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Gun prevention signs a real safeguard in these wild--west days


Joe Biden’s Presidency Reaches the Self-Pity Stage

The Biden White House isn’t uniquely beset by the forces of history. Indeed, so much of what the president and those in his orbit resent are conditions they either contributed to or incepted into existence.

Noah Rothman   "An NBC News profile of the Biden White House details the classic strategies any listing administration employs to avoid reckoning with its own shortcomings. The president, we’re told, inherited a historic mess from which no mere mortal could extricate the nation. On top of that, new and equally momentous challenges suddenly presented themselves. Biden has been ill-served by his unfit and meddling staffers. And Republicans in Congress, who stubbornly continue to exist, won’t just roll over and die. It’s all rather vexing, and the White House wants you to know it.

"Biden is reportedly “unhappy” with staffers who feel that they must “clean up” his comments when those comments undermine longstanding U.S. policy, contradict his administration’s position on issues, or are generally incomprehensible. “Any assessment of Biden’s performance needs to take into account the epic challenges he faced from the start,” NBC’s dispatch conceded, citing one friendly author who claimed the president is contending with “the most daunting set of challenges arguably since Franklin D. Roosevelt.” In a Wall Street Journal op-ed published Monday under Joe Biden’s byline, which can only be read as a companion piece, the president lashed out at the Federal Reserve and Congress for failing to curtail inflation.

" 'I’ve heard him say recently that he used to say about President Obama’s tenure that everything landed on his desk but locusts, and now he understands how that feels,” one unnamed White House official told NBC’s reporters. That’s a revealing admission. Consciously or otherwise, the Biden administration is channeling the Obama White House’s self-indulgence.". . .

Noah Rothman is the Associate Editor of Commentary and the author of Unjust: Social Justice and the Unmaking of America.

Biden reportedly frustrated with WH comms team for undermining his authority, clarifying his comments

“Beyond policy, Biden is unhappy about a pattern that has developed inside the West Wing. He makes a clear and succinct statement — only to have aides rush to explain that he actually meant something else. The so-called clean-up campaign, he has told advisers, undermines him and smothers the authenticity that fueled his rise. Worse, it feeds a Republican talking point that he’s not fully in command,” NBC News laments.

. . . “ 'The president has also told aides he doesn’t think enough Democrats go on television to defend him. A particular sore spot is his slumping poll numbers; he’s mystified that his approval rating has dropped to a level approaching that of his predecessor, Donald Trump, ranked by historians as one of the worst presidents in history,” NBC News stated.

“ 'He’s now lower than Trump, and he’s really twisted about it,” an unnamed source close to the White House reportedly said."

" 'The corrections are almost non-stop. It happened again in Japan at a joint press conference where Biden vowed military support to Taiwan if the country is attacked by China. Right on cue, aides panicked and sent out a statement that was meant to clarify what Biden actually “meant.” Again, it screamed weakness and made it appear as if the president was merely a puppet of those behind the scenes.". . .

Ben Schapiro: To be clear, the problem isn't that Joe Biden says that the US will intervene militarily if Taiwan is invaded. The problem is that it's totally unclear if that's true or if we even have the capacity to do so, and it's even more unclear when his own White House keeps shushing him.

Joe Biden; master wordsmith

Biden Falsely Claims Trump Supporters 'Killed Two Police Officers' on Jan 6 

In his commencement speech "Biden repeated the Left's fabricated claim while giving the commencement address at his alma mater Saturday.

"However, despite the Democrats' best efforts to continue the lie, no police officers were killed during the Jan. 6 riots.

"Biden and several top Democrats have continued to repeat the debunked claim.

"Biden’s latest assertion of the lie came at the University of Delaware, where Biden graduated in 1965.

"As Biden should know, no police officers died during the riots, and the cop who passed away on January 7 was found to have died of natural causes that were not related to the riot.". . .

Dennis Prager: Joe Biden’s Buffalo speech was the speech of an indecent man  "If an American president has ever given as mendacious, anti-American and hate-filled a speech as President Joe Biden did in Buffalo, New York, last week, I am not familiar with it. Nor are you.

