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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

'Everything He's Done Is a Failure'

Fired Keystone XL Contractor Torches Biden: 'Everything He's Done Is a Failure'  , ,  , "He then praised Donald Trump for his approach to the energy sector.

“Trump had it going on,” he said.

“The thing about it is that we’ve got all these high prices of oil and gas, we’ve got drilling rigs stacked, we’ve got roustabout crews ready to go, we’ve got pipeline contractors with all of their equipment is stacked in the yards."

Image by Mogey.

"All Biden administration policies can be understood not in the traditional sense of "success" but in the radical context of remaking the country into an American-style socialist tyranny, atop which the leftist ruling class will sit forever." . . ."Prior to the pandemic, the economy under President Trump was firing on all cylinders, with growth strong, wages up and unemployment at or near historic lows for every demographic group. When the pandemic hit, Trump oversaw the execution of $4 trillion in economic relief, and when he left office, he handed Biden the fastest economic recovery on record.". . . 

Watch out when Democrats tell you anything

Beware, my gullible countrymen. The snake oil salesmen are ramping up their lies to persuade you that you must obey their onerous diktats and accept as “settled science” their concocted hypotheses that are anything but settled. Behind the curtain they are piling up the profits, now in the trillions of dollars, almost all of it in taxpayer’s money. 

Mark Landsbaum  "Dr. Anthony Fauci's prevarications have become so numerous, wide ranging, and convoluted that it’s next to impossible to know what, if anything, can be believed coming from his lips. He’s the living, lying embodiment of Aesop’s "Boy Who Cried Wolf." A Wall Street Journal column by Gary Saul Morson captures the problem succinctly:

“Dr. Fauci admitted that he first stated that masks were ineffective in part because there was a shortage of masks and he wanted to preserve them for medical workers, who needed them most…”

“He doesn’t seem to have considered: Once he shades the truth for a reason of policy, why shouldn’t reasonable people assume his other statements are based on policy considerations rather than science?”

"Why indeed? When do you believe a proven, even a confessed liar?

"Morson, a professor of Slavic languages and literature and co-author of Minds Wide Shut: How the New Fundamentalisms Divide Us, doesn’t limit his critique to Fauci’s prevarications. He writes about what Russians some time ago dubbed “partisan science.' ”. . .

...We’ve seen this horror show before. Remember “global warming”? They lied, cherry-picked, and distorted so much about it that its “true believers” had to start calling it something else, “climate change.” Same lies, different label. Nah, nothing deceptive about that. Remember Al Gore’s Fauci impersonation: “The science is settled!”... 

Obama Gets Fact Checked Hard Over 'Fake Outrage' Claim About Parents in Virginia

. . . "But this is typical Obama — disdainful and dismissive of anyone or anything that threatens Democrats’ power. How despicable to be dismissive of things like this.

"Parents and the public weren’t having any of it.

“That is the most tone-deaf statement I have ever heard,” Brandon Michon, a frustrated father of three in Loudoun County, Virginia, told Fox News on Sunday. “First and foremost, everything that has come up with the cover-up in Loudoun County has to do with a sexual assault on girls. To say that this is trumped-up as a political thing is laughable.” [….]

Candidate Obama Was Silent on Voter Fraud in Pennsylvania in 2008, 2012  “All across the country, Democrats are trying to make it easier to vote, not make it harder to vote and push back on Republicans who are trying to systematically prevent ordinary citizens from making their voices heard. You have to ask yourself, why is it Republicans don’t want you to vote?’”

"Well now. Isn’t that interesting?  Let’s hop in the time capsule and rocket back to 2008 and 2012 when Obama himself was running for election and re-election. And let’s focus on exactly what was going on with Pennsylvania Democrats at the time.". . . 

AOC Still Peddling Lies About Jan. 6: “Almost 10 dead”  "There are some members of Congress who are more clueless and some who are more outrageous, but few are as clueless and outrageous as New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).

"She again demonstrated her knack for being both clueless and outrageous by tweeting misinformation about January 6th and falsely claiming that there were “almost 10 dead.' ”

"Thanks for nothing, Joe."



Thanks, Joe: This year's Thanksgiving feast set to 'wallop the wallet,' NYT reports  . . . "This is Biden's doing, nearly across the board, given his advocacy of global warming measures, money printing, incentives to stay out of the labor force, and energy production shutdowns. All of that is what's driving man-caused drought, high gas prices. labor shortages, and maybee steel plant shutdowns. Too bad the Times didn't mention it.

