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First Responder Near Gaza: “What I Saw There Will Stay With Me Forever

 First Responder Near Gaza: "What I Saw There Will Stay With Me Forever (

"I had the opportunity to speak with Rabbi Yehuda Levi. Rabbi Levi usually spends his time teaching and guiding groups on the Temple Mount and in Jerusalem. He also volunteers for Hatzalah – an international Jewish run emergency response organization."

In the above video – he describes what he saw in the Gaza communities he went down to help.

What happened to "Don't"? Iran attacks Israel

 BREAKING: It's On. Iranian Drones Detected Heading Toward Israel; Israel and Jordan Close Air Space – RedState   . . ."Both Israel and Jordan have closed air space.

Biden had staggered back from his perpetual vacation and is allegedly convening an emergency meeting of his national defense and foreign policy advisers."

Next: Biden Insisted on Vacation in Face of Threat From Iran, Now He's Rushing Back. Something Is Up

"RedState will continue its coverage of this breaking news as the story unfolds."

WATCH BREAKING: Iran Launches Counter-Attack Against Israel | WLT Report   

NEW: Initial reports estimate Iran launched between 50 and 100 military drones against Israel.

These are believed to be HESA Shehed 136 "suicide drones."

The drones are fired in multiples from a launch rack to attack ground targets and overwhelm air defenses.

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) April 13, 2024

BBC News presented this statement from Israeli Chief of General Staff Herzi Halevi:

“The IDF [Israel Defence Forces] can handle Iran. We can act forcefully against Iran in places near and far.”

"Don't Dodge The Truth", Douglas Murray EVISCERATES Muslim Politician on Immigration!

 Modern Wisdom (

Comment to this video. Errors in spelling left uncorrected: "When they went to arrest the last of terrorists of the Bataclan nightclub massacre the police had to fight there way in . They had to deploy over 2000 police and fight the entire Muslim neighbourhood to get to the terrorists. If I did that to protect a murderer I would be charged as complicit in murder and face a life sentence. Why is it not the same. Because they are Muslim and we have a double standard when it comes to accepted behaviour."

"A phobia is an irrational fear. Islamaphobia is a perfectly normal reaction to what is happening."

O.J. is back in the news

 WATCH: CNN Reporter Has Major Freudian Slip Discussing Death of OJ Simpson – RedState  . . .Summarizing his life, CNN reporter Stephanie Elam appeared on the brink of suggesting that many people just wanted to see a black man get away with murder: 

It’s also just worth noting how much was impacted by this trial, Jake. So many things happened. We saw policing changing here in the city, and it’s also worth noting because of that unrest, that racial unrest in the 90s, that is why so many people, who may not have been invested in O.J. Simpson, were just happy to see that someone who is rich and famous, and black, could get away with... er... with what other people did in the system, as well, too.

 O.J. Simpson, RIP - The American Spectator    "He helped make the 1990s the trashiest decade."  "O.J. Simpson acted as a transracial figure prior to June of 1994. Post–June 1994, he acted as a racially polarizing figure who did more to stoke resentments against African Americans than any other person.

"Some African Americans, angered over the not guilty verdicts for the white policeman who clubbed Rodney King in the same city a few years earlier, regarded it as cosmic justice that Simpson got away with murdering two white people. Many whites wondered why some of their black countrymen hated them so much as to allow an obviously guilty murderer to walk, and others viscerally cheered such an unjust verdict. Some whites started to fantasize about something like this happening to the Juice.

"The case pulled a mask off to reveal another inconvenient truth. We loved Bill Cosby and Jared from Subway once, too. Simpson possibly struck us as the first cautionary tale that the pixelated image sold to America differed profoundly from reality.

"One cannot say O.J. Simpson started cable news’s 24-hour feeding frenzy. Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, that girl who fell into the well in Texas, and Joey Buttafuoco dragged us there first. But in doing that to the culture, after doing that to Ron and Nicole and before bequeathing us Keeping Up with the Kardashians, O.J. left a tabloid-and-trash-tv legacy that more than undid the stellar legacy he built on the gridiron and silver-screen prior to June of 1994. He helped make the 1990s the trashiest decade.

