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Thursday, May 6, 2021

The Equity Mess

Despite their professed goals, Democrats' pandemic policies have widened disparities between races, classes, and genders.


"Two days before the 2020 election, Kamala Harris could have picked from any number of campaign themes. The number of COVID-19 cases had doubled over the previous month. At home, violent crime was up; abroad, negotiations with the Taliban over U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan had bogged down. And ominously, Harris' opponent, Vice President Mike Pence, was refusing to state clearly whether Donald Trump would accept the results of the election.
"Instead of any of those closing arguments, Harris and her campaign team chose to emphasize, in a tweet, speech, and animated video, a single portentous word that in a remarkably short time has escaped the laboratory of academe, spread through newsrooms and human resources departments, and now lodged itself firmly inside the White House: equity.
" 'There's a big difference between equality and equity," a slightly bemused, slightly exasperated-sounding Harris explained over the image of an animated young white man vaulting his way confidently through a rock-climbing course after having started out in a more advanced position than his discouraged black counterpart. "Equitable treatment means"—the two hikers, now joined in success after the disadvantaged one was given a boost up, gaze confidently at the horizon from atop the summit—"we all end up at the same place.' " . . .

Pro-Choice Group Apologizes For Video That Accidentally Humanized The Unborn (Parody, in case that wasn't obvious))

Babylon Bee

"WASHINGTON, D.C.—After the Agenda Project's three-year-old ad in which a baby is shown with the caption "She deserves to be a choice" was unearthed, the progressive think tank faced severe backlash from pro-life groups and anyone else with a modicum of conscience.

"The group has since come forward and apologized for accidentally humanizing the unborn in the video.

" 'We are extremely sorry for making it appear as though unborn babies are 100% biological humans. That was never our intention," said an Agenda Project representative. "We see now that footage of a human baby whose life we would gladly see snuffed out is probably not the best way to advance our agenda."

"Fellow progressives also blasted the ad, claiming that the video makes it obvious that the far left is OK with killing babies. "We don't want to let on that we know the unborn are human," said former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards. "That would give up the game. So for this ad to equate a human child with an unborn human child is beyond the pale for the pro-choice movement."

" 'Just to be clear, our official position is to never let on that we know the unborn are biologically human. Just yell something about your body being your choice if someone tries to corner you on that," she added."

Sen. Tim Scott: Driving the Wrong Way While Black

"But there’s also a ridiculous reason Republicans make goo-goo eyes at any black Republican. As the Social Justice Warriors say, they’ve “internalized their oppression.” Oh, you call us “racist,” media? We support (Fill in Name of Black Republican Here)! What do you say now, media?  Media: Yeah, he doesn’t count."

  Ann Coulter  "ANSWER: “Sen. Tim Scott, Republican from South Carolina.”

"QUESTION: “Who will loads of Republicans support for president in 2024?”

"I know this because … I am Carnac the Magnificent!

"Also because Republicans have latched onto a black candidate for president every four years, pretty much throughout my entire adult life.

I’m one of those Republicans, having enthusiastically supported Alan Keyes in at least one of his three presidential runs, Herman Cain in 2012 (9-9-9!) and Ben Carson, as my backup to Trump, in 2016.

"Other black Republicans who were — in the words of Michael Kinsley — “drooled over” by the GOP include Colin Powell (the Weekly Standard’s choice for the 1996 contest), Condoleezza Rice (supported by Dick Morris and Rush Limbaugh as our 2008 nominee), and Allen West (Glenn Beck’s choice in 2012).

"The rational reason for this is that no black person in modern America casually rolls into being a Republican. I never really gave it much thought, but all my friends and family are Republicans, so I guess I am, too.

"That doesn’t happen. By the time any black person decides to announce to the world that he’s a Republican, a lot of thought has gone into it. There will be no hagiographic profiles in The New York Times, Pulitzer Prizes or hosting gigs on MSNBC.