"But the public is noticing it, and even if they can't pin their finger precisely on Joe Biden, they can compare this inflation-wracked Thanksgiving under this president with Thanksgiving under that of President Trump and draw their own conclusions.

"Those of us who know better know that Joe's been claiming credit for a marginal decline in the cost of a July 4 hot dog as his own. Therefore, he owns this one, too, even if he tries to hide it.

"Thanks for nothing, Joe."

Monday, October 25, 2021

'Greenwash': The US Is the Only Country Actually Engaged in Economic Suicide

"Which gives We the Imposed Upon pause."


. . ."We have been told incessantly for decades the planet in its entirety faces a cataclysmic environmental crisis. And that every nation must subject its respective peoples to massive economic contractions in order to address it. Every nation must end its traditional energy use.  While continuing to massively ramp up its government spending on “green energy.” Except time and time again, it is only the United States that self-inflicts the “climate change” economic wounds.

"Which gives We the Imposed Upon pause.

"Well, welcome once again to Leftist harmonic convergence. The world’s government officials are readying themselves for private jet rides to the fabulous hotels and meals awaiting them in Glasgow, Scotland at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26).

"Which if it were a biker rally in South Dakota it would be falsely labeled a “Super Spreader” event. '. . .  Well, one can only imagine...  

Israel's post-American strategic challenge

Israel's leaders need to wake up. Joe Biden (or, more accurately, his puppeteers) have shown an absolute willingness to stab their allies in the back and act unilaterally against their allies' best interests. This was proven unequivocally in Afghanistan, when Biden pulled out his forces without even consulting with the British and the French. Biden is an untrustworthy backstabber. If he's willing to treat the British and the French this way, you can be sure he will throw the Israelis under the b

us as well, given his longstanding antipathy toward the Jewish state. (From the comments to this post)

Caroline Glick; Israel Hayom

. . . "First, the Americans [under Democrats] are not working with Israel to block Iran from becoming a nuclear power. They are working against Israel.

"The Americans and Israelis agree that Iran is on the verge of becoming a nuclear breakout state, which can assemble nuclear weapons at will. But whereas they agree on the status of Iran’s quest for military nuclear capability, they disagree about what the response to the current state of Iran’s nuclear program should be.

"Israel’s position is that the United States should take diplomatic and economic action, and at a minimum threaten military action if Iran refuses to reinstate the limitations on its nuclear activities set out in the so-called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA. The 2015 nuclear deal permitted Iran to enrich limited quantities of uranium to the level of 3.67 percent. Iran is currently enriching massive quantities of uranium to 60 percent — just a step away from weapons-grade.

"U.S. President Joe Biden and his advisers are unwilling to consider placing additional economic sanctions on Iran. Indeed, the administration is turning a blind eye to Iran’s export of massive quantities of oil and gas to China and other states, in breach of the sanctions. The Americans say they may be willing to consider taking diplomatic action of some form or another, but in exchange, they demand Israeli concessions to the Palestinians.". . . 

Israel’s operational and strategic incoherence stems from the government’s inability to reconcile itself to the fact of U.S. betrayal. By abandoning the United States’ longstanding opposition to Iran’s nuclear program, the Biden administration hasn’t simply dashed Israel’s hope of coordinating its efforts with Washington. It has obliterated the guiding wisdom at the foundation of Israel’s 50-year security partnership with America. That wisdom has it that America’s security partnership with Israel is the most important guarantee of Israel’s national security.

I&I/TIPP Poll Shocker: Trump Beats Biden In Presidential Poll In Every U.S. Region But One

 Issues & Insights  "When it comes to President Biden, are voters starting to have a serious case of buyers’ remorse? It sure looks that way. A new I&I/TIPP Poll limited to those who voted in the 2020 election shows former President Donald Trump sharply narrowing the gap between him and Biden and leading across most of the country if the election were held today.

"For all intents and purposes, based on current voter sentiment and the margin of error, it’s a virtual dead heat between Trump and Biden, with Trump having all the momentum.

"The data come from the October I&I/TIPP Poll of 1,308 adults was conducted online from Sept. 29 to Oct. 2 by TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence, I&I’s polling partner. The analysis for this story is based 955 Americans who voted in 2020 and revealed their 2020 vote.  The margin of error for the analysis is +/-3.3 percentage points.