"Rest in peace."  And thanks for leaving us the Kardashians.

A favorite OJ scene from "Naked Gun Nordberg Goes Down". "Nordberg"? Scandinavian?

After Demanding Mob Confront Trump Officials in Restaurants - Mad Maxine Waters Whines After She's Confronted in Restaurant, Plays Race Card (VIDEO)

 The Gateway Pundit | by Cristina Laila   "Remember when Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters (CA) riled up a leftist mob and told them to harass members of Trump’s Cabinet in restaurants?

"Maxine Waters encouraged violence against Trump supporters and members of Trump’s Cabinet.

“ 'If you see anybody from [Trump’s] Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere!” Maxine Waters shouted to a rabid Los Angeles mob in June 2018." . .  .

Recall the Rodney King riots when several Maxine Waters constituents beat truck driver Reginald Denny nearly to death. When they were released from jail, Waters was pictured hugging them. TD

Maxine Waters Embraced the Thug Who Slammed Concrete on Reginald Denny's Head (

Waters did not learn a thing from the experience. She went on to describe the LA Race Riots as, quote, “a rebellion, and in ways understandable.” Including, apparently, the part about smashing people’s brains in for being the wrong color. Yep, that’s the Democratic Party’s new expert on race relations.

As Iran readies to attack Israel, remember this is Biden’s design

  NY Post 

He handed it billions in ransom and sanctions relief, broke off relations with the Saudis and did all he could to resuscitate President Barack Obama’s disastrous 2015 nuclear deal. 

  "Many unknowns remain around Iran’s promised retaliation against Israel for its killing of a cluster of Quds Force fighters (including top brass) in Syria.

"One thing is certain, however: This is President Biden’s foreign policy working by design

"That’s why America’s most committed regional enemy is menacing our most important regional ally, as US analysts sit and mull over the size and scope of the strike — and the White House basically wrings its hands. 

"Not that Iran needs to do anything big.

"Thanks to Biden, Iran already is winning the battle for regional supremacy with proxy actions.

"Israel’s already fighting an Iranian proxy on one front in Gaza as another, Hezbollah, has been launching rockets across the border with Lebanon and exchanging fire with Israeli forces in what may well be a prelude to open war.  

"Meanwhile, the president, guided both by short-term hopes of winning back lefty voters and by a cadre of demented lefties on his staff, has abandoned Israel.

"But from the day he took office, long before Iran struck Israel via its cat’s-paw Hamas, Biden has empowered and emboldened Tehran." . . .  

The Hollywoke Meltdown

 The Hollywoke Meltdown - The American Spectator

"Diversity quotas replaced filmmaking merit. And it got much worse much faster. You couldn’t just be a black, female, or gay writer-director-producer, you had to be anti-white or anti-male or anti-heteronormative." 

 "I’ve been writing for years about the steep decline of cinema — in fact all art and media — this century. My very first article for this fine publication (fortunately for my integrity, a true statement rather than a transparent bid for a raise) a shocking six years ago explored how even a moderately good action picture like 2008’s Taken was beyond the capability or intent of 2018 Hollywood. Because the idea of a loving tough-guy dad rescuing his helpless teen daughter with manly “certain skills” while his gorgeous ex-wife frets realistically became anathema soon afterward. Hollywood had not yet fully mutated into Hollywoke, but it devolved fast.

"Today, most people recognize the film industry as the creative wasteland it has become. A brand new Rasmussen poll shows Americans by a two-to-one margin think movies have gotten worse in the 21st Century. The poll found 54 percent believe motion picture quality has deteriorated in the last 20 years. Only the usual 27 percent of unshakable zombies assume the opposite. What happened to the screen trade during this time period is a tale perhaps not worthy of Edward Gibbon (The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire) but a lot more justified.

"Most of the great auteurs and producers either retired or expired, and the studio system they enriched became a vacuous shell. Academia-spawned progressives took over, minus the talent to extend, duplicate, or simply maintain their marvelous inheritance. All they knew how to do was implode artistic truth with leftwing fantasy, reducing a once beloved industry into a pedestrian liberal message factory.

