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Lara Logan outs Corporate Media-Government Collusion

 Substack (  "Media Censorship and the First Amendment: A threat to Freedom and the Republic"  

When the founding fathers put freedom of speech, first - it was not by chance. It was by design. The rights that followed were in part, created to protect the first Amendment. Without it, they knew that freedom itself would perish. 

. . ."Lara Logan:  Thank you, Senator Johnson. Hello everybody. I was asked to testify on media censorship and the First Amendment, the importance of free speech. And I do want to say that it is an honor and a privilege to be here with all of you and with you. Senator Johnson, thank you for hosting this “Rogue” committee.

"It is important to all of us because of everything discussed today, that we address the vital principles and values that exist really only in the United States of America. And that said, these are the worst of times for the media in this country. We live in the age of information warfare where propaganda is not simply a weapon, it is the entire field of battle. This is a war for our minds that is aided by advanced technology, and we have never been here, not in all of human history.

"It is a moment when we as journalists should stand together united and regardless of politics, we should fight for the truth and we should fight for freedom. Yet not very long ago, we allowed one of our own Tucker Carlson to be branded as a traitor simply for doing his job. In fact, there were many, so-called journalists who were leading the charge against Tucker, accusing him of treason for the simple fact of interviewing the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. And to my knowledge, there was not a single legacy media institution that spoke up.

"This was more than a politically motivated attack on one man. It was a betrayal of the most sacred principles of a free press. And my media colleagues know this to be true no matter what they say. My fear is that they either no longer care or that they lack the moral courage to be honest, including with themselves. I have worked at the highest levels of the media as a full-time correspondent for 60 Minutes, chief Foreign correspondent for CBS News, chief Foreign Affairs correspondent for CBS News. That was my home for 16 years. And as a journalist, I have sat down with world leaders, mass murderers and terrorists, and I have held people on both sides of the aisle accountable.

"I have seen suffering and I have faced evil, and I have walked through the fires of hell on distant battlefields. I faced my own death at the hands of a mob of some 200 men in Egypt when I was gang raped and sodomized and beaten almost to death while on assignment for 60 minutes.

"And yet for almost a decade, I have been targeted and falsely branded and accused of many things that I did not do. They have attacked my work, my character, my sanity, and my marriage. And I am not alone. We are many and we will not give up, and we will not give in to those who wish to censor the idea of free speech. In America and all over the world, media companies, institutions, and journalism schools have failed all of us. And for too long we have allowed nonprofit organizations to masquerade as nonpartisan media watchdogs, when in fact they are a little more than highly paid political propagandists and assassins, whose entire reason for being is to crush anyone who stands in their way." Read the entire testimony of Ms. Logan here.

How can the pro-Hamas, anti-Israel left be so obtuse?


Hebron, Palestine: Isn’t it barbaric to decapitate Mr. Ahmad Abu Marhia just because he is gay?

. . ."Indeed, he was brutally murdered (i.e., decapitated, dismembered). Guess why? Simply because of his sexual orientation. As reported in the Lebanese, Israeli, and British media, Mr. Abu Marhia was hiding in Israel awaiting to leave the country to Canada, as a refugee in just two months before his death. How sad and how unfair (!

"The fate of Mr. Abu Marhia speaks volumes about how you are treated by Islamists when you are from a sexual minority (i.e., homosexual). You receive death threats, as reported in the articles cited above. You also risk being killed in the most horrible way like in this tragedy. This when you are not thrown out of a building or sentenced to death in other countries of the region. Yet in some other places of this part of the world, you may be put in jail and even tortured. Furthermore, in some apparently more tolerant countries of the region, you risk being medically examined in the most degrading way possible to the dignity of a human being.

"Welcome to the Middle East where 56% of its youth want their countries’ laws to be based on the Shariah (Islamic) law, not on civil/common law, as per the earlier post shown below." . . .

The . . ."greenies’ electric vehicle craze?"


Image courtesy of Clive Branson.

Can Mercedez-Benz buck the greenies’ electric vehicle craze? - American Thinker

The business model change comes after multiple highly-publicized instances of Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles catching on fire and causing massive damage.

