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How I Became Islamophobic

Infidel Bloggers Alliance  "The following was written by a British college student. The original article is posted here."
...."I was sitting in class one day, near the back of the room. The lecturer had finished talking and now we were told to discuss amongst ourselves the things we’d heard. A group of Muslim men just across from me were apparently uninterested in the lecture that day as they commenced to discuss videos they’d been emailing each other instead. It took me a short while, but I came to understand that these were decapitation videos. After hearing words and descriptions that I never want to repeat, I nervously looked over at the faces of the men and saw sick, sadistic smiles curling up their bearded faces.

"At the end of that year, I was a fully developed ‘Islamophobe’. I can’t and won’t deny what I witnessed and what I saw others go through. And more than this, I won’t help the taboo to survive which allowed for these abuses to go unreported."....

Obama-Bashing Leno Trounces Letterman in May Sweeps

Newsbusters  "As NewsBusters has been reporting, NBC Tonight Show host Jay Leno has been outfront amongst late night comedians in humorously attacking Barack Obama for the numerous scandals facing the White House.
"Viewers must be loving it, for as The Wrap reported Friday, Leno trounced CBS's David Letterman in the May sweeps:"
In reaction to news of a prostitution ring being run out of a retirement home.
“Boy, that Obamacare is amazing! It just provides everything!”

On a new IRS commissioner: “They’re called ‘acting commissioner’ because you have to act like the scandal doesn’t involve the White House.”

On comparisons to Nixon: “At least he’s not being compared to President Carter.”

On the Miami Heat beating Obama’s beloved Chicago Bulls: “You now what that means? LeBron James is going to get audited by the IRS.”
May 17:
“It’s casual Friday, which means that at the White House, they’re casually going through everybody’s phone calls and records.”
On Obama’s dismissal of the IRS commissioner: “Apparently he was fired for acting like Richard Nixon’s IRS commissioner.”
“Love him or hate him, you have to admit that President Obama is a new kind of Democrat. He’s embroiled in three scandals and not one of them involves sex!”
“This morning he called Mitt Romney and said, ‘Look, if you still want the job …’”
“Fox News has changed its slogan from ‘Fair and Balanced’ to ‘See, I told you so!’”
May 20:
“These White House scandals are not going away anytime soon. … People in Kenya are now saying he’s 100 percent American. That’s how bad it’s gotten.”
On Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) saying the Obama administration operates in a culture of intimidation. “Really? Anyone intimidated by Barack Obama? He can’t even keep Joe Biden in line.”
May 21:
On Obama’s commencement address: “He told the young graduates their future is bright unless, of course, they want jobs. Then they’re totally screwed.”
Read more. 

Rate Shock: In California, Obamacare To Increase Individual Health Insurance Premiums By 64-146%

Forbes  "One of the most serious flaws with Obamacare is that its blizzard of regulations and mandates drives up the cost of insurance for people who buy it on their own.

"This problem will be especially acute when the law’s main provisions kick in on January 1, 2014, leading many to worry about health insurance “rate shock.”"

Yes, but you can still dunk a crucifix in a jar of urine and have it considered “art”

Bare Naked Islam   "In its latest effort to protect followers of Islam in the U.S., the Obama Justice Department warns against using social media to spread information considered inflammatory against Muslims, threatening that it could constitute a violation of civil rights. By “spreading information considered inflammatory against Muslims” – even if it’s true – you could violate the civil rights act and be subject to prosecution." 
Quoting Judicial Watch:
The area’s top federal prosecutor, Bill Killian, will address a topic that most Americans are likely unfamiliar with, even those well versed on the Constitution; that federal civil rights laws can actually be violated by those who post inflammatory documents aimed at Muslims on social media.
Negative Posting About Islam in U.S. Now Subject to Federal Prosecution and Imprisonment  "Remember reading that England had arrested a guy for anti-Muslim Twitter postings in the aftermath of the Woolwich slaughter? And remember thinking, “Well, this is America, that can’t happen here”?

Oh yes it can.

Pianist convicted of insulting Islam in a tweet speaks out on "lost freedoms in Turkey" 
"Fazil Say, convicted by a Turkish court for insulting Islam, has spoken about the country’s fading freedoms at a meeting organized by the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) in Istanbul. You can watch him below (in Turkish). He said, among other things:
- As individuals, we have to fight for our lifestyles and our existence, opinions, art and future under pressure. In the past few years, the epic speeches, attempts to discriminate one to another, and exploitation of religion increased in Turkey. Manipulations increased too. We cannot share our thoughts or art.
-Thousands of people received sentences for being dissidents. Many people are oppressed and frightened.