" 'If you want to send a message, try Western Union,” Frank Capra once said about blatant preachiness on film. Yet Capra was a master at instilling moralistic philosophy into his pictures, except he did it with heartwarming stories about virtuous people in some of the greatest films of all time. Modern filmmakers both dismiss that aspect of the craft and lack the skill to create anything close to It Happened One NightMr. Deeds Goes to TownMr. Smith Goes to WashingtonMeet John Doe, and It’s a Wonderful Life.

"But in 2001, they found a loftier goal than the genius director who immortalized the year, Stanley Kubrick with 2001: A  Space Odyssey, which was attacking the War on Terror and the American men fighting it. They made an unprecedented number of antiwar pictures slamming those heroes as ignorant pawns or psychopaths — American SoldiersRedacted (about the rape and murder of a 15-year-old Iraqi girl by U.S. soldiers), Stop-LossThe Mark of CainHome of the BraveGreen ZoneIn the Valley of Elah (a peacenik bridge too far for director Robert Redford) — while our guys were in harm’s way." . . .

Sadly, Hamas has many supporters in the U.S. and in Congress

 Hamas has always had and still has grandiose plans to enslave and slaughter Israel’s Jews - Andrea Widburg  "During World War II, the Nazis envisioned enslaving and eventually exterminating the Jewish race. Muslims in the Middle East and Central Europe were happy to make common cause with the Nazis as Nazi goals aligned with Mohamed’s mandateIt turns out that Hamas has the exact same plans this time around. In the 1940s, the civilized world stopped the Muslim and Nazi plans; this time, the world is no longer civilized and is abetting this great evil." . . .

Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem.

. . ."To a man, in the early years of the war, the British officers told my grandfather that they were dubious about their chances against Field Marshall Erwin Rommel. If Rommel’s forces prevailed, they said, the Nazis would give the local Arab population permission and weapons with which to slaughter every Jewish man and boy while either slaughtering or sexually enslaving the Jewish women and girls. (Think: ISIS on a grander scale.)

"My grandfather, therefore, had the bright idea to send my mom to Java, far from the war. He never could have predicted the Japanese entry into the war.

"My point with this family history is that it shows that the Arabs have long dreamed of slaughtering and enslaving the Jews who live on the land that is now Israel. That’s why I was completely unsurprised to learn that Hamas really believes that it can prevail in this war and that, when it wins, it can slaughter and enslave the Jews.". . .

"Thankfully, in the 1940s, the civilized world banded together to fight back against the Nazis. By doing so, they prevented the Arabs in and around BMP from fulfilling Mohamed’s mandate to slaughter and/or enslave all the Jews. However, we’re not a civilized world in 2024. This time, while the Muslim dreams remain unchanged, the surrounding world, including Democrats in America, is happy to work with Hamas to make that dream a reality." . . .    (Emphasis mine, TD)

I do not accuse the likes of Rashida Tlaib, the Squad, and many other Democrats (who staunchly defend Hamas) as being murderers. I merely posit that if Hamas began killing Jews here, these people are not likely to stand up and defend them. TD   To wit:

Rashida Tlaib's Meltdown Over 'Death of America' Chants Begs a Key Question (    "Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) did not like it when Fox News pressed her about the pro-terrorist rally that occurred in her district. People were shouting “Death to America” in Dearborn, which has become a hotbed for antisemitism, anti-Israel activism, and pro-Hamas
antics. As Rebecca 
wrote, the Michigan Democrat, one of the most vocal voices that supports the terrorists, refused to speak with Fox News: " . . . Watch the video here   
. . ."Yet, the key question from this confrontation was why Fox News was the only outlet asking her about this insane rally. RedState’s Bonchie posted this on social media. If a Republican had a Klan rally in his or her district, you bet CBS, NBC, ABC, and a host of other networks would be camped outside of their congressional office." 

NO doubt, this traitorous Muslim mouthpiece who justifies Islamic terrorism, celebrated and encouraged the “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” chanting in Dearbornistan, Michigan. Not only is she pro-Hamas and pro BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions against Israel), her abject hatred for Jews and Christians isn’t something she has ever tried to hide.