An EQB model caught ablaze while being charged in a car showroom in Malaysia on New Year’s Eve 2023, with video footage showing the terrifying moment a portion of the building went up in flames.

The fire destroyed “about 90 percent of the car, five percent of the showroom building structure, and 20 percent of the electric vehicle charging bay” the local fire and rescue operation commander told the Star.

Earlier in the year, a new Mercedes-Benz EQE350+ electric vehicle spontaneously caught fire while parked in a Nocatee, Florida home garage, causing an estimated $1 million in damage to the house.

The car wasn’t even charging when it caught fire, Breitbart News reported.

Nikki to Trump, "You shall not pass!"


AfterMath via Monty Python & The Holy Grail: "...It's just a flesh wound..."

Israel, the apple of God's eye

"Apple of My Eye" - Bible Meaning of Psalm 17

In Psalm 17, David asks God to "keep me as the apple of your eye" in a prayer to the Lord. Learn more about the meaning and significance of this phrase!

Anti-Semitism may be Coming to Your Radio Station - American Thinker  "Don’t be shocked if you tune in to your favorite conservative talk-radio show and instead hear someone of the same political stance as Rachel Maddow or Joy Reid. Before you crash your car or fall out of your chair, you should know what is taking place, why it is taking place, and your role in preventing what could be a severe reduction in conservative and pro-Israel voices on terrestrial radio.

"George Soros, via Soros Fund Management (SFM), has acquired via a bankruptcy bailout a majority position in Audacy Inc, the licensee of 235 radio stations in the United States, plus digital programming, and podcasting outlets. Nationally, Audacy, the second largest radio company in America, claims to reach 200 million people a month through its various distribution channels including a near-monopoly on news and talk-formatted stations in many markets." . . .

Having hundreds of stations and digital outlets under Soros’ influence is dangerous for America and especially Jewry, and although time is very tight, the control of Audacy by an avowed anti-Zionist is something we Americans must try to derail. . . 

 U2 stands with Israel

5 Mind-Blowing Differences Between Sephardic & Ashkenazi Jews | Big Jewish Ideas (

If you have difficulty opening the Youtube video below, then use this link

The restoration of Israel to her land that God gave her: What is the meaning of the Valley of Dry Bones in Ezekiel 37? |
"God transported Ezekiel—probably not literally, but in a vision—to a valley full of dry bones and directed him to speak to the bones. Ezekiel was to tell the bones that God would make breath enter the bones and they would come to life, just as in the creation of man when He breathed life into Adam (Genesis 2:7). Ezekiel obeyed, the bones came together, flesh developed, skin covered the flesh, breath entered the bodies, and they stood up in a vast army. This vision symbolized the whole house of Israel that was then in captivity. Like unburied skeletons, the people were in a state of living death, pining away with no end to their judgment in sight. They thought their hope was gone and they were cut off forever. The surviving Israelites felt their national hopes had been dashed and the nation had died in the flames of Babylon’s attack with no hope of resurrection.

"The reviving of the dry bones signified God’s plan for Israel’s future national restoration. The vision also, and most importantly, showed that Israel’s new life depended on God’s power and not the circumstances of the people. Putting “breath” by God’s Spirit into the bones showed that God would not only restore them physically but also spiritually. The Israelites residing in the Holy Land today are not the fulfillment of this prophecy. It will be fulfilled when God re-gathers believing Israelites to the land (Jeremiah 31:3333:14–16) and Christ returns to establish His Millennial Kingdom (Matthew 24:30–31)." . . .

"He's The One Behind Everything" - Victor Davis Hanson

 Victor Davis Hanson ( "Victor Davis Hanson is the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow in Residence in Classics and Military History at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, a professor of Classics Emeritus at California State University, Fresno, and a nationally syndicated columnist for Tribune Media Services.

"He is also the Wayne & Marcia Buske Distinguished Fellow in History, Hillsdale College, where he teaches each fall semester courses in military history and classical culture. "Victor discusses current political and social events and ideas, and current and past cultural trends."

"It was an absolute terrible eight years then we got four years of Trump and the tide started to turn and now we’re right back into it with Biden and it’s worse than it’s ever been. God help us!

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

The tunnels and how Hamas used them to attack Israeli villages and people; Why is Israel called apartheid?

