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Andrew C. McCarthy: Examining the House Impeachment Inquiry Resolution

Andrew C. McCarthy: Examining the House Impeachment Inquiry Resolution
. . . "Some observations about the eight-page resolution.
"1) The resolution is flawed, for reasons we’ll get to (the flaws could be major or minor, depending on how the resolution is implemented). By any measure, though, it is a significant improvement over the status quo ante. Once it’s passed, the House as an institution will have endorsed the impeachment inquiry. As we have pointed out, the Constitution commits the impeachment power to the House, not to the Speaker or the majority party in the House. The House acts as institution only by voting . . .
2) Not surprisingly, Democrats are posturing that the passage of the resolution means the president must produce any information directed by the House. This is an overstatement. . . (Keep reading...).
'This Ain't Over': Doug Collins Calls on Schiff to Testify About His Relationship With the Whistleblower  "Republican Congressman Doug Collins is calling on House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff to testify as a witness after Democrats moved forward with their impeachment resolution Thursday morning.
" 'Come to the Judiciary Committee and take every question asked of you [Schiff]. Be the first witness and take every question asked of you, starting with your own involvement with the whistleblower. Folks, this ain't over. Get ready. The cloud that is dropping will be dropping on their heads because process matters and substance will always win out in the end and this president has nothing to worry about on substance," Collins said." . . .
NSC Official Testifies He Heard Nothing Illegal On Trump-Zelensky Call, Transcript Accurate  "CBS News is reporting that Tim Morrison, the National Security Council's Senior Director for European Affairs, testified before Congress on Thursday that he heard nothing illegal on the phone call between President Donald J. Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Morrison also reportedly testified that the transcript released by the White House was accurate." . . .

 [VIDEO] Tom Brokaw Disappoints Andrea Mitchell When He Tells Her ‘Democrats Don’t Have The Goods on Trump’  . . . The average American is not consumed with Trump-hate, even if they don’t particularly like him, they don’t allow this hatred and blackness to rule their lives as these crazy fake media elites do. They can still assess a situation with reason and commonsense. These media nut jobs are unable to do that, and how scary that they’re the ones “reporting the news” to the rest of us.
"So, when Tom Brokaw joined Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC and explained to her that unlike Nixon, the Dems just don’t have the “goods” on Trump, you can just feel her fantasy bubble popping.
"But don’t worry, she’ll regroup and get “high” on more of her supply right after Tom leaves the building.

Catherine Herridge, Fox News Veteran, Moves to CBS News

From Weasel Zippers, which commented:  "Great reporter, bad move. She should have spoken to Sharyl Attkisson first. She’s going to end up back at Fox when she finds out she wouldn’t be able to report freely."

In a rather direct conversation former CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson talks about her decision to leave CBS News.
Some of the interesting aspects she discusses are how CBS was uninterested in airing numerous reports on scandals that surround the Obama administration and White House. She also talks about how the White House would call CBS to pressure the network to stop airing information, and how even her print reporting would find White House officials calling to express their concerns.

Variety  "Catherine Herridge, a Fox News Channel veteran who has been with that network since it was founded in 1996, is moving to rival CBS News.
"She will work as a senior investigative correspondent out of Washington, CBS News said, and will start in November.
"Herridge is the second long-serving Fox News journalist to leave the Fox Corporation-owned cable-news outlet in recent weeks. Shepard Smith, another long-serving Fox News journalist who was seen as the network’s main breaking-news anchor, surprised viewers earlier this month by announcing his departure on a Friday-afternoon broadcast. Smith had tangled on air with opinion host Tucker Carlson.
"Herridge’s move is said to have been in the works for several weeks, and is not tied to Smith’s exit. Her contract with Fox News lapsed this summer, and the network had been negotiating to get her to stay, according to a person familiar with the matter. She has not been known for jousting with the opinion programs, making frequent appearances on Fox News’ most-watched program, “Hannity.” The opportunity to move to CBS News was seen as one she could not turn down, this person said.
"Her departure may give a new boost to recent speculation that the network’s news-side employees have grown frustrated during a period when its opinion hosts have largely used their programs to lend support to President Donald Trump and his administration, sometimes criticizing news reports.
“ 'CBS News has always placed a premium on enterprise journalism and powerful investigations,” said Herridge, in a statement. “I feel privileged to join a team where facts and storytelling will always matter.” Herridge’s national security reporting was recently recognized by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society with the “Tex” McCrary Award for excellence in journalism." . . .

