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Alan Caruba: Too Much Obama

...."Peggy Noonan, a columnist for The Wall Street Journal, put her finger on Obama’s growing problems. “It’s always cliffs, ceilings and looming catastrophes with Barack Obama. It is always government by freakout.” After a while, even his supporters grow weary of that and, more importantly, it creates an image in their minds that he is incompetent and either unable or unwilling to govern.
" “Government by freakout carries a price,” said Noonan. It wears people down. It doesn’t inject a sense of energy, purpose or confidence in those who do business in America, it does the opposite.”"....

Why Does Anyone Need to Read About Celebrities?

Ann Coulter  " "I don't see why anyone needs ..." is code for: "I don't do it, so let's ban it." The corollary is: "I enjoy this, so you have to subsidize it."
Environmentalists say: "I don't know why anyone needs to shower once a day -- my French friends and I take two showers per month. We think we smell fine."
"That's the difference between a totalitarian and a normal person. Liberals are obsessed with controlling what other people do.
"As Sen. Dianne Feinstein said this week, so-called "assault weapons" are a "personal pleasure" and "mothers and women" have to decide whether this personal pleasure "is more important than the general welfare."
"The "general welfare" is every tyrant's excuse, going back to Robespierre and the guillotine. Free people are not in the habit of providing reasons why they "need" something simply because the government wants to ban it. That's true of anything -- but especially something the government is constitutionally prohibited from banning, like guns. "
Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

UPDATED: Ladies, Uncle Joe says to buy a shotgun. Buy a shotgun!

"According to Delaware attorneys contacted by U.S. News, in Biden’s home state it is only legal to use deadly force if there is reason to fear imminent loss of life. Shooting a gun in the air could result in felony reckless endangering and aggravated menacing charges, in addition to misdemeanor charges, the lawyers said."
"The governor will also correct a mistake in the quickly passed and shoddily written bill, which makes all New York law enforcement’s guns illegal due to having magazines that hold more than seven shots. The country’s laws are in the best of hands."

Jewish baby stoned by Arabs near Haifa, Israel (Revised)

"This is a Jewish baby who got stoned by Arabs today, if it was on the other side, it would have [been] posted by all the media in the world. Now with Facebook we have the power to spread it out all over the net."
Odelya Rottem on Facebook; Hat tip to Rich Cutter Avallone

What do you expect from these people?

92 Year Old Palestinian Woman: Palestinians Should Massacre Jews Like We Massacred Them in Hebron.

Home: The Tunnel Wall

Bob Woodward begins to pay the price for taking on the regime of Obama

Breitbart gives us a wealth of information:

Cult of Obama: List of Journalists Throwing Woodward Under Bus When the news hit that the Obama White house had threatened [B]ob Woodward, many in the media immediately chose to protect Obama by ridiculing Woodward, questioning his motives, and/or dismissing his reporting. Meet the members of the Cult of Obama…

Lanny Davis: Obama White House Threatened Washington Times Over My Column  "Lanny Davis, who served under President Bill Clinton as special counsel to the White House, told Washington, D.C.'s WMAL this morning that the Obama White House had threatened the Washington Times over his column, warning that the Times would suffer limited access to White House officials and might have its White House credentials revoked. Davis, a centrist Democrat, is sometimes critical of the Obama administration's policies."

Woodwardgate: Media Gang-Tackle Iconic Journalist to Save Obama  "It's an incredible story of the White House attempting to bully Bob Woodward, the most iconic reporter of the 20th century – the reporter who, along with Carl Bernstein, took down a president of the United States. So you might expect the rest of the media to stand with Woodward. You’d be wrong. They’re too busy spending time playing defense for the White House."
 WH Senior Adviser Plouffe: Woodward Washed Up "Wednesday night, in the aftermath of the blow-up regarding the White House’s email to Bob Woodward suggesting he would "regret" his reporting of sequestration, White House Senior Adviser David Plouffe took to twitter to bash Woodward as a past-his-prime hack."

