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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Biden’s Approval Rating Plummets, Democrats Growing ‘Disillusioned And Fast’ With Direction Of Nation: Report


Daily Wire  "Democrat President Joe Biden’s approval rating plummeted to below 50% in a new Monmouth University poll this week, the first time Biden has ever fallen below 50% in the poll since taking office in January.
“Biden currently holds a job rating of 48% approve and 43% disapprove,” Monmouth University said in a poll released on Wednesday. “This is down from his 54% approve and 41% disapprove rating in April.”
"The poll found that barely one-third of Independents approve of Biden’s job performance while less than one-fifth of Republicans approve of Biden’s job performance.
"In April, 83% of Democrats “said they thought the country was moving in the right direction,” The New York Times reported. “But in Wednesday’s poll, just 59 percent of Democrats said that. The share of Democrats saying the country was on the wrong track rose by 20 percentage points, to 32 percent.' ”. . . 

Since the First Juneteenth, Black Americans Have Struggled to Participate in Elections. Now, We Must Defend Election Integrity.   Everything America was and should be must be defended against this corrupt, even evil, Democrat Party and their puppet Joe Biden. TD

Police Investigating The ‘Suicide’ Of A Reporter Who Broke Clinton Tarmac Story

Daily Wire"Law enforcement officials in Alabama are investigating an apparent “suicide” by the reporter who broke the bombshell story in 2016 that former President Bill Clinton secretly met with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a Phoenix tarmac in the run up to the presidential election while his wife, then-candidate Hillary Clinton, was under federal criminal investigation.

“ 'At 8:13 a.m. Saturday, the Hoover 911 center received a call of a person down at a residence on Scout Trace. Hoover police and fire personnel arrived to find the 45-year-old [Christopher] Sign dead,” AL.com reported. “Hoover police Lt. Keith Czeskleba said the death is being investigated as a suicide.”

"Sign, who played football at the University of Alabama, moved to a local ABC News station in Alabama in 2017 after working at a news station in Pheonix.

"The New York Post reported:

While there, Sign broke the major 2016 presidential campaign news that Bill Clinton met with Lynch on the tarmac of Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport while the then-AG was investigating the use of a private e-mail server by Hillary Clinton, the former president’s wife and the Democratic presidential candidate at the time.

Sign went on to write a book about the encounter titled “Secret on the Tarmac.”

Secret on the Tarmac: "The plan was perfect. No cameras, no microphones, no prying eyes and plenty of security. The setting for a clandestine meeting could not have been better. Former President Bill Clinton exited Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s private plane 20-minutes after he boarded. Both thought they got away with it. Both were wrong. Amid a heated Presidential race, federal investigations involving emails and Benghazi and society looking for clarity on the future of the country, the secret tarmac meeting would only complicate things.

"The secret meeting would have never been revealed if it weren’t for a veteran journalist and a trusted source. It wasn’t the Emmys, Murrows or Associated Press awards, it was decades of experience and relationships that led to the moment Christopher Sign broke the story of the secret tarmac meeting." . . . 


Here Are The Companies That Support Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Want You Dead

 "Therefore, when a company posts that it is in “solidarity” with the black community now, the company actually means solidarity with the riots"

"This is a list of all of the “woke” companies (and brands) that are supporting violent protests across the United States. Despite the chaos, destruction, and deaths, “woke” companies across the country have still come out in support of #BlackLivesMatter, Antifa terrorists, and general criminals.
"Please consider using this list to guide in what businesses you wish to support. Please also consider using this list the next time someone makes the argument that we are living in a white supremacist country with institutionalized racism. If major companies consider supporting violent rioters and looters good for their bottom line, your cause isn’t oppressed.
"To keep this list from becoming unwieldy, I’m only including one statement per company. Many of these companies have issued multiple statements in support of the insurrection across the country, some even fighting in the comments section with fans, but it’s overwhelming as it is." . . .
. . . "*A note on some of the comments I’ve received: quite a few of the statements are generic “racism is bad” statements. That is true. However, these companies would not be coming out with any public statements about racism, and especially not any public statements declaring “Black Lives Matter,” if not for the current riots occurring now all around the world. The timing is not a mere coincidence. Therefore, when a company posts that it is in “solidarity” with the black community now, the company actually means solidarity with the riots." . . .Full article...

Friday, June 18, 2021

David Limbaugh: Kamala Harris just keeps getting worse

Amateur Hour with Kamala Harris

 David Limbaugh  "No matter how mentally diminished President Joe Biden is, you have to be horrified by who waits in the wings should he leave office before the expiration of his term.

"Unfortunately, one of the many consequences of Biden’s mental decline is an impairment of judgment that manifests itself in such reckless decisions as putting Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of the border. It is like making a colicky infant the goalie of a professional hockey team. If Biden were more alert, I would suspect it was his way of seeking revenge against Harris and those who foisted her on to his presidential ticket.