The End of the Old Order; The well-intentioned social programs of the 1960s make no sense today.

Victor Davis Hanson 
"So who exactly should receive privileges in hiring or college admissions — the newly arrived Pakistani immigrant, or the third-generation, upper-middle-class Mexican-American who does not speak Spanish? Both, or neither? What about someone of half-Jamaican ancestry? What about the children of Attorney General Eric Holder or the self-proclaimed Native American senator Elizabeth Warren? What about the poor white grandson of the Oklahoma diaspora who is now a minority in California?
"Even if the 21st-century state could define who is a minority, on what moral grounds does the targeted beneficiary deserve special consideration? Is his disadvantage defined by being poorer, by lingering trauma from his grandparents’ long-ago ordeals, or by yesterday’s experience with routine racial prejudice?
So who exactly should receive privileges in hiring or college admissions — the newly arrived Pakistani immigrant, or the third-generation, upper-middle-class Mexican-American who does not speak Spanish? Both, or neither? What about someone of half-Jamaican ancestry? What about the children of Attorney General Eric Holder or the self-proclaimed Native American senator Elizabeth Warren? What about the poor white grandson of the Oklahoma diaspora who is now a minority in California?
Even if the 21st-century state could define who is a minority, on what moral grounds does the targeted beneficiary deserve special consideration? Is his disadvantage defined by being poorer, by lingering trauma from his grandparents’ long-ago ordeals, or by yesterday’s experience with routine racial prejudice?
If Latinos are underrepresented at the University of California, Berkeley, is it because of stubborn institutional prejudices, which, however, somehow have been trumped by Asian-Americans enrolling at three times their percentage of the state’s general population? If women are so oppressed by men, why do they graduate from college in higher numbers than their chauvinist male counterparts?

"If Latinos are underrepresented at the University of California, Berkeley, is it because of stubborn institutional prejudices, which, however, somehow have been trumped by Asian-Americans enrolling at three times their percentage of the state’s general population? If women are so oppressed by men, why do they graduate from college in higher numbers than their chauvinist male counterparts?"
He even takes us seniors to task, and justly, I think.

Britain's rabid dogs

Blackfive  "If you feed, house and submit to rabid dogs, you will be bitten. Homegrown Islamists blew up their subways before, and now they have beheaded a British soldier in broad daylight on a city street. We allowed the same thing to happen with the two vermin in Boston.Tolerance is a crime if it allows those sworn to our destruction the freedom to live amongst us, take our largess and then act as they said all along they would. These British scum were on watch lists, but just like the Tsarnaevs. Political correctness kept the Brits and us from doing what should be done to rabid animals.
"I get sick of stating that all Muslims are not responsible for the actions of these scum, and there is some truth there. But look at the Pew report and do the math."   Read more

Obama's DOJ Sharia Offensive: Social Media Posts Trashing Muslims May Violate Civil Rights

Atlas Shrugs  "How is this any different than Islamic law in, say, Turkey (Obama's favorite and most trusted ally)? In October, 43-year-old Fazil Say went on trial in Turkey for "denigrating" Islam for a series of tweets earlier that year. In one of his messages he had retweeted a verse from a poem by Omar Khayyám, in which the 11th-century Persian poet attacks pious hypocrisy. This is the same thing.
"If the DoJ pursued the vicious, offensive, racist, antisemitic tweets directed at me (and others) by Muslims and leftists, they would be pursuing little else. But they wouldn't and they shouldn't.
"Note to the Justice Department -- we will fight you on this every step of the way."....

Thursday, May 30, 2013

People Sign “Thank You” Card to IRS for Targeting Conservatives

"....Team Obama was too much “all politics, all of the time” and not enough about governance."

