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CNN Panelist Drops the Hard Truth About Biden's Speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner –


"It’s a sad state of affairs because the nation actually could benefit from a journalistic establishment that valued its role in holding power to account. We don’t have that, though. Instead, we have a press establishment that is simply an extension of the Democratic Party."

"Not a joke!"

"Saturday night’s White House Correspondents Dinner was exactly what you’d expect it to be. Namely, it was a partisan cluster filled with journalists cosplaying as celebrities that seal-clapped for Joe Biden even as he mocked them for their slavish devotion. Well, it was that and also yet another example of the president’s ever-diminishing mental capacity.

"The pathetic nature of that scene wasn’t lost on everyone, though. Scott Jennings, who offered his critique on CNN of all places, pointed out how pathetic it was for the press to clap along to a president making fun of the fact that they are completely in the tank.

. . ." Jennings’ commentary was made even more impactful by the fact that the rest of the panelists were drooling over Biden’s speech. They should feel as betrayed and belittled as those who watched the president mock them in person."

WATCH: Biden's Latest Alzheimer's Moment Is Actually Very Sad – PJ Media  . . ."He was ostensibly — as evidenced by the cadets holding the items out apparently in anticipation of handing them off — supposed to take the signed football, the helmet, and the jersey of memorabilia. Instead, he took the jersey, stared into the abyss for a few moments, and wandered away aimlessly while the visibly confused crowd looked on.". . .

. . ."I dislike Biden passionately — corrupt sellout careerist goon that he has always been — but stuff like this stirs some sort of sympathy for him, and that makes me uncomfortable. I don’t want to feel those sorts of things toward a creature like Biden". . . 

CNN Analyst Breaks Bad News to Press After WHCD: Biden ‘Wasn’t Laughing With You, He Was Laughing AT You’ (  Video

Ousted From Fox, Tucker Carlson Still Misleads His Viewers

Nonetheless, he is correct that we lack legitimate debate about crucial issues today. But his rationale is backward.

  The Lid (   "This discourse occurred mere hours before Carlson, in his first utterance since being dismissed by Fox News, tweeted out a video arguing that he now realizes how “unbelievably stupid most of the debates you see on television are.”

"Did Carlson ever comprehend this during his long career across multiple networks? The disingenuous statement came roughly 48 hours after Fox axed him. His lack of respect for the intelligence of his viewers remains troubling.

"Carlson went on to claim that “the undeniably big topics, the ones that will define our future, get virtually no discussion at all. War, civil liberties, emerging science, demographic change, corporate power, natural resources—when did you hear a legitimate debate about any of those issues? It’s been a long time. Debates like that are not permitted in American media. Both political parties and their donors have reached a consensus on what benefits them, and they actively collude to shut down any conversation about it.”. . .

. . ."We don’t live in a “one-party state,” as Carlson and his acolytes claim. We live in tribal bubbles, and yes, media corporations like the ones Carlson took gobs of money from do cater to the tastes of bubble-dwelling viewers who seek performative politics over substance. Want a substantive debate? Read a Substack, turn on any of the stellar podcasts out there, or visit a think tank event. Don’t visit a college campus or watch primetime cable news.". . .

 Elites Mock Tucker Carlson at Nerd Prom White House Correspondents' Dinner (

Watch Fox News Slide As Tucker Carlson Rises, With Help From Musk

 Wolf Howling; American Thinker

"John Adams said that “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.” That implies good faith as the glue holding the republic together. Today, there is not a scintilla of morality or good faith among our progressives, a narcissistic and historically illiterate group of people who have far more in common with Karl Marx than George Washington." 

. . ."Fox’s decision to silence Tucker Carlson, though, is fundamentally different. Tucker did not commit malfeasance. There was no contract dispute. Tucker was averaging over 3 million viewers per night for Fox, and he was the single most popular primetime show on cable news. The speculations about why Fox canceled Tucker’s show have been ludicrous. Moreover, it appears that Fox is trying to use its position to keep Tucker from broadcasting any shows through 2024. Reports Breitbart:. . .

"The only reasonable explanation for Fox News’s decision is ideological. Tucker is the most popular conservative voice in the U.S. and a cash cow for Fox. Nevertheless, the Murdochs felt they could silence Carlson on a whim, expecting Fox News viewers to just accept their decision.

"Could there be a more fundamental act of disloyalty to Fox’s viewers? Could it have come at a worse time, when conservatives rightly feel that they face an existential threat from progressives set upon a coup?

