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Mark Steyn: Marginalia


... "Mr Maher asserted that Islam is "the only religion that acts like the Mafia" and that Muslims "will f**king kill you if you say the wrong thing, draw the wrong picture, or write the wrong book". As a result, students at Berkeley now wish to get him banned from their campus:
Too many students are marginalized by his remarks and if the University were to bring this individual as a commencement speaker they would not be supporting these historically marginalized communities.
"Are Muslims really all that "marginalized"? Every time I switch on the telly, some Muslim is beheading a woman in Oklahoma or London, running over a soldier in Quebec, shooting a soldier in Ottawa, hatcheting a policeman in New York, kidnapping schoolgirls in Nigeria, decapitating journalists in Syria, or mass-murdering his way across western Iraq to Baghdad. We should all be so "marginalized". Nevertheless, the daily additions to this vast mountain of corpses distress the sensitive types of Berkeley's "marginalized communities" not a whit, only Bill Maher's insensitivity in pointing it out."...

Sweden’s 55 Muslim Only Zones
Astute Bloggers—
Just like in France, Sweden too has no-go zones where sharia reigns supreme.
(Hat tip:
Jihad Watch):

Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership

Rebel Pundit   "Chicago activists Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward recently went on the record with RebelPundit to deliver a message to black communities across the country.

"That message shed’s light on who they say are the “real oppressors” of their community–Black-liberal democrats."

"McKinley explains that black americans are in an “abusive relationship with black leadership…There not pushing a black agenda, they’re not pushing a family agenda, they’re pushing a neo-liberal agenda.”
They always talk about black on black crime, and when you here the words black on black crime, the first thing you think of is a black man is a black man robbing you or breaking in your house, and that is a black on black crime. But lets take it one step further. There’s a black on black crime down in city hall, there’s a black on black crime down in all the state capitols in America, where all the black folks are voting against our interests.”
“ 'We’re always talking about what the Republican’s ain’t done for us, but my life has been hurt by democrats,” Watkins says, “this lot where I stand right now, Ida B. Wells, where public housing residents used to live at, most of the people are homeless living in the street, it’s because of you Mr. President." ... More here.

Hillary: What I really meant was that businesses do create jobs

Legal Insurrection     "Clintonian-level spinning."

"That was then. This is now."

"Via Buzzfeed:
When Hillary Clinton fumbled a line at a rally last Friday — “Don’t let anybody tell you that corporations and businesses create jobs” — the comment caused a minor outrage among political observers. Republicans said she’d been pandering to liberals. Democrats wondered if she’d been trying too hard to channel Elizabeth Warren, the populist senator who also spoke at the event.
On Monday, Clinton went out of her way to correct the comment at a rally for Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, the Democrat up for reelection in this Hudson Valley district.
Clinton said in her speech that corporations that outsource jobs or move profits overseas should not be granted tax breaks. The clarification made clear that the remark was a botched line — not new messaging from Clinton, who has honed a new stump speech during a series of rallies ahead the election next month.
Full article

Evidence of Why President Obama and Eric Holder Wanted Ferguson Missouri To Burn ?

Which of these two men does the Democrat Party honor and support?
The Last Refuge   "Democrats are using racial ads intended to stoke racial strife with images of Ferguson and Trayvon Martin
mike brown autopsy presser

All of the evidence in the Mike Brown shooting case was/is directly copied and transferred to the DOJ since the DOJ opened an official inquiry three days after the shooting on August 11th 2014.
According to both CNN and The New York Times, the leaks to their outlets have come from inside the federal Department of Justice.   Also, Chris King, an editor for a black audience newspaper in Saint Louis admitted the contact source, willing to leak him information, was a federal official.
dnc flyer 2
"Eric Holder knew the “Hands Up – Don’t Shoot” meme was false on the day the scheme team was selling it. Eric Holder and President Obama knew the “execution style” shot to the head was false, on the day the scheme team was selling it.