 How did Gaza Attack Israel | Explained in 2 Mins (

"Some perspective is needed. The Palestinians rejected offers to create their own state in 1947, 1967, 2000 and 2008. The Arab League nations armies tried to destroy Israel in 1948, 1967 and 1973 wars. For decades Palestinians killed thousands of Israelis including women and children in terror attacks. Gaza is not occupied since 2005. Arab countries like Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco already recognized the Jewish state and signed peace treaties with tiny Israel. Palestinians should blame nobody but themselves for the political deadlock."

"It's funny how you managed to exclude the fact that they also slaughtered almost anybody in their way , children elderly women whatever. And only took some of them as prisoners."

Oct 7, 2023, taught us the danger of not just living next door to Palestinians but living among them.
Our ancient historical markers, scattered throughout this land, are the tactile expression of Jewish memory, and an ancient spiritual yearning. For thousands of years, Jews in the Diaspora would leave a corner of their homes unpainted, to remind themselves that they were not home. They prayed in the direction of Jerusalem.

"The claim that Israel is an “apartheid state” is intensifying worldwide. According to Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, the rhetoric has become “unprecedented in its venom and in its radioactivity” and, moreover, he concludes that this could be the year that the label actually sticks and becomes a real danger to Israel.

"This would be merely a case of competing ideas except that the apartheid claim is demonstrably false and misleading (as demonstrated below), and the improper use of such a serious moniker poses a danger to Israel, to Palestinians, and to democracies in general.

"Indeed, Lapid’s analysis is supported by recent events:

"The  Palestinian Authority, which in 2010 declared a “diplomatic intifada” against Israel, has taken center stage.

"PA Foreign Minister Riyad Malki last week queried diplomats at the United Nations Security Council: “Will you accept this [Israeli] apartheid in the 21st century or will you convert to advocates of the one-state solution of freedom and equal rights for all between the [Jordan] River and the [Mediterranean] Sea?”

"The one-state solution effectively entails the replacement of Israel with an Arab-majority country.

"Perhaps lost on the UN diplomats is that the PA supports this eventuality by its insistence on the “right of return” to Israel of millions and millions of Palestinian “refugees.”

"For his part, PA Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh in November said that Israel risked perpetuating a system of “apartheid.” His remarks were parroted by many news outlets, which, parenthetically, failed to even mention repeated Israeli peace overtures that have been rejected by the PA." . . .

Douglas Murray Dismantles Israeli 'Genocide' Claim And Exposes Hypocrisy

"The disgraceful accusation of genocide is based on pure and obvious lies. Douglas Murray calmly dismantles and exposes the hypocrisy and antisemitism behind the accusation."

 Israel faces charges of genocide at the International Court of Justice. Here’s why, and how Israel will respond. - Jewish Telegraphic Agency (    . . ."Kittrie said Israel will be able to show it has instituted mitigation measures in its military campaign. 

“Israel’s extensive advance warning and other measures to mitigate harm to Gaza civilians make clear that Israel’s goal is not to commit genocide but, far from it, to instead minimize Palestinian civilian casualties while lawfully exercising Israel’s rights to rescue its hostages, apprehend the Oct. 7 perpetrators, and ensure that Israel’s population is secure from further attacks,” he said.

"Israeli spokespeople have also suggested that Israel will seek to turn the tables, and level charges of genocide against Hamas. 

“ 'The Hamas terrorist organization — which is committing war crimes, crimes against humanity and sought to commit genocide on 7 October — is responsible for the suffering of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip by using them as human shields and stealing humanitarian aid from them,” the Foreign Ministry’s Hayat said in a statement." . . .

In Gaza, anger grows at Hamas along with fury at Israel : NPR

There is nothing a Politician will not shell out money for

 "It’s also bizarre to see conservatives on the side of big banks and the federal government. Why is it always “you took out a loan, so pay it back” and never “you loaned out money to an 18-year-old who wants a gender studies degree; you’re an idiot”?" 

A Sane Solution to the Student Debt Crisis › American Greatness  . . ."Many have rightly pointed out that student loan forgiveness is unconstitutional, which is true. But it was unconstitutional for the federal government to loan out that money in the first place. There is no provision in our founding documents that says the feds are supposed to subsidize higher education for the whole population.

