Thursday, August 17, 2023

New Images Show Destruction Inside Cargo Ship Set Alight By Burning EVs

 MSN  "Late last month, the Fremantle Highway, a cargo ship carrying new vehicles destined for Singapore, was destroyed in a horrific fire that claimed the life of a crew member and injured many more.

"New images have surfaced on the internet, giving us an inside look at the destruction the blaze left in its wake. Below, we can see several vehicles reduced to ash and burnt metal. Based on the roofline and remnants of the rear-mounted engine, the cars in the foreground appear to be Porsche 911s.

"Further back, a Porsche Taycan was also lost in the fire. While we can't be sure, the hood and body shape suggests it was once an example of Zuffenhausen's electric sedan. Another image shows the incinerated shells of Mini Cooper Hardtop 5-Door models." . . .

"RTL Nieuws, a Dutch news agency, also shared additional pictures of a charred Mini Cooper Clubman." . . .

Fire on Cargo Ship Packed With Porsches and VWs Is Reportedly Fueled by EV Batteries (   

. . ."Once ignited, a lithium-ion battery is incredibly difficult to extinguish. At first, fire damages the structures that separate the chemicals that power a battery. This often leads to spontaneous re-ignition even after the initial blaze is out. Hundreds of gallons of water are often required, and once the initial fire is out, standard procedure is to quarantine the affected vehicle away from anything flammable, applying more water or fire suppressant as needed. Fire crews sometimes place a burning battery inside a giant water tank until the re-ignition risk subsides.

"Neither option is viable on a crowded transport ship. Even if you had a dunk tank or were willing to deal with the environmental consequences of throwing the vehicle overboard, there's usually no way to maneuver or eject the cargo on a ship en-route. Burning cars weighing thousands of pounds and spewing toxic fumes would prove even more difficult to handle." . . .

Biden is on the job

 Biden finally says he will visit Maui. But first, a six-day Lake Tahoe vacation - American Thinker   "After public pressure and an ill-considered "no comment" when asked about the rising death toll in Maui, Joe Biden now says he will visit Maui in the wake of its catastrophic wildfires.

"According to Joe Concha, writing at The Messenger:

Finally, on Tuesday — after six days of silence on the topic — Biden addressed the Maui disaster during a visit to Wisconsin to tout his economic record: “My wife Jill and I are going to travel to Hawaii as soon as we can. That's what I've been talking to the governor about,” he said. “I don't want to get in the way, I've been to too many disaster areas, but I want to go and make sure they get everything they need. I want to be sure we don't disrupt the ongoing recovery efforts.”

"But first, another restful vacation in Lake Tahoe, California, reportedly for six days.

"This follows his extended vacation in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. where he was photographed catching rays and lounging on the shore as Lahaina burned to the ground. Seems one good vacation deserves another, and Joe has his priorities.

"Not surprisingly, the New York Post just ran a piece about Maui's residents not wanting him there." . . .

Coastal crises, or, 'the end of the world as we know it?'

 Eric Utter - American Thinker

"I fervently wish more Republicans had the mental acuity to properly characterize what is really occurring.  And the integrity—and spine—to oppose it."

. . ."Because the things that used to hold our society together are rapidly being stripped away. The rule of law. Equal treatment under the law. Patriotism. The Ten Commandments. The Golden Rule. (If any of you reading this are thinking, “What an old fuddy-duddy, I bet he’s a Christian extremist, white supremacist-- and supporter of the patriarchy,” you are, inadvertently or not, part of the problem. And also wrong.)

"Exhibit 1: Washington, D.C., Councilman Trayon White is on record as fearing that rampant shoplifting might close the last grocery store in his ward. (In fact, earlier this week, White pleaded for the National Guard to be sent in to assist with the rising crime in our nation’s capital.) This grocery store, which serves an area containing about 85,000 people, has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to theft in recent times. This is, obviously, unsustainable.

"So-called “progressive” policies are leading to the extermination of farms in Western Europe and Canada. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has imposed such draconian restrictions on fertilizer emissions that Canada’s grain output will be significantly reduced-- at a cost of billions of dollars to western Canadian provinces. Democrats in the U.S. think that is a grand idea and are pursuing policies that would achieve the same result." . . .

. . .San Francisco’s “most intractable problem” is that its residents keep voting for Democrats like Pelosi. Period.

Unfortunately, there are innumerable other “exhibits” I could cite.

We’d all like to avoid high crime areas. We all need food to survive. We need to feed our families.

But we also need to nourish our souls-- by once again respecting decency, discipline, beauty, courage, integrity, and competence—and by having faith.

If we wish to avoid societal collapse, we must simply do the opposite of what Democrats have been advocating for many years now.

Debate Advice for Republicans: Issues, Not Oprah

 Ann Coulter

"As the first Republican debate approaches, I have an urgent appeal to the candidates: Please adopt the good things Donald Trump did and skip the catastrophic parts (i.e., everything after the campaign ended on Nov. 8, 2016).

"Although he presided over the most wasted presidency in history, the 2016 Trump campaign was magnificent, without peer, perfect in every respect. I described the many useful innovations of that campaign in my book "In Trump We Trust." Please start there, Republicans.

"President Trump may have been a pathetic crybaby too ascared to fire his own attorney general -- much less ask Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for wall funding -- but in 2016, it was all image, and candidate Trump came across as strong.

"Don't fall into these consultant-created traps of presenting yourself as a weakling, candidates. Remember that you're running to be leader of the free world. Cat ladies aren't voting for you. Republicans are.

