Sunday, May 28, 2023

12-year-old college graduate with five degrees a close match to Joe "watch me!" Biden

 California boy Clovis Hung graduates from Fullerton College with 5 degrees (

"A 12-year-old boy who wanted a challenge graduated from a California college last week, where he was presented with a historic five degrees.

"The pre-teen, Clovis Hung, is the youngest person to graduate from Fullerton College, the university said.

"Hung started attending the school in Fall 2020, when he was just 9 years old and his mother had pulled him out of traditional public school claiming her son was highly self-motivated and goal-oriented."

" 'Clovis is super inquisitive, mature, diligent, self-disciplined, and highly motivated,” Hung’s mother, Song Choi, said in a statement released by the school. “He is also very curious and traditional public schools could not satisfy his curiosity, therefore, the best option was college.”. .

No Dodging The Democrats’ Degradation, or, “We’re All San Francisco Democrats Now” |

  Power Line (   "You would think a team named “Dodgers” would know how to dodge a culture war battle they can’t win (see: Target, Bud Light), but no, the Los Angeles Dodgers managed to get picked off in the most embarrassing fashion in a pickle-style rundown entirely of their own ineptitude. Surely the conservative (and Catholic) O’Malley family that used to own the Dodgers—before the onerous estate tax forced the family to sell the team back in the 1990s after Peter Walter O’Malley died—are rolling in their graves.

"But there’s a larger lesson here. Back in 1984 I attended the Democratic National Convention in San Francisco as a credentialed reporter (you can read the long feature Ken Masugi and I filed, “Revenge of the Nerds,” here). The day before the convention opened, there was a large gay pride parade on Market Street, which I watched from the sidewalk for the show. It was what you would have expected—a flamboyant and festive display of gay fetishes and skimpy costumes made mostly of leather, along with lots of banners expressing grievances against the Reagan Administration for not instantly curing AIDS with more money.

"I somehow got to chatting on the sidewalk with a Republican campaign operative who was observing the convention, and he remarked, “In 1972 we paid people to do this to McGovern, and now the Democrats are doing it for us for free.” Sure enough, Democrats running the convention were careful to keep this sideshow out of sight as much as possible. They knew political poison when they saw it, though Jeanne Kirkpatrick nonetheless later stuck them with the label “San Francisco Democrats.” Though she had foreign policy chiefly in mind, there was a distinct undercurrent of their victim mentality that defines the party’s dominant ideology today.". . .

Kirk Cameron story hour crashed by satanic nuns in drag. Ummm… wut? –

CBS News suddenly turns against Biden — a sign that he is being pressured to drop his re-election plans?

 Thomas Lifson- American Thinker   See also: As Biden bugs out of town during debt ceiling negotiations, Karine Jean-Pierre struggles to justify it and snaps at reporters

"I was shocked when CBS News aired an interview with the IRS whistleblower who revealed what looks like preferential treatment of Hunter Biden in his tax investigation: “multiple steps that were slow-walked. ... It was way outside the norm of what I’ve experienced in the past.” (source)

The press ever-so-politely turns on Biden, as troubles mount | The Hill  . . ."Biden is finally getting criticism from the political press, at least as it pertains to the stories they actually cover. 

"But, fortunately for him, it’s just about the most delicate criticism one could hope for.". . .

 Glenn Greenwald explains media shift against Biden: 'Democrats are petrified' he’s going to run again | Fox News

Regarding the media's about-face with the Hunter Biden laptop, Greenwald insisted news organizations are trying to "subtly correct the record" after they committed what he believes was "one of the gravest media frauds in decades" by dismissing the scandal as Russian disinformation. He then knocked outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post for having "decreed" that the laptop is only now verifiable, implying it wasn't in 2020.

What a Difference a Real DA Makes

 American Greatness (

San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins follows the law and the evidence and does not make decisions based on what may be politically expedient.

"Chesa Boudin, named after cop-killer Joanne Chesimard, and son of Weather Underground terrorists Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, was elected district attorney of San Francisco in November 2020. Criminals were happy with the outcome. 