Harris has neither a clue nor a rudder on this critically important issue, which by any fair measure, now must be considered a crisis. She is a dedicated progressive, and progressives are flagrantly open borders-oriented. But even more, she is a political opportunist and will say anything to salvage her hemorrhaging reputation. Thus, after all the root-causes rhetoric and the castigation of anyone who properly advocates even a modest level of border enforcement, she told migrants during a press conference Monday, “Don’t come here.” “As one of our priorities, we will discourage illegal migration,” she said. “And I believe if you come to our border, you will be turned back. Do not come. Do not come,” she continued. “The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure our border.”

"Perhaps we should be grateful for the whiplash if it means we’ll begin to see a saner border policy, but how can we possibly rely on the White House to enforce the border when it’s signaled in every imaginable way that it is ideologically opposed to protecting our sovereignty?" . . .

Kamala Harris’s corruption crusade disguises socialist imposition

If Guatemalans successfully resist US imposition and the US system withstands Biden’s assault on it, Guatemala will have a chance at economic development. That would mean less irregular immigration into the United States than if Harris were to succeed in her current efforts.

Why I do not wish this Democrat woman well:

Democrats at the Kavanaugh confirmation were contemptible, especially Harris and Booker who relished the persecution and attempted destruction of this good man and his family. See how they enjoyed giving the Democrat treatment to a better person than they even desired to be.TD


. . . "Check them out snickering and laughing at each other during the Kavanaugh hearing last week:"


Guilt for January 6 Belongs With Those Most Eager to Condemn It

 Another Rich Terrell masterpiece

Conrad Black: Guilt for January 6 Belongs With Those Most Eager to Condemn It
George Will, Peggy Noonan, and other estimable friends bear a heavy responsibility in the disaster that has now been riveted on the backs of the American people and the world.
"It is once again with great regret that I take issue with my friend of more than 40 years, George Will. From my perspective of unambiguous admiration and personal liking for him, I am distressed that on the subject of President Trump, he seems to have taken complete leave of his senses. Last week, he said on television that the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 should be seared into the minds of Americans as 9/11 was, as the two are equally profound assaults on the country. 
"Let us examine that statement. . . ."

AOC’s Aunt Embarrasses Her Bratty Niece Claiming Trump Is NOT At Fault For Her Grandmother’s Dreadful Living Conditions

 100%FedUp  "Petulant brat, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), known for her relentless criticism of President Trump and her mad cocktail skills, has just received a much deserved verbal smackdown. This one coming from an unexpected source, her aunt.

"Last week, the Tesla driving, upscale apartment dwelling NY rep, took to Twitter to do what she does best, incite her followers. This time with a ridiculous accusatory rant, blaming President Trump for her grandmother’s destitute living conditions in Puerto Rico." . . . 

"AOC’s aunt is speaking out, and unlike her niece, did not blame Donald Trump for grandma’s poor living conditions. Her remark to the Daily Mail is a stinging slap to the face of Ms. Ocasio-Cortez:

“It’s a problem here in Puerto Rico with the administration and the distribution of help. It is not a problem with Washington.
We had the assistance and it didn’t get to the people“.

"Conservative Matt Walsh started a Go Fund Me campaign to help out Alexandria’s grandma since her well-to-do granddaughter apparently wasn’t compelled to reach into her own pocket." . . .

AOC fans who like her watch....

Can get it here:

Thursday, June 17, 2021

House Democrat Turns Up the Heat on Harris for Not Visiting the Southern Border


. . . "Harris has been heavily criticized for not visiting the border after Biden put her in charge of solving the immigration issue, which she says she is focused on the "root causes" of migration. Former President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday he will be visiting the border on June 30." . . .

Matt Gaetz Just Shared Threatening Texts From… REPORTERS.

The National Pulse. 

"God bless"?

"So-called “reporters” have been sending threatening messages to people, demanding they invent fake stories about Congressman Matt Gaetz in exchange for their names being kept out of the news. 

"The office of Rep. Gaetz (FL-1) released the messages to John Solomon’s Just The News on Tuesday, appearing on the veteran reporter’s podcast on the same day.

"“[T]ime and time again, what a reporter will do is contact someone that maybe I’ve had a relationship with, maybe I haven’t had any relationship with, maybe I’ve only been in the same room with one time,” Gaetz told the John Solomon Reports podcast. “But they’ll say to a person, ‘You know, look, we are going to write your name into a story that will have sex trafficking and Matt Gaetz in the headline, unless you provide us some bad information, some embarrassing conduct about Gaetz. And if you do that, well then your name will be protected, your reputation will be protected.'”