"Obama/Holder knew about the TWO SHOTS in the car, the Mike Brown blood on Officer Wilson, the injuries to Wilson, the gunshot wound to Big Mike’s hand, and Obama/Holder knew of the eight African American corroborating witness statements which supported Officer Wilson."

Puctured: the "gentle giant" of Ferguson. Merchants are being burned and looted out of business; people raped and beaten in support of this guy?


"End of the Age of Obama" [?] One can hope, but remember they said Bill Clinton was irrelevant.

kiddie car

Weekly Standard    ... "One fact of politics that the president never fully grasped is that Congress, not the White House, is the center of our political system. Sure, the president lives in a fancy house, enjoys a full-time chef, and has “Hail to the Chief” played when he enters a room. But Congress is—as Stanford’s Morris Fiorina once put it—“the keystone of the Washington establishment.” The Framers gave pride of place to Congress, making it Article I of the Constitution, and were so worried about its potential power they divided it into two. Ideally, the modern president can use his prestige and acumen to lead Congress, but Obama has fallen far from that ideal. He has treated Congress in a supercilious manner, burned his bridges with Republican leaders, and alienated even Democrats."...

Ferguson police officers urgently need our help

Has it all really come to this?

Carol Brown   "Resources for Ferguson police officers and their families – both concrete and emotional – are strained to the limit. Our help is needed.

"Police officers have been working 12-hour shifts for many months, confronting all manner of threats and violence against them (as well as their families). Officers and their families are stretched thin. And things are only getting worse as pressure is building in anticipation of the Grand Jury verdict.

"Ferguson police officers are in need of many basic things – from food to helmets – and they need them now.

"It’s a sad day when the wives of police officers must plea for help for basic needs like food and helmets." ...
"I hope AT readers will join me in providing immediate support to police officers and their families as the Ferguson Police Department may be about to face the worst rioting yet – a situation that has escalated as pro-Palestinian protestors have joined forces with other agitators.

"May God bless the police, and their families, and keep them safe from harm."   Read more:

How long before Democrats become capable of shame at what their demagoguery has done to this nation?  TD

DNC Official Defends Race-Baiting Ferguson, Trayvon Ads [VIDEO]   "The communications director of the Democratic National Committee Mo Elleithee refused to denounce the frequent use of racial imagery by state Democratic parties this election cycle, even when pressed on the issue by skeptical MSNBC host Craig Melvin." ...

Michelle Nunn Plays Ignorant Over ‘Prevent Another Ferguson’ Flier  ... "In recent days, a flier paid for by the Democratic Party of Georgia has generated a lot of media attention. It shows a photo of two children holding signs that read “Don’t Shoot.' ”...

Up in Flames; The spectacular self-immolation of the Wendy R. Davis gubernatorial campaign.

Michelle Malkin  
"Wendy Russell Davis is on fire. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

"I mean it in a five-alarm, set-her-own-skirt-aflame, billowing-human-torch kind of way. To say that Davis is smokin’ hot is not a compliment. It’s a campaign incineration status update.

"The Democratic darling of the Hollywood Left and glamour gal of abortion thought her path to the Texas governor’s mansion would be a pink-sneakered walk in the park. Instead, her single-issue campaign has combusted." ...

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Krauthammer; Election Day looking like a referendum on competence

Charles Krauthammer
... "Moreover, here is a president who proclaims the reduction of inequality to be the great cause of his administration. Yet it has radically worsened in his six years. The 1 percent are doing splendidly in the Fed-fueled stock market, even as median income has fallen.
"Second is the question of competence. The list of disasters is long, highlighted by the Obamacare rollout, the Veterans Affairs scandal and the pratfalls of the once-lionized Secret Service. Beyond mere incompetence is government intrusiveness and corruption, as in the overreach of national security surveillance and IRS targeting of politically disfavored advocacy groups."
Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell
"But there’s a third factor contributing to the nation’s deepening anxiety — a sense of helplessness and confusion abroad as, in the delicate phrase of our secretary of defense, “the world is exploding all over.”

