Saturday, February 18, 2023

West Coast, Messed Coast™ : The Complete and Utter Failure of 'No Bail' for Criminals

Victoria Taft

Excerpt from this post below:

. . ."How’s No Bail Working Out for You?

"Our first stop on the West Coast, Messed Coast™ report takes us to California, whose cadre of George Soros-bankrolled district attorneys and their fellow travelers in the Democrat super-majority legislature have tripled the violent crime rate since “no bail” rules went into effect. That was a lot for just one sentence, so you may wish to go back and review it.

"A study commissioned by Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig found that suspects “released without bail were rearrested on 163% more charges than those who posted bail, and they reoffended 70% more often.” The net effect? “Violent crime tripled and felony offenses nearly doubled.”

"What are you looking at? Your safety isn’t important, California’s woke Left seems to be saying.

"No bail has been an utter failure if — and it’s a big if — one counts public safety as a goal.

Irony Alert

"The case of stupid hanging over the West Coast, Messed Coast™ like an odiferous miasma has settled over Washington state, where mental health big shots and the Department of Corrections are busily planning to release the worst of the worst sex perverts from McNeil Island into neighborhood homes, as I previously reported. McNeil Island is where these unfixables are sent after their prison terms have expired.

"Parents of children who wait for the school bus across the street from the Tenino-area residential property that will house a handful of the Washington state’s unfixable sex criminals have filled inboxes and town halls with outrage, fighting for their children’s safety. A daycare is ensconced nearby.  No matter.". . .

Even The Obama Team Is Slamming Biden For Corruption

Shaub went on to say that he is “happy” that Attorney General Merrick Garland hired Robert Hur as a special counsel to look into Biden, but he asserted that it is “unlikely” that Biden is “at risk of any of the legal repercussions.”

The Bearded Patriot  "President Joe Biden was criticized by Walter Shaub, the Obama administration’s ethics chief, on Tuesday for unlawfully holding onto secret information.

"Shaub claimed that Biden showed a “inexcusable ignorance of the most fundamental security protocols.” Yet Shaub compared former President Donald Trump to Biden in order to diminish the gravity of his acts.

"“Biden’s own retention of secret records indicates an appalling violation of the most fundamental security measures,” Shaub said to Fox News. “It’s nothing like Trump’s purposeful refusal to release classified records ordered by the National Archives.”

"In addition, Shaub criticized the White House for keeping secret the second finding of classified documents, those at Biden’s private residence in Wilmington, Delaware, even though the White House had previously disclosed the discovery of those records at Biden’s private office in Washington.

" The first batch of records was purportedly found by Biden’s private counsel on November 2, and the second on December 20. But they forgot to mention the second when they revealed the first last Monday.". . .