Media Matters' Boehlert Mocks Bob Woodward's Age  "Today, though, because Woodward's reporting has uncovered facts inconvenient to Obama's sequester narrative, Boehlert's publicly mocking Woodward as "funny" and "sad" because he "doesn't seem to understand" sequester. Boehlert then takes a direct shot at Woodward's age with this parting shot: "time to retire." "

Woodward Emails Back Claim of White House Intimidation  "The emails reveal a kind of psychological manipulation and intimidation that many should be familiar with. I call them "screamers." Others might call them bullies; but these are people who intimidate through screaming when they don't get their way. Then, when that doesn't work, they always come back and apologize but the passive-aggressive bullying remains. "

The horror of sequestration!

Frankenquester unraveling: DHS official 'retires' over release of illegals  "It didn't a lot of brains to call out the administration for releasing illegal aliens from prison and then blame budget cuts that hadn't even occurred yet." 
Frankenquester fail #2: Education Secretary Duncan lies about teachers getting 'pink slips' already  "This is getting silly. And it is turning into a political disaster for Obama."
Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley
President Obama’s Legacy: Government Greed "You can’t grow the economy by taking money out of the economy. Yet that’s the president’s plan, and it’s leading us down a dangerous path."
Political Cartoons by Chuck Asay

Gene Sperling is the guy who threatened Bob Woodward (Updated)

Yid With Lid  "Well that didn't take long! This morning the liberal political site Buzzfeed it was Gene Sperling, the director of the White House Economic Council who sent the threatening Email to Wapo reportner(sp) Bob Woodward:

Bob Woodward called a senior White House official last week to tell him that in a piece in that weekend’s Washington Post, he was going to question President Barack Obama’s account of how sequestration came about - and got a major-league brushback. The Obama aide “yelled at me for about a half hour,” Woodward told us in an hour-long interview yesterday around the Georgetown dining room table where so many generations of Washington’s powerful have spilled their secrets. Digging into one of his famous folders, Woodward said the tirade was followed by a page-long email from the aide, one of the four or five administration officials most closely involved in the fiscal negotiations with the Hill. “I apologize for raising my voice in our conversation today,” the official typed. “You’re focusing on a few specific trees that give a very wrong impression of the forest. But perhaps we will just not see eye to eye here. … I think you will regret staking out that claim.”
Gene Sperling was a guest on a recent Fox News Sunday. See the difficulty of interviewing an Obama administration official as they filibuster each question. Numerous times Brett Baier tries to cut Sperling off with another question, but like a robot, Sperling refuses to stop until he has read off the Democrat talking points.  I'd say he seems perfectly able to lecture Mr. Woodward for half an hour, wouldn't you?
 You knew this next was coming, didn't you?

Update with added posts:
'What the hell happened to Bob Woodward?'  "Is there dissension in the ranks of the Big Media over the Obama administration’s heavy hand on even friendly media?"
...."But far from the press establishment rallying around Woodward, some elements are wondering how and why he wandered off the reservation with his criticism of the administration."
Many in the press will eat their own to protect Obama.
Proof: White House Threatened Bob Woodward "Now the left is toning it down and claiming that Woodward is exaggerating, but think about it for a minute. A top spokesperson, a lawyer for the President of the United States, tells a far less powerful man that he will regret reporting the truth, how would you take it? What if it were you?"

; War on Woodward May Be a Tipping Point
 "But there is more at work here than just a case of White House flacks picking a fight with the wrong guy. The problem here for President Obama is that the willingness of Woodward to expose the falsity of the administration’s position on the sequester, as well as their threat, could mark the beginning of the end of the administration’s magic touch with the mainstream press."

One can hope, but we're taking on a celebrity president here, remember. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What will the White House do to Bob Woodward for his "madness" remark?

