Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Here comes Joe to "Whip Inflation Now"!


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Faced with terrible economic news, Biden had a few things to say - American Thinker  . . ."Because it's truly painful to listen to Biden speak, I prefer the White House website's transcripts.  They are always surprisingly honest in that they almost never clean up his gaffes and incoherence.  That's true for the "Remarks by President Biden on the Economy," which reminded us that the man in charge of America is a demented, weird buffoon.

"Biden acknowledged that he was addressing "the number-one challenge facing families today: inflation."  But first came the boasting.". . .

Joe Biden blames high inflation on COVID and Vladimir Putin (

. . ."Biden had attempted to preempt the latest inflation data with a Tuesday speech in which he sought to shift the blame for the politically dicey issue."

. . ."A poll released last month by CBS found that 69% of US adults disapprove of Biden’s handling of inflation. Even among Democrats, 41% disapprove of Biden’s response."

Hump Day Cartoon: Spinning for Biden's Inflation Is a Cat 5 Hurricane of Lies – RedState   "Jen Psaki has faithfully blamed everything and everyone, save for her soon-to-be ex-boss. Biden blames everything and everyone but not himself. Joe remains blameless and brainless."

Why It’s Good That Americans Don’t Dominate Basketball

 The Atlantic

The U.S.’s most successful sporting export has achieved its greatest success.

"During the 1996 NBA All-Star Game, the commentators on the television broadcast began discussing the chances that Jason Kidd, then a second-year guard for the Dallas Mavericks, would make that year’s U.S. men’s Olympic basketball team.

"Kidd was a prodigious young talent, the commentators agreed, but his outside shooting remained a problem. “It might be the one thing that could keep him off,” Matt Guokas, one of the commentators and a former NBA head coach, said on the broadcast. Guokas’s broadcasting partner, Steve Jones, laughed. “They’re winning by 40-something points,” he said, referring to the typically lopsided victories of the “Dream Team,” “and we gotta worry about outside shooting?”

"So dominant was the U.S. men’s basketball team in the 1990s that player selection mattered little, strategy and tactics were irrelevant, and rule changes made no difference—the Americans would win anyway. More than that, winning alone was insufficient. They were expected to destroy their opponents.

"But in those destructions, the seeds had been planted, working with a confluence of other factors—the proliferation of the internet, more televised broadcasts globally, and the NBA sending its players around the world to increase their profile—to raise the standard of international play.

"And in the process, America’s most successful sporting export has achieved its greatest success: Americans are no longer the best at it. The U.S. has long cultivated the narrative that it is a place for immigrants, the best and the brightest, to create amazing things and generate extraordinary wealth, and that the example the country sets can inspire people the world over. The story is not entirely true, nor is it so simple. Yet it is a narrative the country seeks to promote nevertheless, and the standard by which I’m suggesting we judge the changes in basketball.". . .

Musk Explains How the Never-Ending Circle of ‘Left-Wing Bias’ Works At Twitter

 Analyzing America   "In an image shared on Twitter, billionaire Elon Musk shows how a never-ending circle of left-wing bias operates at Twitter.

"The company has been widely condemned by critics who say they unfairly censor and shadow-ban users, which prevents the platform from allowing for free speech. For example, according to a report from media outlet Quillette, 21 out of 22 high-profile bannings during a calendar year were all against “only on one side of the cultural debate.”

"In fact, Twitter chief legal officer and general counsel Vijaya Gadde has become known as the “chief censor” for her instrumental role in banning President Donald Trump and censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story, which possibly cost Trump the election. Gadde was reportedly paid $17 million by Twitter in 2021.

"Musk posted the following flowchart, which mocks a discussion between Gadde and conservative journalist Tim Pool on “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Here’s how it works:

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