"In it, we asked: “If the presidential election were held today, and the following were the candidates, for whom would you vote?” Respondents were given the choices of “Donald Trump,” “Joe Biden,” “Other,” or “Not sure.”

"Overall, Biden still leads Trump by 45% to 44%, with 6% choosing “other” and 5% saying “not sure.' ”. . . 

...Trump leads in the Midwest (45.9% vs. 44.9%), the South (45.8% vs. 44.6), and the West (42.4% vs. 39.7%).  Biden leads Trump in the Northeast 53.6% to 39.1%....  Bernie Sanders country!

Isn't this a factor? Questions About Joe Biden's Health Go Mainstream   "Just days ago, the president appeared to forget where he was, having to be saved by his wife (see Jill Biden Steps in to Save a Confused, Meandering Joe Biden). Other examples include Biden seemingly unable to control his anger at times, including with the families of slain soldiers. Past that, odd word salads and bumbling speeches have become what feels like a near-daily occurrence."...

The Cowardly Artists Who Stayed Silent

LONDON - England - The silence of cowardly artists during a time of mass censorship, cancel culture, is a disturbing commentary of our times.

The Daily Squib 

 "How we used to idolize artists when we were growing up. Here were these gods and goddesses who were above everything, they could stand up and stick their finger up with vitriol, they could shout out aloud at the injustices, they could bring forth real societal change simply with a few words in an interview or news flash.

"Artists whether musical/authors/painters/film or conceptual made sheer statements in their art. They were not afraid to voice their opinion, their dreams, their fears for what was to come. They were not afraid to question. Injustice was trodden on by these heroes as they pushed their fists in the air defiantly. This was why they were artists, it was this ‘fuck you!’ to everything wrong in society and government that made them real artists.

"Forward to 2020/21 and now there is only the sound of silence, of crickets with tumbleweed blowing across a society where heavy censorship and cancel culture is applauded.". . . 

The Daily Squib is a curious satirical parody newspaper offering breaking news, political satire, comedy, investigative journalism, opinion and celebrity news.

"Atlanta is still seething that Major League Baseball stripped the All-Star Game away from their beloved city this summer."

 Althouse   " 'Well, politics or not, there’s absolutely nothing MLB can do to stop Atlanta now. Atlanta will host the World Series for the first time since 1999."

"It's hard even to remember what offense Georgia committed that deserved the punishment imposed. Something un-woke? Something about voting regulations implying racism? Whatever... so now those terrible people are triumphing, and I don't think they're going to give up singing that doltish "Indian" tune while doing "the tomahawk chop."
"The only alternative is another Southern city, those cheaters in Texas.
"Ah, baseball is boring, all the Northerners sniff."

And they dare speak of the mess Donald Trump left behind...

 Psaki, Pelosi, and the lot consider us all gullible and ignorant; we have to be since we elected Democrats. TD


Hyperinflation is a term used to describe a period of excessive general price increases of everyday goods in a very short period of time.

Typically, hyperinflation sees the rate of inflation rise by 50 per cent each month - by comparison, the rate of inflation has stayed at roughly two per cent per year since 2011 - though the last 12 months have seen a 5.4 per cent hike.

Inflation was at 1% while Trump was in office. Prices were cheap, especially for gas, and Americans could afford to heat their homes, drive their cars, and buy dinner for their families.

"Not now. Buttigieg’s decision to play mom has meant that ships lie off the coast of California, the backlog to offload goods at LA growing ever larger (a good reason to buy American, mind you!). Biden’s crackdown on the energy industry means that this will be a long, cold winter for many Americans. Dramatic increases in price and shortages in availability for food, especially meat, means that many Americans are going to bed without a wholesome meal in their bellies." . . .

‘Bidenflation’ — The next thing big tech censors. They’ve already started.

