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Fired Ukrainian Prosecutor Files Federal Complaint Against Biden, Charging He 'Abused His Power'

 PJ Media

Donald Trump was impeached by House Democrats for suggesting that the corruption of Burisma and the Bidens ought to be looked at by Ukraine. Shokin’s filing gives Republicans even more ammo to say that Hunter Biden is a relevant witness for the impeachment trial. In fact, I think it’s quite clear that if more witnesses are ultimately called, Viktor Shokin should be brought in too.

"Multiple sources have confirmed a report by French news site Les Crises that former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin has filed a complaint with Ukraine’s National Bureau of Investigation this week demanding an investigation be launched against  Joe Biden, who successfully pressured the Ukrainian government to fire him and protect Burisma Holdings, the company his son Hunter sat on the board of, making $83,000/month, despite having no experience related to their business.

"Shokin alleges in his filing that Biden orchestrated his ouster as prosecutor general in order to prevent the completion of his investigation of the notoriously corrupt natural gas company, Burisma Holdings.

During the period 2014-2016, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine was conducting a preliminary investigation into a series of serious crimes committed by the former Minister of Ecology of Ukraine Mykola Zlotchevsky and by the managers of the company “Burisma Holding Limited “(Cyprus), the board of directors of which included, among others, Hunter Biden, son of Joseph Biden, then vice-president of the United States of America.

"Shokin contends the investigation was “carried out in strict accordance with Criminal Law” and under his “personal control as the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.”

Owing to my firm position on the above-mentioned cases regarding their prompt and objective investigation, which should have resulted in the arrest and the indictment of the guilty parties, Joseph Biden developed a firmly hostile attitude towards me which led him to express in private conversations with senior Ukrainian officials, as well as in his public speeches, a categorical request for my immediate dismissal from the post of Attorney General of Ukraine in exchange for the sum of US $ 1 billion in as a financial guarantee from the United States for the benefit of Ukraine.    Full article and additional links here . . .

 Joe Biden listed as criminal suspect in Ukrainian court  "This is a story you won't find discussed in American mainstream media very much for obvious reasons."

Ukraine busts $6M bribe scheme for gas company that hired Hunter Biden  "The bribery case has no connection to Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Ukrainian investigators said Saturday at a press conference that revealed the scheme." 

 Joe Biden was in charge of US policy toward Ukraine at the time his son was hired to sit on Burisma’s board.

 Ukraine found no evidence against Hunter Biden in case audit: former top prosecutor

Unwittingly caught up in the impeachment row last year, Zelenskiy has said Ukrainians are “tired” of the issue and does not want Ukraine being dragged into the 2020 presidential race.

The 10 Worst Legacy Media Abuses in 2020

 PJ Media  "From the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic to the riots to the 2020 election, the left-leaning legacy media has twisted, subverted, and outright suppressed the news it is supposedly tasked with reporting. It is impossible to cover every instance of media bias against President Donald Trump, for Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., or propping up the far-Left’s increasingly stifling orthodoxy, but I have compiled what I believe to be the ten most egregious examples from 2020." .  .  .

Media Suppression of 8 Key Stories 'Stole This Election' for Joe Biden  

WaPo Gushes Over Kamala Harris' Marriage After Slamming Mike Pence's Commitment to His  "Only a few years after slamming Vice President Mike Pence for his unwavering commitment to his marriage, the Washington Post is now gushing over Kamala Harris’ relationship with her husband.

"Because, as we all know by now, there are a whole other set of rules for Democrats.

"Fresh out of actual news to report, and blinded by their own bias, the Post ran this headline over the weekend regarding Harris and her marriage to Doug Emhoff: “Kamala Harris’s marriage inspires so many of us still searching for our Dougs.” . . . 

Related: Egg on Their Faces: 10 Climate Alarmist Predictions for 2020 That Went Horribly Wrong   
Long before Beto O’Rourke claimed the world only had 10 years left for humans to act against climate change, alarmists had spent decades predicting one doomsday scenario after another, each of which stubbornly failed to materialize. It seems climate armageddon has taken a permanent sabbatical." . . .

Year-in-Review: The 2020 List of the 10 Worst Governors in the Nation

 "Brown is not just a Worst governor; she’s a straight-up piece of work."

