Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Joe Biden: Stupid Or Liar? Well, he IS a 21st Century Democrat.

 Biden Reportedly ‘Fumed’ About Being ‘Treated Like a Toddler’ by Staff (  "President Joe Biden reportedly complained to friends that his staff "treated him like a toddler," according to a new book on the Biden administration.

"Rather than owning his failure, he fumed to his friends about how he was treated like a toddler. Was John Kennedy ever babied like that?" reads the new book, The Last Politician by Atlantic writer Franklin Foer. The incident was reportedly provoked by staffers at the White House who immediately walked back a comment Biden made in March 2022, when he said Russian president Vladimir Putin "cannot remain in power."

"The book claims Biden "resented his aides for creating the impression that they had cleaned up his mess." . . .

Poll: Americans Know Biden Is Too Old, Slow, and Stupid to Be President (  . . ."I’m Joe Biden. I’m a Democrat. I’m right. It’ll all sort out.’ That’s the mindset of this man. Inflation is transitory. Remember that one? He can’t do the job. He’s lost. He can’t create any more task forces—he already has several of them. None of them have done anything. It reinforces the notion that the adults are not in charge. The White House is a nursing home. And gross incompetence is pervasive within the walls of this administration. Gas prices are through the roof, inflation is killing American families, job growth is anemic, and the economy shrank last quarter. It’ll shrink next quarter which means we're officially in a recession. We’re already in it, but I just want to see the liberal media sweat trying to defend a recession as a Biden accomplishment. And now, majorities of Americans see Biden as too old and slow to be president. He’s also too stupid (via National Review):. . .

Joe Biden: Stupid Or Liar? (   . . ."Those are unlikely. As I pointed out at the time, Barack Obama had the exact same situation in regards to Benghazi – he was either lying or had a direct order ignored by the military when he said in an interview that his first action upon hearing the attack was to order everything be done to protect those in Libya. Since no help was sent, either he was lying or someone disobeyed a direct order from the President and cost Americans their lives. There was never any follow-up, and we still don’t even know where Obama physically was during the attack.

"That leaves us to wonder under Biden, just as we did under Obama, is the President of the United States stupid or a liar? Or, more accurately, which combination of both is it?"

New Poll Asks Americans First Word They Think of About Joe Biden, and He Isn't Going to Like It – RedState   . . ."But when people were asked for the one word they thought of when they thought of Joe Biden, the response had to be making the Biden team tear their hair out (what's left of it, anyway). The most frequent answer is pretty bad:"...

This Is Just A Preview Of How The Dishonest Media Will Lie And Mislead About Trump’s Show Trials

 Quotes and summaries reported by the media are always either half wrong or deliberately misleading. The Trump trials will be the same.

This Is A Preview Of How Media Will Lie About Trump's Show Trials (

. . .A perfect example of that truism was provided this week by Axios’ Mike Allen, who claimed Monday that Georgia Democrat prosecutor Fani Willis included an “Easter egg” in her I’m-a-very-serious-lawyer indictment. Allen said that a specific portion of the documents had “a twist” that “could spoil” Trump’s legal team’s effort to have the entire case moved to federal court, a move that could possibly secure him a more favorable jury (as opposed to the pool of “marginalized, underserved and disadvantaged” voters he would surely get in Fulton County).

"That “twist” is an open letter Trump sent to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in September 2021, which was after the former president was out of office, thus supposedly undercutting the Trump team’s assertion that the criminal charges are purely federal in nature, rather than addressable at the county court level. In that letter, the indictment notes, Trump solicited Raffensperger to “unlawfully” undo the 2020 election outcome “and announce the true winner.”  "Here’s that portion of the indictment in full: 

Suicide DISCOVERY - White House refuses to admit it

  American Wire News  Suicides by women in Afghanistan are skyrocketing according to a new report that has come out a year after President Biden catastrophically pulled US forces from the country handing it over to the Taliban.

"The despair of Afghanistan women suffering under the deadly oppression of the Taliban is palpable to all women and it should bring great shame to the Biden administration.

"One young woman was kept from becoming a doctor and then was forced into a marriage with her cousin who was a heroin addict. She felt she had nothing left to live for and proceeded to take her own life in a country where more women than men commit suicide.

“ 'I had two options: to marry an addict and live a life of misery or take my own life,” the 18-year-old stated during a phone interview from her home in central Ghor province with The Guardian. “I chose the latter.” . . .

KJP: The misinformers yell loudest about misinformation

There was never any evidence Trump colluded with the Russians but the media continuously used Adam Schiff as a source to spread misinformation.

Jack Hellner - American Thinker   . . ."The media colluded with Democrats to challenge the 2016 election and call Trump an illegitimate President but now they act like anyone challenging an election is a threat to democracy.

The media colluded with Fauci and others to block an investigation of the Wuhan lab as the source by falsely calling it a disproven conspiracy theory. They sought to silence those who disagreed with government talking points and edicts.

"The media participated in spreading the “hands up don’t shoot” lie to gin up racial hate, division, and violence against white cops. How many cops have been injured or killed because of that intentional lie?

"The media has allowed Biden and others to lie for years about what Trump said in Charlottesville in order to perpetuate the lie that Trump is a racist. They know that Trump repeatedly denounced white supremacists and Nazi’s but don’t care. The media and other Democrats always play the race card because they don’t want to defend their unpopular policies.

"The media, especially the WaPo, sought to destroy Judge Kavanagh with unverified accusations. There was not one ounce of evidence showing this was true but the media and other Democrats didn’t care. They are the party of personal destruction. They seek to destroy anyone who gets in their way whether the people are black like Clarence Thomas or Tim Scott or women like Sarah Palin or Kari Lake or an orange man like Donald Trump. All that matters is that they are conservatives or Republicans.

"The WaPo even sought to destroy Christian boys for the crime of wearing MAGA hats. They were accused of being racists. There were videos showing the allegations weren’t true, but the truth hasn’t mattered for a long time." . . .

KJP’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day at the WH press room podium - American Thinker    . . ."Face it, Karine Jean-Pierre does have a tough job, unless you think her real job is simply to be the first black, female LGBTQWERTY press secretary, in which case she doing splendidly by remaining female (and she does have choices, we are told), Black, and so far as we know still sapphic. After all, putting a happy face on the corruption, incoherence, incompetence, and sheer stupidity of her president is a mighty challenge." . . .

White House Refuses to Say Whether Boys Playing Girls Sports Is a 'Women's Rights Issue' (  

Even though she skirted the issue in Tuesday’s presser, in the past, Jean-Pierre has claimed that it is “irresponsible” to say that men playing sports as transgender women threaten the safety of biological women.

Native Americans - Indians- outraged by Washington Commanders staffer’s insult


"The Native American Guardians Association, the group that launched a viral petition to restore the “Washington Redskins” nickname, was blasted as a “fake group” by a Washington Commanders representative.

"That insult has members outraged.

“ 'We’re not a fake group. We’re tribal-enrolled members from tribes across the United States,” Eunice Davidson, co-founder and president of the nonprofit Native American Guardians Association (NAGA), told Fox News Digital.

"Davidson calls herself a “full-blooded Dakota Sioux.” She told Fox News the petition to restore the Redskins game has close to 128,000 signatures as of Aug. 28.

“ 'We’re in it to win it,” NAGA co-founder and historian Andre Billeaudeaux told Fox News.