"Biden used the terrible mass shooting of black people in a Buffalo grocery store to smear America, divide Americans and foment race-based hatred. A decent man would have given an entirely different speech.

"A decent man would have gone to Buffalo and said something like this:

“My fellow Americans, what happened here in Buffalo was pure evil. Let there be no equivocating about this moral fact. If evil exists, what happened here was evil. But, my fellow Americans, this young man and his race-based homicidal hatred represents an infinitesimally small number of Americans, white or otherwise. The overwhelming majority of Americans of every race, ethnicity, and religion get along with each other beautifully. We work alongside each other, date each other, socialize with one another and marry one another. We are the most successful experiment in creating a multiracial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious country in world history. The actions of a deranged teenager do not change this fact.”

"Instead, the hater-in-chief went to Buffalo and said:

“What happened here is simple and straightforward: terrorism. Terrorism. Domestic terrorism. Violence inflicted in the service of hate and the vicious thirst for power that defines one group of people being inherently inferior to any other group. A hate that, through the media and politics, the internet, has radicalized angry, alienated and lost individuals into falsely believing that they will be replaced. That’s the word. Replaced by ‘the other.’ By people who don’t look like them.". . .

Three More Bishops Join Ban on Pelosi Receiving Holy Communion

 Neon Nettle

                  Pelosi now banned in Santa Rosa, Arlington, Tyler over abortion stance

"Three more Catholic bishops have joined San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone by banning Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) from receiving Holy Communion over her "extreme" pro-abortion stance.

"Pelosi was recently banned by her home diocese of San Francisco due to outspoken advocacy for the “right” of women to obtain an abortion.

"Archbishop Cordileone has come under mounting pressure from the Left after he announced he had banned the Democrat leader.

"But now three other bishops have risen up in support of Cordileone by also banning Pelosi from the sacrament in their dioceses.

"Bishops around the country are also publicly supporting Cordileone’s action.

"The bishops of the Diocese of Santa Rosa, the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, and the Diocese of Tyler, Texas, have all declared that Pelosi cannot receive Communion in their jurisdictions, according to the Washington Post.". . .
“When you do, you will not be admitted to Holy Communion until you publicly renounce your advocates for the credibility of abortion, confess, and recede,” he stated.
"Pelosi has been at odds with the Catholic Church for years, attempting to portray herself as both a “deeply religious” Catholic and a staunch defender of behavior the church regards as a moral evil.

Better count the cost, gentlemen; SF Archbishop Who Barred Pelosi From Communion Passed Over for Cardinal Role  "The San Francisco archbishop who banned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from taking Communion has been passed over for a cardinal assignment, the Washington Examiner reports.

"Two weeks ago, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone said Pelosi would ''not be admitted'' to Communion unless and until the California Democrat publicly repudiates ''support for abortion rights'' and goes to confession ''for her cooperation in this evil.''. . .

EXCLUSIVE: Many Border Patrol Agents, Cops Who Responded to Uvalde School Shooting Uninvited from Biden Event

 Breitbart  "Law Enforcement officers who responded to the Uvalde school shooting at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday morning received an invitation to meet with President Biden during his planned visit to Uvalde on Sunday afternoon. According to a senior Customs and Border Protection source, the officers received the invitation late last week. Many had accepted and were scheduled to attend the private address from the president. Most are now being informed they are no longer invited.

"The meeting, specifically to address the law enforcement officers who responded to the shooting is part of President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden’s visit to Uvalde to address the families of the victims of last week’s school shooting at Robb Elementary.

"Although the meeting is planned at a location that can accommodate hundreds, more than 90% of the Border Patrol agents who were invited are now being told time and space are limited and they cannot attend. More than 80 Border Patrol agents, including several members of the Border Patrol’s BORTAC special response team involved in the response to the school shooting, received the invitation. Late Saturday evening, the Border Patrol was notified the President could only meet with 7 of the more than 80 agents who responded to the shooting.". . .