Tucker: A plea to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, calling out her bigotry

Tucker Carlson
Stop attacking people for the color of their skin!

The Beltway's 'Whistleblower' Furor Obsesses Over One Name

Paul Sperry, RealClearInvestigations  . . . "For a town that leaks like a sieve, Washington has done an astonishingly effective job keeping from the American public the name of the anonymous “whistleblower" who triggered impeachment proceedings against President Trump — even though his identity is an open secret inside the Beltway." . . . 
"Trump supporters blame the conspiracy of silence on a “corrupt” and "biased” media trying to protect the whistleblower from due scrutiny about his political motives. They also complain Democrats have falsely claimed that exposing his identity would violate whistleblower protections, even though the relevant statute provides limited, not blanket, anonymity – and doesn’t cover press disclosures. His Democrat attorneys, meanwhile, have warned that outing him would put him and his family “at risk of harm," although government security personnel have been assigned to protect him. 
“They’re hiding him,” Fleitz asserted. “They’re hiding him because of his political bias." . . .

. . . "In effect, Ciaramella helped generate the “Putin fired Comey” narrative, according to the research dossier making the rounds in Congress, a copy of which was obtained by RealClearInvestigations.
'Ciaramella allegedly argued that “President Putin suggested that President Trump fire Comey,” the report said. “In the days after Comey’s firing, this presidential action was used to further political and media calls for the standup [sic] of the special counsel to investigate ‘Russia collusion.’ “
'In the end, Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no conspiracy between Trump and Putin. Ciaramella’s email was cited in a footnote in his report, which mentions only Ciaramella’s name, the date and the recipients “Kelly et al.” Former colleagues said the main recipient was then-Homeland Security Director John Kelly." . . .
Ben Garrison

The Whistleblower revealed: the White House couldn't see this coming?

Meet Eric Ciaramella — H.R. McMaster Appoints Susan Rice Ally to be his Personal Aide  Going back to 2016.
. . .  "Ciaramella’s ascension is surprising considering pro-Trump sources within the Obama administration disclosed to me in December, 2016 that Ciaramella’s helped draft Susan Rice’s anti-Trump talking points before the Inauguration.
In fall of 2016 as Obama’s director for Ukraine on the NSC, Ciaramella was the main force pushing Trump-Russia conspiracy theories.
Some suspect Ciaramella was one of the original leakers who told the media about classified conversations Trump had with Russian diplomat Sergei Lavrov. While it’s unproven that Ciaramella leaked that conversation, it is now a fact of life that he will have access to every conversation Trump has with foreign officials, as part of his official duties for McMaster." . . .

Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella: Is this the best they've got?  . . . "Not long after that, he got kicked out of the NSC for suspected leaking, something other people have been jailed for.  It raises questions as to why the heck this guy even ended up at CIA, drawing a likely six-figure salary and big bennies.  He doesn't even sound security clearance–worthy, given his propensity to leak.  Tight-lipped he wasn't.
"And maybe that has a lot to do with his past politics, unimpeachably Democratic and leftist — which would amount to the real reason Democrats are protecting him.  How bad was it? [Paul] Sperry writes:" . . .
What we learn ultimately from Paul Sperry is that Schiff needs to recuse himself from his sham because he was right in the middle of it from the beginning and his efforts to keep Ciaramella's identity secret were efforts to protect himself. As for Ciaramella, he ought to be fired, and working now for an organization more compatible with his inclinations, political operativity and bureaucratic dishonesty ...  some place like Fusion GPS.  . . .