"Fox is feeling the backlash for this incredible high-handedness. Its ratings are tanking. As Breitbart reports, . . .

What’s truly interesting is just how much blowback Fox is getting from its audience for canceling Carlson’s and Bongino’s shows—something that the brass, including the Murdochs, seem to not have calculated clearly ahead of time. In fact, the ratings crashed in primetime this week and Carlson’s own video released on Twitter on Wednesday evening in its first hour post-publication got more views online than the network’s 8:00 p.m. hour—his old time slot—got in total ratings. For now, the Murdochs think they are above it all and that this too shall pass.

"That is true arrogance". . .

Wolf Howling is a pseudonym. A former infantry officer and lawyer, he blogs at Bookworm Room.

REPORT: Newsmax Offers Tucker Carlson Colossal Deal | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft   . . ."Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News, and now another conservative news outlet, Newsmax, wants him to be more than just the face of the network, and it’s putting on a full-court press to land him.

"Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … the news channel is doing everything it can to sweeten the deal for Tucker to come on board — including floating the idea of letting him program the whole channel, not just his own show." . . .

REPORT: Fox News Scheming to Silence Tucker Carlson and Sideline Him Through 2024 Election 

Let’s hope Tucker refuses to play ball and goes to war with FOX News if they follow through on this plan. The media landscape cannot afford to lose Tucker’s indispensable voice.

The Bidens want ‘all books’ available to students, so I got the D.C. library to buy Tara Reade’s memoir


The College Fix

OPINION: The Bidens oppose any limits on what books students can read at school so now D.C. students have more options

"Washington, D.C. residents, including students, can soon read a book by Tara Reade, who has accused the president of sexually assaulting her.

“I was asked to respond to your inquiry about Tara Reade’s book Left Out: When the Truth Doesn’t Fit In,” a D.C. Public Library staffer wrote to me on Wednesday. “I was able to find it listed in one of our vendor’s ordering databases, so [I] have placed an order for this title.”. . .

. . ."Reade’s book details “the aftermath of the re-victimization of speaking out about her sexual assault, with then-Senator Joe Biden in 1993,” which led to “shaming, attacks, and threats instigated by the media [that] sent her into a personal tailspin,” according to 
 description on Amazon.

“ 'Tara-rized viciously by cyber bullies, receiving death threats and fearing for her life and those of her family, Tara tells how living with no regret and coming forward was right for her conscience,” the book description states.

"Thanks to my advocacy, all D.C. residents can soon read about this book, just two years after the initial publication.

"I do have a small fear that given the weaponization of the federal government by President Biden against conservatives I may end up on a watchlist, but I go to the Latin Mass, so I am probably already on at least one." . . .

Tara Reade, Absolutism, and the Ideological Undoing of #MeToo - testset

. . .Joe Biden has a well-established history of being a man without adequate physical boundaries. Some would describe his actions as overly-affectionate yet others see the Democratic nominee as a touchy-feely, old creep. But it was not until Tara Reade made accusations of actual sexual assault did the fork in the road appear. . .

 Who is Tara Reade and what are her allegations against Joe Biden? | Joe Biden | The Guardian  . . .A former aide to Biden from his years in the Senate, Reade, now 56, says that in 1993, in a corridor in a Senate office building, he pushed her against a wall and assaulted her, penetrating her with his fingers.". . .

A Year Later, Tara Reade Works to Correct the Record ( This article examines Reade's accusation with more balance:  ..."More appropriate may be a version of the assessment made by Times columnist Michelle Goldberg of the more significant Reade charge: “It would be easier to know what to do with Tara Reade’s accusation that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her if her tale were more solid, or if it were less.”...

Obama and his friends are a perfect illustration of the modern-day elitist Democrat

When Democrats rally against coal-based electricity, they know the homes of regular people will plunge into darkness while their mansions will remain unaffected. 

Obama and his friends are a perfect illustration of the modern-day elitist Democrat - American Thinker   "Just yesterday . . .saw more proof that the mainstream media in the U.S. and beyond are P.R. agencies for the Democrats.

"The media gave great prominence to former president Obama, filmmaker Steven Spielberg, and rock star Bruce Springsteen making a surprise appearance at a Barcelona restaurant with a last-minute dinner reservation on Thursday.

"The BBC carried details about the restaurateur being surprised by the visit and what he served his guests. There were details about the monument that the Obamas, Spielberg, and Springsteen visited.

"Most articles mentioned restaurant staff member Pol Perello posting a photo on Instagram of the staff and chefs posing with the celebrity trio.". . .

