Thursday, July 20, 2023

Adam Schiff Was Censured After All, And Garret Graves Voted In Favor


"A week ago a lot of folks on the Right were incensed when a resolution to censure the ridiculous liar Adam Schiff, who abused his former position as the chair of the House Intelligence Committee to perpetrate the Trump-Russia hoax and other calumnies against former president Donald Trump, fell short of passage because 20 Republicans wouldn’t vote for it.

"Garret Graves, the congressman representing Louisiana’s Sixth District, which includes most of Baton Rouge and areas around the capital city, was one of the 20. He explained his vote on the basis of procedural infirmities with the resolution as it was drafted but not on the substance of the censure.". . .

. . ."Give the Democrats one thing – they’ll stick together no matter how wrong they are, and there’s no limit to the childish and stupid behavior they’ll employ in attempting to get their way."

 If Biden was mentally sound with no dementia, he should be removed from this nation's government for his corruption and terrible character alone.

What if Biden’s dementia accelerates and becomes impossible to hide? - American Thinker   . . ."If Joe and Jill Biden and their extended family, all of whom seem to have been enriching themselves from his high offices, actually cared about the nation’s fate and his personal welfare, they would see him resign from office. But that obviously is not going to happen, not only out of their own greed and power proclivities, but because the puppeteers controlling Biden and the entire party want to keep Kamala off the ticket in 2024.  

"The national interest has never been the animating force behind any of these people. The damage they have done already is terrible to contemplate. But the potential for crisis inherent in Joe Biden’s seemingly accelerating decline into dementia could be far worse, even existential, if enemies decide to take advantage of an American government immobilized by an extended vacancy at the top of the executive branch, perpetuated by political squabbles in the legislative branch of government.  

"We are indeed cursed to live in interesting times, as the Chinese proverb has it."

The Spectacle Podcast: The Biden Bribes And The Bad Behavior Of Our Betters ( . . .

Just when you thought Biden couldn't get more pathetic... – HotAir   . . ."I guess Biden wants to make sure that when he is making campaign strategy he is close to his bed.

"Is there any other explanation for his having chosen his residence in Delaware as the headquarters for his campaign for reelection? I mean, really? Joe provides one, if only in written form since he probably can’t get through the few words he was meant to say.

“My family’s values, my eternal optimism and my unwavering belief in the American middle class as our nation’s backbone comes from my home — from Delaware,” Biden said in a statement. “That’s why there is no better place for our reelection campaign to have its headquarters.”

"It is true that prior presidents have run with what is called a “front porch strategy,” in which the candidate allows his opponent to flail uselessly by running around the country while he stays home and drinks bourbon and smokes a pipe. James Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, and  William McKinley all did so in 1880, 1888, and 1896. So it can be called a proven winner, although I am pretty sure that a campaign strategy that was last used 120 years ago is less likely to succeed today. Then again, Biden had a basement strategy in 2020, and he won that time, so perhaps I am wrong.

"But at least in 2020, Biden didn’t actually plan to sleep through his campaign, and having your headquarters equipped with a bed might not be the best signal of being hale and hearty."

Why Women's Soccer Teams are Overpaid

 Described by President Trump as the “woke leftist maniac,” Rapinoe is indeed a disgusting bully. She may have the most obnoxious mouth and unbecoming demeanor, but she didn’t even make the easy list of the top 25 women players expected to feature at the World Cup of Women’s Soccer.

American Thinker  "The Women’s World Cup (soccer) is upon us, and we’re in for weeks of mind-numbing commentary by browbeaten weenies who gloss over the ladies’ athletic inadequacies, but gush over their strategies.

"The U.S. team still fields Megan Rapinoe, a militant progressive who scratched and clawed in unseemly fashion to ensure Women‘s National Team soccer players get paid far more than they deserve. Under the U.S. Soccer Federation collective bargaining agreement, they are getting as much as the men, in fact. The problem is, women don’t play soccer; they play women’s soccer, which is a weakened version of the classic game.

"Recently, the big-mouthed, obnoxious Rapinoe welcomed transgender players into the women’s soccer team -- after she retires and doesn’t have to compete for a position. Her ludicrous support of biological men-cum-trans women showering with, and competing against, biological women exposes the vast inequality of pay between the relatively underpaid men’s and overpaid women’s teams.

"Rarely will you see a missile-like 40-yard cross-field pass precisely executed by the women, only a soft, floating ball that’s easily intercepted by a Trans player with average male speed.

"Rarely, in women’s soccer, will a player drill in a corner kick with vicious velocity, inviting the forward to nod in powerfully past a goalie with anatomical encumbrances that restrict her diving agility, lovely though they are. Rarely, in women’s soccer, will a player muster the foot speed (in the kicking motion) to launch a long-distance shot with such venom that it rattles the net." . . .

Trump's Endorsement Got DeSantis Nothing

  Ann Coulter

"Donald Trump is indignant that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would dare run for president when he KNOWS Trump is running. According to the former president and big baby, this is a betrayal of epic proportions because Trump endorsed DeSantis during his first gubernatorial run. (Whereas winning the presidency by promising to build a wall, and then reneging, is a trifle, hardly worth mentioning.)

"DeSantis, he says, would be "working at a Pizza Hut" if not for Trump's endorsement. [Counter-argument: DeSantis is a graduate of both Harvard and Yale and didn't pay someone to take his SATs for him, as Trump did.]

"But since Trump won't shut up about his splendiferous endorsement of DeSantis, let's see how valuable it really was.

"Answer: It was utterly irrelevant.

"Trump endorsed DeSantis on Dec. 22, 2017, shortly before he officially announced his candidacy, tweeting, "Congressman Ron DeSantis is a brilliant young leader, Yale and then Harvard Law, who would make a GREAT Governor of Florida. He loves our Country and is a true FIGHTER!' " . . .