"One stunning example is that of Mother Jones reporter Matthew Phelan, who has harassed a number of Gaetz-world figures demanding they invent narratives to keep themselves out of the news and out of trouble with law enforcement.

"Phelan contacted a young woman from Gaetz’s district, who after their conversation sent Phelan an email reiterating how she had “never been harassed by Matt Gaetz… Any interaction with him or his office has always been respectful and kind. You stated someone told you I received some kind of death threat and that’s just a false accusation.”

"But reporter Phelan wasn’t interested in that." . . .

The news comes after Project Veritas exposed senior CNN technical director Charlie Chester, who admitted on hidden camera: “If the agenda say, is to like get, like Matt Gaetz right now, he’s like this Republican. He’s a problem for the Democratic Party because he’s so conservative and he can cause a lot of hiccups in passing of laws and what not. So it would be great for the Democratic Party to get him out. So we’re going to keep running these stories to keep hurting him and make it so that it can’t be buried and just like settled outside court just and like, you know, if we keep pushing that, it’s helping us.”

Why does CNN not have more employees leaving that site out of shame and a commitment to integrity in their vocation? TD

Trump’s Supposed Press ‘Scandal’ Is Nothing Compared to Obama

WikiLeaks document purloined from the global intelligence firm Stratfor in 2010 claimed that Obama’s all-purpose fixer John Brennan was “behind the witch hunts of investigative journalists learning information from inside the beltway sources.”

The American Spectator

Obama was “the worst president ever on issues of national security and press freedom.”

"Big Media finds itself in something of a pickle. According to the Guardian, for instance, the Trump administration is mired in a “growing scandal.” Normally, this would be a welcome bit of information in most of the world’s newsrooms, but not so much this time.


"Allegedly, the Trump Department of Justice (DOJ) engaged in the “secret surveillance of journalists and even members of Congress in the waning days of the Trump presidency.” These journalists have responded with “scathing condemnations.” From the media’s perspective, this would seem to be the best news since Brian Sicknick died, but there’s a catch.

"As the Guardian acknowledges in an opinion piece by Trevor Timm, “Before Trump, Obama’s justice department did more to hurt press freedom than any administration since Nixon.” There’s a further semantic catch, but first a word on Obama’s record. As even the Guardian admits, whatever Trump did, it was small beer compared to Obama’s mischief.

"As reported in May 2013 by the Washington Post, Obama’s Department of Justice had been monitoring the comings and goings of James Rosen, then with Fox News, since 2010. What most troubled the Post and other media about the DOJ was the use of search warrants to investigate a reporter and the threat to prosecute him under the terms of Espionage Act as an “as an aider, abettor and/or co-conspirator.” 

"Rosen was not the only one who had been tracked. The Post reported that federal investigators had obtained records covering two months of more than 20 telephone lines assigned to the Associated Press. “Search warrants like these have a severe chilling effect on the free flow of important information to the public,” First Amendment lawyer Charles Tobin told the Post. “That’s a very dangerous road to go down.”

"Easily the most dogged of the mainstream journalists during Obama’s first term was Sharyl Attkisson. “Goddammit, Sharyl!” Obama flack Eric Schultz was reported to have yelled at her. “The Washington Post is reasonable, the L.A. Times is reasonable, the New York Times is reasonable, you’re the only one who’s not reasonable!” Then with CBS News, Attkisson paid for her persistence in helping break the Fast and Furious story and exposing the lies surrounding Benghazi." . . .

Posted in the comments to the above by Trever  Quote:

"Hmmmm… Obama said:"   

“I am proud of the fact that we will — knock on wood — leave this administration without significant scandal.”

Really? Obama’s administration had no scandals?

2009 — Obama Attorney General Holder refused to prosecute New Black Panther for voter intimidation.

2009 — Obama gave a preposterous hero’s welcome for deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

2009 — James Rosen, a FOX reporter, was falsely accused of spying.

2010 — The Fast and Furious gun fiasco.

2010 — Concerning Obamacare, Obama lied about cost and keeping your plan and doctor.

2011 — The Solyndra stumble squandered a very expensive government subsidy.

2012 — Obama lied about the terrorist attack in Benghazi.

2012 – Obama used alias email ID to communicate with Hillary on her illegal server.

The Daily Beast and Other ‘Ankle-Biting’ News Outlets Falsely Report That Louie Gohmert Donated to Infamous Holocaust-Denying Pastor

 American Greatness   U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) says recent reports in the corporate media accusing him making a donation to an anti-Semitic, homophobic, Holocaust-denying pastor are false, and he has the receipts to prove it.

"The Daily Beast falsely reported on Monday that Gohmert dropped “several thousand dollars into the coffers of a vitriolically homophobic and antisemitic pastor,” based on inaccurate federal records, while sarcastically noting that Gohmert “swears it’s a mistake.” Several other news outlets amplified the fake news.

