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From ‘Never Again’ to ‘Now and Again’ -

  The American Conservative

As antisemitic incidents spike in the rest of Europe, Hungary’s restrictive immigration policies are vindicated.

"As Israel continues to count and identify the bodies of the October 7 Simchat Torah massacre by Hamas, and as the number of civilian victims used as human shields by Hamas in Gaza continues to rise, revolutionary Islamists are now filling European streets and squares, attacking police and synagogues, and, above all, proclaiming loudly: “Here we are, and we stand by what happened.”

This problem stems from both failed demographic and immigration policies. While Hungary’s Viktor Orbán has accepted some level of immigration and has started to let in tens of thousands of third world migrant workers to deal with the ongoing global recession, he has done so under strict regulations. Notably, the immigrants are primarily from non-Muslim countries.

"The rest of Europe, however, takes a different approach. A quick glance at British statistics shows that the foreign-born population has been growing steadily since 1921 with a radical jump after 2001. In 2001, there were 1,600,000 Muslims in the U.K.. By 2021, their number had increased to 3,868,000. The Muslim population of the U.K. is expected to grow to 13 million by 2050. West Germany began admitting its first Turkish migrant workers in the 1960s; their number have since ballooned to four million. In addition, Germany has taken in almost a million Syrian migrants, which has resulted in further problems. In 2021, 65 percent of Syrians in Germany were unable to find work, placing additional strain on Germany’s famed social welfare system. These radical changes did not occur in centuries, but in decades." ...

How Nazis courted the Islamic world during WWII    . . ."On the Muslim side one cannot generalize. Some of the Muslim allies of the Nazi regime — most importantly the famous Mufti of Jerusalem — shared the Nazis' Jew-hatred. In the war zones, in the Balkans, in North Africa, and in the Eastern territories, the picture is more complicated. In many of these regions, Muslims and Jews had lived together for centuries. And in some cases, Muslims would now help their Jewish neighbors, for example hiding them from the Germans."

World War III Watch: Yemen Officially Declares War on Israel, Launches Large-Scale Ballistic and Drone Strikes | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hᴏft

Fox News Regular Breaks Down: 'It's Really Hard to Be a Jewish Parent Right Now', The Western Journal   "Panelist Morgan Ortagus became emotional during a segment Monday on Fox News dealing with the rising tide of anti-Semitism since the outbreak of war in Israel.
“It’s really hard to be a Jewish parent right now,” the former Trump State Department spokeswoman said on “Outnumbered,” following a video clip being shown of a Muslim mob looking to attack Jews at a Russian airport." . . .

"MEMRI TV captured this and published it overnight, and Power Line’s Scott Johnson picked it up this morning. It certainly clarifies Israel’s position in this war in a way that even the IDF might not have achieved, and it creates a moral dilemma for Israel’s fair-weather allies. The interview is conducted in Arabic but subtitled in English by MEMRI, and I will transcribe it for clarity below: HAMAD: Israel is a country that has no place on our land. We must remove that country because it constitutes a security, military, and political catastrophe to the Arab and Islamic nation, and it it must be finished. We are not ashamed to say this, with full force. … [cut]"

Report: Biden Admin Threatens to Quit Supplying Rifles After Israel’s Ben Gvir Purportedly Arms Civilians

 Report: Biden Admin Upset Israel's Ben Gvir Purportedly Arming Civilians (breitbart.com)

Then only Hamas will be armed. As in Democrat-run US cities, the predators will rule the streets and the courts. TD

"The Biden Administration became upset and threatened to quit supplying rifles to Israel after photos emerged of National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir passing them out to “community security squads,” according to Haaretz.

"Photos of the rifles being passed out were posted on Ben Gvir’s social media and “led to a diplomatic incident that threatened to stop the arms shipments from the United States to Israel.”

"The Biden Administration reportedly does not want guns passed out to civilians nor distributed during “political events.”