“ 'Chesa Boudin threw a monkey wrench into the city’s criminal justice system,” recalls Richie Greenberg, San Francisco resident and business consultant. “Amid a series of high-profile cases, his promise to release repeat criminals and to allow quality of life crimes to go unpunished, San Francisco descended into a scofflaw paradise.” 

""Greenberg spearheaded a recall effort and in June 2022 voters booted Boudin by a 60 percent to 40 percent margin. Mayor London Breed then appointed University of Chicago law alum Brooke Jenkins, a prosecutor in the city’s homicide division. 

"Jenkins proceeded to fire 16 Boudin loyalists, part of “important changes to my management team and staff that will help advance my vision to restore a sense of safety in San Francisco by holding serious and repeat offenders accountable and implementing smart criminal justice reforms.” 

" 'In November 2022, Jenkins prevailed over three rivals with approximately 54 percent of the vote. As the victor proclaimed. “I pledge that improving and promoting public safety will be my and our office’s top priority.” 

" The “scofflaw paradise” recently threw up a challenge. 

"On April 27, “black trans man” Banko Brown shoplifted items from a downtown Walgreens store. That drew the attention of security guard Michael Earl-Ray Anthony, who struggled with Brown. Anthony contended that Brown threatened to stab him and shot the shoplifter, who later died from the wound. No weapon was found on the decedent. ". . .

When “White Supremacists” Attack (UHaul Edition)

  Religio-Political Talk (RPT) (

"All that to say, studying quite a few religiously racist cults years later and racist origins/history…. I have never, ever met a non-white white supremacist."

. . ."This has been bugging me for quite some time, and I wish to opine. Some here may know my biography a bit… but to catch you up a tad: Thirty-plus-years ago I was incarcerated a few times, mainly for 3-felonies. During my two longest stints in various L.A. County jail system (from Biscailuz, to H.O.J.J., to Super Max and Mira Loma – etc.). My first couple weeks in were a steep learning curve, as are most young persons. But in all my time in the system – about a year and a half – I never met a “white supremacist person of color.” Having met many actual Aryan Brotherhood members, Nazi Low Riders, white pride guys, and other white purists (like an Odinite I met), and the like. Not one was Mexican, Black, Indian (from India), yada-yada.

"I also met many racist cult members other than the ones already mentioned who were likewise part of prison gangs, like: Black Guerilla Family (BGF), Barrio Azteca, Mexican Mafia (La Eme), and the like. While there is some cooperation between Whites and Hispanics at times in jail… I slept in what was called the “wood pile.”

"I loved [even then] to talk politics and categorize things. The reason, for instance, I was removed from Biscailuz detention center was in my dorm I was asking all the Hispanic, Blacks, and White’s their set or gang affiliation or one’s they knew of. I had a very long list on two double sided legal paper notepad. Well… One guy said I was doing this because I was an undercover “po-po.” THAT caused a BIG problem, and I was removed before I was beaten to a pulp.

"In my very long list – ironically confiscated by the Sheriff’s removing me – and although I am sure the Sheriff gang unit were/are aware of them all, maybe I got a sub-set they were not. So, the accusation was a self-fulfilling prophecy by the guy who initially accused me. Lol.

"All that to say, studying quite a few religiously racist cults years later and racist origins/history…. I have never, ever met a non-white white supremacist."

“A Woman Needs a Man Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle”


Will O'Toole

One of these "nuns" being former Biden administration member Sam Brinton:

. . ."Now, let’s fast forward to today. The Supreme Court’s newest justice could not define the word “woman” under sworn testimony in front of a Senate committee. In the 1970’s, she would have defined it and defended it with pride; today, her calculation is that she has no political benefit in going head-to-head with the trans movement and its supporters on the Left. So after years of college, law school, and service as a lawyer and judge, she realized that the best play was to say that the subject belongs to biologists and not to offer her own thoughts on such an important question. Every week, we read of another guy claiming to be a woman winning some sporting event. The number and types of such events is growing: poker, cycling, volleyball, running, swimming, weight-lifting. The obvious solution if people don’t have the stomach to tell an XY guy that he is no gal is to set up a separate competitive division for trans and let them fight it out there, but not with the girls or women. But there is little movement in this direction, and girls and women who have dedicated years of hard work are being beaten by guys who are bigger and stronger than they are. 
"In the 1980’s, there was a popular T-shirt that read, “A Woman Needs a Man Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle”. Women of that era would have been infuriated that men could so easily (just need to meet the testosterone requirements) identify as women and take all of their trophies. Yet, Gloria Steinem and other leaders of the feminist movement are still around and we either hear nothing from them or they fully go along with the farce. The question is why? Why are so few women standing up for women, and when they do, they are attacked or threatened with bodily harm? When did the feminist movement give up on defending women and instead cave to the ludicrous idea that a man can be a woman by simply saying that he is". . .

"Joe and Jill Biden on Friday hosted a ceremony for the Louisiana State University Tigers Women’s Basketball team to celebrate their 2022-2023 NCAA Championship season.

"Dr. Jill told the female athletes how proud she was of how far women’s sports have come.

"Biological males posing as ‘transgenders’ are destroying women’s sports.". . .

"Women’s sports are being destroyed by people like Joe and Jill Biden.

"Because of destructive and evil Democrat policies, biological males are crushing female athletes.". . .

Monty Python's The life of Brian - I want to be a woman

Transgenderism and its War on Truth - American Thinker

. . .The modern leftist agenda—which lies at the foundation of the Democrat party, the mainstream American media, government schools, and the like—is itself a war on truth. As in any war, what the left seeks to do here is to replace their adversary—truth—with their own idea of “truth.” Of course, as the last several decades in America have proved, the left has had great success in supplanting the truth with their own perverse, evil ideology. Their wild successes in supplanting the truth of what is a male and what is a female alone proves this point. . .

"Monty Python perfectly and eerily predicted what we're seeing today from the left - it's actually pretty spot on and scary to watch."

"That Monty Python bit was priceless! It's unbelievable that these guys were actually predicting the idiocy of these days as far back as the early 1970s. None of these shows would be allowed in today's politically correct, state-controlled television."

Last look at the news today

 Iran Unveils New Long-Range Missile “Kheibar” Named After 7th Century Muslim Massacre of Jews (   "While the Biden White House is still hoping for a nuclear deal with Iran, the regime has launched a new nuclear-capable ballistic missile with a range of up to 1200 miles, Iranian state media reported Thursday.

"The newly unveiled Khorramshahr-4, modeled on North Korea’s Musudan ballistic missile, can reach Israel and parts of southern Europe. The missile is also called Kheibar, named after the Jewish town destroyed by Prophet Muhammad and his followers in the 7th century.. . .

Illinois Governor Deploys Yellow-Vested ‘Peacekeepers’ to Chicago for Memorial Day Weekend (

This is what ‘Defund the Police’ looks like in reality. Tasking members of the community with the dangerous job of keeping the peace.

"Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker is deploying a team of yellow-vested ‘Peacekeepers’ to Chicago this Memorial Day weekend to respond to and prevent acts of violence.

"What could possibly go wrong? '. . ."

REVEALED: Rupert Murdoch Hosted Ron DeSantis at His California Ranch and Told Him FOX News Will Support Him | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft   FOX News owner Rupert Murdoch hosted Governor Ron DeSantis at his California Ranch in Bel Air in 2020. He told him FOX News would support his potential run for president in 2024."

"Since then Murdoch and FOX Corp fired its top host Tucker Carlson who was a favorite of the Trump-MAGA crowd.

"FOX News has since implemented a soft ban on President Trump.

"The news channel is suffering from this new direction. FOX News has lost nearly half of its audience since firing Tucker Carlson.". . .

Poll: Biden's Approval Rating Near Lowest Ever on Memorial Day Weekend ( ..."Among partisans, 84 percent of Democrats, just 33 percent of independents, and 4 percent of Republicans approve of Biden’s job performance.". . .