May God bless all our protectors under the authority of Democrats. TD

No, the Patriarchy Did not Keep Hillary out of Space

  TGP FactCheck

  • Hillary regularly rehashes tale of trying to become an astronaut in 1962
  • Story probably is another Hillary lie, but the media, including the Washington Post, rate it true even though there’s no evidence to directly support her claim
  • The real barrier to becoming an astronaut was her young age, and inability to get necessary training in the military’s test pilot program
  • By the time Hillary would have been the right age to be an astronaut, she would have been eligible. . .

"OUR RATING: #FakeNews. This is what you’d expect on CNN playing to an empty airport.

"Young women in 1962 were potentially told that they couldn’t become astronauts in the near future, this is used as an example of pre-feminist attitudes.

"The major missing context in this argument is that, even if Hillary Clinton is telling the truth, which is hard to fathom given her reputation, the source pool for astronauts were specialist military test pilots until 1978, at which point women were admitted.

"This controversy is exaggerated and given a dishonest frame overall to prove a point about feminism. And the major credibility gaps in both Hillary and the underlying documents make this overall claim very suspect.". . .

Did Hillary actually send and receive this letter to NASA? We will never know.

Did NASA accept women in 1962? No, but that deserves significant context and clarification since they were not just excluding women but also most men.

Could Hillary have been an astronaut if she had applied? Yes, if she would have met the other standards, by the time she was the right age the program was accepting women and putting them into space.

Did the patriarchy keep Hillary out of space? No.

Shouldn't Hillary Clinton Be Banned From Twitter Now?  "Trial testimony reveals Hillary Clinton personally approved serious election misinformation. Is there an anti-Trump exception to content moderation?"

"Last week, in the trial of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, prosecutor Andrew DeFilippis asked ex-campaign manager Robby Mook about the decision to share with a reporter a bogus story about Donald Trump and Russia’s Alfa Bank. Mook answered by giving up his onetime boss. “I discussed it with Hillary,” he said, describing his pitch to the candidate: “Hey, you know, we have this, and we want to share it with a reporter… She agreed to that.”

"In a country with a functioning media system, this would have been a huge story. Obviously this isn’t Watergate, Hillary Clinton was never president, and Sussmann’s trial doesn’t equate to prosecutions of people like Chuck Colson or Gordon Liddy. But as we’ve slowly been learning for years, a massive fraud was perpetrated on the public with Russiagate, and Mook’s testimony added a substantial piece of the picture, implicating one of the country’s most prominent politicians in one of the more ambitious disinformation campaigns we’ve seen.

"There are two reasons the Clinton story isn’t a bigger one in the public consciousness. One is admitting the enormity of what took place would require system-wide admissions by the FBI, the CIA, and, as Matt Orfalea’s damning video above shows, virtually every major news media organization in America.

"More importantly, there’s no term for the offense Democrats committed in 2016, though it was similar to Watergate. Instead of a “third-rate burglary” and a bug, Democrats sent schlock research to the FBI, who in turn lied to the secret FISA court and obtained “legal” surveillance authority over former Trump aide Carter Page (which opened doors to searches of everyone connected to Page). Worse, instead of petty “ratfucking” like Donald Segretti’s “Canuck letter,” the Clinton campaign created and fueled a successful, years-long campaign of official harassment and media fraud. They innovated an extraordinary trick, using government connections and press to generate real criminal and counterintelligence investigations of political enemies, mostly all based on what we now know to be self-generated nonsense.". . .

Progressives made Uvalde inevitable

Mike Weltsch

Their solution to the dilemma of mass murder is to demagogue the issue and blame an inanimate object and the innocent people who own one for the catastrophe.  This will not fix the problem because it does not address the root causes of the problem.  Take away guns, and would-be murderers will find other means: cars, improvised explosive devices, poisons, etc.