"Indeed, it was the federal government pouring money into the university system that caused the price of college to skyrocket to such absurd levels. From 1963 until now, the price of a college education has tripled, after adjusting for inflation. Meanwhile, the inflation-adjusted starting salary for college graduates has remained flat at around $55,000 per year." . . .

Forgive loans! Support Hamas! When do we want it? NOW!

Biden’s student loan forgiveness is just classic vote-buying, with taxpayer dollars – Orange County Register (   
. . ."Biden’s hoping for “breathing room,” all right — but more for himself and his party than for those student borrowers.

"Borrowers aren’t unimportant, of course. But Biden isn’t really looking at 153,000 borrowers. He’s looking at 153,000 VOTERS.

"Plus a previous 3.9 million.

"Plus all of those voters’ parents, spouses, children, and other loved ones who probably like the reduced monthly hit on their household incomes.

"Like previous rounds, this latest write-off is a $1.2 billion campaign expenditure, one that doesn’t have to come out of the Biden campaign’s $56 million in cash reserves, or be raised with  donation drives.

"Those of us who don’t have student loan balances hanging over our heads might not like it that much, but we probably won’t remember, remember on the 5th of November quite as bitterly as the beneficiaries will fondly.

"And before we get temporarily outraged, it’s probably worth considering how OUR votes are bought.

"They’re bought with “stimulus” checks." . . .

Biden’s lies on top of lies on top of lies

 - Victor Davis Hanson - Whatfinger News Summary   "Biden’s lies on top of lies on top of lies. In the last week, Joe Biden had flat-out lied in the most egregious fashion in so many ways. In his disastrous press conference of last week, he claimed that special counsel Hur’s report exonerated him. Anyone who read the findings concluded exactly the opposite. According to Hur, Biden would have been indicted for his willfully unlawful removal of classified documents except for two reasons: one, the Department of Justice protocols apparently prohibit indicting a sitting president; and two, Biden suffers such cognitive decline that the special counsel believes a jury would more likely pity him into acquittal than convict him of what he is certainly guilty. He lied that Hur brought up his son’s death (“How in the hell dare he raise that?”)."

"In fact, Biden as is his serial wont, raised it, and does on a regular basis, usually deliberately and further lying that his son died while on military duty in Iraq (he died six years subsequently as a civilian in Walter Reed Hospital), and always contorting the death to enhance his own greater sense of grieving. He lied that he notified authorities when he discovered that he unlawfully had taken out classified documents to various residencies (perhaps for over some 30 plus years during his senatorial and Vice Presidential tenures). In fact, Biden only admitted that he had apparently for decades unlawfully removed classified files in 2017, to his ghostwriter in a recorded tape, and then he hid that fact and kept quiet for five years—until his administration’s special counsel began to investigate Trump for the same thing. Note the worried ghostwriter erased the tape of Biden’s confession as soon as he learned there was an appointment of a special counsel. (Destroy evidence much?) He lied that the files bore no classification marks.

"In fact, they did and do. He lied that he kept the files safe in a secure location. In fact, the special counsel report includes several photographs of the Biden garage, in which there were sloppily stored, open, and torn boxes of classified documents amid a complete mess of junk. He lied that Trump’s once secure border is somehow responsible for Biden’s intentionally open border. He just lied that Trump caused the 2022 Putin invasion of Ukraine on Biden’s watch that never occurred on Trump’s. It is not enough that the Biden team must wildly lie daily that the non-compos-mentis President is dynamic, impressive in his recall and cognition, and stands out as the most astute mind in most of this meetings. Well apart from his cognitive decline, Biden himself is a pathological prevaricator.  – Victor Davis Hanson

Tucker: What’s Barack Obama up to these days? Working to make people hate each other, as usual. -

  Whatfinger News' Choice Clips


Didya See The Joe Biden-Seth Meyers Show?