Jennifer Oliver O'Connell   "So, there was no way that I could do a “Top 10 Worst Mayors” list without creating a similar list for the nation’s governors. Governors are the people who are most responsible for our state of being, our economic viability, and our safety, especially during this pandemic. Since this is a “Worst Of” list, we all know that the majority of them are failing miserably in all those areas.

"One Republican made the list. In this era of NeverTrumpers and RINOS, this should come as no surprise. If it was a list of 20, there would have been a few more.

"My determining factors, beside the dictator bloodlust, were:

  • How quickly does he/she run to the cameras?
  • How much gleam and glee is in his/her eyes when they talk about lockdowns?
  • How much joy does he/she exhibit when sticking it to Salon Owners, barbers, fitness center owners and small businesses?
  • How much does he/she blame President Trump?

"And my final determinant:

  • If he/she got run over by a truck how much would their constituents cheer?

"Without further ado, here is my list of the Top 10 Worst Governors in the Nation: . . ."

Here they are...

January 6th; talk about a drop-dead date


Rich Terrell

Coming attractions for January 6  "Here are updates related to January 6, when a joint session of Congress will meet to vote on the Electoral College results.  (Depending on how things unfold, there may be some surprises.  Some could be quite shocking.  More on that further down.)

"On January 6, members of Trump's legal team hope to present their case of massive voter fraud to Congress and the American people.  I presume they've been sharing information with Congress for weeks now, but on the 6th, it will be official, and they will also have a platform to speak to the public — at least as far as I understand things.

"On that same day, dozens of speakers will be on stage before a massive crowd, challenging the election results, standing with President Trump, and standing for the Constitution.

"Inside the hallowed corrupt halls of Congress, twenty congressmen have pledged to challenge the Electoral College vote. " . . .

If enough senators challenge the election results, Trump wins 

. . . In brief: If senators follow Hawley's lead and take a stand against the fraudulently generated Electoral College votes, at that point, under the Twelfth Amendment, there is no elected president, and the matter returns not to the full House, but to a single representative from each state.  And so, Trump wins.

Hey, GOP: This is Your Do or Die Moment   Mr. Romney, you listening?

Sen. Josh Hawley to Join GOP House Members Who Will Contest Electoral College Results on Jan. 6  "January 6, the day Congress is expected to accept the results of the election, is fast approaching.

"There have been a lot of rumblings about what to do with so many Republicans questioning the results of the election. Polls indicate that at least 78% of Republicans do not believe that Joe Biden won legitimately and they want people to listen to the concerns being raised.

"Now, reports are that some in Congress will be objecting on January 6.

"Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) has been leading the charge in the House. Joining him will be several new incoming members including Reps. Barry Moore (R-AL), Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Lauren Boebert (R-CO), Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), Burgess Owens (R-UT), Yvette Herrell (R-NM), Dr. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), Bob Good (R-VA), Jerry Carl (R-AL) and Andrew Clyde of Georgia. While there are at least 10 new members joining Brooks, there are also current members who will be joining as well, such as Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA)." . . .

‘Pelosi Owns A $24,000 Fridge’: Pelosi Laments Vast Disparities In Americans’ Incomes, Hit With Backlash

 Daily Wire  "On Wednesday, at her weekly press conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi harped on the differences in economic status among Americans, stating that the coronavirus pandemic has “pulled back the curtain to reveal further disparities in our economy and in our society,” while adding, “Clearly, the disparities in income and equity in our country are vast.”

"Citing the pandemic, Pelosi said that the economic disparities in the country had “gotten worse”:

This vaccine – this pandemic is horrible. I mean, in every way, the lives and livelihoods of the American people are affected by it in a massive way. However, it has also pulled back the curtain to reveal further disparities in our economy and in our society. They have become – come into sharper focus because of the pandemic. …

Clearly, the disparities in income and equity in our country are vast.  We’ve known that.  They’ve only gotten worse, and the pandemic, again, puts it in sharper focus. And that’s why I’m proud to announce the creation of a new bipartisan Select Committee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth, which will be a central force for the Congress to combat the crisis of income and wealth disparity in America.

"Pelosi’s comments elicited blowback that pointed out her own vast personal wealth, which is estimated to be roughly $114 million, according to her 2018 personal financial disclosure, as Fox News reported." . . .

The Century Crammed Into a Year Mercifully Ends

 The American Spectator

2020 was mostly peaceful protests occurring within a mostly healthy year during which toilet paper remained mostly available.