"Haaretz noted, “The [Biden Administration] also threatened to halt an order of some 20,000 rifles purchased by the National Security Ministry from American suppliers.”

"The Telegraph reported that photos purportedly showed Ben Gvir “distributing the arms at political events in Bnei Brak and El’ad, two towns near Tel Aviv.”

"A social media user posted the tweet below, which translates: “National Security Minister of Israel Itamar Ben Gvir distributing arms to civilians. Here [in Brazil] the order is to disarm the civilian and arm the criminal.” . . .

Durbin Ramps Up His Witch Hunt Against Supreme Court Justices

 Katie Pavlich (townhall.com)

"Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin is ramping up his attacks on the Supreme Court and plans to subpoena long time friends and allies of conservative Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito under the guise of "ethics reform." So far he has no intention of issuing subpoenas to friends or associates of liberal Supreme Court justices after acceptance of gifts or special treatment from institutions. 

"Senate Judiciary Committee leaders said they would vote as soon as Nov. 9 to authorize subpoenas for information from Texas billionaire Harlan Crow, a close friend and benefactor of Justice Clarence Thomas, and from Leonard Leo, the conservative judicial activist. Senate Democrats do not need the vote of any Republican on the committee to authorize the subpoenas. No separate vote by the full Senate is necessary," the Washington Post reports

"As reported, one of those longtime associates includes constitutional scholar Leonard Leo. Leo is a key activist who has helped solidify the conservative majority on the Supreme Court through his work as chairman of the Federalist Society. He is rejecting the probe as unconstitutional and un-American. 

 " 'I will not bow to the vile and disgusting liberal McCarthyism, that seeks to destroy the Supreme Court simply because it follows the constitution rather than their political agenda," Leo released in a statement referring a letter he sent to Durbin on October 19 by his attorney, which was ignored." . . . 

Anti-Hamas billboard taken down in New Jersey

 NY Post

When They Say They Side With the Hama-Nazis, Believe Them – PJ Media  "Since Saturday’s butcherous attack on Israel by Hamas, the ghouls of the “free Palestine” movement — let’s call them Hama-Nazis — have held rally after rally around the country and the world to declare that those Jews had it coming"

What about these victims, Wiener?

 Fury as Met Police officers pull down posters of kidnapped Israeli children in London 'to avoid inflaming tensions' - after force failed to clamp down on Islamists chanting 'jihad' at pro-Palestine protests | Daily Mail Online

"Dear Jews: We never liked you. We were just using you"

  Bookworm Room

"Jewish Democrats are grappling with the fact that their former “friends” have turned on them. Here’s the truth: They were never your friends."

"It’s a standard trope in situation comedy: The nerdy kid tries to cultivate friendships by helping the popular kids with their homework. It never really works. The popular kids are always using them. They don’t like to have these nerds around and, when the nerds’ usefulness ends, the pretense of friendship ends, too.

"I thought of that when an ardently Democrat, but very pro-Israel, Facebook friend of mine shared the above image. To my mind, it perfectly sums up the Democrat Jewish plaint in 2023: I was there for you, why aren’t you here for me?

I was there for you during the Civil Rights movement.

I was there for you during the Vietnam anti-war movement.

I was there for you during the feminist movement.

I was there for you during the gay liberation movement.

I was there for you fighting “Islamophobia” after 9/11.

I was there for you doing the Iraq anti-war movement.

I was there for you during the transgender liberation movement.

I was there for you during the Black Lives Matter movement.. . .

. . . "The Jews were never in with the “In Crowd,” whether that crowd was feminists, LGBTQ+, minorities, or any other variants of leftism. They were being used and, having been used, they are now being thrown away. It’s a hard lesson to learn and, potentially, a deadly one.

"My greatest fear is that, in 2024, Democrat Jews, having recovered from this emotional nadir, will revert to being the pathetic 14-year-old geek at high school. Instead of saying, “I don’t need you” to the Democrats, they’ll continue to run after these soul-less, often downright evil, popular kids, still desperate for their approval."