Mark Levin just reported that Woodward was sent an email saying he would regret his ‘Madness That I Haven’t Seen In A Long Time’ statement.
We will continue to watch for comment on this. Here is what we have so far:

BOB WOODWARD: A 'Very Senior' White House Person Warned Me I'd 'Regret' What I'm Doing  "Bob Woodward said this evening on CNN that a "very senior person" at the White House warned him in an email that he would "regret doing this," the same day he has continued to slam President Barack Obama over the looming forced cuts known as the sequester.
"CNN host Wolf Blitzer said that the network invited a White House official to debate Woodward on-air, but the White House declined.
"I think they're confused," Woodward said of the White House's pushback on his reporting."  Read more.

CNN: Bob Woodward on threat from White House staff: " makes me very uncomfortable to have the White House telling reporters, you're going to regret doing something that you believe in"
"Today on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward told CNN that he has been threatened by White House staff over his budget cut challenge. Highlights from the interview are below; a full transcript will be posted on
Megyn Kelly Panel Fights Over White House’s Trashing Bob Woodward Due To His Account Of The Sequester
“I would imagine this is the last time Bob Woodward is going to have intimate access to the White House,” Shapiro replied. He said that the White House rewards reporters who behave as “lap dogs” and refuse to report information that the White house regards as being politically unhelpful."

Obama Uses Intimidation Tactics and has for a long time 
“If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, ‘We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us…

Obama's Media Intimidation Works!
"Why is Fox News AWOL?
"Is it because the network is gun-shy after getting smeared by the White House and Democrats? Is it because princes from Saudi Arabia, where much of CAIR's foreign sponsorship emanates, maintain key ownership holdings at Fox's parent company? Or is it just a journalistic oversight? Time will tell."

President's Schedule - February 27, 2013 with thanks to Mark Levin

9:30 am

The President and the Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing. Oval Office; Closed Press
10:00 am
The President meets with senior advisors
Oval Office; Closed Press.  
11:00 am

The President delivers remarks at the unveiling of a statue of Rosa Parks. United States Capitol; Pooled Press

(In-Town Travel Pool Gather Time 10:25AM – North Doors of the Palm Room)
7:30 pm
The President delivers remarks at the Business Council dinner and answers questions
Park Hyatt Hotel; Pooled Press

For Hypocrisy, Push Juan

DHS, Napolitano, Immigration, Border, Sequester, hope n' change, hope and change, stilton jarlsberg, obama, obama jokes
"While Hope n' Change didn't really want to revisit the sequester debate again today, we couldn't let Janet Napolitano's shameless fear mongering slip by without comment because our freaking heads would explode."
"There is nothing in the upcoming sequester which should raise fears of doom in the American public. Rather, our fears should be directed at the willingness of our elected officials to deliberately inflict hardship and misery on us in order to protect their addiction to insane spending."

Explaining the Inexplicable

Victor Davis Hanson  "Almost daily we witness things that make no sense. A few examples, from the profound to the trivial."

We list here the topics Mr. Hanson discusses in this article with just a few excerpts to lure you in:
Rich Without Being Rich
"The president, as is his wont, blasted the “one percent,” the “millionaires and billionaires,” and the “well-connected” in his recent State of the Union speech — and then he flew off to golf and hang out with the one percent of the one percent in South Florida while his wife and kids jetted to Aspen to ski. Then Obama flew back for more class-warfare rhetoric over so-called sequestration, ridiculing the Republicans as again being for the “rich” — and on Al Sharpton’s radio show, no less (of Tawana Brawley fame)."
$4-a-Gallon Cheap Gas
"Any gas station that is now just 10 cents cheaper per gallon is packed with cars that trail out to nearly block traffic. (On this clear day, we could see the eastern face of the Coast Range Mountains in the distance — beneath them is reportedly 20-30 billion barrels of recoverable oil in the Monterey Shale formation that apparently will remain mostly untapped.)"