 Mystery Revealed – CIA Gossiper Eric Ciaramella: Democrat, Former NSC Staff, Worked with Joe Biden and John Brennan…

The Democrat plan for a 42% national sales tax


"If you’re a Democrat who supports “Medicare for All,” pick your poison. You can ruin your political career and immolate your party by imposing a ruinous new sales tax, a gargantuan income tax hike or a surtax on corporate income that would wreck thousands of businesses.
This is the cost of bold plans.
"Supporters of Medicare for All, the huge, single-payer government health plan backed by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and several other Democratic presidential candidates, say it’s time to think big and move to a health plan that covers everyone. Getting there is a bit tricky, however. A variety of analyses estimate that Medicare for All would require at least $3 trillion in new spending. That’s about as much tax revenue as the government brings in now. So if paid for through new taxes, federal taxation would have to roughly double.
"The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB) has done voters a favor by spelling out what kinds of new taxes it would take to come up with that much money." . . .

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'Whistleblower' Who Complained About Trump's Call to Ukrainian President Zelensky Revealed

Townhall  "Everything Trump's defenders feared about the whistleblower is true! According to a report from RealClear Investigations, the whistleblower is 33-year-old Eric Ciaramella.

"Ciaramella is a holdover from the Obama administration and a registered Democrat. He's been accused of leaking like crazy. He worked with Joe Biden, he's a vocal critic of President Trump, and he invited a DNC operative inside the White House to attend meetings. He also helped instigate the investigation into Russia collusion. So, of course, Democrats believe his second-hand complaint about President Trump's phone conversation with Ukrainian President Zelensky over the actual transcript of the call itself. 
And Ciaramella worked with a Democratic National Committee operative who dug up dirt on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, inviting her into the White House for meetings, former White House colleagues said. The operative, Alexandra Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American who supported Hillary Clinton, led an effort to link the Republican campaign to the Russian government. “He knows her. He had her in the White House,” said one former co-worker, who requested anonymity to discuss the sensitive matter.
. . . "The report claims that federal records show Ciaramella attended a state luncheon with Joe Biden's office back in October 2016. You'll never guess who else was there? Former FBI Director James Comey and former National Intelligence Director James Clapper. You can't make this stuff up! The report says it was strange for Ciaramella, a relatively low-level GS-13 federal employee, to have been there. And it describes Ciaramella's invitation as "unusual," saying it "signaled he was politically connected inside the Obama White House." 
. . . 

"Big Squaw E. Warren speaks with forked tongue"

So do most voters, including women and minorities who are too smart to be dazzled by talk of ‘environmental racism’. Elizabeth Warren thinks she can win on an anti-prosperity, increased bureaucracy platform.


. . . "Now that we are down to the last little Indian, a question that has been furtively whispered ever since the Democratic field assembled for playtime this summer is out in the open: do the Democrats have a death wish? Forget about the comic relief candidates — Cory Booker, Eric Swalwell, Jay Inslee et alii. What does it mean that two top Democratic candidates are an avowed socialist who harbors a special place in his heart for the Soviet Union, one of the most monstrous tyrannies in world history, and an unavowed socialist who traipses around the word but embraces all the policies? Remember, Warren has publicly declared that ‘I’m with Bernie’ when it comes to ‘Medicare for all’, i.e. government-run (which means badly run) healthcare. Ronald Reagan was right when he noted that ‘one of the traditional ways of imposing statism or socialism’ on a society was by way of medicine. Obamacare took a huge step in that direction. ‘Medicare for all’ would finish the task."
. . . 
". . . What else does Elizabeth Warren — Hillary with ankles and less Chardonnay — wish to impose upon us?
"Chew on these morsels. ‘On my first day as president,’ she tweeted, ‘I will sign an executive order that puts a total moratorium on all new fossil fuel leases for drilling offshore and on public lands.’
"Think about that. Barack Obama famously said that ‘we cannot drill our way out’ of the problem of getting enough energy. But it turns out that we can. President Trump’s aggressive support for fracking and other methods of harnessing America’s energy resources have, in a little over two years, transformed the US from a net importer into a net exporter of energy. More energy, more prosperity. Unemployment under Trump has fallen to historic lows, especially for women and minorities. Meanwhile his energy policy, tax cuts and ‘America first’ initiatives have fueled the first real wage increases for the working and middle classes in decades. In less than three years, middle-class incomes have surged more than $5,000." . . .

Matt Gaetz files ethics charges against Adam Schiff

Townhall  "Florida GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz has filed an ethics complaint against House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff for the way he has been handling the impeachment inquiry into President Donald J. Trump. Specifically, Rep. Gaetz says that Schiff has been "distorting  @POTUS ’s call with President Zelensky, Lying to the public about 'Russian collusion', and blocking members of Congress from attending impeachment depositions.' " . . .  