"That’s why black Republicans, on average, are a lot ballsier than white Republicans (and 147% smarter than black Democrats)." . . .

. . . Wouldn’t a great cause for any U.S. senator — especially a black senator — be to oppose the effectively pro-criminal, aggressively anti-police BLM, instead of catering to them?  (Emphasis mine, TD)

The Politics of Attacking Tim Scott  "After a week of vicious personal attacks on Sen. Tim Scott, it’s time to step back and ask what’s really going on here. Why such ferocious pushback after Scott’s calm rebuttal to President Biden’s speech to Congress? Why are the assaults so nasty, so personal? What are the political implications?

"One implication should be clear, but another is well hidden. The obvious one is the attacks are meant to keep Black voters firmly within the Democratic coalition. Condemning dissidents like Scott as “race traitors” implies that the only way to keep faith with Black America is to support Democrats and their progressive agenda." . . .

. . . "One way to stop it is to make sure Black conservatives pay a high price for speaking out. The goal, like so much in modern American politics, is to suppress dissident views, to shame, humiliate, and cancel them.

"That’s the message from those who condemn Scott as “Uncle Tim” or an “Oreo.” They are telling African Americans: If you challenge our agenda, we will shred you personally. That’s exactly what MSNBC host Tiffany Cross did on her show when she lacerated “the hollow institution that resides inside Republican Sen. Tim Scott’s head. No racism there, and
apparently no sense either." Cross added that she wouldn’t "argue with people Harriet Tubman would have left behind," and that Scott’s remarks would "shame the ancestors and appease the oppressors.”
 Joy-Ann Reid, another MSNBC host, tweeted her approval. At their network, that’s what passes for 
intelligent commentary." . . .

MSNBC's Joy Reid and Guests Tag-Team in Effort to Portray Conservatives as 'Hideous Racists'

The Left isn’t Woke, It’s Hypocritical, Here’s How:

The moment Caitlyn Jenner announced she was running for governor of California as a republican, she went from hero to villain in an instant. It’s predictable now, expected and a little bit funny.

Conservative Cardinal   "The Democrat party and radical left like to see them selfs as the champions of the minorities. They claim to uplift the majority-black inner cities and bring social justice to the “oppressed” groups such as LGBTQ and Women.

"That is a noble cause. No one argues that any group should be oppressed and restricted in their right to participate in the American dream. However, they are hypocrites. Democrat policies do nothing to uplift the poor, and when a woman, African American, or LGBTQ person doesn’t tow their political line, they are canceled just like the rest of us."

" 'Tim Scott, a Black Republican, has come under fire from leftists after his rebuttal to Joe Biden’s speech to congress. Scott started trending on Wednesday night, being called an “Uncle Tim.” This phrase is a derogatory term used to describe a Black person who is being submissive to his/her white masters." . . . 

Even if he's conservative on some issues, Bruce Jenner is still a man  "I have been observing political maneuvering in California as relates to the recall of Governor Newsom and the candidates lining up to replace him.  During appearances in conservative media, hosts have referred to the putative CA gubernatorial candidate as "Caitlyn Jenner" and used the pronoun "she."

"As Jenner continues campaigning, Conservative, Inc. is going to find itself in a position of pitiful intellectual inconsistency.  For years, conservatives have rejected the concept of "trans" as simply impossible.  Conservatives seek to understand and amplify objective reality over political narratives.  Accepting the concept that Jenner is female is a direct assault on this philosophical and factual perspective." . . .

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Ann’s Plan To End Police Shootings

But let’s start here, because brave cops deserve to be protected. And because black lives matter.

  Ann Coulter   "To use the cliche of the moment, these are deeply polarized times. But there are some issues so urgent that we must find common ground. At the top of that list is preventing police-citizen interactions from resulting in the deaths of either innocent civilians or dedicated police officers.

"Unsurprisingly, Joe Biden’s Justice Department is now signaling its intent to address this problem in the time-honored Democrat way — by “investigating” local police departments, so it can then announce the foregone conclusion that “systemic racism” abounds.