. . .Despite being among the ruling class, Democrats such as Michelle Obama frequently use their race to hide behind victimhood whenever they are challenged or subjected to scrutiny.

The only cause this group really believes in is the welfare of themselves.

The likes of AOC are merely following the footsteps of Obama.

The Democrats are responsible for most of the hardships suffered by the working class. 

The Democrats haven't resolved any issues such as gun control, abortion rights, etc., that they claim to certainly stand for, they merely misused issues to scare people into voting for them.". . .

The threat from so-called ‘transgender’ people extends beyond children

 "The violence isn’t surprising: You have the aggression of men, the emotionalism of women, mental illness, and powerful drugs (antidepressants, Ritalin-style stimulants, and massive hormones) all coming together in rage."

Andrea Widberg "So-called “transgenderism” was once a weird sexual-fetish activity that existed at the periphery of American society. It’s now moved front and center, something that is inordinately dangerous. Americans are beginning to understand the danger to our children from a movement that is compulsively and pathologically drawn to children, both for sexual excitement and recruitment, but people need to recognize that the so-called “transgender” crowd is also encouraging itself to be violently dangerous to all Americans.

"Mark Tapson, one of the most insightful writers about cultural issues, has written a powerful essay about the nexus between gender ideology, violence, and, inevitably, full-blown terrorism. The starting point, of course, is the shooting a month ago in Nashville, when Audrey Elizabeth Hale, a mentally-ill biological female who “identifies” as a man, went to an elementary school and slaughtered six people, three of whom were nine-year-old children. We’re still waiting to hear her manifesto. We all know that, if she’d been a Trump supporter, her manifesto would instantly have been revealed.

"He notes that Hale’s shooting is part of an escalating trend that sees so-called “transgender” people engaged in violent rhetoric and committing violent acts either (a) because of the “horror” of being “misgendered,” or (b) because they're incapable of dealing with the rising number of laws making it illegal for medical practitioners to give children toxic drugs and mutilating surgery in pursuit of the fiction that they can be “transformed” into the opposite sex. These so-called "gender-affirming" treatments, of course, are nothing more than for-profit plastic surgery run amok to criminally dangerous extremes." . . .

Dylan Mulvaney reveals his totalitarian side - Thomas Lifson  "Just for writing the headline of this piece (“Dylan Mulvaney reveals his totalitarian side”), I ought to be incarcerated, according to its subject.  My crime: using the correct masculine pronoun. Far from being merely a clownish minstrel show-like demeaning version of a woman, he actually
wants it to be illegal to refer to him by his biological sex, instead of his fantasy of being a woman." I thought it already has been. TD

Democrats Are The Nigerian Princes Of American Politics - American Thinker   "According to the American Heritage dictionary, this is the definition of “Stupid”:

1. Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.

2. Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.

3. Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless.

"That applies to a lot of Americans…Democrat voters in general and, in particular, a majority of blackscollege students, and white college-educated women.". . .

. . ."For fifty years, Democrats told American women that men were superfluous to raising children, but now that’s moot because men can have babies, genetic men are real women, and prepubescent children are mature enough to consent to sex change operations. They tell us with a straight face that the “Woman of the Year” should be a guy who used to be a mediocre men’s swimmer but who dominates when competing against real women.". . .

Saturday, April 29, 2023

'Shawshank Redemption' actor Tim Robbins blasts Democrats, mainstream media for 'thuggish censorship' -

 I appreciate that a Hollywood actor would take a balanced, fair view of a conservative's opinion. TD

Conservative Review

"Tim Robbins, star of "The Shawshank Redemption," slammed Democrats and the mainstream media for "thuggish censorship."

"Actor Tim Robbins recently delivered a cutting takedown of the Democrats and the media.

"Robbins applauded the reporting of independent journalists Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger, and Bari Weiss.

 "The Hollywood actor thanked the journalists for "exposing a massive censorship operation by the U.S. government to control content on social media and eliminate any dissenting voices.""

"Robbins said the mainstream media "ignored" censorship in the United States and "personal freedoms" of Americans were being diminished.

"Robbins specifically named and blasted three Democrats: Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.), and Rep. Stacey Plaskett (D-V.I.) for threatening Taibbi with prosecution and imprisonment.

" 'What an embarrassing, shameful time for the Democrats and the ‘free’ press," Robbins wrote on Twitter. "You are losing any shred of credibility you had, you f**king fools."