"Most voters don’t care about the details of Ukraine, the factions in Libya or the precise battle lines of the Islamic State. But they do have a palpable sense of American weakness."
Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler

Black Awakening — Black American Leaders See Real Hope with the GOP

The Wrecking-Ball-in-Chief

New James O’Keefe video: North Carolina campaign workers encourage non-citizens to vote

Hot Air  "Man, did O’Keefe pick the right moment and the right state for this clip. By now everyone in conservative media has seen that bombshell Old Dominion study claiming that Democrat-heavy non-citizen votes may have delivered a Senate seat to Al Franken six years ago, which made a filibuster-proof majority possible for ObamaCare two years later. That same study claimed that Obama’s 2008 margin of victory in — ta da — North Carolina might also have been provided by non-citizens. And now here we are, five days away from a major midterm election in which control of the Senate hangs in the balance, and Kay Hagan’s leading Thom Tillis by one thin point in good ol’ NC. If she wins that race by a thousand votes, you’ll have confidence in the integrity of the outcome, won’t you?  (Emphases added)

John Fund; Non-Citizens Are Voting  

"A new study by two Old Dominion University professors, based on survey data from the Cooperative Congressional Election Study, indicated that 6.4 percent of all non-citizens voted illegally in the 2008 presidential election, and 2.2 percent in the 2010 midterms. Given that 80 percent of non-citizens lean Democratic, they cite Al Franken ’s 312-vote win in the 2008 Minnesota U.S. Senate race as one likely tipped by non-citizen voting. As a senator, Franken cast the 60th vote needed to make Obamacare law."


Ann Coulter   "In the past week, The New York Times has ridiculed Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Gov. Chris Christie for having "fed panic" by ordering quarantines for health workers arriving from Ebola-plagued countries.
   " NBC News' Brian Williams opened his broadcast last Friday announcing that the Obama administration was trying "to restrain the Ebola panic."

    "MSNBC's Rachel Maddow complained that the "hysteria" over Ebola was getting "stupider."

    "I haven't noticed any panic. If you want panic, review media coverage of the police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. That hair-on-fire coverage was based entirely, it turns out, on the media's gullibly swallowing inaccurate accounts of the incident.

" For decades liberals have terrified soccer moms about a slew of imaginary terrors: global warming, Alar on apples, breast implants, heterosexual AIDS, nuclear war, and Republicans taking away their birth control. " ...
Within the past few years, Rachel Maddow has been panicked about (among many, many other things):

    -- Right-wing hillbillies murdering census workers (the census worker committed suicide in an attempted insurance fraud);

     -- Republican budget cuts killing us when bridges collapse (the Minnesota bridge collapsed because of a design flaw, not budget cuts);

    -- Gun rights supporters plotting another Oklahoma City bombing (they had assembled on April 19, the anniversary of the bombing -- which also happens to be the anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord).\
   Full article

Debate moderator Stephanopoulos partnered with Shaheen on Bill Clinton campaign

Big Government   ... "Earlier in the video, Shaheen endorses Clinton’s re-election campaign—an endorsement, among the others in the video, Stephanopoulos was there to accept on Clinton’s behalf.

“For 25 years, [State Sen.] Susan McClane has served in the House and Senate of this state as the conscience to remind us in New Hampshire that the values we’ve outlined are the family values that we all should support,” Shaheen said. “She’s here today to point out that it’s President Clinton who’s the only candidate for re-election—for the presidency in 1996—that truly supports those family values.”   (Emphasis gleefully added)

A reminder that Obamacare is lurking around the corner

So many of us know people with bankrupting afflictions and fear for their ability to afford proper treatment. For them, any failures of the new health care system will not be humorous, but a nightmare.  TD

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VDH asks: What’s with rich liberals who blast other people for being rich?