. . . "Yes, the House of Representatives impeached Donald Trump (for daring to suggest wrongdoing by an upstanding citizen he confused with that other Hunter Biden who cheated on his dead brother’s widow with a stripper he impregnated before marrying a third woman 10 days after first meeting, cocained his way out of the Navy, and cajoled various foreigners into depositing large sums of money into his bag) this year even though a Mandela Effect causes everyone to remember it as occurring a long, long time ago.

"In a nutshell, 2020 was mostly peaceful protests occurring within a mostly healthy year during which toilet paper remained mostly available. We experienced a shortage of really all tissuey products, kettlebells, and coins, and a surplus of Karens sternly lecturing us to cover our faces walking down the street, hanging out in public parks, and hiking in the woods. Scolds speak fondly of 2020 for decades to come.

"Despite all the social distancing, social media, and social justice, 2020 struck its captives as a very antisocial year with little in the way of ice-cream socials or gatherings of any kind.

"Rights became crimes. Cops arrested a minister for preaching in Florida, protesters for walking on the sidewalk near the governor’s mansion in North Carolina, beauticians for performing appointment-only nail and eyelash services in Texas, and a solitary man for paddle-boarding on the water in California.

"Crimes became rights. Protesters exercised their First Amendment rights by looting stores, Talibanning public art, committing arson, and assaulting people who disagreed or advertised “punch me” on the back of their heads all in full view of policemen and television cameras. MSNBC’s Ali Velshi described the scene as “mostly a protest” and “not, generally speaking, unruly” as he reported in front of a police building engulfed in an arsonist’s flames in Minneapolis." . . .

. . . Nobody better represented an escape from 2020 than Nathan Apodaca. In a 22-second TikTok video watched by tens of millions, an always-look-on-the-bright-side-of-life commuter with a feather (one almost sees it blowing in the wind) tattoo on his head glides down a highway offramp sipping a big bottle of Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry as he sings along to the chilled-out Fleetwood Mac song “Dreams.” We later learned that Apodaca’s truck logging 320,000 miles died, which caused the 37-year-old to skateboard from his camper to his job at a potato warehouse. If he can sing and smile through his troubles, the video suggested, then maybe Americans can sing and smile through our troubles, too.


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Happy Kwanzaa! The Holiday Brought to You by the FBI

Folks, Kamala Harris’s parents met in a radical leftist activist study group on Berkeley’s campus in the early 1960s — the only surprising thing would be if Kamala *didn’t* celebrate Kwanzaa as a kid,” Dunleavy tweeted. Cameron Arcand 

                                                                 Ian Macfarlane                                           

“ 'Our Kwanzaa celebrations are one of my favorite childhood memories. The whole family would gather around across multiple generations and we’d tell stories and light the candles. Whether you’re celebrating this year with those you live with or over Zoom, happy Kwanzaa!”Ann Coulter   [Alleged] "Vice President-elect Kamala Harris recently tweeted:

"Post some pictures, Kamala! We’d love to see your Brahmin and Jamaican grandparents sitting around the Kwanzaa candles recalling celebrations way back when they were three or four years younger. (Would that The Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” would start counting Kamala’s lies!)

"Kwanzaa, celebrated exclusively by white liberals, is a fake holiday invented in 1966 (when Kamala was 2 years old) by black radical/FBI stooge Ron Karenga — aka Dr. Maulana Karenga, founder of United Slaves, the violent nationalist rival to the Black Panthers. Liberals have become so mesmerized by multicultural gibberish that they have forgotten the real history of Kwanzaa and Karenga’s United Slaves.

" 'In what was ultimately a foolish gambit, during the madness of the ’60s, the FBI encouraged the most extreme black nationalist organizations in order to discredit and split the left. The more preposterous the group, the better. (It’s the same function MSNBC serves today.)

"By that criterion, Karenga’s United Slaves was perfect.

"Despite modern perceptions that blend all the black activists of the ’60s, the Black Panthers did not hate whites. Although some of their most high-profile leaders were drug dealers and murderers, they did not seek armed revolution.

"Those were the precepts of Karenga’s United Slaves. The United Slaves were proto-fascists, walking around in dashikis, gunning down Black Panthers and adopting invented “African” names. (I will not be shooting any Black Panthers this week because I am Kwanzaa-reform, and we are not that observant.)