. . ."Any fair analysis of our society would show that mass murder is not caused by gun ownership.  How do we know this?  Because school shootings are a comparatively recent phenomenon.  When I was a teenager in the 1960s, I owned a rifle.  Many of my friends owned or had access to rifles.  Indeed, it was not unusual in those days to see rifles in the racks behind the heads of pickup truck drivers.  I have even had contemporaries from areas more rural than where I grew up tell of leaving their rifles in their cars while they were in school so they could go hunting right after school.

"The point here is, in my youth, firearms were available, but none of us ever shot up a school.  Why not?  Because the values with which we were raised made it inconceivable to do something so barbaric.

"So what has changed in American society in the last 50 years to make mass murder not only possible, but arguably inevitable?  I would argue that it is the progressive ideology that has brought us to this point.  The progressives have driven God out of schools and to some degree out of society.  They have destroyed the nuclear family.  They have normalized deviancy with gay "marriage," pedophilia, and transsexualism.  They have devalued life with abortion.  In other words, from a systems theory perspective, there were no school shootings fifty years ago because the moral underpinnings of our society did not permit them.

"Unfortunately, progressives have destroyed the cultural norms of fifty years ago and replaced them with a nihilism that makes mass murder conceivable.  They have so corrupted foundation of American society that the slaughter of innocents is not only possible, but inevitable.  Their solution to the dilemma of mass murder is to demagogue the issue and blame an inanimate object and the innocent people who own one for the catastrophe.  This will not fix the problem because it does not address the root causes of the problem.  Take away guns, and would-be murderers will find other means: cars, improvised explosive devices, poisons, etc.

"Until American societal norms are restored to a point where Uvalde-type massacres are again unimaginable, America will continue to suffer them."

Liz Cheney and the curse of open primaries; Unless Wyoming Republicans turn out en masse, their state’s foul open primary system could return Liz Cheney to Congress.

 What sort of political thinking would come up with an open primary? Example: Joe Biden seems to me to be the product of Republicans voting in a Democrat primary; Cheney, Romney and Kinsinger would be big favorites among Democrats. TD

"If you’re familiar with my blog, you know that one of the things that makes me incandescent with rage is open primaries. This year, the open primary system has proven to be and will continue to prove to be, a disaster for Republicans.

"To understand how bad this is, we need a short discussion about traditional primaries versus open primaries. Under the old primary system (which still applies in a barely there majority of states), voters with allegiances to each party would have a chance to pick the person they believe best represents their values. Then, in November, thanks to debates and advertising, the voters, having been exposed to the two political ideologies from the best-situated representatives and make an informed vote.

"Sure, ideals and realities seldom match but, for many decades, after the party’s candidates stopped being selected in smoke-filled rooms by party insiders, it worked pretty well. Republicans got the conservative candidates of their choice; Democrats got the leftist candidates of their choice.

"That’s not how it works in open primary systems. Under the open primary system, there are, technically speaking, “Republican” and “Democrat” primaries, with candidates under both headings battling it out for dominance so that he or she can be the party’s representative in the November election. Under the noxious “open primary,” though, Democrats can vote for Republican primary candidates and Republicans can vote for primary candidates.

"The theory is that this system will force each party to run less extreme candidates than it might if it were campaigning only to its base. That is, the parties run “moderate” candidates so that people from the opposite party, if feeling a bit disaffected, can say, “Hey, I like the moderate cut of that opposing fellow’s jib. I think he ought to be on the November ballot.’

"Except that’s not what happens. What actually happens is that the smart party puts up on one candidate in the primaries, so no one in the party has a choice to make in the primary, and then tells its people to vote for the worst candidate on the other side. Admittedly, that may not happen in the average election but, since 2016, nothing’s been average anymore.". . .

What Now, Ukraine?

Sarah Palin predicted in 2008 that Putin would invade Ukraine if Obama was elected | The Independent | The Independent  "Long-derided as a soccer mom with a limited grasp of international geopolitical affairs, it turns out the world may have misunderestimated(sic) Sarah Palin.

"Speaking as the Republican vice-presidential nominee in the 2008 US presidential campaign, Palin warned that if Barack Obama was elected.". . .