Victor Davis Hanson
Hillary Clinton is center stage at a fundraiser for the UNLV Foundation, October 13, 2014. (Ethan Miller/Getty)
"In early October, Barack Obama went to a $32,000-a-head fundraiser at the 20-acre estate of the aptly named billionaire Richie Richman. The day before he charmed his paying audience of liberal 1 percenters, Obama had sent out an e-mail alleging that Republicans were “in the pocket of billionaires.” Does that mean that Republicans who accept cash from billionaire supporters are always in their pockets, but that when the president does likewise, he never is? And if so, on what grounds is he exempt from his own accusations?

"In mid-October, Hillary Clinton gave a short lecture at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas bewailing the crushing costs of a university education. “Higher education,” Clinton thundered, “shouldn’t be a privilege for those able to afford it.”

Here is a little math for you:
One reason tuition and student indebtedness have soared — UNLV’s tuition is set to go up by 17 percent next year — is that universities pay exorbitant fees to multimillionaire speakers like Hillary Clinton. College foundations sprout up to raise money for perks that might not pass transparent university budgeting. Clinton — or her own foundation — reportedly charged a university foundation $225,000 for a talk lasting less than an hour. For that sum, she could have paid the tuition of over 320 cash-strapped UNLV students. Is there a Clinton Tuition Fund, to which Hillary contributes a portion of her honoraria to exempt herself from the ramifications of her own accusations?

Finally the Cartoonists Notice Hillary

Michael Ramirez Cartoon
Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson
Hillary: On Second Thought, Maybe Businesses and Corporations Do Create Jobs!  "Apparently that “anybody” now includes Hillary Clinton herself.
"On Monday Clinton tried to re-write Friday’s line.
On Monday at a campaign event for New York Rep. Sean Maloney, a former aide to President Bill Clinton, Clinton went for a do-over, saying, “Let me be absolutely clear about what I’ve been saying for a couple of decades: Our economy grows when businesses and entrepreneurs create good-paying jobs here in an America where workers and families are empowered to build from the bottom up and the middle out — not when we hand out tax breaks for corporations that outsource jobs or stash their profits overseas.”
Political Cartoons by Henry Payne
Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

...Just to put things in perspective, the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll gives Clinton a 53-point lead over Warren nationally in a hypothetical Democratic nomination battle. A University of New Hampshire poll has Clinton ahead by 40 points in Warren’s backyard. The 2014 midterms aren’t even over yet and there’s no indication Warren intends to run. And yet merely hearing the footsteps was enough for Clinton to attempt co-opt Warren’s populist message in an embarrassingly clumsy way.

"Tobin chalks up the gaffe to Hillary’s inauthenticity problem:" ...
Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler

Obama, Netanyahu, and that adjective

Weekly Standard Reports: White House Does Not Deny Bibi 'Chickens***' Comment "TWS received the statement after asking the Office of the Vice President if the anonymous comments were made by Vice President Joe Biden. Biden spokesperson Kendra Barkoff did not confirm or deny that Biden was the official quoted by Goldberg. A similar request to State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki, asking if Secretary of State John Kerry or any other State Department officials made the "chickens***" comment, has not been answered, nor has a request to the White House press office."
Senior Obama official: Israeli PM Netanyahu is 'chickens***'  "Add another item to the list of insults officials in the Obama administration have lobbed at Benjamin Netanyahu.

"A senior Obama administration official recently described the Israeli prime minister as “chickenshit,” according to Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic.

"The list also includes descriptions such as "recalcitrant, myopic, reactionary, obtuse, blustering, pompous, and 'Aspergery,' " according to Goldberg.