" 'It’s as if David Duke invented a holiday called “Anglika,” which he based on the philosophy of “Mein Kampf” — and clueless public school teachers began celebrating the made-up, racist holiday." . . . Full article here.

Kwanzaa emerged not from Africa, but from the FBI’s COINTELPRO. It is a holiday celebrated exclusively by idiot white liberals. Black people celebrate Christmas. A.C.


Iran says Trump’s life ‘will end,’ won’t stop until revenge on US for killing Soleimani in new statement

CNN, MSNBC, and Hollywood will cheer over this. Perhaps President Trump can ship Iran a pallet full of cash. TD

Ben Garrison
Rouhani has increasingly expressed optimism that a Biden presidency would see a U.S. return to the Iran nuclear deal, and an end to sanctions the Trump administration has imposed on Iran since leaving the agreement in 2018.

 American Military News  "On Wednesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said U.S. President Donald Trump’s life “will end” and Iran would not rest until it gets revenge on the U.S. for the January airstrike that killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad, Iraq.

"In translated remarks posted on the Iranian president’s official website, Rouhani said in reference to Trump, “One of the effects of this stupid and disgraceful act was that Trumpism ended and in a few days, the life of this criminal will end and he will go to the dustbin of history, and we are very happy about this and we believe that the period after Trump will be a better condition for regional and global stability.”

"It’s unclear if Rouhani was unveiling a threat on Trump’s life, or remarking metaphorically on his waning presidency. The warning comes just days ahead of the January 3 anniversary of the strike against Soleimani ordered by Trump.

"Rouhani added that Iran “will not give up until they take revenge on [Soleimani’s] blood as its right.”

“ 'The martyrdom of Martyr Soleimani was revenge against the Islamic Republic of Iran, independence of regional countries and revenge against those great nations that stood against the conspiracies of the United States and Zionism and foiled that conspiracy,” Rouhani said. Iran frequently refers to Israel as the Zionist regime.

"Addressing the U.S. and Israel, Rouhani vowed to “cut off your leg from the region and we will continue the resistance until that day.” He also accused the two nations of forming the ISIS terrorist group and striking Soleimani because he “stood tactfully against their plots.' ” . . .

Charter for Compassion

Year-in-Review: The 2020 List of the 10 Worst Mayors in the Nation

  Jennifer Oliver O'Connell

"As one of our RedState diarists Dana Pico mused,

“There are times that I wonder if today’s Democrats see George Orwell’s 1984 not as a warning but a model of good government.”

Above: ...6. Jacob Frey (Minneapolis)  Now to the frozen tundra of the Upper Midwest. Had it not been for the death of George Floyd, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey could have fallen into woke obscurity as another pajama boy running a major city into the ground. ....

"In celebration of a 2020 that desperately needs to come to an end, here is a list of the Top 10 Worst Mayors in the nation. These mayors most definitely use Orwell’s 1984 as their policies and procedures manual, if not their Bible.

"It comes as no surprise that all 10 of the mayors on the list are Democrat (something about that political party), and that five of the 10 are mayors of West Coast cities (something about the Pacific Ocean).

"Several of the mayors have overseen a mass exodus of people from their cities, and even their state in a 10-month period. But most of all, every one of these mayors stand out as abject failures of governance, with constituents that literally despise them.

 "Without further adieu, here is the Top 10 Worst Mayor’s list for 2020: . . ."

No need to read all the way through; the top four are precisely who you expected. Of course, former Mayor Pothole Pete is no longer ruling over South Bend, Indiana, so he is not on this list. TD

Senate Investigation Finds Obama Admin Knowingly Funded al-Qaeda Affiliate

 On May 4, 2015, the Obama administration’s State Department recommended OFAC grant World Vision’s request for the license to transact. The next day, OFAC granted the license to pay ISRA $125,000 for services rendered, and later sent the non-profit a “cautionary letter” making it aware that its collaboration with ISRA appeared to have violated the Global Terrorism Sanction Regulations.

National Review  "Non-profit humanitarian agency World Vision United States improperly transacted with the Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA) in 2014 with approval from the Obama administration, sending government funds to an organization that had been sanctioned over its ties to terrorism, according to a new report.

"Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) recently released a report detailing the findings of an investigation his staff began in February 2019 into the relationship between World Vision and ISRA.

"The probe found that World Vision was not aware that ISRA had been sanctioned by the U.S. since 2004 after funneling roughly $5 million to Maktab al-Khidamat, the predecessor to Al-Qaeda controlled by Osama Bid Laden.