   " 'Inflation has risen substantially since President Joe Biden assumed office in January, but Sean Parnell, a U.S. military vet and candidate for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, says that topic appears to be the next one to fall prey to social media censorship.  “Big Tech & their partisan leftwing ‘fact checkers’ don’t care about the truth, they only care about protecting Biden & the Dems,” he posted on Twitter along with a graphic showing price increases for a basket of commodities depicting a “missing context” label.". . .  Amber Athey

Joe from Scranton? More like Bogus Biden  "His presidency is a slap in the face to the working class"

I wrote last September that this characterization of the Syracuse law grad and lifelong politician was a sham: “Biden has built his career on being dishonest to working-class Americans,” I warned.Ten months into his presidency, and this has proven true. Trump may love a good show  —”stay tuned!” — but it is Joe Biden who oversees the most inauthentic administration, one that is shockingly divorced from the lives of everyday Americans. Amber Athey

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Braves pick Travis Tritt, who opposes COVID-19 vaccine mandates, to sing national anthem at Game 6

DEPLORABLE Bloggers Alliance

"Tritt, a Georgia native, has been very outspoken about his opposition to vaccine mandates and other COVID-19 safety measure. Earlier this week Tritt announced that he's canceling concerts in four states due to their required COVID-19 safety measures. Venues in Mississippi, Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana require concertgoers to wear masks, show proof of vaccination, or proof of a negative COVID-19 test. 
"In an interview with Billboard, Tritt said that he decided to cancel the shows due to the negative comments he received after performing in venues with COVID requirements. In August, he released a statement that said vaccine mandates were "discriminating" against people who choose to remain unvaccinated. He implied that vaccine mandates are akin to “the squelching of any specific freedoms and basic human rights around the world.' ” . . .


The Wreck Of The Global Warming Narrative

Issues & Insights   "Fox News plans to start a 24-hour weather channel, and according to the Guardian, probably the looniest newspaper in Great Britain, “climate crisis researchers worry about the channel’s reach to perpetuate misinformation and advance political goals.” The alarmists actually have more to worry about than that. Their narrative continues to crash into reality.

"To start with, how do they explain that three new studies show warming from ​​2001 to 2019 “was driven by increases in absorbed solar radiation, not human emissions”? Sure, the eco-activists will do what they always do: obfuscate, dodge, change the subject, and call out the “science deniers.”

"They will do the same when confronted with the news that the last six months were the coldest on record in Antarctica. Just one of those places in a warming world, they say, where it happens to be more frigid than usual. Apparently we’re supposed to forget all that business about the continent, along with the North Pole, being “the ‘canary in the coal mine’ for detection of global warming.”

" 'As Antarctica holds about 90% of all the ice on the planet, what happens in Antarctica will have major effects on the rest of the world,” Discovering Antarctica, a partnership of organizations that includes the United Kingdom’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office, said some years ago.

"More recently we were told that “Antarctica is headed for a climate tipping point by 2060, with catastrophic melting if carbon emissions aren’t cut quickly.”

"Maybe the record-breaking winter in Antarctica is simply an anomaly on the way to that “tipping point.” But Richard Lindzen, professor emeritus of atmospheric sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has noted that across the world “temperatures at any given location” are “almost as likely to be cooling as warming.” So while one region is warming (or cooling), another somewhere is cooling (or warming). It’s useless to argue otherwise. Of course if Antarctica had just gone through its warmest winter on record, the news would be filled with stories of how it’s irrefutable evidence of impending doom." . . .

More alarmism found by the Tunnel Wall

Poll Finds Most People Would Rather Be Annihilated By Giant Tidal Wave Than Continue To Be Lectured By Climate Change Activists

Resistance with a side of fries

Dave Matthews  "It would seem that a grassroots, grass-fed, Animal-Style resistance to tyranny has begun in America — and it just may end up being the special of the day.

"They — whoever "they" are — have rightly said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and maybe, instead of leading to heart disease, a little red (and white) meat might just be the thing necessary to strengthen the hearts of men and to lead them in the fight ahead.  America's resistance to tyranny has, thus far, been in fits and starts, not united, and the resistance has grown hungry for something around which to rally. 

"As destiny would have it, America's grand champion in the fight against vaccine mandates emerged recently from an unexpected place: In-N-Out Burger.  Not only is In-N-Out Burger empirically a good meal at a great price, but the restaurant appears more than willing to put its beliefs into action.  Perhaps those Bible verses on the bottom of its cups and fry wrappers were not in vain; maybe they represent faith in a power higher than the San Francisco Department of Public Health.  Indeed, in one of the bluest areas of the bluest of states, one brave In-N-Out Burger refused to be the "vaccine police" and was shut down for its convictions (note: it has since re-opened).  That single In-N-Out Burger stands firm against an overwhelming force of vaccine mandates, munching confidently on a Double-Double, come what may." . . .