Conservative Daily News

Obama’s ‘Chicago Way’ The administration’s political tactics are straight out of the Daley playbook. "Conservatives in Chicago, an embattled breed, say the Obama scandals now coming to light — the IRS, the intimidation of journalists, the green-energy boondoggles such as Solyndra — could have been anticipated. “The 2008 Obama campaign perpetrated a fraud that he was a reformer,” says Chris Robling, a former journalist who has served as a Republican election commissioner. “All of the complaints — from the lack of transparency to HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s shaking down corporations to promote Obamacare — stem from the culture of the Daley Machine.” " 

UK: Police Force Shopkeeper To Remove Shirts Saying, "Obey Our Law" Because They Supposedly Incite Racial Hatred

Infidel Bloggers Alliance
"ARREST THREAT: Matthew Taylor and the T-shirt police have forced him to remove from display
"A NEWPORT shopkeeper has been forced by police to remove a T-shirt from his shop window because they felt it “could be seen to be inciting racial hatred.”
"Matthew Taylor, 35, the owner of Taylor’s clothes store on Emlyn Walk in the city, printed up and displayed the T-shirt with the slogan: “Obey our laws, respect our beliefs or get out of our country” after Drummer Lee Rigby, 25, was killed in near Woolwich barracks in London last week.
"But following a complaint from a member of the public, police came to his store and threatened to arrest him unless he removed the Tshirt from sight."
Full Article here, which gives the name of the Newport city councilor as Majid Rahman

Obama's in charge – this is all 'on him'

David Limbaugh yearns to see BHO actually held accountable for corruption  "Obama and his band of fellow liberal ideologues have an agenda of fundamentally transforming America, and they’re sticking to it – no matter what kind of problems it creates, corruption and lies it entails, or disharmony it generates among Americans."
"It’s one thing for Obama not to be a details man, but how about a little focus – or even a superficial awareness – on very serious matters?
"What we are seeing from Obama (and his administration) is what we should expect from a person who has been mostly a political agitator and activist for his entire adult life, without any experience in rolling up his sleeves and getting his hands dirty in actually solving the problems."
Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Disturbing Pattern: Obama Puts Our Enemies Above Us

Noisy Room  "Now get this folks, the FBI has enough evidence for our military to seize five suspects believed responsible for murdering Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. The suspects have not been arrested because the Obama Administration insists on trying them in civilian court and do not believe it has enough evidence for a conviction. .... Why is Obama bending over backwards for terrorists; seeking to give them a platform and taxpayer funded attorneys in civilian court? Meanwhile, in case you have not noticed Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty are now only referred to in the media as “three other Americans”.
"Here is another example of Obama protecting our enemy, while telling Americans to just deal with it."

"Thank you to the USA and The New York Yankees"

Hat tip to David K Elvidge of the UK.

Send Us Your Violent Bigots, Yearning to Butcher Our Citizens

  Ann Coulter
"It's been a bad few weeks for cultural assimilation. Last month, two welfare-receiving immigrants in the United States, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, set off bombs at the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring hundreds. By the end of the week, they had murdered a cop and engaged in a wild shoot-out and bomb-throwing melee with the police.

"Last week, a couple of ethnic Nigerians butchered a British soldier with meat cleavers in broad daylight on a bustling street in a London suburb, then boasted about the murder in video interviews with bystanders. (On the bright side, they did not claim to be princes and ask for your life savings.)
"Also last week, immigrants, mostly Muslims, began rioting in peaceful Sweden -- burning schools to the ground, torching cars and throwing rocks at the police. (Who among us hasn't lost his temper trying to assemble an Ikea china cabinet?) "

Western Cultural Suicide; We are blind to the contradictions in welcoming an immigrant but not making him one of us.

 Victor Davis Hanson   " What happened to create such fissures among America’s diverse tribes? At no time in our history have so many Americans been foreign born. Never have so many foreign nationals resided in America, and never have so many done so illegally. Yet at just such a critical time, in our universities and bureaucracies, the pressures to assimilate in melting-pot fashion have been replaced by salad-bowl separatism — as if the individual can pick and choose which elements of his adopted culture he will embrace, which he will reject, as one might croutons or tomatoes. But ultimately he can do that because he senses that the American government, people, press, and culture reward such opportunism and have no desire, need, or ability to defend the very inherited culture that has given them the leeway to ignore it and so attracted others from otherwise antithetical paradigms.

"That is a prescription for cultural suicide, if not by beheading or by a pressure cooker full of ball bearings, at least by making the West into something that no one would find very different from his homeland."