Democrats are throwing all they can at Rep. Gaetz, including things he did that they were just fine when done by Bobby Francis O'Rourke. It would be just fine had Rep. Gaetz been a Democrat and even a rapist. Inciting riots that cause the deaths of some ethnic group members would be no problem if Matt Gaetz were known as Rev. Matt Gaetz.   TD

He’s A One-Man Ukrainian Lobby!

Ann Coulter
"Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 1: Immigrants are required to wait a minimum of two (2) generations before bossing around the most successful, prosperous, free country on Earth, and fully three (3) generations before advising on our government’s policy toward the countries of their forefathers."

"I have a confession. I behaved badly recently, and I’m just going to admit it.
" As a guest at a dinner party in Georgetown, I stormed in and started bossing everyone around. First, I demanded that the foyer be painted a different color and wainscoting be added to the dining room. Then I had my hosts assemble their children so I could give them all different names. Before making my exit, I grabbed two legs of turkey off the entree platter and stuffed them in my purse.
" I have a second confession. None of that happened. But if it had, I would be exactly like Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman.
"He was born in Ukraine and raised there until age 3 1/2, when he was invited to our country. As you’ve no doubt heard, he served in our military. Thank you for your service, Colonel!
"Now he is the top Ukrainian adviser on the National Security Council. Of all the people who could look out for the U.S.’s interests vis-a-vis Ukraine, we got someone who was born there.
"As such, Vindman was permitted to listen to a phone call the president of the United States made to the president of Ukraine -- a completely unnecessary, pro forma task.
"So, naturally, when he had a policy disagreement with President Trump pertaining to the country he was born in, he thought he had a responsibility to agitate for removal proceedings against the duly elected U.S. president, just as I might have taken issue with the carpets in the Georgetown townhouse.
"For some reason, we keep hearing about Col. Vindman’s valor and patriotism. I don’t doubt that he’s a super swell guy. But unless I missed it in the newspapers at the time, I don't believe he was elected president in 2016. In fact, there's a specific constitutional provision that prevents Col. Vindman from ever being president: He wasn’t born here.
"Study question: Why might the framers have added that clause?" . . .

Al-Baghdadi and liberals; consider the synchrony
"Saturday night "live" is what ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi wasn't following a daring special forces operation last Saturday night. Troops went in, cleared the compound - killing those who resisted - then closed in on al-Baghdadi himself.
"The ISIS leader scurried down a dead-end (literally) tunnel with three of his children, then blew all of them to bits with a suicide vest." . . .

Ian Macfarlane
Ben Garrison

There is more to the above cartoon than you may think. Think of how many California elected officials warn illegals about upcoming ICE raids and consider that they are not above giving ISIS warnings for reasons that I cannot comprehend. Californians are being educated in schools that post items such as this leftist propaganda pictured below:

Impeachment City; Elections Have Consequences

If Republicans remain reluctant to act because they fear how the liberal public, the Dems, or the media will respond, then they really aren’t living in reality.  We’ve already lost the public perception game.  We don’t have the media, Hollywood, or the educational system in our court.   We don’t have much left as Republicans.  Donald Trump and his unyielding devotion to punching back on our behalf is our last best hope.  When he goes -- whether through removal due to impeachment or the 2020 election -- the GOP is dead.  It could be decades before conservatives have a viable party and by then, the damage will be catastrophic. Sally Zelikovsky
How the Senate Should Handle Impeachment  . . . "The Senate should change its rules or enact new rules establishing that it will summarily dismiss any impeachment from the House and not hold a trial, when that impeachment is based on any of the following: partisan politics (this can be proven since impeachment has been their clarion call since Election Night 2016);  conduct that falls squarely within the executive’s constitutionally-enumerated powers (among others, the executive’s ability to conduct foreign and national security policy, to protect the homeland, and to fully execute the laws of the United States, including investigating and prosecuting corruption carried out by citizens); hearsay evidence and any other evidence that would be inadmissible under the Federal Rules of Evidence; information protected by executive privilege or that is classified; evidence that has been obtained in violation of the accused’s constitutional guarantees or any other laws; or evidence that was illegally obtained. 
"The Constitution states that the President shall be “removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”  That requires that a trial take place, but if the Senate determines, in accordance with Senate rules, that there are no grounds for a trial, it’s hard to see a reason why the Senate cannot “throw out” the impeachment.  
"Gutsy? You bet.  Likely to rile up the Dems?  Don’t care.  Effective?  Damn right. " . . .