“In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the world, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, Master of the Day of Judgment. It is You we worship, and upon You we call for help. Guide us to the straight path, the path of those You have blessed, not those against whom there is anger, nor of those who are misguided.”

 One opinion: “I TOLD YOU OBAMA WAS THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE! We are a captured state. Your country has been invaded, captured and the terrorists are now in control. Prove me wrong.”

Trump's win of the week

Don Surber (

"The most out-of-touch regime in American history is installed in Washington. Custer understood the Indians better than Obama’s puppet and his merry band of chest-feeding DEI hires understand the American people."

"Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair unleashed the oddest take yet on President Trump’s stunning electoral buoyancy. Sherman postulates that while Democrats have succeeded in keeping The Donald away from campaigning by tying him up in phony prosecutions and frivolous lawsuits, the strategy has backfired because it has given his campaign staff free rein to win the election for him.

"Sherman wrote, “Trump’s 2024 campaign has already demonstrated Trump can run an effective operation. ‘This campaign is locked down,’ a Republican close to Trump said. In previous cycles, Trump populated his campaigns with huge egos like Roger Stone, Kushner, Ivanka, Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Corey Lewandowski, and Brad Parscale, among others. In 2024, Trump’s inner circle is made up of heads-down operatives Susie Wiles, Chris LaCivita, Miller, and James Blair, who don’t play their agendas through the media. ‘You have experienced people who don’t leak,’ longtime Trump confidant Stone said. Trump trusts his senior team to do their jobs. In the past, Trump worked the phone constantly, soliciting advice from a wide circle of friends, family, Manhattan business associates, and media personalities. Trump’s style of pitting staffers against one another created an incentive to leak. ‘The side whose opinion lost would run to the media,’ a 2020 campaign veteran explained. ‘This time, he’s not talking to randos.’”

"It helps having a campaign manager who isn’t married to the man who most wants Trump to lose." . . .

"It was the mugshot that did Democrats in. Americans saw themselves in it because we know, if they can do it to him, they will do it to us."

Bill Maher: 'I Always Liked America, and Thought Death to It Was Bad' UPDATED Post at bottom; Hamas supporter threatens city officials.

"If the Democrat party keeps moving in the same direction and with the same speed that it has in the past several years -- and the country’s demographics keep changing apace -- by 2032 or 2036, Democrat candidates themselves may be chanting “Death to America” on the campaign trail."  Eric Utter

  Twitchy   "Bill Maher is more right than wrong these days. And if you'd have told us that would happen 20 years ago, we'd have laughed at you.

"Watch as Bill takes on the 'death to America' crowd, who chanted that lovely slogan at the Al-Quds Day rally in Dearborn, Michigan. The mayor of Dearborn has assured us the community stands for peace (we don't believe you), and Rashida Tlaib (who won't condemn the rape of Israeli women by Hamas) flipped out when asked about the chants.

"Watch Maher on this:

. . .

'Death To America' chants ring out … in America? - Eric Utter   . . ."A local imam named Usama Abdhulagani also spoke, telling the gathering that “Israel is ISIS, they are Nazis, they are fascists.” As if averring that Israelis are Nazis isn’t insane enough, they are also ISIS, too?

"The Daily Caller, which has been following the story, noted that it contacted Michigan Democrats to ask if they condemned the chant, with a number of them replying in the affirmative. However, despite repeated requests for a statement of condemnation, The Daily Caller said that others, including Rep. Debbie Dingell, Rep. Haley Stevens, Sen. Debbie Stabenow, Sen. Gary Peters, and Rep. Rashida Tlaib refused to share their stance on the matter, while Gov. Whitmer did not respond to a request for comment.

"If “Death to America” isn’t hate speech, what would be? Is it not verbal “violence?” It certainly could be seen as inciting violence. And multiple Democrat state representatives — and the governor — declined to condemn it?!" . . .