Our Enemies Get a Vote

Finding more palatable names for the War on Terror won’t change — or end — it.    "When it comes to love, both parties need to be in on it. In war, all it takes is one to tango. Sure, if the non-belligerent party doesn’t want to fight, it can try to talk, or cut a deal, or even surrender. But it’s up to the guys willing to kill to decide how things will proceed."
" We know that there are plenty of Islamists eager to murder Westerners, even cut off our heads in broad daylight. No one doubts that they’d use something more lethal than a rusty machete if given the opportunity. And so the success or failure of Obama’s grand strategic vision depends entirely on what our enemies do next. That’s because they get a vote, and they vote “nay.” "

Obama Goes from Lincolnian to Carteresque

Peter Wehner  In 2008, "Mr. Remnick also compared Obama’s rhetorical skills to Lincoln. The campaign also “shows him in a decision-making mold that is very encouraging.” Obama demonstrated a “receptivity to ideas outside the frame” and possesses a “worldview that allows for complexity.” He “assumes a maturity in the American public” and possesses “great audacity.” Not to believe Obama’s election will have “enormous effect” on the streets of Cairo, or Nairobi, or Jerusalem is “naive.” It continued in this vein until Remnick finally had to say, “We’ll climb out of the tank soon.” (For the record, Remnick never has.)"
 "Before he took office, we were told time and again that Obama was a Lincolnian figure. Now that he’s been in office and demonstrated his governing skills, his strongest liberal supporters and his own staff are defending the president by insisting that we have a White House that is being run by Carteresque idiots."

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Breaking News: House chairman subpoenas documents on Benghazi!

Yahoo News  Darrell Issa, R-Calif., is pressing for material from 10 current and former department officials, including several who had worked for former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. He gave the department until June 7 to comply.
"The State Department has not lived up to the administration's broad and unambiguous promises of cooperation with Congress. Therefore, I am left with no alternative but to compel the State Department to produce relevant documents through a subpoena," Issa said in a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry.
"The intelligence community's talking points compiled for members of Congress suggested the Sept. 11 attack that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans stemmed from protests over an anti-Islamic video rather than an assault by extremists. Five days after the attack, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice relied on the talking points in a series of interviews on the Sunday talk shows."
Hat tip to Carl Boyd Jr., with the comment, "BREAKING NEWS: HOUSE CHAIRMAN SUBPOENAS DOCUMENTS ON BENGHAZI! IT IS ABOUT DAMN TIME! I post, you decide."

Obama and Christie, together again

What the LGBT Lobby Hath Wrought in California

Scientia Media  "I think the question we should all be asking is if the end of LGBT efforts justifies the means. The end is the destruction of the traditional family, and also to force, through law, the full acceptance and even special protection of same-sex couples. Whatever they want,
you have to provide unless you want to be labeled a bigot or a homophobe. Recall during the civil rights in the 1960s, Martin Luther King refused to call white people derogatory names, demonize them, or instigate violence. He knew that even though his end, civil rights for blacks, was paramount, using the wrong means would do nothing but poison the well and create mistrust of the black community into perpetuity. You don’t see this type of gravitas from the LGBT community,"....

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Running for Office

John LaRosa   "It’s only 2013, but the 2014 election cycle is already upon us. If you’re thinking of running for office, now is the time to start moving. But before you “move” in any direction, it would serve you well to “think” about where you are, where you want to go and why it’s in anyone’s interest to help you get there."
"Before FourTier Strategies takes on any new clients, we ask candidates to answer many key questions. Each of our questionnaires is candidate-specific, but whether you’re running for local school board or President of the United States, there are ten basic points that must be addressed. Clearly, the answers to these questions make a difference, but the thought process they trigger is even more critical. In business and politics, strategy must always precede tactics. Our questions and subsequent feedback will help you and your team develop a winning strategy.