"However, that ignorance was born from insufficient vetting practices, the report said.

"“World Vision works to help people in need across the world, and that work is admirable,” Grassley said in a statement. “Though it may not have known that ISRA was on the sanctions list or that it was listed because of its affiliation with terrorism, it should have. Ignorance can’t suffice as an excuse. World Vision’s changes in vetting practices are a good first step, and I look forward to its continued progress.”

"The investigation was sparked by a July 2018 National Review article in which Sam Westrop, the director of the Middle East Forum’s Islamist Watch, detailed MEF’s findings that the Obama administration had approved a “$200,000 grant of taxpayer money to ISRA.”

Why Kamala Harris Is Being Accused of Lying Over Kwanzaa Post

As some one who was born & raised in Africa I can tell there is no such thing as Kwanza. Kamala knows nothing about it because she is an Indian Jamaican who grew up in Canada.

Leah Barkoukis   "Vice president-elect Kamala Harris was accused of lying after posting a Kwanzaa message claiming that she and her family celebrated the holiday growing up, despite the fact that she was born two years before it was invented by a violent, deranged felon

“ 'You know, my sister and I, we grew up celebrating Kwanzaa,” she said in a video message. “Every year, our family would – and our extended family, we would gather around, across multiple generations, and we’d tell stories. The kids would sit on the carpet and the elders would sit in chairs, and we would light the candles, and of course, afterwards have a beautiful meal. And, of course, there was always the discussion of the seven principles. And my favorite, I have to tell you, was always the one about self-determination, kujichagulia.”

"Harris continued: “And, you know, essentially it’s about be and do. Be the person you want to be, and do the things you want to do, and do the things that need to be done. It’s about not letting anyone write our future for us, but instead going out and writing it for ourselves. And that principle motivates me today, as we seek to confront the challenges facing our country and to build a brighter future for all Americans. So, to everyone who is celebrating, Happy Kwanzaa from our family to yours.”

"That message raised eyebrows on Twitter, given that it was invented after she was born and that she is of Jamaican and Indian descent." . . . 

Stacey Abrams’ Federal Judge Sister Blocks Voter Purge in Two Georgia Counties

 Legal Insurrection

The two counties sought to remove the voters “because their registrations appeared to match U.S. Postal Service change-of-address records.”

"U.S. District Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner, Stacey Abrams’ sister, ruled against a voter purge in two Georgia counties before the January 5th runoff.


"Here is some background in order to fully understand the ruling.

"Muscogee County wanted to remove 4,000 voters. Ben Hill County wanted to purge 150 voters.

"The two counties sought to remove the voters “because their registrations appeared to match U.S. Postal Service change-of-address records.” From Politico:

The evidence to challenge the 4,000 registrations in Muscogee County was particularly sparse. The challenge was lodged Dec. 14 by a local voter named Ralph Russell who alleged that he had compared evidence from publicly accessible voter registration databases to prove that these voters had moved out of Georgia.

“I believe that each of the individuals named … as a result of registering their name and change of address to a location outside of Muscogee County, removed to another state with the intention of making the new state their residence,” Russell told the county board. “Thus, each individual has lost their residence in Muscogee County, and consequently, each individual is ineligible to vote in Muscogee County.”

The Muscogee board met Dec. 16 and backed Russell’s motion 3-1, even though he didn’t attend the meeting and provided no additional evidence to support his challenge. Voters on Russell’s list, per the board, would be required to vote by provisional ballot and present additional evidence of residency to vote.

"City Council member Tommy Roberts in Fitzgerald, GA, challenged the 150 voters in Ben Hill County. He “relied on change-of-address data.” The board in that county voted 2-1 in favor of Roberts.

"Politico reported that “the board backed him despite evidence that the data could not be verified and would be inadmissible in court.”

"The group Majority Forward sued because “postal data is not a reliable or conclusive indicator that a voter has given up their local residence.”

"National Democratic Party attorney Marc Elias represents Majority Forward." . . . More...

More links:   2020 LawNewz

Stacey Abrams' Sister, a Judge, Won't Recuse From Voter Fraud Case

Corruption Runs in the Family – Federal Judge Who is Stacey Abrams’ Sister Blocks Challenge to Voters That Live Outside of Registered District

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

"Absolutely Unprecedented": Sidney Powell Goes Off in Latest Interview, Lays Out Upcoming Election Fight

 Trending Politics  "During a radio interview with [Rush Limbaugh fill-in host] Todd Herman," pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell gave an update on her ongoing 2020 election fight. "Read Powell's rant below:" (Rant?)