A Watershed Moment for Jews -Robert Weissberg    . . ."We may now be experiencing a tectonic shift of major magnitude, namely the exodus of Jews from liberalism. The triggering event is the Hamas savagery on Oct 7th in Israel and, of equal importance, the support of many Americans for this barbarism. These two events are a double wakeup call for many American Jews -- who could imagine anybody celebrating the beheading of babies, nor thousands of Americans, often at elite universities, denouncing Israel as an apartheid, genocidal colonial regime?" . . .. . ."American Jews Are Flocking to Gun Training Classes.” Now Jews in cities with large Jewish populations were suddenly inundating gun stores and shooting ranges, all saying, “I never believed I would do this.” The gun-enthusiast website Reload told of a Jewish gun training organization that recently received about 638 calls on its hotline about joining over a five-day period while for the entire past years, the figure was 950. Nor is packing heat limited to cities with large Jewish populations. In West Texas, an area hardly at risk from Hamas, Jews are suddenly arming themselves and practicing their marksmanship." . . .

Too Little, Too Late: AOC’s Sudden, Convenient Concern About Antisemitic Attacks Draws Intense Criticism – RedState   . . ."In the nearly four weeks since the start of the Hamas-instigated war, antisemitic goons worldwide have ripped their masks off, holding demonstrations here in the United States, Europe, and elsewhere in shows of "solidarity" for Hamas in their battle against Israel, with chants of "glory to the murders," "from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free," and "Allahu Akbar!" being common rallying cries.

More disturbingly, Jewish people are being stalked and hunted like wild animals, as we saw over the weekend in Russia where a large antisemitic mob stormed an airport looking for a plane carrying Jews who were seeking refuge.

"Throughout it all, the Hamas Caucus - which includes AOC - has been muted in response to the rise in antisemitic attacks. They've almost exclusively focused on falsely accusing Israel of "bombing" a Gaza hospital, and have tweeted often about the "humanitarian crisis" unfolding in Gaza but without showing much of any concern about the Israelis held hostage by Hamas, nor Hamas' barbaric tactics - which include beheading babies

"They've also been silent regarding reports that Hamas leaders were calling for "the blood of women, children, and the elderly" to strengthen the resolve of Hamas terrorists." . . .

Where Are You People? - Tablet Magazine   The silence is deafening.
"In New York, the home of the largest Jewish population outside of Israel, not a single major museum has so far expressed its official support for the Jewish state and, by extension, the Jewish people. Not one major gallery chose to send a message of empathy and take a public stand against the slaughter of Jewish civilians despite, by now, the widely reported grim toll: the estimated 1,400 Israelis killed, including babies, women, and the elderly. Just imagine for a second anything of this magnitude taking place in your community, among your people." . . .
The silence is deafening.

 . . ."Louk was one of those women paraded around. She was seen unconscious, her body mangled in the back of the pickup truck on October 7. The video footage also shows that she suffered a severe head wound. It’s been determined she was likely killed by a gunshot to the head. Her family confirmed her identity through her hair and body tattoos.

 "Before the discovery of her remains, the German government reportedly had sources in Gaza claiming that she was alive, but these were Hamas sources, which are beyond unreliable." . . .

Soros-Backed, Soft-on-Crime Oakland DA’s Laptop Stolen From Car in Smash and Grab

  American Greatness  "Pamela Price, the Soros-backed, soft-on-crime District Attorney of Alameda County, California recently became a crime victim herself in crime-infested Oakland.

"Price’s work-laptop was reportedly stolen from her Chevy Tahoe in a smash and grab burglary Friday afternoon while she was attending a domestic violence event.

"According to ABC7 reporter Dan Noyes, “Price’s bodyguard parked the $90,000 county Tahoe SUV outside the Family Justice Center, and returned to see the window broken and her work laptop gone.”