"While our customized “Q and A” often includes up to fifty questions, here are ten that apply to virtually any campaign:"  Read more

Terrifying Footage From Inside Kansas Twister

Incredible video: what it’s like inside a violent tornado
Storm chasers inside a specialized tornado intercept vehicle captured the stunning footage.
"It might strike you as foolish, but storm chasers Brandon Ivey and Sean Casey literally rode out a raging tornado with winds to 175 mph from inside a motor vehicle on Memorial Day.
"Watch the astonishing, “ear-popping” video below…" 

"But the vehicle, positioned intentionally to bear the brunt of the raging Kansas vortex, is no ordinary vehicle. Called the Tornado Intercept Vehicle 2 (TIV2, the second vehicle of its kind), it is designed to withstand a top of the scale EF-5 twister, with winds over 200 mph.
"Wikipedia offers the following details on this 14,000+ pound, armor-reinforced machine:"

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Obama 'a passenger on the ship of state'

Thomas Lifson   "[Jennifer] Rubin attributes Obama's style to focus on image and disinterest in actual management:"
...he's not interested in really being commander in chief; he just likes to play one on TV. He "ends" wars as if it doesn't matter whether they are won or lost, whether aims are achieved or not. Ending a war requires a single order; running a successful one requires constant attention and effort and expenditure of political capital. It also forces one to come to grips with the tough decisions his predecessor made.
AT's Ed Lasky has not shied from using the "L-word" - lazy. Political correctness demands that no person of African-American heritage may be labeled with the L-word, but in Obama's case, the show seems to fit. Golf, parties, bracketology, vacations, and absence during critical moments like 9/11/12 all suggest a poor work ethic. 

Russians size up Obama, think he will bail on Syria

Jonathan S. Tobin   "But while McCain restarted the conversation about the need for the U.S. to stop pretending it can ignore the crisis in that war torn country, his venture was actually overshadowed by the Russian announcement that it would persist in its determination to sell air defense missiles to the embattled Assad government.

"It is still possible that the West will act to prevent more bloodshed and to make good on President Obama’s prediction. But the Russian decision to stand by their Syrian ally effectively renders McCain’s quest moot. Though Israel has issued a warning to Russia that any such missiles — and by extension the personnel servicing them — could be targeted by airstrikes, Moscow’s willingness to stake its reputation on Assad’s survival is likely enough to deter even the possibility of action by President Obama with the added bonus that doing so humiliates Secretary of State John Kerry after he trooped to Moscow to plead with the Russians not to do it. Though the Russians may not want to tangle with the West or even the Israelis, they seem to be betting that a U.S. president that prefers to lead from behind can be counted on to stay out of any conflict where there is a risk of confrontation. They may be bluffing but it’s hard to argue with their reasoning.
Tobin concludes with this dreary outlook:
"But the main point is that Russia is hoping that its intervention will nevertheless serve to keep its friend afloat while frustrating a timorous American administration that would prefer to pretend that its conflict with Islamist extremists is over. The net result is bound to not only keep a butcher in power in Damascus to embolden an Iranian government that is the prime threat to peace in the region."
Go back as far as the 1930s and the pacifist British government's failure to stand against Hitler's rearmament. You will see how liberals have a consistent track record of endangering peace loving nations and causing the death of millions. 

Boston Marathon Survivor Throws Out First Pitch

Jeff Bauman, who survived the Boston Marathon bombings, threw out the first pitch at tonight’s Boston Red Sox game.

Red Sox’s David Ortiz and Jarrod Saltalamacchia applaud as Boston Marathon survivor Jeff Bauman and Carlos Arredondo, who helped rescue Bauman, take the field to throw out ceremonial first pitches before the MLB interleague baseball game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.
Full article and more pictures here.

Charles Krauthammer Explains Why He Thinks Benghazi Is Important

Independent Sentinel
"The only thing Charles Krauthammer left out of this clip is the president traveling off to a fundraiser in Vegas the next day after Benghazi when the fate of our people in the consulate was still unknown."

U.S. Attorney General Signed Off On Fox Phone Records Subpoena

Yeshiva World News  "U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder personally approved a decision to subpoena Fox News telephone records as the Justice Department investigated an unauthorized leak regarding North Korea, according to two sources familiar with the matter.
"The revelation that Holder approved subpoenas that sought Fox News phone records shows that his involvement was broader than the Justice Department had earlier acknowledged publicly, as details continue to emerge in the controversy."
Political Cartoons by Chip Bok
House Judiciary investigating whether Holder lied under oath  "The DOJ seized Rosen’s personal emails and used other surveillance methods to investigate whether he was complicit in a leak of classified information. It also examined Rosen’s phone records and tracked his visits to the State Department using security-badge data during the 2009 probe."