"Robbins also demanded that Julian Assange be released from prison.". . . Full article here...

Joy Reid: The MSNBC Jim Crow lady

The Most Shameless Liar on Television - YouTube

Bode Lang"The most shameless liar on television today is MSNBC's Joy Reid. Every issue, every controversy, can be attributed to some type of racism. "

Why White House Aides Are Frustrated With Biden Now

 Townhall   "According to a Friday report from Axios, some White House aides are fed up with President Joe Biden's light schedule that's become the norm as the administration seeks to give the gaffe-prone commander-in-chief the best possible chance of making it through public-facing events without becoming a viral meme. 

"We're all used to the strange whispers and sudden yelling that typify Biden's speeches, as well as his pre-cleared reporters with apparently approved questions being asked at his rare press conferences. As Axios noted in its report, the White House "rarely puts Biden in improvisational settings — or in front of hostile questions from reporters," meaning "it's tough for anyone outside his tight bubble to truly appraise the reality of Biden being the oldest president in U.S. history."

"Axios is right and, according to White House aides that spoke anonymously for the report, it's by design — even if that makes running the West Wing tricky. 

" 'Some White House officials say it's difficult to schedule public or private events with the president in the morning, in the evening, or on weekends," Axios reported. After crunching the numbers, the aides' claims check out.

By the numbers: A breakdown of Biden's schedule so far in 2023 reveals how his staff tries to ensure he's at his best:

  • Only four public events before 10 a.m.
  • Just a dozen public events after 6 p.m. — mostly dinners and receptions with foreign leaders or fundraisers.
  • 12 full weekends with no public events.

"The light and limited event schedule for Biden's official calendar is expected to be mirrored in his recently announced reelection bid, continuing his 2020 strategy of waging a campaign from his basement. Axios said as much, explaining that the "White House is basically hiding Biden as he auditions for another term.' ". . .

Who’s Actually Saving Democracy Here? -

  John Podhoretz, Commentary Magazine

In a democracy, a demonstration is an oxymoron—it’s a supposed show of force that is actually an expression of frustrated powerlessness.  

 "In America, Donald Trump continues to insist the 2020 election was stolen somehow, but perhaps he needn’t have bothered to make that preposterous and embarrassing argument. In Israel right now, we’re seeing a different way to handle losing an election and winning the post-election, one that is vastly more effective—and in its effectiveness, potentially more dangerous to the future good working order of democracy than the election denialism Trump practices and that liberals so revile.

"In November, the right won the election in Israel and then, upon assuming power in January, began to implement the policies on which it ran. At which point, some of the losers of the election took to the streets. Ever since, those in ideological agreement with the losers have expressed continual wonderment and pride at the fact that 8 or 9 percent of the population of the small country is out in the streets on a weekly basis. Yes, but more than 50 percent of the electorate in Israel voted the other way. Imagine if they took to the streets. But you can’t, because they won’t, because they shouldn’t have to. Democracies exist to make street action unnecessary. People go to the streets when they have no other way to express themselves—and what’s more, tragically, street action is almost always futile. And dangerous for those who undertake it, who show heroism by doing so.

"Democratic elections and the legislation that follows them are morally, politically, and practically better than street action because they have specific aims, specific goals, and have been legitimized through victory." . . .

"If you listen to nothing else this weekend, listen to a talk between Vivek Ramaswamy and James Lindsay. It will blow your socks off"

 Bookworm Room

Listening to Lindsay describe how leftists take over institutions is fascinating. I vividly recall the American Bar Association’s transition from a traditional standards institute into a hard-left organization changing the law in real-time. . .

"We’ve been watching this play out for decades: The left coopts institutions, leaving conservatives with nowhere to go. For leftists, it’s been a never-fail tactic, so they always come back to it. And the reason it never fails is because of us: The left’s greatest advantage is that they’re lucky in their enemy because conservatives never learn. We conservatives are the living embodiment of Einstein’s definition of insanity, repeatedly responding the same way to the leftists’ tactics and hoping against hope for a different outcome.

"Vivek invited James Lindsay on his show to discuss leftist strategies. If Lindsay’s name sounds familiar to you, it’s because he was one of the three scholars (Lindsay, Peter Boghossian, and Helen Pluckrose) who highlighted the corruption in academia by submitting 20 manifestly bogus articles for publication. Seven of those articles got accepted, including one about “rape” in dog parks and another that was ostensibly about feminism but was, in fact, a rewrite of portions of Mein Kampf.