The very night of the election many people saw something that they had never seen before in the history of our elections. They saw votes being changed on the screen in front of them, going from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden. On top of that, the morning after the election, even that night, the voting stopped. They stopped counting in multiple districts at the same time before the vote got to 270 electors for President Trump. That’s never happened before. The only time votes have ever stopped being counted in this country on election night was when the Broward County problem developed over Hanging Chad’s in one county in FL. So for FIVE states to stop counting on election night is absolutely UNPRECEDENTED. And they did it because the vote count for the electoral college was about to hit [+ go over] 270 for President Donald Trump, because of the massive outpouring of votes for him that night. By the next morning, multiple mathematicians had contacted me and told me they knew the algorithm that had been run to change the votes. It was that obvious to people with mathematical expertise. It is a mathematical impossibility for 100’s of thousands of votes to show up for VP Biden alone and to have been injected into the system the way that they were. We have eye-witness testimony of countless people who saw votes coming in, in unsecured containers and improper means and looking different the night of the election. These people have come forward at great personal risk to themselves & their families to provide thousands of affidavits of voting abnormalities and actual crimes that they witnessed happen on election night. The very fact that the other side is working so hard to hide all of this. Federal law requires transparency in our electoral process and our elections.”

"There is a federal statute that requires all the documents pertaining to the election to be maintained for 22 months following an election, for the very reason that it has to be completely auditable. A Federal Judge in October [in ATL] found all kinds of problems w/ the Dominion system that GA bought and crammed down for everybody across the state to use. That’s where the most problems have been, is in GA. Witnesses have come forward, there was supposedly a water leak that they shut down voting for. That was an abject lie. We have video of witnesses pulling suspect ballots out from under a table after they ran off all the observers." . . .   Keep reading...

Tony Branco

UPDATED: WaPo Take on Kamala Harris' Marriage Gives Us a Cringey Look Into How Media Intends to Cover Biden/Harris


"We’re already seeing the difference in how the liberal media would treat a ‘Biden-Harris’ administration as opposed to that of President Donald Trump."

"First, there’s just that. Suddenly, instead of just Biden administration, you see a lot of ‘Biden-Harris’ almost as if they’re trying to will Harris into the position or declare it a co-position.

"We’ve heard about Biden having two dogs and how he likes to wear colorful socks. Not so much about all those connections and money from China and Ukraine, but hey, at least we know about the socks!

"But prepare, if you want to not gag, for the Washington Post article about Kamala Harris that conservatives just discovered." . . .

"Pence, bad. Kamala, good. Didn’t you get the propaganda memo?"

What Kamala Harris's big Kwanzaa lie reveals about the media  . . . "That brings us back to the introductory question comparing a supposed lie of crowd size to an outright pandering lie about a childhood celebration and why it is such an important question.  Without judging the truthfulness of either statement, if they are both lies, they are of equal severity.  Yet one granted the media the authority to treat Team Trump as a hostile witness for the next four years while the other was simply ignored or glossed over.  The media's complicity in Harris's lie is more important than a narcissist not backing down to a challenge on crowd size, or number of viewers, or whatever the initial fiasco was all about.  Perhaps the media are still in their "100 days of honeymoon" with the presumptive presidential ticket, but this comparison is strong evidence that scandal-free Obama's eight-year honeymoon will be granted to the Harris-Biden ticket as well — even if she wears a tan pantsuit."

REMINDER: Kwanzaa Was Concocted By A Deranged Felon Who Brutally Tortured Two Naked Women  "It’s Christmastime, America, and you know what that means: It’s the season when public schools across the fruited plain are teeming with lessons about Kwanzaa and a handful of other holidays which aren’t Christmas.

"As a public service, then, The Daily Caller is here to tell you the true — and truly bizarre — history of the violent, deranged and radical black nationalist who concocted the completely artificial holiday of Kwanzaa in 1966." . . .

The name change. At some point in the 1960s, Karenga decided he didn’t want to be Ron Everett any longer. Instead, he gave himself the name “Maulana,” which is Swahili for “master teacher.” Karenga means “keeper of tradition” in Swahili.