Astute Bloggers   "Well this was inevitable. When law breaks down then people will defend their own interests. Leftists will claim this is worse than the crime and terror and accuse people who defend themselves, their families and property of being far right wing and even Nazi."
Predictably, the police, paid by the Swedes to protect their persons and property from violent criminals, have marshaled their resources to stop the Swedes from protecting themselves.
Now, let's just wait till it all happens here in the US. 

DOJ Tells Employees to Verbally Affirm Homosexuality

'Don't judge or remain silent. Silence will be interpreted as disapproval'
Todd Starnes  "“This administration is pushing the most radical, immoral agenda on the American people,” Staver said. “Christians are not merely required to ‘shut up,’ but now they are being coerced to embrace immorality that goes against their sincerely held religious beliefs.”
"Liberty Counsel is representing an unidentified female DOJ worker in Washington, D.C. who received the brochure.
"Staver said the woman is terrified she might lose her job unless she publicly affirms homosexuality – and she’s not the only one.
"“Christians are frightened and terrified of losing their jobs,” Staver told Fox News. “You just can’t keep you head down and do your job. Now you have to become an advocate for the LGBT agenda – and if you don’t – the DOJ will consider that to be intolerant.” "

The press finally wakes up to the Obama nightmare

Candace Miller  "The case of James Rosen at Fox News is especially troubling. Rosen, chief correspondent for Fox in Washington, reported in 2009 on a classified report predicting that North Korea planned to respond to U.S.-led sanctions by detonating a nuclear device. In a 2010 affidavit in support of a search warrant for Rosen’s e-mail and records of his movements in government facilities (that was withheld from public scrutiny until this month), an FBI agent characterized the reporter as a potential co-conspirator in a criminal act to leak the report.
"An analyst with whom Rosen had contact was later charged with espionage. Attorney General Eric Holder has said he does not expect to bring charges against the journalist."
Candice Miller, a Harrison Township Republican, represents Michigan’s 10th Congressional District in the U.S. House.

Obama’s Head-in-the-Sand Speech on Terror

(Emphases in the original)
Barry Rubin  "President Barack Obama’s speech at the National Defense University, “The Future of Our Fight against Terrorism,” is a remarkable exercise in wishful thinking and denial.

"Essentially, his theme: the only strategic threat to the United States is posed by terrorists carrying out terrorist attacks. In the 6400 words used by Obama, Islam only constituted three of them, and most interestingly, in all three instances the word was used to deny that the United States is at war with Islam. In fact, this is what President George Bush said precisely almost a dozen years ago, after September 11.
"If one wanted to come up with a slogan for the Obama Administration it would be that to win the war on terrorism one must lose the war on revolutionary Islamism because only by showing that America is the Islamists’ friend will it take away the incentive to join al-Qaida and attack the United States.

"So: why have not hundreds of such denials had the least bit of effect on the course of that war?"....

"A more accurate picture is offered by a Saudi writer in al-Sharq al-Awsat:
The most acute [aspect of] the problem is that Obama is laying down the systematic groundwork for the development of extremism and sectarian violence that will make us miss the al-Qaeda of George W. Bush’s era, while deluding himself that he eliminated Al-Qaeda when he killed Osama bin Laden! 

Who was it that said he "loathed the military"?

Monday, May 27, 2013

British War Memorials vandalized by ‘Muslims’ (even though the media will not say so)
"It came as supporters of the English Defence League (below) marched through central London today. The EDL demonstrators pushed their way through a police cordon as they made their way to Trafalgar Square. They chanted ‘Muslim killers off our streets’ and ‘There’s only one Lee Rigby’ and protesters held placards that read ‘Blood on your hands’ and ‘GB RIP’. They are expected to demonstrate outside Downing Street later."
More here on the English Defense League

Steve Rose on Obama's Arrogance

American Thinker  "President Obama's arrogance is undoing his presidency," by columnist Steve Rose, appeared on the op-ed page of Sunday's print edition of the Kansas City Star. It's a surprisingly frank assessment from a journalist few would think of as a conservative. Rose focuses his column on the three big scandals now plaguing the Obama administration; here's a taste:
What Barack Obama has lacked from the beginning is humility, and what he has displayed consistently is arrogance.
He could have nipped the Benghazi fiasco in the bud, but Obama apparently decided that since only Fox News was beating the drums for the truth, he could finesse the ugly matter. ...