Language advisory: WATCH: Unhinged Pro-Hamas Woman Finds Out Threatening City Council Members Isn't a Good Idea – RedState    . . ."But even by their standards, the actions employed by a woman at a Bakersfield, California, city council meeting were particularly unhinged. Riddhi Patel (who some media said identified as "non-binary") started off slow, saying she was there to push for a ceasefire resolution. She also spoke about some other issues. But it began to go downhill when she told the council they were "horrible people." Ordinarily, most people would know it's not a great idea to threaten people right to their faces at a city council meeting--on video and in front of a microphone. But let's listen as Patel goes completely off the rails." . . . Video: she speaks Rashida Tlaib's lingo

And if what she said already wasn't bad enough, that's when she got even more direct. She said the council wanted to criminalize "resisting." She closed with, "You guys want to criminalize us with metal detectors? We'll see you at your house. We'll murder you." 

UPDATED: Gaza protester, 28, says she'll murder lawmakers at public meeting - then sobs like a baby after being arrested and jailed over vile threats | Daily Mail Online   . . .""A pro-Palestine protester told California lawmakers she'd murder them at a council meeting - then sobbed like a baby after being arrested and hauled before a court.

"Riddhi Patel, 28, was all tough-talk at the Bakersfield meeting Wednesday, as including Mayor Karen Goh discussed calls back a motion calling on Israel to declare a ceasefire. They later rejected the motion. 

"Standing at a microphone during public comments, Patel said: 'I hope one day somebody brings the guillotine and kills all of you mother******.

" 'You guys want to criminalize us with metal detectors, we’ll see you at your house, we’ll murder you.' 

"But the bloodthirsty activist's snarling bravado vanished in court two days later, when she was seen sobbing uncontrollably after being charged over her threats." . . .

WATCH: Unhinged Pro-Hamas Woman Finds Out Threatening City Council Members Isn't a Good Idea – RedState   . . ."So, the activists still didn't get the ceasefire resolution they keep agitating for. It's ridiculous because what would it even mean, when it would have no effect on anything? 

"Patel found out that, at least in this case, she wasn't just going to get off like so many leftist activists before her. 

Officers booked Patel on eight counts of intent to terrorize and eight counts of threatening state officials for a total of 16 felony charges. They remain in police custody on $2 million bond.

"Now that's the way you discourage threats, that's the proper way to deal with things. And I doubt anyone who watched that would follow in her footsteps with a similar action. It sounds like someone's finally going to face real consequences for her actions." 

20 Women Soccer Players Withdraw From League Over Transgender Players

“There’s a massive impact. I’m a very small club, we’ve only got seven teams ... and now I’ve lost both my women’s teams, and it was a direct result of members of the Flying Bats who were male playing in a female competition.” 

Zero Hedge   "Calling itself the “biggest LGBTQIA+ women’s and non-binary football club in the world,” the Flying Bats FC has made international headlines for fielding 5 self-identifying transgender players, with at least nine transgender players in the wider NorthWest Association.

"Critics have said the Bat’s domination of the four-week pre-season Beryl Ackroyd Cup, which followed an undefeated season in 2023 that produced scorelines disproportionate to other teams’ results, was a direct result of the inclusion of male-born transgender players.

"According to the feminist and pro-woman online news source, Reduxxpresident of St. Patrick’s Football Club Frank Parisi said a March discussion over the Flying Bats FC’s ease of victories had prompted an informal meeting with stakeholders of the Northwest Sydney Football Association to address “concerns around how implausible it has become for any team to win against the Flying Bats as well as physical safety concerns.”

"Incensed by the Flying Bats’ domination, other clubs asked the league’s governing body Football NSW to force them into playing in a mixed-sex league.

"One club official told the Daily Telegraph, “Our girls are here to play for fun and expect to play in the female competition. They did not sign up for a mixed competition. It was so disheartening for them to see the huge difference in ability—they’re killing it.”

"The involvement of transgender athletes in sports is a current hot-button issue, as policymakers grapple with how to balance the effects on women’s players, versus the “rights” of female-identifying players born as biological men.

"Advocates argue that transgender individuals should be able to participate in sports according to their gender identity, while opponents raise concerns about fairness and competitive advantage." . . .  (Emphases in the original,TD)