"RELATED: The history behind the awkward Obama—Netanyahu relationship"

What a Senior Obama Admin. Official Reportedly Called Netanyahu Signals Relations Are at a ‘Full-Blown Crisis’

View image on Twitter
Bibi Netanyahu and Barack Obama back in their younger days

Netanyahu responds to Obama official's slur

Even Netanyahu's political rival Naftali Bennett came to his defense:
...“Not the leader of Syria who has massacred 150,000 of his citizens, nor the leader of Saudi Arabia who stones women and homosexuals, nor the leader of Iran who murdered demonstrators for freedom were called ‘chickens***,’” Bennett (pictured, right) wrote.
“The prime minister is not a private individual, but the leader of the Jewish State and the Jewish world as a whole. Serious curses such as these against the Israeli Prime Minister are harmful to millions of citizens of Israel and Jews worldwide,” Bennett wrote in a statement on his Facebook page.
“Israel is the only democratic nation in the Middle East and has been fighting for its existence for 66 years,” he continued. “Israel is the forward bastion of the free world in the face of Islamic terrorist of Islamic State, Hezbollah and Iran.”
“Instead of attacking Israel and forcing it to accept suicidal terms, it should be strengthened. I call on the US administration to renounce these coarse comments and to reject them” Bennett wrote.
“Israel is stronger than all those who curse it,” he added.

The Obama administration is publicly insulting and provoking our former best ally in the Middle East,Israel.  "President Obama has never, ever in his life demonstrated anything close to physical courage. For that matter, it is hard to come up with an example of political or moral courage from the man notorious for throwing former friends under the bus. A man notable for his lack of guts should choose his anonymous spokesman’s epithets more carefully." 

ISIS INSIDE America, NOT Just At Texas Border As Reported!Readying To Pounce…

Adina Kutnicki
Links in this article take us to Bare Naked Islam “The West are idiots and fools,” one fighter taunted, according to Reuters. “They think we are waiting for them to give us visas to go and attack them or that we will attack with our beards or even Islamic outfits. 
“They think they can distinguish us these days – they are fools and more than that they don’t know we can play their game in intelligence. They infiltrated us with those who pretend to be Muslims and we have also penetrated them with those who look like them.” 

Wisconsin Crowd Begins Leaving During Obama Speech

  Argus Hamilton says:
The New York Mercantile Exchange attributed the forty-dollar per barrel fall in oil prices in the last four months to reduction in gasoline usage. The worse the economy gets, the lower the price of oil. So if President Obama were given one more term in office, gasoline would be free.

 American Glob   "This happened to him just recently in Maryland, too.

"Via The Weekly Standard…
Crowd Begins to File Out While Obama Speaks in Wisconsin
As President Obama spoke this evening in Wisconsin, the crowd began to file out. Here’s video that captures some folks leaving, even as Obama’s voice can be heard in the background:

Crowd Begins to File Out While Obama Speaks in Wisconsin  "Mike Lowe, a political reporter, also made the observation on Twitter. "Some people --not a lot, but some -- are leaving as the President is speaking," wrote Lowe."
View image on Twitter

How In the World Does Harry Reid Get Reelected?

We The People   ... "Or, do all of those years of experience give Reid an upper hand in dealing with the pressing issues of today’s America? If you ask Mary Landreiu (D-LA) she would probably say, yes. Or, would she?"

... "Reid even went so far as to call all the ads concerning Obamacare lies and those who posted the ads liars. It wasn’t until later that same day that he returned to the Senate floor and said, “I can’t say that every one of the Koch brothers’ ads are a lie, but I’ll say this…the vast, vast majority of them are.” Really?" ...
“The Judicial Watch list is alphabetical, so there is no way to tell whether he’s the most corrupt or 10th."

"But, Nevadans know that Reid routinely makes headlines for alleged “influence peddling,” securing tens of millions of dollars worth of deals for his sons and their clients, including a Chinese green energy group; securing $21.5 million to build a bridge over the Colorado River from a gambling town in Nevada to a town in Arizona where Harry owns 160 acres of undeveloped land; misappropriation of campaign funds; and an alleged $600,000 bribery deal and more,” according to The Blaze."

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Demagogue Al Sharpton: The Democrat Party’s New ‘Civil Rights’ Leader and the Decline of Liberalism

Ron Radosh    "The Democratic Party no longer fights for actual civil rights for African Americans. It has become beholden to race hustlers and demagogues, those who inflame passions based on memories of the real racism that existed decades ago but which is no longer relevant to the present-day American experience.
You will find no better evidence for this assertion than the news last week, as reported in the Washington Post and St. Louis Post-Dispatch . " ...