No longer an impeachment. Now, it's a railroading   . . . "Under pressure to make their Soviet-style impeachment to overturn the results of the 2016 election "fairer," Trump-maddened Democrats have put on a 'impeachment resolution' public relations show in a bid to legitimize their secret basement hearings.
. . . 
"The shammy resolution, expected to be rammed through Thursday in that desperate Democrat bid to get this whole thing over before the end of the year, does keep the House Intelligence committee under Rep. Schiff in the catbird's seat leading the impeachment as he has so far in his basement, but now it effectively shuts Republicans out of the process. It requires Republican House ranking intelligence committee member Rep. Devin Nunes to get permission first from Schiff first before he can call any witnesses or issue any subpoenas. If Adam Schiff doesn't want them, they won't be heard from.
"The resolution keeps all of the previous Soviet-style basement hearing testimony still secret and non-transparent, with no new questions permitted from Republicans." . . .

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris: Hillary Will Run If Biden Drops Out; she thinks ‘God put her on the Earth’ to be president

Newsweek "In discussing a possible Hillary Clinton 2020 presidential campaign on Sunday, ex-Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris said that the former secretary of state wants to enter the race because she believes "God put her on the earth" to become president.
"Morris weighed in on whether "the ghost of Hillary Clinton" will enter the election during an interview with radio host John Catsimatidis. "My feeling is that she wants to," he explained. "She feels entitled to do it. She feels compelled to do it. She feels that God put her on the Earth to do it, but she's hesitant because she realizes the timing is bad."
"Morris went on to explain some factors deterring Clinton from a 2020 run, including her fear that the "#MeToo movement will turn on her."
" 'In the whole issue of sexual harassment, the focus has shifted from the perpetrator, the offender, to the victim," he explained. "Now we're increasingly looking at the women who were victimized and the agony they went through.
" 'When your focus is on the predator, that's Bill Clinton's problem and isn't directly Hillary's responsibility. But when you look at the victim and you say, 'what made her life impossible?' That's Hillary Clinton's responsibility," Morris continued. "When she had private investigators digging up dirt on the women that her husband had victimized to keep them silent."
"When asked for a definitive answer on whether he thinks Clinton will launch a presidential bid, Morris responded: "She's hoping for a set of circumstances where she could." . . .
Indiana Daily Student
Bill Maher: Hillary and Bill Clinton Need to 'Go Away'  . . . He also referenced Congressman Justin Amash's tweet that called Clinton, "a Donald Trump asset," after Clinton claimed Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard and former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein were both Russian assets.
"Maher also called former President Bill Clinton "damaged goods." When marketing expert and TV personality Donny Deutsch tried to compare Clinton's image to that of former President George W. Bush, Maher remarked that Clinton's image would be harder to salvage. He said, "We forgave Clinton, then we un-forgave.' "
. . . 
"Maher has not been shy about criticizing Democrats or Republicans as the 2020 election approaches. The former Politically Incorrect host recently commented on Joe Biden's presidential campaign and the representatives of the "center-left." He told his audience: "My confidence that he can beat Trump is waning." While he liked Biden, Maher said: "We do need someone in the center left who is younger and female-er."

The left angered by Trump's "neutralizing" of al-Baghdadi

"So that’s why Ilhan Omar complained about the USA-Yisrael (Israel) relationship. Some people did something and Baghdadi is dead"   Comment in Barenakedislam

How ISIS leader al-Baghdadi’s headless body was ID’d minutes after death

The left stumbles all over itself to praise al-Baghdadi   So he murdered thousands of innocent people and turned Kayla Mueller into his sex slave; the liberals still like him better than they do President Trump. Check for a few days to see who the talk show hosts trash the most.
"For the left, there's one and only one enemy: President Trump. So anyone against him has got to be something good.
"Hence, the long string of beclownings now rolling out from avowed leftists from Hollywood and beyond, in the wake of the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi rubout.
"Tucker Carlson at Fox News has a rundown of how bad it's gotten." . . .