By Victor Davis Hanson

We are on new ground, in which a nonnuclear Western ally—understandably but dangerously—may now seek to destroy a nuclear Russia’s assets on Russian soil or in neutral or even Russian seas.

"It was supposed to be a clear-cut, unambiguous invasion. Vladimir Putin’s much larger, richer, and more bellicose Russia staged a shock-and-awe attack on a much smaller, poorer Ukraine. He intended to decapitate the government in Kyiv. Then he would annex the eastern half of the country, and quickly consolidate his easy wins in preparation to ratchet up pressure to force western Ukraine into the Russian Federation.

"The rest is history. The Russian military proved ill-equipped and ill-supplied. It was poorly led, with a high percentage of low-morale, conscript troops. Russia had no viable strategic plan to capture, much less hold, the Ukrainian capital. Ukraine was Russia’s version of our Kabul—but tens of thousands of deaths added to the equation.

"Russian strategists naïvely believed NATO would become paralyzed in mutual recriminations and fear and follow the usual German prompt of appeasement. In fact, NATO united precisely because of the dire worries over further Russian aggression, as the alliance pressured Germany to back off from its self-interested Russian romance.

"Sanctions seldom have a good record of quickly stopping a war, and they have not so far in this instance, either.".of for1e, its war crimes against civilians, and pathetic propaganda turned off most of the Western world and it, in turn, boycotted, sanctioned, and embargoed Moscow. These porous and slow-moving efforts nonetheless will eventually make it even more difficult for Russia to muster the economic and military wherewithal to sustain a stalled invasion.". . .

Every Time Biden Drained Strategic Oil Reserves, Prices Ended Up Higher. Here’s The Proof

 Daily Caller  "Oil and gasoline prices increased after each of President Joe Biden’s three Strategic Petroleum Reserve releases which were designed to curb consumer costs.

"Biden ordered a 50-million-barrel SPR release in November, a 30-million-barrel release on March 1 and a 180-million-barrel release on March 31, saying the “historic” actions would ease pressure felt by Americans at the pump. But marketplace and government data analyzed by The Daily Caller News Foundation paint a different picture. (RELATED: Biden Considers Draining Yet Another Key Emergency Fuel Stockpile: REPORT)

"On Tuesday, the average price of gasoline reached an all-time high of $4.59 per gallon, according to AAA data, while domestic oil prices remained above $110 a barrel, far higher than their 2015-2021 average of $53.15 per barrel and 2021 average of $68.14 a barrel, Federal Reserve data showed.". . .

Joe Biden on Memorial Day: Democracy Has “Never Been Good” (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit  "Joe Biden on Monday delivered a Memorial Day address at the 154th National Memorial Day Observance at Arlington National Cemetery.

"Biden was joined by Jill Biden, Secretary of Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Kamala Harris and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff.

"79-year-old Joe Biden struggled to read his teleprompter and had a slip-up.

“ 'Democracy is not perfect. It’s never been good – perfect,” Biden said.

Monday, May 30, 2022

DISGRACE: Biden Uninvited Border Patrol Agents From Uvalde Speech


Tony Branco
PJ Media  "Always ready to exploit a tragedy, Joe and Jill Biden went to Uvalde, Texas, on Sunday to visit the community after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School.

"While the response of local enforcement has come under scrutiny, we’ve learned that Border Patrol agents ultimately ended the shooting at the school, and killed the shooter. Their heroic actions deserve the nation’s praise, but instead, Joe Biden dissed them by uninviting them from his speech.

“ 'Biden administration officials uninvited many of the Border Patrol agents and other law enforcement officers who responded to the Robb Elementary School shooting from a meeting with the president scheduled for Sunday in Uvalde,” reports Breitbart. “Despite the event being planned for a large open-space facility, administration officials cited space as a reason for the retracted invitations.”

"According to their report, Border Patrol agents were among the law enforcement officials who received an invitation to the event and many had accepted before being informed they were no longer invited. More than 90 percent who had been invited were told they would not be able to attend anymore.". . .