Non-racist Racism
...."It is almost as if the sick policy is: “Come here to read how sensitive to race we are while experiencing how racist our readers are.” "

I Love What I Leave
"Polls taken in Mexico reveal the absurdity: a majority of Mexican citizens believes both that southwestern America properly belongs to Mexico and that they would prefer to live there. One of two things is thus probable: people are nuts and would prefer to extend a failing culture that they are fleeing to a country that they would flee to; or...."

When Debt Is No Debt
"There are no major programs that the president wishes to cancel, but plenty of new ones he envisions. Given the scale of borrowing, and given the abject denial that there is a spending problem, what gives? Here are some possibilities."....
I kinda lean toward this fifth possibility:
...."5) The president is more interested in golf, photo-ops, or picking the Final Four, and so he shrugs and thinks: “Debts, schmebts. Who cares?” "

Left-wing group urges Obama to shut down campaign apparatus

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy
The Daily Caller  "The president of the United States should close down his new lobbying, advocacy and fund-raising organization, says a left-wing group that has long sought to reduce the role of donations in politics."
“If President Obama is serious about his often-expressed desire to rein in big money in politics, he should shut down Organizing for Action and disavow any plan to schedule regular meetings with its major donors,” said Bob Edgar, president of Common Cause, which helped pass the 2002 campaign finance law.

"OFA is a novel advocacy operation run by Obama from the White House, via his 2012 campaign staff. It is expected to play a role in the 2014 election, and likely will try to help Democrats gain a majority in the House, and buffer their Senate majority.
"The group has caused Obama some embarrassment in recent days, following news reports that OFA’s leaders were offering political access in exchange for cash."
Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson
 Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

How Should the United States Respond to State Failure in Egypt?

JINSA  "U.S. policy thus contributes to state failure while identifying American policy with this state failure. America has become part of the vicious circle, and runs the risk of being identified as the cause of the vicious circle.
"What should the United States do? If there are no good alternatives, America should choose the least bad alternative. U.S. policy should be guided by self-interest. It may not be in the world community's power to avert Egyptian state failure, short of a massive and continuing commitment of financial aid that seems outside the realm of political possibility. At a minimum, America should seek to prevent Egypt's crisis from turning into a regional security disaster, while maximizing its influence over Egyptian institutions and prospective governments."

Only one chance to make a first impression


Sequester hysterics

 "Now, I want to put it to you this way.  If spending more money this year than we did last year is going to bring this country to its knees, shouldn't that tell us that the government has way too much control over our lives?  Shouldn't that tell us that they have seriously overreached?  Shouldn't that tell us that we are way too dependent on government if all of this can happen while we spend $15 billion more than we spent last year?"  Rush Limbaugh
Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert
Neal Boortz; Sequester Fraud Continues  "What does 0bama want?  Simple .. higher taxes on the rich.  He already got a 4.6% increase in the tax rate on the rich in December.  Then ....;  Then ....  It seems rich people won’t be allowed to take care of their own health needs without paying a penalty.  Now 0bama wants tax deductions removed so that the hideous rich will pay even more. 
Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

"In this flood of government and government-media propaganda, though, there remains a single honest mainstream media reporter, the legendary Bob Woodward, with the courage to call out Obama for his demagoguing of sequester."  And, as you would expect, the leftist Media Matters turns on Woodward.
Pity the poor soul who dares disagree with Obama and his people, which is frightening.

DNC Boosts Obama Sequester Job Loss Threat Of 750,000 To 2 Million…

The Hagel House and its import for Israel

Alan Caruba on Obama and Hagel vs. Israel  "“What if Mr. Ahmadinejad is not lying” about Iran already being a nuclear power?” asked Kuhner. “Then the West—and especially the United States—faces a major crisis. It means the West’s policies of sanctions and diplomatic engagement have failed.”
"It means that President Obama’s efforts, as executed by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, throughout his first term have failed. It does not bode well that the new Secretary of State, John Kerry, in his first major foreign policy speech on February 20, believes that the real threat is climate change, not Iran and the other known enemies of the nation.
...."The designate for Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, is, if it is possible, an even worse choice so far as Israel is concerned."....
And Ron Paul would have been better... how?

