Friday, February 25, 2022

DeSantis Promises This Is Where He'll Send Illegal Immigrants If They Keep Being Brought to Florida

 Julio Rosas

"Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) promised if the Biden administration continues facilitating transporting people who illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border to his state, then he will reroute them to President Joe Biden's home state of Deleware(sp).. . .

CNN veteran operations manager joins Project Veritas as Executive Producer |

 The Post Millennial

He said that "In the first five days of working at this company, I've had more conversations about ethical journalism than I did probably in the last ten years of my career...I mean, this is a young team, but they- but they love journalism. They love getting to the bottom of things."

James O'Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, spoke at CPAC in Orlando on Thursday, and spoke about the changes made at CNN, in part due to the Project Veritas' undercover reporting on the network. From exposing the bias of the former CNN head Jeff Zucker to exposing pedophiles, Project Veritas has kept the heat on CNN in an effort to hold them accountable to the journalistic standards they claim to believe in.

On stage at CPAC, O'Keefe introduced Patrick Davis, a 25-year veteran operations manager for CNN, as the new executive producer with Project Veritas. The crowd erupted in cheers to welcome Davis to the stage, and to the organization.

"O'Keefe said that change comes when people "cease to be afraid," and that's something that O'Keefe, and Project Veritas, have certainly done. That is a big draw for Davis, and a reason he joined the organization. He spoke, too, about the egalitarian nature of the enterprise.

" 'Journalists used to be adversarial and expose the powers that be, now they work in concert with the powers that be," he said. The Project Veritas method, of undercover reporting, confrontations and pushing for answers, has gotten the outlet locked out of social media platforms like Twitter, but the work continues, and continues to influence the media landscape.". . .

Cruz and Cornyn already voted down Ketanji Brown Jackson last year when she was confirmed to a lower court

 Cruz, Cornyn voted down Ketanji Brown Jackson last year for a lower court | The Texas Tribune

President Joe Biden announced Jackson as his appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday morning. If confirmed, she’d be the nation’s first Black woman to sit on the high court. Just in time for the midterms

. . ."Democrats hold a slim 50-50 majority in the upper chamber, with Vice President Kamala Harris ready to cast a tie-breaking vote if necessary.

"Cornyn said in a statement Friday morning that he looked forward to meeting Jackson and conducting a thorough review of her credentials.

“ 'Ultimately I will be looking to see whether Judge Jackson will uphold the rule of law and call balls and strikes, or if she will legislate from the bench in pursuit of a specific agenda,” Cornyn said.

"Cornyn also said that Jackson “will be given the dignity and respect she deserves,” adding that the confirmation will be “starkly” different from the treatment of judicial nominees during the Trump administration."

Taiwan Enjoys Free Sneak Peek At What Will Happen To Them In Just A Few Weeks |

 The Babylon Bee (satire)

"Citizens of Taiwan reported today they were grateful to receive a free preview of the kind of thing that was going to happen to them in just a few short weeks thanks to America's weakness on the world stage under President Biden.

People across the country tuned in for the exciting, free sneak preview of what China was going to do to them any day now, now that President Xi is sure that Biden has no backbone whatsoever.

"Welp—I guess we'd better prepare," local man Huang Zhìháo said as he watched the Russian invasion of Ukraine on TV this morning. "This is gonna be bad."

" 'At least we got this nice little teaser trailer though," he added. "A lot of countries don't get the privilege of seeing their future like this."

"According to sources, the Taiwanese were hopeful that Biden's declarations that "America is back" and that he would go toe-to-toe with the world's toughest leaders meant that Xi Jinping would be held back for another four years. But as soon as he botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan, they began to have their doubts. Finally, once they saw him take a long nap while Putin invaded Russia, they realized they were "completely and totally screwed."

"At publishing time, sources had confirmed that President Xi was also watching the footage with a sly smile on his face."     But wait! There's more!...

Biden Warns Russia That If They Don't Stop He Will Deploy Deadly Trans Admiral | The Babylon Bee   

Sources say Ukrainian citizens will certainly sleep better tonight knowing the power of diversity is on their side. 

Black Americans are rapidly abandoning Biden

In a bid to appease Blacks, abhorrent practices such as segregation have been reinstated in some educational institutions.  This will further aggravate the resentment and prejudice among young minds. To sum it up: Biden's incompetence and inaction have hurt Blacks on every front. 

Tony Branco

Rajan Laad   "A new study from Pew Research Center shows that about a year into his presidency, Joe Biden's overall job approval rating among all Americans has sharply fallen.

"Around two thirds of Black Protestants (65%), who are regarded among as key Democrat constituents, approve of the job that Biden is doing, a drastic decline from 92% in March 2021.

"Politicians often blame poor poll numbers on biased pollsters, so let's look at other surveys.

"Navigator Research, a Democrat-oriented group, discovered that Biden's favorability among Blacks fell from 86 to 76 percent.

"The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies poll found that 65 percent of Blacks rated the economy as just fair or poor, while 61 percent said their personal economic situations were also just fair or poor.  About 50 percent of Blacks surveyed said they think things in the U.S. have gone seriously off track. 

"According to a poll by HIT Strategies, just 48 percent of Blacks in November 2021 thought Biden was addressing their needs, compared to 66 percent of respondents in June.

"A recent NBC News poll showed that approval ratings of Biden among Blacks slid from 81 percent to 64 percent.". . . 

Our enemies are deadly serious; much of our population is just deadly silly


Ukraine: The left spews an amazing banquet of stupidities - American Thinker . . ."John Kerry was Exhibit A, having made headlines with his obsessive focus on global warming even as apartment blocs were being blown out in Kharkiv, improvised militia men were kissing their wives and children goodbye at train stations, Ukrainians were running to the subways for protection against raining missiles and bombs, and long lines of cars streamed from huge cities, heading for any bordering country that would take them.

"For Kerry, though, global warming still comes first:


. . . "These clowns had better hope they never run into Putin, who is operating on an entirely different track from the one they occupy.  They'd get mowed down and run over.  Putin has nothing but contempt for their decadent preoccupations and knows how to shock and awe them into gibbering idiocy."