1) Stop using the royal "we," e.g., "We testified before the grand jury ...," "We did our duty ...," "We decided to run ...." Committees did not do these things. You did. Be a man and say so.

2) Do not tell us about the time you were discriminated against -- and yes, I'm looking at you Sen. Tim Scott and Gov. Nikki Haley. We've all had obstacles and don't need to hear about yours, least of all that time in grade school when someone was mean to you.

3) Do not say "When I am president ...." This is a flashing neon sign announcing that you have zero chance of ever being within a thousand feet of the Oval Office.

4) Finally, for the love of God, please stop telling us about your families. We don't care about your spouse, your parents or your kids. In fact, we'd prefer a first lady who doesn't speak English.

Quiz: Who is the greatest president of the last century?   Answer: Ronald Reagan.

You think he won because he had the nicest family? He wouldn't have been elected dogcatcher with that bunch. Yet somehow, Reagan won a 44-state landslide in 1980 and a 49-state landslide in 1984....

Language: Oliver Anthony's 'Rich Men North of Richmond' Causes Deep Emotional Impact In All Types of People


The politicians in Washington D.C. were pointed to as the source of the problems we're experiencing, and needless to say, they didn't like that. Immediately, the leftist attack machine began working against Anthony, painting him as a man associated with the "far right," and attempting to make his song politically polarizing. The aim was to divide the people against one another over the subjects sung in the song, thus crippling its rise in the public consciousness and hampering its message. 

"When a red-bearded stranger standing in front of a deer blind and surrounded by dogs began strumming his guitar and singing into a microphone, few people were ready for how deeply his song would impact them. The world was taken by surprise as Oliver Anthony, a no-name farmer from Farmville, Virginia, soulfully sang the woes of a vast swath of Americans so well that his song made him a successful superstar overnight. 

"The song lamented the state of America, including the abuse of welfare, a heavily taxed population, and even the suicide rates of young men, and at the center of it all was the song's namesake, "Rich Men North of Richmond." 

The politicians in Washington D.C. were pointed to as the source of the problems we're experiencing, and needless to say, they didn't like that. Immediately, the leftist attack machine began working against Anthony, painting him as a man associated with the "far right," and attempting to make his song politically polarizing. The aim was to divide the people against one another over the subjects sung in the song, thus crippling its rise in the public consciousness and hampering its message. 

"But judging by a recent video compilation put together by Matt Orfalea, it didn't work. People from all walks of life have been watching and reacting to the song, and it would appear that no matter what walk of life you hail from, this song resonates with you. In fact, it hits some people so deeply that it causes them to weep. 

"Watch the video for yourself below. " . . .

From the comments to this post: I’m a 29 year old black man living in Alabama. I work a mf architecture desk job and this song still resonates with me. We have so much more in common as average Americans than we ever will with these politicians who turn us against each other. They’ve pulled wool over the eyes of a lot of our friends and fellow citizens but we have offer each other grace and hold strong against the true enemies. We are much stronger together! I’d also like to add that I’ve never been a country music fan but this song is so relatable i may reconsider.

I read a Rolling Stone article about this song speaking of disdain for this "right wing anthem" I thought to myself I'm old enough to remember when Rolling Stone would have celebrated a working class person with a guitar singing a song opposing big government corruption. Crazy times.

Obama Judge Tanya Chutkan Joins the Trump Show Trial ›

  Lloyd Billingsley; American Greatness

Barr was recently asked if he would be willing to testify against Trump. “Of course,” Barr responded. Forget the banana-republic comparison. It’s full-on Stalinist now 

EBL: Judge Tanya Chutkan Persecuting J6 Protesters

 "Trump is up against an ostentatiously hostile judge called Tanya Chutkan,” Roger Kimball observes. Judge Chutkan is indeed hostile to the former president, but there’s more about her that people should know.

"The Jamaican-born Chutkan, a University of Pennsylvania law alum, is an appointee of the composite character David Garrow described in Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama. Consider Chutkan’s role in the case of Imran Awan.

"Of all the IT people in all the IT firms in all the world, House Democrats thought Imran Awan was the best man for the job. Sometimes working from his native Pakistan, Awan and his family team accessed the computers of some 40 Democrats, including those on the intelligence and foreign affairs committees.

"Without their consent, Awan and his team stashed the Democrats’ data on a server controlled by Xavier Becerra, chair of the House Democratic Caucus and once on Hillary Clinton’s short list as a running mate. Capitol Police wanted a copy of the server but the one Awan produced turned out to be a fake.

"In February 2017, Awan and his team got booted off the House computer network, but Becerra had already fled to California where Gov. Jerry Brown appointed him state attorney general. In July of 2017, Awan attempted to flee the country but the authorities busted him for bank fraud.

"For Andrew McCarthy, who prosecuted “Blind Sheik” Omar Abdel-Rahman, “this appears to be a real conspiracy, aimed at undermining American national security.” Some in Congress agreed, but the IT man had his defenders.

"Debbie Wasserman Schultz charged that Awan was “put under scrutiny because of his religious faith and that “the right-wing media circus fringe” was jumping to conclusions. Awan’s attorney Chris Gowen, a former aide to Bill and Hillary Clinton, said Awan’s arrest for bank fraud was “clearly a right-wing media-driven prosecution by a United States Attorney’s Office that wants to prosecute people for working while Muslim.' ” . . .