"The stunt should have destroyed academia. Instead, Lindsay, Boghossian, and Pluckrose, all of whom characterized themselves as coming from the left, found that it made no difference that they had revealed, not only that the emperor was naked, but also that he was riddled with corruption. Academia healed itself and moved on.

"Lindsay, who is also a mathematician (meaning that he thinks logically), explains that leftists have mastered certain war tactics, whether you want to view them through the lens of Sun Tzu’s adages or just as the type of thing you learn at your local martial arts dojo. The best way to do battle is to provoke your opponent to react in a predictable way so that you already have a devastating countertactic waiting. Nor is the left secretive about this. You can find the tactics spelled out at Beautiful Trouble. This is second-generation Saul Alinsky stuff…and conservatives still haven’t even figured out how to use Rules for Radicals to their advantage." . . .

The Biden Economy and How It Could Be Fixed

  Americans need to open their eyes to the fact that our elected leaders across the political spectrum understand clearly what policies will lead to prosperity and freedom for the American people, but that only some of those leaders consider prosperity and freedom the goal. We need more of them. 

Imprimis (  The following is adapted from a talk delivered on February 22, 2023, at a Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar in Indian Wells, California.

"Just about everybody on Wall Street knows, despite what you read in the financial press, that the Biden administration’s economic policies are driving our economy into a recessionary ditch. In a recent Wall Street Journal survey of 23 large financial institutions that do business directly with the Federal Reserve, 16 predicted a recession in 2023 and two predicted a recession in 2024, while only five predicted that we would avoid a recession—although even those five predicted we’d have only one-half percent economic growth, well below the 2.1 percent average over the past 20 years and dangerously close to what has traditionally been considered a recession.

"A recession is defined, traditionally, as two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth. At least it was defined that way before the financial press redefined it prior to the 2022 midterms, ensuring that despite two consecutive quarters of negative growth, President Biden’s policies couldn’t be labeled recessionary. But regardless of the definition, this negative growth meant declining standards of living, fewer job opportunities, lower wages, and increased poverty for the American people. Overall, we have become a far less vibrant and far less prosperous society on the verge of a serious recession.

"The hard economic times we are experiencing are especially striking as they come on the heels of the Trump boom, which opened our eyes again to American economic potential when we have low taxes, reduced regulation, and a bountiful supply of domestic energy. Everybody, particularly minority and low-wage earners, reaped the benefits in the Trump years of abundant job opportunities, increasing wages, historic highs in family income, and historic lows in rates of poverty and unemployment." . . .

Megyn Kelly Goes Viral With 7-Word Response To Dylan Mulvaney Complaining About Being Labeled A Man

The Daily Wire   "The host of the”The Megyn Kelly Show” tweeted on Friday to her 2.7 million followers her thoughts after Mulvaney claimed it should be “illegal” to use “he” to describe the influencer.

“Move to Canada Dylan,” Kelly wrote. “You’ll love it.”. . .

. . ."Kelly’s Canada comment appears to refer to a Canadian court’s ruling from 2021 that stated deliberate misgendering in the workplace is a human rights violation. The court found that doing so violates British Columbia’s Human Rights Act. While violating the rule will not result in arrest, the CBC noted, it could result in thousands of dollars in fines and forced inclusion training.  

"At the time of publication, the former Fox News host’s post had been viewed 1.3 million times and counting.

"Kelly’s post included a tweet from Daily Wire host Matt Walsh who responded to Mulvaney’s video.

" 'Dylan Mulvaney calls for the arrest of people who call him a man,” Walsh tweeted to his 1.7 million followers. “Do you still think I’ve been too mean to this guy?”. . .

    "Dylan Mulvaney calls for the arrest of people who call him a man. Do you still         think I’ve been too mean to this guy?"

Its possible: Trump vs. The people handling Biden


Biden Will Be Running on His Record This Time - American Thinker   . . ."This will be the first time in modern history when both candidates have four years of presidential leadership from which voters can draw comparisons.  It will be a choice between

  • Trump's prosperity and Bidenflation,
  • Trump's national security and Biden's surrender, and
  • Trump's energy independence and Biden's broken supply chain.

"Will the guy who did a prerecorded campaign announcement even show up in person?  Will he hold rallies or whine from his basement?  Will he cowboy up and debate — defending his record — or will he coward out?

"I'm guessing there will be some excuse to avoid debating.  Perhaps Merrick Garland will announce that the white supremacist domestic terrorist threat is too great for Joe to appear in public.  It would be best for him to stay in his basement, cozying up to his soft serve machine.". . .