The Jerusalem Post is concerned over what Hagel will mean with Obama's position on Iran  "Expert tells 'Post' the decision by US President Barack Obama to appoint Chuck Hagel as defense secretary raises questions over Washington’s commitment to preventing Iran from going nuclear."
Well, as Ron Paul said, if we are nice to Iran, they will be nice to us. 

The Hagel Finagle  "Unfortunately, if the last two presidential elections are proof of anything, during this period of American politics qualifications have little or no bearing." 
To digress a small bit; Shawarma Mayor asks, "Well, what if Israel had done a small bit of what it is accused of?"

Do you really think Hagel/ Obama are up to confronting Iran? All signs point to no.

Caroline Glick on Hagel, Hamas and the US Senate  "Hagel supports US engagement with Hamas. He also allegedly received money from a Hamas-associated organization.
"In all the verbiage we are exposed to everyday, sometimes it is hard to understand the significance of positions like this."....
So here is a clip of a speech by senior Hamas leader... Mahmoud al-Zahar. Students of the Old Testament will appreciate his remark about Pharaoh kicking Moses and the Israelites out of Egypt because they killed Egyptians.

Remember that Code Pink loves these people. (Obama supporters all.)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Obama's Sequester Strategy Backfiring

Thomas Lifson  "Barack Obama is overplaying his hand in the latest manufactured crisis of his presidency, Sequestration, and may be alienating his most important constituency of all, the media.  He and his advisors are heedless of the psychology of the media, who have been battered by downsizing and budget cuts far more draconian than the piddling 2.4% at issue in the Sequestration Crisis."
...."It may be that administration wolf-crying evokes a certain degree of scorn in the minds of event of their media allies. At same time, a degree of insulting high-handedness, if not contempt, is being demonstrated by the president lately:"....
...."The press corps is firing back, giving Jay Carney a hard time lately.

...."If Obama loses enough degrees of his media support, he might even (gasp!) start being held accountable.
"Maybe Obama will wise up and star making amends. But self-critical thought has not been his hallmark. "

GAO's own report shows we cannot afford ObamaCare

It’s official: Government ‘Confirms Everything Critics and Republicans Were Saying’: GAO Report Finds Obamacare Likely to Add $6.2 Trillion to the Deficit

"Back Benghazi who has continued to lie to We the people has finally been busted by his own government auditors on the actual costs of Obama’s Health Care, Rationing and Denial Program.

"Though he would love to keep doing it with smoke and mirrors, it’s over. ObamaCare is unaffordable and must be disemboweled ."

National Review has a copy of the GAO report and Sessions’ remarks:

Bread and Circuses; Economic growth is anemic, but at least we have a cool first couple.

Mona Charen
"When Americans were under fire in Benghazi and pleading for help, we’ve finally learned, the president did not make a single phone call. After learning of the attack, he failed to follow up with his defense secretary, secretary of state, or chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. The following day, he left for a fundraiser in Las Vegas.
"But it sure is great that he’s so cool. And didn’t Mrs. Obama look lovely in her shimmering, silver designer gown?"

 A $9000 designer gown at that, I might add.  "That stunning silver dress must have cost a fortune, an odd choice for a woman whose husband is constantly seeking ways to punish the rich and once declared, "I do think at a certain point you've made enough money." " More here.

Heroes, Not Props: FLOTUS Ignores Military Members During Oscar Appearance" Folks on both sides of the ideological aisle will be debating First Lady Michelle Obama's appearance on the Oscars for some time, but one matter is instantly clear. The First Lady was flanked by several members of the U.S. military during her live streaming appearance to announce the Best Picture winner, and she failed to acknowledge their presence or their heroism."
Well, the Clintons used them for waiters and waitresses at a White House function.