Biden's 'support of police' is hard to believe

"Wearing the badge shouldn't make you a target," Biden said during his remarks. Again, he doesn't see the irony that his own policies and the views of his party are what is doing that.

Michael Letts. . ." 'It is a different world," Biden said.  "Over the last several years it is so much more complicated, the job is complicated.  We expect so much more from all of you."

"He wants police officers to think he understands the difficulty they face in doing their job and that he supports them.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Not only does he not support them — as he has shown with his initial support for efforts to defund police departments — but his laxness toward law enforcement has encouraged lawbreakers.

"His efforts hit the police coming and going.  He makes it harder for them to do their job from a funding and legislative perspective while at the same time making the job more dangerous by supporting poor prosecution and enforcement, which only encourages criminals.  The combination makes being a police officer in America more dangerous than ever.  The result is that police are killed, and more services like the one at the National Peace Officers' Memorial.

"Biden correctly pointed out that officers need to serve as psychiatrists, mental health counselors, and drug counselors in order to do their job.  This is another way that police are endangered.  They are often expected to prioritize these functions over their primary function of law enforcement.  This sometimes means they have to forgo their own safety, and the result is that officers are killed.". . .

Biden hosts a photo op in Uvalde, but not before he disinvites Border Patrol agents who responded to the massacre

Comment to this post: Beto in there asking for invitations from parents have disguised everyone…. Why do they want a politician there while they grieve. Opportunist all of these politicians… 

  Olivia Murray  "Apparently, for Joe Biden, only certain murdered children are worth memorializing — ones who fit his political agenda.  Although it's been over a year and a half since little eight-year-old Jackson Sparks was mowed down at a Christmas parade, Biden has yet to pay his respects to the community of Waukesha, because the killer didn't use a gun.  However, Salvador Ramos did, so Biden's handlers sprang into action for a press opportunity, but not before revoking invitations from heroes:

Biden administration officials uninvited many of the Border Patrol agents and other law enforcement officers who responded to the Robb Elementary School shooting from a meeting with the president scheduled for Sunday in Uvalde. Despite the event being planned for a large open-space facility, administration officials cited space as a reason for the retracted invitations.

"His presence, unsurprisingly, was met with sincere disgust.". . .

Beto in there asking for invitations from parents have disguised everyone…. Why do they want a politician there while they grieve. Opportunist all of these politicians…

Ukrainians see their culture being erased as Russia hits beloved sites

 NBC News

“This was done so Russia can say that there is no Ukrainian culture, that Ukrainian identity does not exist," said the director of a museum that was demolished by a Russian strike.

"SKOVORODYNIVKA, Ukraine — When a missile strike reverberated throughout the town of Skovorodynivka at 10:45 p.m. on May 6, Nataliia Micay instantly knew what had been hit.

"But by the time Micay sprinted down the road from her house to the town’s treasured Hryhorii Skovoroda Literary Memorial Museum, it was too late. A massive fire had engulfed the centuries-old yellow building.

"Firefighters and other locals worked through the night to extinguish the flames, hoping to salvage whatever they could. But the building and its contents were burned to the ground.

“ 'This was intentional. It was a prepared plan. They knew that this legacy was here,” Micay said, wading through the scorched remains, pointing to where paintings, sculptures and books had filled the rooms during her nearly 30 years as the museum director.

“ 'This was done so Russia can say that there is no Ukrainian culture, that Ukrainian identity does not exist.”. . .

The Wereth Eleven; Battle of the Bulge


Members of an African American artillery battalion went from being hated to revered to tortured and killed by the SS at Wereth during the Battle of the Bulge. The crime remains unsolved.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Climate Change, the Flu, and the Death of Satire

 American Spectator  "It has become ever more difficult in recent years to write satire because the world is going crazy so fast that satire becomes reality — sometimes poisonous reality — before you can finish writing or even start laughing. Even somewhat far-fetched predictions can no longer be taken lightly.  