Kamala Harris’ petty response to successful al-Baghdadi mission speaks volumes  
"Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., may want to chalk up her ongoing drop in the polls to a prejudice nation, but the real reason she’s sinking like a rock may be found in a petty, even pretentious response to the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
"In an appearance on NBC’s “Late Night,” Harris scolded President Donald Trump for his “extraordinary” press conference announcing the success of the mission, saying he acted like he was commenting on a video game." . . .
Get this: 
To get a full measure of just how shallow the Democratic senator is, she continued in her assessment by using female pronouns to speak of the office of the president.“The commander in chief of the United States of America has as her highest priority the responsibility to concern herself with our nation’s security,” Harris said.  . . .  

(VIDEO) Hong Kong protesters sing US anthem, with US flags, against Chinese tyranny during airport occupation

American Military News  "Hong Kong’s citizens have begun waving American flags and singing the U.S. National Anthem amid ongoing protests against China’s control.
"Videos on social media show Hong Kong citizens holding American flags and singing the anthem through bullhorns in what appears to be a show of solidarity and demonstration for their freedom." . . .

. . . "U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw posted a video of the singing citizens and said, “Hong Kong is a modern-day struggle between tyrannical rule and free democracy. Protesters stand bravely in the face of violence to combat China’s authoritarian regime. They remind us why we value our freedom in America, and should stand by their side as they fight for theirs.' ”

Meanwhile here in America:

Kayla Mueller's mother: Daughter might still be alive 'If Obama had been as decisive' as Trump

"Still want to puke at Obama saying “At MY direction, US forces killed Usama bin Laden...” At his direction ? He only signed off on the work of others, and took credit for the entire operation." . . .Comment to Fox article
The Hill  "The parents of slain U.S. human rights activist Kayla Mueller said Sunday that their daughter might still be alive had former President Obama been as "decisive" as President Trump in ordering military action to recover her from ISIS before her death in 2015.
"Mueller's parents told The Arizona Republic that they credited Trump with bringing Mueller's killers to justice after the president announced Sunday morning that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been killed in a U.S. raid.
" 'I still say Kayla should be here, and if Obama had been as decisive as President Trump, maybe she would have been," Marsha Mueller told the newspaper.
" 'For me what matters most I'm hoping now we will finally get the answers we have been asking for all along," she added. "I think this administration truly might help us. I don’t think they are as closed about what happened."
"Her husband, Carl Mueller, added that it was "important" to him that Trump knew of his daughter's story and thanked the president for mentioning Kayla Mueller's name in his address Sunday morning.
" 'He knows her story. He's been briefed on it, and he knows, and that’s important to me," he said, according to the Republic. "I don’t think anything would have stopped him from getting this guy.' " . . .

Parents of ISIS victim Kayla Mueller explain what Trump mentioning their daughter after al-Baghdadi raid meant to them  . . . "On "The Story," MacCallum asked Marsha Mueller how it has been for her family since the news of al-Baghdadi's death broke. 
"This has been going on so long I'm not sure about the last 48 hours for me -- I'm just searching for Kayla -- I was glad he blew himself up, that no one killed him on our side," she said.
"She explained while Kayla was held by ISIS, her captors would treat her worse than other prisoners because she was an American. Kayla was screamed at by British-born ISIS members known as "The Beatles" for all of what they believed the U.S. had done wrong, Marsha Mueller said." . . .

Video of ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller  
2016: Mueller's parents open up about their daughter, a U.S. aid worker who was captured by ISIS in 2013.