The military blog BLACKFIVE took note of the military window dressing.
I'm sure Obama's former Weatherman anti-war friends enjoyed the spectacle.

Kerry says we have the “right to be stupid” and then proves his intellectual “disconnect” in the very next sentence.

Bookworm Room  " ‘In America, you have a right to be stupid, if you want to be,’ he said. ‘And you have a right to be disconnected to somebody else if you want to be. And we tolerate that – we somehow make it through that.’  (Emphasis mine.)"
"Let me repeat: “[Y]ou have a right to be disconnected to somebody else if you want to be.”  In what word does that even remotely make sense?  Bush pronounces “nuclear” the Southern way and is ridiculed for the next 12 years.  Kerry says something completely meaningless and all you hear are crickets."

Kerry to American Diplomats: 'We Are Also Citizens of the World'  "John Kerry says his experience as the son of a Foreign Service officer -- living abroad in various cities in his formative years -- is helping him now that he's secretary of state."

The sequester in pictures

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez
Political Cartoons by Steve Breen
Political Cartoons by Glenn Foden

The lap-dog press

Monday, February 25, 2013

The president without honor and his sycophantic enablers

Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell
House GOP rips Obama as 'road show president' without a plan
"“The president proposed the sequester, yet he’s far more interested in holding campaign rallies than he is in urging Senate Democrats to actually pass a plan,” Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said in a brief Capitol news conference with the House GOP leadership team."
"Obama is scheduled to travel to Virginia on Tuesday to rally public support for his approach to replacing the $85 billion in sequestration cuts, but Republicans called on him to return to Washington and devise a plan with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).
"“This is not the time for a road show president,” said Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), the third-ranking House Republican."
Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez
White House releases state-by-state breakdown of sequester’s effects   "Hundreds of teachers could lose their jobs in Ohio, home to House Speaker John A. Boehner (R), officials said, and thousands of children may not get necessary vaccines in conservative Georgia."
These are the same people who called Romney a felon and wife-murderer, who did opposition research on Joe the Plumber for daring to speak out as a citizen against Obama. There is neither shame nor trace of honor in Obama and Democrats, so do not look for truth.
The Democrats’ Permanent Campaign Continues  "The Democrats are sending out a blizzard of fundraising emails. They may be out of ideas, but they don’t think that matters as long as they can raise unprecedented amounts of money and use it to demonize their opponents. This morning I, along with millions of others, got this email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee:"....

 Even with the above being obvious, Obama is pretty much off-limits to satirists   "The liberal inclinations of most comedians and comedy writers means that roughly half of the figures on the national scene can’t really be satirical targets. Any strong partisan or ideologue believes that the political scene is full of heroes and villains, and the satiric worldview doesn’t have room for heroes. The only way a satirist can salute people he perceives as heroic or noble or worthy of public esteem is by ignoring them."....
" took the likes of President Barack Obama to have enough contempt for America to make it explicit."

What Obama cost you "Joseph Farah breaks down spending numbers leading U.S. to bankruptcy"
 image7-Gallery: 60 sequester and economy cartoons

Louis Farrakhan: You know, when he talks about the Jewish lobby, Chuck Hagel sounds a little like me

Hot Air  "The cloture vote’s tomorrow. Confirmation seems a fait accompli. Is there no man in all the land who, through his sheer odiousness, can stop this train with an anti-endorsement — a sort of demonus ex machina?
"Perhaps there is, my friends. Perhaps there is."
"Exit question: When Farrakhan says Hagel (who, to remind you, voted to invade Iraq) will keep us out of “fighting somebody else’s wars,” is he making an exception for U.S. peacekeepers in the Palestinian territories? Because Hagel evidently thinks that’s a swell idea."