"This column suggested recently that if the government can do the kinds of things it has been doing to “protect” the public against the Fauci Flu, think what it can do to prevent the “existential” crisis of climate change. 

"The Fauci Flu has not yet been referred to as an existential threat. But why not? Simply because no one would believe that? How can you be so sure? 

"It is true that for many months many people have been discounting whatever the government has been saying about the Flu, and masks, and the vaccines, and the boosters. Think about, among other disgraces, how then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo lied about the number of people who had died (largely because of his policies) in nursing homes. And now we learn Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan did the same thing. That rising distrust in government is one reason it has become ever more necessary for the government to try to shame people into doing what the government announces is good behavior. 

"But not everyone distrusts government. Rasmussen Reports released a poll recently that showed Democrat voters support harsh measures against the unvaccinated. The poll found that 48 percent of voters favor imposing a Fauci Flu vaccine mandate on employees of large corporations, and 48 percent oppose. Okay (sort of), up to that point, but then the results get nasty. 

"Fifty-nine percent of Democrat voters “would favor a government policy requiring that citizens remain confined to their homes at all times.' ”. . .

Greta Thunberg Mural Equipped With Laser Eyes That Shoot At SUVs

“We want the mural to really make a positive impact in the fight against climate change,” a spokesperson told sources. “Greta’s pouty glare is certain to generate guilt and shame in many motorists, but that didn’t seem like enough. By adding the lasers, we can begin taking out the worst offenders in their Hummers and Land Rovers.”

Memorial Day 2022


Mount Joy World War II veteran, last survivor of Malmedy Massacre dies at 99

Harold Billow - The Log Book Project

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Biden: Joe Biden's Walter Mitty dreams

 Joe Biden loves his lies - American Thinker   "President Biden has made many false autobiographical claims.  He was a truck driver.  He was a coal miner.  He helped organize Black churches while in high school for Civil Rights activities.  He used to bring his children, then grandchildren, one at a time, when each turned age 15 or 16 (depending on the version), to Europe to tour either Dachau or Auschwitz (again, depending on the version).  He went to Soweto in South Africa to visit the imprisoned Nelson Mandela, who in fact was held 800 miles away on Robben Island.  He claimed he was arrested in Soweto; he wasn't.

"I could go on and on.  But during this Memorial Day weekend, we can add a new Walter Mitty  autobiographical lie to Biden's lengthy and ever-growing list.". . .

Biden, in his Walter Mitty Dreams,Threatens To ‘Punch’ Trump… Tunnel Wall

Ivy League Professor Joe Biden's secret life as Walter Mitty (independentsentinel.com)

Walter Mitty’ Biden has been pushing the lie that he was an Ivy League college professor despite having been called out for it several times. He is currently elaborating on it. I posted this lie more than once but he keeps on doing it and it never gets old.

Joe Biden's Walter Mitty fantasy life - American Thinker  . . ."("mistakenly says," see) but the Washington Examiner's Alana Goodman decided to look a little further into this, producing a series of data points to reveal a pattern.  Here's the short list, but read the whole thing to see how bad the details are:. . .

. . ."In every instance, Biden was the underdog, the man of courage, the guy who stood up to evil forces and made himself a hero.  Not one of these claims was true, but that's just the point: Biden spends mental time in a fantasy universe, very unlike the one he actually lives in.  In reality, he's a man of no accomplishments and nothing but political loyalties.  The world Biden inhabits is the Washington swamp, a boring place characterized by big sleazy money deals and family enrichment, cronyism in smoke-filled rooms.  Biden's China and Ukraine deals, enacted by his underachieving junior, were abetted by Biden's political muscle in the background.  That's the only life Biden can point to.

"Yet he keeps repeating these vivid products of a nonexistent fantasy life, one that requires courage, courage he's never had, sort of like Walter Mitty, who as I recall from the story I read in high school was a bored man who led a humdrum life and imagined himself acting in heroic roles in his vivid fantasies.  That's Joe Biden, apparently, a really bored political hack who livens up his own world by repeating lies about his feats of heroism.". . .