"Rather than keep him out of his circle, Obama himself has embraced him — most likely on the advice of Valerie Jarrett, who conferred with Sharpton after the Ferguson shooting. Also joining in the praise of Sharpton is Governor Andrew Cuomo, Hillary Clinton, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and Reps. Charles Rangel and Jerry Nadler, both from New York City and mainstays of the liberal/left.

"As Mac Donald notes, New York City’s left-wing mayor, Bill de Blasio, set in motion the effort to remake Sharpton as a national leader."...
"Given that the Democrats have evidently decided to endorse the antics of the demagogic Al Sharpton, I don’t think we will be seeing any such statement in the following days. It is yet more evidence of the decline of centrist liberalism."

Pictured: Rev. Sharpton and Cindy Sheehan in a quiet moment of prayer at the cemetery. Waiting for the makeup tech to finish with Cindy
Just MSNBC the Mobius Loop    “ 'MSNBC’s Chris Hayes was reporting live from Ferguson, Missouri Monday night when protesters began throwing rocks at him,” Mediaite reports, complete with video.

"So just to confirm, an MSNBC newsreader received collateral damage during a riot whose flamed have been stoked by MSNBC’s Al Sharpton.

"On Sunday, fellow Democrat operative Andrea Mitchell lied on NBC’s Meet the Press that Sharpton is in Ferguson “on a peace mission.” I wonder if Hayes agrees with that assessment today.

"I hope the brass in NBC’s news division — once the home of grownups such as John Cameron Swayze, David Brinkley and John Chancellor — are proud of themselves today. But then, they probably are. As MSNBC President Phil Griffin told NPR in 2011, “I’m a big fan of the Reverend Sharpton. I’ve known him quite a bit. he’s smart. He’s entertaining. He’s experienced. He’s thoughtful. He’s provocative, all the things I think that MSNBC is.”

More evidence America is becoming a third-world country; the North Carolina election and the Left

NAACP Speaker’s Alleged Remarks: Let’s Create Confusion During the Nov. 2014 Election By Deliberately Misleading Voters
" ... a speaker at a recent NAACP conference in North Carolina urged audience members to mislead the NAACP’s own members into believing they do not need to register to vote in advance, or that they do not need to vote at their assigned polling place. Why?  The letter alleges: To create confusion and animosity during the upcoming mid-term elections in North Carolina, and to use the evidence of that confusion in the ongoing litigation between Eric Holder’s Justice Department and North Carolina and to show that North Carolina’s election integrity laws are discriminatory. From the letter:" ...
Related: Desperate Dems Turn to Fraud, Race-Baiting  ... "Here's the upshot.  NAALCP members are being told to go all over North Carolina and tell black people, "Hey, you don't need to register in advance.  You can register when you show up.  And go anywhere.  You don't have to go to an assigned place." So that when they get there and are refused the right to vote, they are then to raise hell, call the news media, which will be on call waiting for the call, and raise holy hell about how North Carolina is discriminating against black voters by not letting them vote, and not letting them register.

"Nobody is ever supposed to know that this is a strategy.  Nobody is ever supposed to know that this is being done on purpose.  The desired result is a bunch of God-fearing American citizens, African-Americans show up to vote and are denied the right to vote because they haven't registered, and they may be showing up at the wrong place.  They raise holy hell, they start shouting "discrimination."  This will fit in with an ongoing lawsuit that Eric Holder has against North Carolina for this kind of thing, discrimination. Create mass chaos and confusion and use blunt-force intimidation to relent and let these people vote." ...

Democratic turnout flyer: ‘If you want to prevent another Ferguson…’  "A reader has sent us this early-voting turnout mailer sent out by the Georgia Democratic party that focuses on the shooting of Michael Brown and subsequent unrest in Ferguson, Mo. It contains an interesting line that concedes the problem of low interest among black voters:" ...