British antisemitism is alive and well

Before we bring you the story (via Bloviating Zeppelin) of George Galloway's rejection of Israel's very existence, let's first tell you who the man is, if we may:

George Galloway Out of Control  ...."To those unfamiliar with him, he is a British demagogue, of Scottish and Irish ancestry. He has been in the British parliament for decades where, in spite of condemnation for his extremism, the British have been forced to concede he may be their best orator.  The Spectator, in 2001, awared(sp) him the title of Debator(sp) of the Year."

Wikipedia tells us this about Galloway:  ...."Galloway is a campaigner supporting the Palestinian side of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict who advocates an anti-Zionist stance."

Now here is the main story about this man:
Bloviating Zeppelin  "Particularly from George Galloway, a member of Britain’s parliament and as Left as you can get in the UK.
"See below, as Mr Galloway walks away from a student debate at Oxford University, when he discovers a student is Israeli and states “I don’t debate with Israelis.” "

"Thank you, kind sir, for proving the British are in fine form with regard to being an entire race of GOWPs and for ensuring their antisemitism and their cultural and historical demise.  Can you imagine the reverse happening with someone to the Right of any aisle?"

And in the aftermath;
'George Galloway Humiliated Me', Says Israel Debate At Oxford Organiser Mahmood Naji
"Now, after Galloway's repeated complaints he was "deceived", debate organiser Naji has spoken out to set the record straight.
" "I was not intending on replying until I saw you once again attempt to, in my opinion, slander me on Press TV," Naji writes in his open letter. "
" "But let's look at the facts. Fortunately, all my correspondences with your secretary are saved in my inbox so we can refer to this record while scrutinising your allegation."
"In an email to Galloway's secretary, Naji said:

...."It is strange that someone who takes such a hard-line view on debating Israelis should omit to ask whether or not his Jewish, pro-Israeli opponent, who has debated in Israel, is in fact Israeli," he continues. "Your secretary did not go on to ask me about Eylon's nationality.
"As the organiser... Should I let you know if your opponent is a vegetarian in case you have a policy of not debating vegetarians? Am I misleading you if I do not tell you your opponent's shoe size?
"Think hard about the absurdity of your position. In none of the previous debates I had organised did it even occur to me to inform the debaters of their opponents' nationalities. This particular debate was no different."
Israel Matsav published Mr. Galloway's statement about the incident here:  "It's bitter, racist, moronic, anti-Semitic and disgusting. You'll need a shower after you read it.
" I am posting it only so that you won't click on his page to see it."

Mr. Galloway concludes his statement with these words:
....Apartheid Israel is a cancer at the heart of the middle-east. Only it's replacement by a bi-national democratic state from the Jordan River to the sea will cure this. That is what I am fighting for.
George Galloway MP
House of Commons

Hollywood ratifies Obama alliance

Thomas Lifson  "While anyone who pays attention knows that Hollywood has become source of funds, propaganda, and social ties for the progressive movement, the institutional body language was startling. It was a symbolic form of vassalage, signifying the switch of the entertainment industry from a mission of speaking truth to power (see Reagan and Bush presidencies) to one of support. We no longer tap shoulders with swords, we swoop in on the top award of the most prestigious event of the entire entertainment industry, and award it from the presidential palace."

"Loud Groans" Heard in Academy Awards Media Room When Michelle Obama Announced As Surprise Presenter

Weasel Zippers published these comments:
When Michelle Obama was introduced by Jack Nicholson most of the reporters in the media room groaned....loudly

The father of the sequester

Hope n' Change

"Simply put, the sequester was proposed by the White House in return for the ability to borrow more money than the debt limit legally allowed. And the sequester would be irrevocably triggered if Democrats didn't subsequently make intelligent spending cuts. Which, of course, they didn't and won't. Ever.
" While the administration of the actual sequester spending cuts will be handled badly, with the deliberate intention from the Whitehouse of causing maximum pain and publicity, the actual amount of spending being cut from the nation's budget is roughly equivalent to a mouse's fart in a hurricane.
" However, the real significance is that this may also be the first time that the GOP stands up to this pathological liar of a president and forces him to keep his word."