Biden’s Walter Mitty Complex

School Shootings: If It Was Simple, We’d Have Done It

 School Shootings: If It Was Simple, We’d Have Done It - American Thinker  

"There are no easy answers for school shootings. If there were, we’d have done it by now. But that doesn’t mean there are none at all. There are, but they’re neither simple nor easy and they’re exceedingly difficult to hear and acknowledge, especially for the stubbornly unintellectual.

    "There are several broad categories of American societal norms that have changed dramatically in recent times that exacerbate the aberrant tendencies in emotionally conflicted young people. These have occurred mainly since the 1960s, for the last few generations, Baby Boomers to Gen Xers to Millennials."

    1. There is a markedly lessened sense of absolute right and wrong
    2. Since the 1990s, young people have been increasingly indulged and made to feel entitled
    3. Digital equipment distractions enable young people to withdraw into an isolated, self-centered world

    Democrats Deserve to Be Completely Destroyed in Upcoming Elections

      Democrats Deserve to Be Completely Destroyed in Upcoming Elections - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics   They’re purveyors of poverty, chaos, danger, and death.

    "The vital mission of everyone on the Republican-Right in the upcoming elections should be to demolish the Democrat Party and relegate it to the Smithsonian along with the relics of the Whig and Know Nothing parties.

    "This is no time for Republicans to squeak by at the polls. By heaping devastating defeats upon the Democrat Party, the GOP justifiably must treat this leftist force as a clear and present danger to the Republic. Everything the Democrat Party touches goes to hell. One would be hard-pressed to find a formerly GOP constituency where a Democrat win has made life better.

    "The Democrat Party of JFK, LBJ, and even Bill “Welfare Reform” Clinton is long gone. The Democrat Party of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and Gavin Newsom has nothing positive to offer and deserves to be voted into oblivion.

    "Members of the Democrat Left have become purveyors of poverty, chaos, danger, and death. Let us count the ways.". . .Continue reading at The American Spectator.

    Deroy Murdock Discusses His American Spectator Article on Tucker CarlsonTonight  Globalist News | #Globalist

    A data-based solution for America’s bloody gun epidemic


    A data-based solution for America's bloody gun epidemic (nypost.com)  "Tighter background checks. Red-flag laws. An assault-weapons ban. Bans on high-capacity ammunition magazines. 
    ""Democrats push the same set of policy prescriptions after each horrific mass shooting like Tuesday’s massacre of 19 children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Each time, Republicans claim that the problem isn’t guns, take umbrage at infringing upon Americans’ Second Amendment rights and stymie any move to even try to prevent future carnage.
    ""But as we suffer through yet another anguishing episode in our epidemic of gun violence, unique to the US, it’s time for a new idea — one based in evidence and data. Age-based restrictions that keep guns away from young men offer our best hope for addressing a genuine crisis and saving lives.
    ""There is one glaring connection between the Uvalde massacre and the racist shooting of 10 at a Buffalo supermarket on May 14: Both shooters were 18-year-old men. And this isn’t unusual. The shooter who killed 17 at a Florida high school in 2018? A 19-year-old man. The killer who ended nine lives in a Charleston, SC, church in 2015? A 21-year-old man. And it was a 20-year-old man who took 26 lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in 2012, only months after a 24-year-old man killed 12 and wounded 58 in Aurora, Colo. 
    ""This pattern isn’t limited to mass shootings. While those between the ages of 14 and 24 constituted a little more than 16% of the population between 1980 and 2008, they were responsible for over 48% of the murders. Overall, those 18 to 24 consistently had the highest offending rate over the 28-year period. And the overwhelming majority of those responsible for homicides were male.
    "The rate of suicide attempts is also highest between ages 14 and 21.
    " 'There are good reasons for these statistics: The frontal lobe and other parts of the brain responsible for impulse and emotional control and judgment do not fully mature until roughly age 25 or 26. Additionally, 75% of people who develop psychiatric disorders will do so by 24, while the peak onset of psychotic disorders in men is just under 25.". . .