"Joy Behar thinks Biden's appearance with Seth Meyers will resonate with all Americans because his far-left audience laughed and clapped like trained seals. She praises how "relaxed" Biden was during the tongue bath he got from the liberal comedian" Sister Toldjah

 WATCH: Joy Behar Accidentally Explains Why the Seth Meyers Interview Was Anything But a Win for Joe Biden – RedState   "As my RedState colleague Nick Arama reported earlier, President Joe Biden sat down for a so-called interview with "Late Night" host Seth Meyers on Monday, where as per the norm a Festival of Fail commenced a number of times, including when Biden bizarrely claimed he'd spent time "in the Tibetan mountains" with China President Xi Jinping, which... never happened." . .

. . ." But back to Behar's comments about how when Biden wasn't nervous he didn't stutter and the age question supposedly disappeared. The problem with that is the presidency is a highly stressful job at all times and requires someone who can think quickly on their feet and not constantly get tripped up on (and forgetful of) their own words and actions. Further, it's not just the American people who are watching but leaders from around the world who are gauging the strengths and weaknesses of a president." . . .

In the same show: Biden: “[Taylor Swift] did endorse me in 2020”   Just askin' Which would a California Hollywood celebrity choose: Biden or Trump? TD

Airman Who Set Himself On Fire Was Anarchist Who Spied On Americans For NSA

  Armed Forces Press   "Aaron Bushnell was in the 531st Intelligence Squadron which provided NSA support to the Department of Homeland Security. This disturbed youth was looking through your emails and social media"

"Aaron was confused and apparently one more mushhead created by the conveyor belt of pop culture, perhaps TikTok, and indoctrination in the current U.S. Military. He was an anarchist and held strong anti-Israel, anti-Jewish viewpoints. Media has taken a swipe and an attempt to obfuscate his anarchist views by saying he was part of a Christian cult. Chaff and flares are being deployed to distract from what was going through this mushhead’s brain.

"Much of this has been reported.

"What has not been reported; Aaron also held some of the highest security clearances in his Air Force role of the uniformed element of the National Security Agency.

"Like Reality Winner (yes that was her name) we have one more psychopath who made it through the vetting for the highest levels of security clearances." . . . 

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

The pro-Hamas fifth column intends to kill people; The reaction to a man’s self-immolation indicates that, next time, the desire for death will not take the form of suicide, but murder.

 Hoo, boy: The Left is cheering on ‘suicides for Palestine’ The Telegraph

Do these people know nothing about what the Palestinians did to Israeli families and young adults on Oct 7th?

Benjamin Kerstein - 

"Major Jewish organizations, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and all relevant agencies should take note: Bushnell’s death was not just a suicide, it was also an exhortation to murder, and people are listening."

 US Airforce Member Aaron Bushnell Lights Himself On Fire, Dies In Protest * * by Noah   You don’t want to be complicit anymore?  Take a discharge from the Airforce, or protest in some other way. But lighting yourself on fire seems like one of the worst things you could ever possibly do. You wanted attention? You got it, but at what cost?


"Sigmund Freud always took a somewhat jaundiced view of the human psyche, but in the wake of the horrors of World War I, it turned even darker. Confronted with mankind’s capacity to destroy itself, Freud concluded that within every living thing, there is a drive towards senescence and homeostasis—a state in which things do not change. The ultimate form of such a state, of course, is death. Thus, Freud believed, all life contains within it the seed of its own destruction and dissolution—a death drive.

"But Freud understood that this was not simply a desire for stasis. In 1932, he wrote to Albert Einstein, “According to our hypothesis human instincts are of only two kinds: those which seek to preserve and unite … and those which seek to destroy and kill and which we group together as the aggressive or destructive instinct.”

"These instincts are not always opposed, however. Freud asserted that “an instinct of the one sort can scarcely ever operate in isolation; it is always accompanied—or, as we say, alloyed—with a certain quota from the other side, which modifies its aim or is, in some cases, what enables it to achieve that aim.”

"In the unity of sex and death, Freud implied, there comes a point at which the death drive becomes a desire for the orgasmic destruction of oneself and others. Sex enables death and vice-versa.

"All of this came to mind when I read that a man named Aaron Bushnell had committed suicide by setting himself on fire in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington while shrieking, “Free Palestine.' ” . . .

US airman who burned himself to death at Israeli embassy had anarchist ties (   . . ."The Post spoke with some people who described his upbringing on a religious compound in Orleans, Massachusetts, run by a Benedictine monastic religious group called the Community of Jesus. He was a young man who liked karaoke and The Lord of the Rings, they said.