"An Oakland Police Department source told Noyes “she waited an hour for police to arrive, gave up, and made report online.”. . .

Pamela Price's puppet master

"A recall campaign was launched against Price in July of 2023—only six months after she took office—over her lenient charging decisions for serious crimes, including the murders of a toddler and a Home Depot loss prevention employee, CBS News Bay Area reported.

"Price campaigned on left-wing criminal justice reforms that included alternatives to incarceration.

"According to CBS Bay Area East Bay residents, public safety advocates and families of victims argued that “she pursues sentences that are excessively lenient—that favor perpetrators over victims.” . . .

How much crime is too much for cities like Oakland? . . ." This is what happens when a city government doesn’t support its police force and instead, tries to enforce the law with progressive policies. Oakland is just one of many cities experiencing the same thing. Rather than supporting the police as they enforce the law, governments are hindering the police’s ability to act, prosecutors aren’t prosecuting crimes, and liberal judges are sentencing them for their crimes." . . . 

Archives locates 82,000 pages of Joe Biden pseudonym emails, possibly dwarfing Clinton scandal


Just The News

Disclosure made in little-notice status briefing as FOIA litigation advances

"Under legal pressure, the National Archives has located 82,000 pages of emails that President Joe Biden sent or received during his vice presidential tenure on three private pseudonym accounts, a total that potentially dwarfs the amount that landed Hillary Clinton in hot water a decade ago, according to a federal court filing released Monday.

"The total of Biden private email exchanges was disclosed Monday in a little-noticed status report filed in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought against the National Archives and Records Administration by the nonprofit public interest law firm the Southeastern Legal Foundation.

"The foundation brought the lawsuit seeking access to the emails after Just the News revealed a year ago that Joe Biden had used three pseudonym email accounts -- robinware456@gmail.com, JRBWare@gmail.com, and Robert.L.Peters@pci.gov – during the time he served as President Barack Obama’s vice president.

"The status report filed Monday in a federal court in Atlanta was the first to provide an estimate of the size and scope of possible government business conducted through Joe Biden’s private email accounts.

“NARA has completed a search for potentially responsive documents and is currently processing those documents for the purpose of producing non-exempt portions of any responsive records on a monthly rolling basis,” the status report stated. “Given the scope of Plaintiff’s FOIA request, which seeks copies of all emails in three separate accounts over an eight-year period, the volume of potentially responsive records is necessarily large." . . .

Biden approval sinks to 37%, down 11 points with Democrats: poll

California increasingly shutting off wind, solar farms due to lack of power lines

Kevin Killough

When supply exceeds demand, a lack of transmission lines means the electricity has nowhere to go. So, California grid operators are shutting down wind and solar farms more than ever.

"California’s buildout of wind and solar farms is exceeding the ability of its grid to handle all the electricity during periods of high production and low demand.

"The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported Monday that curtailments, which is when wind and solar farms are deliberately shut down, increased to peak levels in 2023.

"The California Independent System Operator, which operates the electricity grid for much of the state, has steadily curtailed the amount of electricity from wind and solar farms that flows through its system.

"The decreases appear to be situational, not a steady process, and are the result of the state not having enough power lines to carry all the electricity produced by wind and solar farms, the EIA report stated.

"These curtailments, for example, typically reach their peak in spring, when the weather is mild and demand on the grid is low." . . .

Biden's promise to end fossil fuels has led him to seek oil anywhere but at home  . . ."Under the Trump administration, the U.S. became a net exporter of oil for the first time in 75 years, largely driven by the shale revolution.

"Biden, on the other hand, has had to balance his promises to end fossil fuels with the blowback he has received from voters irritated by how much they have to pay at the pump. Whenever he’s opened up more production in the U.S., he’s faced criticism from his base. So, he’s gone looking for oil elsewhere." . . .