It was sheer arrogance that turned a tragedy into a scandal.
This same arrogance bled into an Internal Revenue Service politically motivated witch hunt on Obama's watch. ...
The Justice Department "spying" on The Associated Press is but another example of this toxic "we know what's best" approach that thrives under Obama.

The aforementioned Steve Rose article:  Barack Obama just had his worst week in a deeply flawed presidency.
"That the IRS would be targeting conservative groups could only germinate in an atmosphere where those conservatives were seen as bitter rivals, sure, but not co-participants in a democratic process. Rather, those opposition voices were seen worthy of being silenced."

Read more here:

We liked this picture on several levels

Philosophical Aspects of the Climate Change Controversy

Intellectual Conservative  "One might reasonably ask why Al Gore built a mansion on an oceanfront property, considering his dire pronouncements about rising sea levels? "
"The nature of the opposition to contemporary progressive environmental movements by some evangelical Christians and other conservatives, is that “environmentalists” seem to espouse philosophies placing emphasis on worshipping and deifying the creation more than the Creator."
"We may pass unnecessary legislative measures that irretrievably harm economic and technological development, as well as forfeiting national sovereignty and restraining individual liberties. Consider everything carefully."

Undoing the Brainwashing

Thomas Sowell

 "This time of year, as college students return home for the summer, many parents may notice how many politically correct ideas they have acquired on campus. Some of those parents may wonder how they can undo some of the brainwashing that has become so common in what are supposed to be institutions of higher learning.
"If your student has been led to believe that "comprehensive immigration reform" -- amnesty, in plain English -- is the only way to go, a devastating book titled "Mexifornia," by Victor Davis Hanson, introduces some cold, factual reality into a subject usually discussed in sweeping and lofty rhetoric."
"However the battle is fought, what is most important is that the battle be fought, since the young are the future, and the propaganda of today can become the government policies of tomorrow." 
Hat tip to John LaRosa at Conservative Bloggers on Facebook

Ramirez on executive leadership in the White House

 Hot Air  "In this blizzard of scandals, one thread connects all of them — the AP/Rosen scandal, political corruption at the IRS, and Benghazi, at least on the changes made to the talking points.  Barack Obama knew nothing of all them, at least according to the White House’s own defenses.  He had no idea what was happening in his own Treasury, State, and Justice Departments until the media notified him in the morning paper.  Even his White House counsel gets better informed than the President in this administration, according to Jay Carney, which is more than a little disturbing."

God bless our troops and those of our allies this Memorial Day and always

As we honor Americans who died for our nation, let's also remember those allies from the United Kingdom who fought alongside our troops for the past 100 years. I want to pay special tribute to British Soldier Lee Rigby of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers  who was a victim of Islamic radicals just as much as if he was killed in the hills of Afghanistan.
How regrettable that his death will come with no honors; just anger and recriminations from his own people and shouts of triumph from our enemies. 
God bless all those whose loved ones mourn their loss
Political Cartoons by Henry Payne
Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel
Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Now The Gibson Guitar Raids Make Sense

Hat tip to Edward W Wagner, who commented, "I don't think that Obama Inc. has an enemies list. I think they have a friends list and God help you if you are not on it. Obama Inc. is a system based on an ideology."

Investors Business Daily  "IRS Scandal: The inexplicable raid nearly two years ago on a guitar maker for using allegedly illegal wood that its competitors also used was another targeting by this administration of its political enemies."

"Interestingly, one of Gibson's leading competitors is C.F. Martin & Co. According to C.F. Martin's catalog, several of their guitars contain "East Indian Rosewood," which is the exact same wood in at least 10 of Gibson's
guitars. So why were they not also raided and their inventory of foreign wood seized?

"Grossly underreported at the time was the fact that Gibson's chief executive, Henry Juszkiewicz, contributed to Republican politicians. Recent donations have included $2,000 to Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., and $1,500 to Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn.

"By contrast, Chris Martin IV, the Martin & Co. CEO, is a long-time Democratic supporter, with $35,400 in contributions to Democratic candidates and the Democratic National Committee over the past couple of election cycles."  (Emphasis added)

More here from US News: Are the Feds Persecuting Gibson Guitars?  
"In the meantime, I'm struck by the fact that the guitar that quintessential American country boy Johnny B. Goode could play just like he's ringing a bell is now a global patchwork.
"I'm forced to echo the sardonic Glenn Reynolds: Is that the hope or the change?"