Jamie Lee Curtis deletes anti-Trump tweet saying ISIS leader 'suffered'  . . . "Ms. Curtis, a critic of Mr. Trump, reacted to the president’s speech on Twitter, suggesting that al-Baghdadi was “blown up” and that he suffered like “all living things” do, including dogs.
“He may have died a coward @realDonaldTrump but ALL living things suffer when they are blown up,” the actress wrote. “Anyone who has experienced warfare, unlike yourself, would know that. War is brutal. Dogs are brave, bold, loyal, loving and healing.”
"The tweet racked up thousands of comments slamming Ms. Curtis for seemingly sympathizing with the slain terrorist. She deleted the tweet while this story was being written and replaced it with a post praising the military and her local law enforcement.
Some comments Curtis received:
I honestly could not care less what a celebrity thinks about anything. Why are they always being asked about politics? Since when does pretending to be someone else qualify you for anything to do with the real world? These people are as fake as the characters they play.
A person suffers when they are burned alive. beheaded, drowned, held down for a year and raped, what the hell is she thinking??? I am sorry he did not suffer for days. went to soon.
 Ms. Curtis is a good example of the disease of liberalism and how it affects the mind .
 She cares so much about human life!What is her stance about aborting innocent babies?

For those who think the U.S. gets nothing from Israel in return for the military aid we give it, look what’s protecting US Army tank crews


What’s more, every dollar of U.S. aid to Israel is spent with American defense manufacturers, something that no other country receiving U.S. aid is requested/required to do.

Trump trumps democrat foreign policy

Our media ignore, but Mullahs don’t: US assembling a devastating strike force in the Middle East
"The American media are paying no attention to it, but you can be sure that the mullahs in Tehran have noticed: The United States is openly deploying the weapons necessary to launch a devastating attack on Iran, should the need arise. The Australian media are not so shy, as shows: . . ."
It’s a classic example of modern grey warfare, where even implausible deniability shields rogue nations from international consequences.  . . .
 Twenty Years Too Early, Ten Years Too Late and the Relic From Rome
" 'I still say Kayla should be here, and if Obama had been as decisive as President Trump, maybe she would have been," Marsha Mueller said, referring to the death of her daughter at the hands of ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. "After Kayla's death, the Muellers became outspoken critics of the American government's handling of its foreign hostages. They had been encouraged to keep her captivity secret, and discouraged from attempting to free her or pay a ransom."
"Leaving aside the question of whether Obama ever had a good tactical option at rescuing Kayla Mueller, "decisive" is probably the wrong word to characterize the former president's style. Obama knew what he wanted and valued signaling and appearances in a sincere way. He was always signaling. If the Muellers were instructed not to speak it was so as not to jam his carefully crafted messages. By treating Bin Laden's corpse reverently; by an excruciating choice of words and many other ways he was signaling. Always signaling, which he saw as an important part of his job." . .  .

Speaker Pelosi Wasn’t Informed. So What?  . . . "The Gang of Eight, a collection of top Congressional leaders, are typically briefed ahead of such significant missions. But we are not living in normal, typical times. We are living in a time when certain Congressional leaders would seemingly like the president to be open with them, all the while trying to destroy his presidency." . . .

Compare the treatment meted out by Democrats to Trump's choices for Supreme Court to the commentary on al-Baghdadi. 
Obama Successfully Hunted Trump Campaign Aides Instead of Terrorists
For more than a year, the leaders entrusted to protect the country and administer justice on behalf of Americans victimized by terrorists instead used their awesome reach against a domestic political rival.
. . . "Trump alluded to that malfeasance in his press conference on Sunday. “When we use our intelligence correctly, what we can do is incredible,” Trump said while commending intelligence operatives who helped locate the ISIS madman. “When we waste our time with intelligence that hurts our country because we had poor leadership at the top, that’s not good.' ” . . .

Kayla Mueller was a U.S. hostage killed in ISIS custody. The raid against Baghdadi was named for her.  . . . "In a letter to her family that she wrote while in captivity, she urged her loved ones not to let her situation burden them. “I DO NOT want the negotiations for my release to be your duty,” she wrote, adding: “I know you would want me to remain strong. That is exactly what I am doing.
“ 'I remember mom always telling me that all in all in the end the only one you really have is God. I have come to a place in experience where, in every sense of the word, I have surrendered myself to our creator,” she wrote, invoking her religious beliefs throughout the letter.
"In February 2015, the Islamic State claimed that Mueller was killed when a Jordanian fighter plane bombed the building in which she was being held. U.S. officials expressed skepticism about the claim, while the Jordanian government denied its airstrikes had killed the American hostage.
"The details surrounding Mueller’s death and the whereabouts of her body are still unclear." . . .