Monday, October 30, 2023

UC Berkeley Instructor Gives Students Extra Credit to Attend Anti-Israel Walkout

 On Sept. 25, as part of a national walkout, hundreds of Berkeley students walked out of class to protest against Israeli aggression and stand in solidarity with Palestine. 

- The American Spectator | USA News and Politics  "The University of California, Berkeley, has come under a barrage of criticism after a class offered extra credit for students to participate in a walkout against Israel’s “settler-colonial occupation of Gaza.”
"The class, called “Asian American Communities and Race Relations” and taught by graduate student Victoria Huynh, gave students two options for extra credit. Students could either attend the national student walkout on Sept. 25, or watch a documentary about Palestine and contact their local California representatives, according to Huynh’s email to students.  
"Huynh concluded the email by stating that the class would go over “Palestinian history in relation to class concepts like colonialism, imperialism, and Third World solidarity.”
"According to her profile on Berkeley’s website, Huynh is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Ethnic Studies and a second-generation Vietnamese American who grew up in San Diego, California. Her interests are listed as “critical refugee studies, abolition feminism, Vietnamese & Southeast Asian diaspora.”
""Huynh’s extra credit assignment quickly drew ire on social media from various quarters. 
"Joel Griffith, a research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, described it as “government-funded antisemitic indoctrination” and said, “Extra class credit for walking out of class as an act of solidarity with Hamas’ terrorist aims of eradicating the world’s only Jewish state.”
"Political scientist Yascha Mounk emphasized that “academic freedom absolutely does not entail professors giving students better grades for parroting their political point of view.”
"Nico Perrino, executive vice president for the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, wrote, “It’s one thing to ask a student to engage in the academic exercise of arguing a position they might not agree with in class (i.e. devil’s advocacy).”
"“It’s another thing entirely,” Perrino added, “to make student grades contingent on going out into the public square to seek policy outcomes supportive of the position.”
"In response, a Berkeley spokesperson said the university has “remedied” the situation by including more options for extra credit in the class. 
"The spokesperson noted, “Students can attend any local event they wish — such as a book talk or a panel discussion — related to the course’s subject…or they can watch any documentary they wish about the Middle East.” . . .

The Latest On Global Warming Is … There Is No Global Warming

  Issues & Insights

"A new study out of Norway is exactly what was needed to shut down the climate alarmists. Its findings show that man has not set fire to his home planet.

"Right from the top, in the abstract not 10 lines into the study, the authors get to the point.

“Using theoretical arguments and statistical tests we find,” the researchers say, “that the effect of man-made CO2 emissions does not appear to be strong enough to cause systematic changes in the temperature fluctuations during the last 200 years.”

"In other words, our words, the greenhouse effect is so weak that it should be sidelined as an argument.

"From there, the bad news only gets worse for priests of the climate religion.

" '​​Even if recent recorded temperature variations should turn out to deviate from previous variation patterns in a systematic way it is still a difficult challenge to establish how much of this change is due to increasing man-made emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases.”

"The researchers, from Statistics Norway, the government’s official data agency, also address the apparent “high degree of consensus among many climate researchers that the temperature increase of the last decades is systematic (and partly man-made),” while noting that “is certainly the impression conveyed by the mass media.”

"Of course the climate zealots won’t like the study. Well, they also won’t like another new paper, this one from University of Alabama in Hunstville climate scientists Roy Spencer and John Christy, who have submitted Urban Heat Island Effects in U.S. Summer Surface Temperature Data, 1880-2015 to a science journal." . . .

The Latest On Global Warming Is … There Is No Global Warming. Part 2

Top Israeli Cartoonists Discuss the War in Cartoons –


Imagine every 9-11 how they enjoy seeing Americans' shock and horror at the buildings' fate. 

“There is no difference between what we did and what ISIS does. The brutality is the same.”

We previously have covered to other interrogations previously released:

Terrorist Captive: Admits Hamas “cut off their heads” after killing Israelis, and “raping and whoring” of children. . .

