the policy, though with the intention of retaining at least some of its provisions. This pause is a welcome development, but more is needed. Racial discrimination should have no place in private contracting, and Coca-Cola should act swiftly to publicly undo this destructive legacy of Mr. Gayton’s tenure.