Biden to ‘finish the job’? - Keep Joe away from our "bedrock freedoms!   "President Biden has officially launched his re-election campaign, urging the electorate to let him finish off the country “finish the job.” Remarkably, he is basing his second run at the White House on nothing but malarkey. He is attempting to gaslight the populace by claiming to be the freedom candidate.

"The man who is trying to ban gasoline-powered automobiles and gas stoves -- and who has banned incandescent light bulbs -- says in a campaign video: “Freedom – personal freedom – is fundamental to who we are as Americans.”

"Biden, who fervently supported the pandemic lockdown, social distancing, mask mandates, and vaccine passports, then proceeds to warn us all that, “The question we are facing is whether in the years ahead we have more freedom or less freedom, more rights or fewer.' ”. . .

Biden Will Be Running on His Record This Time   . . ."Joe surrendered in Afghanistan to a poorly armed and poorly trained band of thugs.  A force of 80,000 men beat our 2-million-man professional army because Joe gave up.  In doing so, he left behind over $7 billion of advanced armaments, turning Afghanistan into a better armed version of the terrorism sponsors that it was on September 11, 2001.  He abandoned Americans and broke promises to our allies in the process — setting back international relations by years.  How many citizens will vote for President "Surrender" in 2024?". . .

. . ."On his first day in office, Joe canceled the border wall and many of the Trump immigration protocols.  Have Americans noticed those illegal aliens, being dropped off in their neighborhoods, in the middle of the night, by the Biden administration?  Are they more welcoming than the residents of Martha's Vineyard were?  Do the voters think an influx of fentanyl and crime is a fair trade for cheap labor?  Will they vote for four more years of open borders?". . .

Friday, April 28, 2023

Joe Biden Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things –

  Issues & Insights

"With Biden in the White House, abundance is a word that seems to apply almost uniquely to the Biden family fortunes."   I&I Editorial Board

. . ." An America struggling under Biden is not a new development. In a survey conducted in the spring of 2022, 52% said they were worse off than a year earlier; 39% said they expected to be worse off in one year than they were when they were asked the question in June.

"Last year’s New York Times|Momentive Poll further discovered that “The number of people who expect periods of widespread unemployment or depression to occur in the next five years has risen to 71%, another new high,” while 41% said “now is a bad time to make large purchases.” This was “up from 36% in April and slightly” exceeded “the 39% that number reached in April 2020 at the start of the COVID pandemic.” 

"A few months after those poll results were released, the Heritage Foundation published an analysis that determined the average American had lost $4,200 in annual income since Biden stumbled into the Oval Office.". . .

. . ."While the Big Guy gets his 10% off the top, and the ultra-wealthy who stuff the Democratic Party with their plentiful dollars are enjoying the good times, most of the rest of us are having to live with what Thomas Buckley calls “an abundance of scarcity.” Broken and busted by food shortages and higher energy costs, ours is a future of peasantry.

"Apparently we are expected to tighten our belts, just as one of Carter’s aides suggested more than 40 years ago, and to keep tightening them because Biden is running again. He has no accomplishments. He has a long list of failures. His missteps, and we’re not talking about his stumbles while trying to climb the stairs to Air Force One, keep piling up. He’s like a virus that kills its host."

Riley Gaines Brilliantly Schools Megan Rapinoe Over the Destruction of Women's Sports -

  Analyzing America

If men are allowed into Women's sports it effectively destroys the category. Why would she want to do that? Comment to the following post.

"All-American swimmer Riley Gaines has been at the forefront of defending women’s sports after tying transgender competitor Lia Thomas at the NCAA championships.

"In contrast, pro soccer player and former USA team member Megan Rapinoe argues that biological males do not pose a threat to women’s sports.

"Gaines said, “I can respect opinions that differ from my own and everyone is entitled to think/speak independently, but I can’t help but think Megan Rapinoe would genuinely shiv any male who tried to take her spot on the US Women’s National Team.”. . .

Riley Gaines  "It's worth noting that 1) you're done with your athletic career and 2) because you aren't sexually attracted to men, it's unlikely you will ever have a daughter to defend. To me, this looks like a classic case of virtue signaling because you have nothing to personally lose."  

Megan Rapinoe  "Today, politicians in DC are claiming to “protect women's sports” by pushing a trans & intersex sports ban. Call your Congressional rep today to say women's sports need protection from unequal pay, sexual abuse & lack of resources, NOT from trans kids. #LetKidsPlay"