"The additional videos released today are described by the Israel Hayom newspaper:

“The plan was to go from house to house, throw grenades, and kill everyone there, including women and children,” the terrorist said. He also mentioned that Hamas instructed them to behead their victims….

During the interrogation, he admitted that they received instructions to carry out the heinous acts they committed, which has led Israel to successfully compare the Gaza rulers to the Islamic State terrorist group, which has become infamous for its atrocities and torture.

“The purpose of entering Israeli territory for free was to kidnap civilians; they want as many hostages as possible,” one of the terrorists revealed during the interrogation. He added, “They promised us that whoever brings a kidnapped person will receive an apartment and $10,000.”                                                                                                 The Babylon Bee found room for parody, but I prefer to call it sarcasm. TD :                       

'I Wouldn't Have Gone Along With The Nazis In 1939,' Says College Student At 'Kill The Jews' Rally | Babylon Bee

 . . .Stephens was joined by a number of her fellow students who all agreed that none of them would have allowed the evil Nazi ideology to spread in the years prior to World War II. "What the Nazis did was really awful," said sophomore Allison Davis. "Singling out one ethnic group, blaming them for all the ills of the world, rounding them up, and systematically slaughtering them? How hideous! I could never be a part of that. That's why today I'm standing with those who want to wipe the Jews off the face of the earth if it's the last thing they ever do." . . .


Is Meat the Next “Sin” We’ll Be Asked to Atone For? - Maybe sody pop?

  Center for Consumer Freedom

"If you’re wondering what the next front of the radical anti-consumer brigade will be, it’s likely going to be a meat tax. The idea has support among animal rights activists (who want to ban meat-eating) and environmentalists (who believe animal agriculture causes global warming)—two large, noisy, and nagging constituencies.

"The Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return, a UK-based activist group, recently pushed out a report that audaciously claims meat causes more greenhouse gas emission than the transport sector, antibiotic resistance, food and water insecurity, and deforestation.

"While all of these claims can be easily debunked, the reliance on “sin” taxes as a means of public policy is becoming a go-to strategy for the anti-consumer crowd. Whether it’s increasing taxes on alcohol, sodas, or bacon, the idea of punishing consumers over a product’s perceived immorality is abhorrent to those who believe grown adults can make decisions for themselves."

Lawmakers Repeal, Reject Soda Taxes   "For years the self-anointed “food police” have yearned to use the tax code to influence what Americans eat and drink. They’ve shopped a form of nanny state around to states and localities, arguing that targeted taxes on soda (and sometimes other foods they don’t like) can both raise money for revenue-addicted politicians as well as cause people to eat healthier foods.

Scientific research has cast doubt on the theory that these “sin” taxes on food cause anyone to lose weight. And as these public health nannies have found out, these measures are quite unpopular with the public. Now lawmakers are taking heed.

In Cook County, Illinois, commissioners last week repealed the jurisdiction’s two-month-old soda tax by a whopping 15-to-1 vote. The measure was met with legal challenges and defiance from some consumers, who reportedly driving to Indiana to buy groceries. “It doesn’t matter if you tax tea or sugar,” said one commissioner. “Eventually people say ‘enough is enough.’”

The people also spoke earlier this year in Santa Fe, where 58 percent of voters rejected a soda tax on the ballot. Philadelphia’s soda tax is facing scrutiny in the state legislature, and it has already lost in the court of public opinion. And state lawmakers in Michigan just passed a law forbidding localities from taxing food and soda, recognizing the futility of these measures.

When will the soda taxers learn that Americans don’t want the government managing their shopping lists?