"The church, however, has a darker side, at least according to a lawsuit in Canada brought by former students of a now-closed Ontario school where many officials were alleged to be members of the US-based religious group, according to the Post.

"Those officials, the students said, ran a “charismatic sect” that “created an environment of control, intimidation and humiliation that fostered and inflicted enduring harms on its students”." . . .

Active-duty airman sets himself on fire outside Israel’s D.C. embassy, and the compendium of leftist violence swells - American Thinker

'Eyes were gouged out, a woman's breasts cut off and a daughter had her legs severed': Horrific details of Hamas massacre

 How is it that so many under-educated pro-Hamas "demonstrators" have not learned of the acts Hamas performed such as shown below? How can they be made to see this information? TD

Body parts stored at a mobile mortuary at Shura military base in Israel 

Below: "And one young girl was seen hiding under a desk, waiting as the terrorists decided what her fate would be. Moments later they decided to gun her down from point-blank range." 

The Morning Briefing: Pro-Hamas Lunatics Are Louder, Dumber, and More Unstable Than Ever – PJ Media   . . ."The reality is that every dark, dangerous thing that has erupted in recent years in this country has come from the Left.

"The Obama years emboldened American leftists; the Biden years have weaponized them. It's understandable. After they succeeded in leg-humping the pandemic and using it to install a senile puppet in the Oval Office, they probably thought they were invincible.

"The Biden regime-supported crazy has really been unleashed since the Hamas attacks on Israel last October. The hatred for Israel and anti-Semitism that leftists have been harboring for years have been on full, loud display. 

"A couple of stories this week indicate that it's all going to get worse before it gets better." . . . 

DETRANS: Post-Op Regret Stories



Definition: gender affirming care for minors   "Gender-affirming care for minors is a type of medical care that helps transgender or nonbinary youth align their bodies with their gender identity. However, some states have passed or proposed bills that ban or restrict gender-affirming care for minors123These bills prohibit medical professionals from providing treatments such as hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and surgeries to patients under 18, unless certain exceptions apply123They also impose penalties such as revoking licenses or withholding funds for doctors who provide such care13."

"Gaslighting" in its purest form: AP: Laken Riley’s murder highlights the ‘danger’ of running alone as a female -

. . .“The killing of a nursing student out for a run highlights the fears of solo female athletes” which are… uncivilized third-world barbarians pouring into the United States because they’ve been invited by Democrats, set loose by Democrats, handed pre-loaded debit cards by Democrats, and shielded from prosecution by Democrats."

 Olivia Murray - American Thinker   "This was a masterclass in gaslighting.

"Laken Riley was a 22-year-old nursing student who was murdered this past Thursday while on a jog around a Georgia university campus. The suspect, Jose Antonio Ibarra, is an illegal alien who’s been gaming the system since he crossed our border in 2022 with Joe Biden’s blessing—so naturally, the tragedy is a condemnation of the Bidenites and their pro-crime policies.

"Yet, here’s how Associated Press framed the story:"

 The killing of a nursing student out for a run highlights the fears of solo female athletes

. . . "So the AP wants to bring awareness to the “dangers” that female athletes face—does that mean I should soon expect reports on the dangers of mentally-ill males who get a pass to compete in female sports? Is AP going to be a voice for those females who have suffered severe injuries, concussions, and losses to physically-dominant males? I seriously doubt it.

"Aside from the nearly unbelievable example of gaslighting this article was, it points to another angle which we ought to consider, and that is how obsolete the AP really is. A news agency spreading fake news and acting as an propaganda apparatus for a regime is bad enough, but the very mission of the AP was, originally, to combat the suffocating costs of global news delivery. Yet, with the internet, that’s no longer an issue, and the AP has no legitimate purpose to continue its operations; now, it crushes competitive journalism and independent media, and, as evidenced by Har’s reporting on Riley’s murder, we see again how it’s a hub of disinformation, disseminating false narratives out to the masses via its spokes."

The Biden/ Mayorkas-approved perp

Media Working Overtime to Bury Details of Laken Hope Riley’s Murder (