"The next step in that playbook is a “Consent Decree,” where local police departments, under threat of crippling and endless Dickensian litigation, agree to hand over their keys to the feds. And yes, this nifty move is executed under color of law, though it’s not entirely different in spirit from the way Captain Phillips lost control of his container ship on the high seas, if you happened to catch the Tom Hanks movie.

"Conservatives are girding for battle. In the past, Consent Decrees have been used to kneecap police departments, compelling them to waste millions of dollars on paperwork, and focus on concerns notable for not being “Keeping the Public Safe.”

"Maybe in the interest of comity, we shouldn’t abandon Consent Decrees so fast. So here’s my stab at one. Below, I have enumerated 16 bullet points that I believe we can all agree on." . . .  Read the rest here...

John Kennedy On Joe Biden Minutes After POTUS Address To Joint Session Of Congress

"He is a modest man with much to be modest about with his record"

John Kennedy (R-LA) mocked the address, and called Biden "so wrong" in his philosophy.

With the mask, I'm getting addicted to my own carbon dioxide


 OUCH! Citizen Busts News Anchor…Forces Him to Admit Wearing a Mask is Just for Cameras  . . . "Then, after the long unmasked exchange, the news anchor proceeds to inexplicably put his mask on in order to record a video segment.  The citizen then mocks the news anchor because, not only is he told what to say, but he is also forced to wear a useless mask when he says it by corporate in order to appease globalists and woke mobs  "To the credit of the anchor, he is willing to have the exchange with the videographer and seems to cower in awareness and disgrace when the narrator calls him out for putting on the mask for the camera." . . .

Fauci Action Figures Now On Sale…  "Hurry up, supplies are limited."

Get your Fautch doll now.

Fauci Admits CDC Guidelines For Kids To Wear Masks Outdoors In 90-Degree Weather May Not Be ‘Sensible’

Mark Gorelik, a Columbia University doctor, told New York Magazine, “I am supportive of effective measures to restrain the spread of illness. However, the CDC’s recommendations cross the line into excess and are, frankly, senseless. Children cannot be running around outside in 90-degree weather wearing a mask. Period.”

Why masks are still mandatory  . . . "Here's a typical scenario.  The vaccinated test subject enters the supermarket.  The vigilante mob of leftists can't wait to accost and demand compliance to their edict, using physical violence if necessary.  The test subject then proclaims that he has put his mask in his pocket.  A short time later, the test subject hears the man claim the same immunity." . . .

Is your opinion of anything shaped by "The View"?


Rich Terrell

Public school leftist indoctrination never stops

 Bookworm Room   "A random worksheet in an 8th-grade public school classroom highlights the non-stop leftist indoctrination our children receive in school.

"A friend of mine found himself in a public school 8th-grade classroom. The students had been doing a project that called upon them to identify what constitutes a hero. To help them, the teacher had prepared a list of people that the students could denominate as heroes or not. What’s striking about the list is that, of the 24 names, 15 are leftists. I’ve marked the leftists with frowny faces. The others are either historic figures who are not considered overtly political or they fall outside of the modern political rubric:

Target celebrating its own destruction

Honoring and obeying those who burned and looted our cities, knifing and beating those who did not; who were just trying to make a living. TD

Eric Utter

"Big business is so woke now, it not only is helping to sow the seeds of its own destruction, it is actually celebrating it. The very same Target store that was nearly demolished by looters and arsonists in Minneapolis last year recently put up a series of signs proclaiming that it proudly stands…with the looters and arsonists. The mural spans much of one side of the store’s exterior, and is comprised in part of three large signs, each sporting one word centered in a graphic. The first sign states “WE,” the second “STAND.” The third states “TOGETHER” amidst a background of what appears to be BLM rioters standing just outside a large burning building, fists raised in a triumphant Black Lives Matter gesture." . . .