Biden’s Freefall Continues


 Power Line (powerlineblog.com)   . . ."Most significant is that much of Biden’s decline has occurred among Democrats—an 11-point drop. Gallup’s explanation is significant, because it attributes the decline to something other than Biden’s age:

Biden’s immediate and decisive show of support for Israel following the Oct. 7 attacks by Hamas appears to have turned off some in his own party, resulting in Democrats’ worst assessment of the president since he took office. . . Early this year, Gallup found that for the first time in the U.S., Democrats’ sympathies for the Palestinians outpaced those for the Israelis. Although the survey is not designed to allow for statistically reliable estimates for any subset of the three-week polling period, the daily results strongly suggest that Democrats’ approval of Biden fell sharply in the aftermath of the Oct. 7 attacks by Hamas and Biden’s promise of full support for Israel on the same day. Biden’s current 75% approval rating among Democrats is well below the 86% average from his own party throughout his presidency.

"How much more evidence do we need that the Democratic Party has a serious anti-Semitism problem?"

Unfortunate moment Kamala Harris says 'Joe Biden is very much alive and running for re-election' when asked if 80-year-old will contest 2024 White House run | Daily Mail Online . . .

Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You This Week (10/29/23)


The Media Is As Awful As They Are Predictable (townhall.com)

That last bit puts him in the same boat as Hakeem Jeffries, the New York Democrat picked to pretend to be the public face of Democrats in the House while Nancy Pelosi continues to pull the strings behind the scenes. You didn’t really think she “stepped down” from leadership, did you? That wealthy old white lady isn’t about to let a black guy take over her job, not while she still has a breath left in her. She’s spent her life making sure minorities stayed “in their place,” and she’s not about to change now. 

Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You This Week (10/29/23) (substack.com)

"#10 - 97% of scientists don’t agree on ‘climate crisis.’ (Snip) #8 - Tucker Carlson declares, “The whole George Floyd story was a lie.” #7 - Man gets dragged out of Hillary Clinton rally for asking about Bill Clinton’s trips to Epstein Island. #6 - Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know that statin drugs are impairing brain function. #5 - New research finds heart anomalies within 48 hours after the COVID-19 shot. #4 - Florida Surgeon General drops eye-opening revelations on Biden admin’s booster push. #3 - Swiss banker calls for arrest of Bill Gates and those responsible for “democide.' ”

The George Floyd story, by the way, struck an interesting cord with the British who heard Americans making fun of the Queen's spectacular funeral:

Brit, Sophie Corcoran, Goes Viral Defending the Queen Against Vile U.S. Leftists*

Case in point: "The Whole George Floyd Story Was A Lie": Tucker Carlson (vigilantnews.com)  . . ."In other words, George Floyd, according to the official autopsy, was not murdered. He died instead of what we used to call natural causes, which, in his case, would include decades of drug use, as well as the fatal concentration of fentanyl that was in his system on his final day," Carlson continued - laying out how the initial George Floyd storyline was endorsed and amplified by mainstream media, and ignited nationwide protests, intensive racial discourse, and movements like Black Lives Matter." . . .

A bit of the back story to MS. Corcoran's magnificent comment on George Floyd: *Young Brit Slams U.S. Leftists Mocking Mourning Of Queen: You Mourned George Floyd | The Daily Wire   . . ."Corcoran has previously made waves for her staunch support of the state of Israel. In June 2021, she wrote a column for the Jewish Telegraph explaining her support for the Jewish state.

" 'I don’t have to be Jewish and I don’t have to be Israeli to know it is the right thing to do,” she wrote. “Why wouldn’t I support the only democracy in the Middle East’s right to exist?”

"Corcoran’s backing of Israel has subjected her to threats and  abuse because “the Instagram culture of woke, poorly informed infographics” prompts ill-informed people to deny the Jewish State’s right to exist, she wrote. But she called on people of all faiths to stand with Israel and not give in to the anti-Semitic mob.

" 'I have been on the receiving end of an astronomical amount of vile abuse, not only online but also in person,” she wrote. “I received many abusive messages on Twitter for defending Israel’s right to exist, including repeatedly being told to kill myself. . ."