‘Woke’ Coke Pauses Diversity Plan After ‘Intense Backlash,’ Plan Author Suddenly Resigns   . . . "The soft drink titan also passed the “diversity” on to its employees. In a series of slides leaked to media, a company working with Coca-Cola to provide corporate training encouraged Coke employees to “be less white” in an effort to create a more welcoming and racially diverse workplace." . . .

No, ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Kelly Donohue Didn’t Make the ‘White Power’ Hand Gesture


"A brief hand gesture by Donohue sparked a torrent of internet outrage."

. . . "According to the Anti-Defamation League, which tracks and researches hate and extremism, the white supremacist meaning behind the “OK” hand gesture has evolved over time. It started as a hoax on the 4chan message board in 2017, then became a trolling tactic. The gesture, per the ADL, is generally a circle formed with the thumb and forefinger and the three remaining fingers outstretched: . . ."

 The ‘Jeopardy!’ Hate Gesture Controversy, Explained

It is believed that the association between the widely used gesture and white supremacy began as a prank conceived by 4Chan users, known as "Operation O-KKK," hoping to goad anti-fascists into making fools of themselves.  

"Having learned absolutely nothing from their utter humiliation after the MSM led an internet mob to attack teenage Covington Catholic students using a deceptively edited video clip, resulting in multiple multi-million dollar lawsuits against major news organizations like Washington Post and CNN, once again liberal media's own bias and knee-jerk reactions caused them try to destroy three young West Point cadets for what ended up being no more than a game.

"Apparently this latest bit of idiocy on the part of the establishment media began after a random Twitter user, with a little over 400 followers, tweeted "Just wanted to enjoy the #ArmyNavy. Didn’t expect or want to see the White Power symbol thrown up by cadets on national television." Along with that statement were images, shown below." . . .
It is not often that ANP readers will see me offering kudos to anyone that works at CNN, but credit must be given when it is due, so kudos goes out to CNN law enforcement analyst James A. Gagliano, who offered up and heartfelt apology without attempting to make excuses for himself, stating "Owe cadets in question apology for my knee-jerk reaction, questioning their actions before Academy’s investigation & fair hearing of the facts. Guilty of serving as Twitter judge w/my *hot take*, immediately presupposing something nefarious. I was wrong."


"So, how did something as innocent as the "Okay" sign, which most of us grew up using meaning things were alright, OK, good, etc..... suddenly become taboo, a sign of white supremacy in the eyes of the media, ADL and liberals?

"The same way an innocent and amusing green frog became a "white supremacist symbol," and milk was declared "racist."

"A mixture of 4chan trolls, with the full complicity by the liberals and the establishment media (I know, the same thing!) by allowing those 4chan trolls to control the narrative by allowing them to co-opt memes and symbols, and doing the trolls bidding by then reporting on those appropriated symbols and memes as if they "belonged" to the trolls, and anyone that uses them must be a racist, white supremacist." . . .

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Big Business Joins the Other Crumbling Pillars of Society

Conrad Black

"As with all the other pillars of traditional America, business has gone horribly wrong."

"What a pitiful trajectory the woke leaders of large American corporations have traced as American business, once a pillar of American society and political science, has crumbled along with other pillars as if in a choreographed sequence. 

"The senior levels of national intelligence and the Justice Department were tainted in the nonsense about collusion between Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia. Academia, apparently down to kindergarten, largely has been transformed into a massive brainwashing operation to convince the country’s youth that the United States is hateful and racist. The national political media have failed catastrophically and all surveys show that over 80 percent of Americans don’t believe a word they read or hear from that source. Any sector of American society which has done such savage violence to its own franchise will pay dearly for it commercially.

"Owners of major sports franchises roll over like poodles in perfect conformity with the league commissioners, as players prostrate themselves before the totalitarian authorities of China, denigrating the flag and national anthem. Team revenues have suffered, but the insolent players have not—yet. 

"Critical race theory may confidently be assumed to be undermining the morale and motivation of the Armed Forces." . . .