" 'Disclosures to the FEC show that the Louie Gohmert for Congress Committee sent $5,500, to an entity in Tempe called ‘Anderson Ministries.'” Daily Beast “researcher” William Bredderman reported. “There is in fact no organization of this name registered in the Grand Canyon State—but the address in the campaign filing matches that of Anderson’s church.”

"Bredderman added disparagingly that “the pastor happens to embrace a more extreme form of Gohmert’s homophobic rhetoric.”

"In reality, the check went to Steve Amerson, a Christian singer from California whom Gohmert describes as “a sweetheart of a man,” and “a wonderful, caring person.”

"The congressman’s office told the Tyler Morning Telegraph on Tuesday that the misunderstanding was the result of his campaign treasurer making a mistake while filing with the Federal Election Commission a payment for music at a campaign event in December." . . .

Biden started to lose the traveling media on his European trip

 Thomas Lifson  "The White House press corps desperately wants to love Joe Biden, simply because he is not Donald Trump.  But the stresses and strains of traveling with an addled figurehead, with a bad temper and a need for "lids" that keep the media away from him, started to accumulate on his first European tour.  Signs of hurt, anger, and distrust are starting to accumulate.  In the end, the editors back in New York and Washington will do their best to protect Biden, but unhappiness in the ranks of those who travel with him is not a good sign for the continued ability of his handlers to keep the public bamboozled about his senescence and the identity and power of his handlers.

"On Monday, the media were kept waiting two and a half hours for Biden to speak to them, with no explanation.  My guess is he was getting jabbed with vitamins, or maybe stimulants, or God knows what sort of pharmaceuticals to revive him and make him semi-coherent.  NewsBusters reported on how it all played out on MSNBC, with this compilation of excuses for the delay of his appearance "any moment now."

. . . "About that slobbering press. Not one question to Biden about dropping our sanctions on the Russian Nordstream II pipeline? Apparently not. But even the fawning press managed to goad Biden into a classic, old-guy “get off my lawn!” moment.  CNN’s Kaitlan Collins asked Biden is he was confident that he could change Putin’s behavior. Biden snapped:

. . . "Admittedly, me being proven right on that point was just a formality, but the sheer pace at which the media turned this matter on its head is just an incredible thing to witness. Within 30 minutes, Wolf Blitzer was on CNN praising the president." . . .
. . . "It really is nuts. Collins, who did nothing wrong here, ended up accepting an apology on-air while her colleagues take Biden’s side. She’ll never admit it, but that can’t feel very good. The bond between the press and Biden is just too strong, and it can’t be broken." . . .

Victoria's Secret goes woke; "There's no way to put a Mao collar on a pair of panties."

 Monica Showalter

Yet [Megan Rapinoe] doesn't project the "inclusiveness" she's been billed as projecting, given that she's been caught making a racial slur targeting Asians in her wayback, 2011, when she was 25.  Some leftists are already calling to cancel her for that.  Way to rope them in, V.S. 
The stunning and lovely Megan Rapinoe,
Victoria's Secret's modelling future

. . . "That's what they're not doing.  They're going all out to join the Church of Woke.

"And already they aren't very good at it.  Victoria's Secret's new top model, Meghan Rapinoe, a lesbian soccer star who's done a hell of a lot of modeling elsewhere and seems to like it better than soccer, is their new face and corporate consultant on wokester content.  According to W magazine, Rapinoe said:

"Any chance I get to do something outside of sport, particularly in fashion, I'm all over that," she said. "Particularly in the context of women's sports, where I feel we're very boxed in."

"Yet she doesn't project the "inclusiveness" she's been billed as projecting, given that she's been caught making a racial slur targeting Asians in her wayback, 2011, when she was 25.  Some leftists are already calling to cancel her for that.  Way to rope them in, V.S. 

"According to Sarah Hoyt of Instapundit, the whole thing looks like a loser.  Getting woke is always a formula for going broke, as we all know, but in this case, the V.S. customer base is dispensed with altogether in favor of another one.  Not exactly a formula for growth, actually: . . . "

Victoria's Secret Is Dead and Modernity Killed It  . . . "Now, we see modernity rear its ugly head and attack what we traditionally consider feminine beauty." . . .

Look at Me! Soon in Victoria's Secret! Megan Rapinoe —
 LGBTQIA+ Activist, Pay Equity Crusader, Professional Soccer Player

. . . "They’ve already released some images of Rapinoe in some of the company’s products, but I’ll spare you those pictures. They’re not exactly pleasant. Regardless, you’ll have to get used to it as the New York Times reported that the days of the traditional angel-winged beauty is over. Now you get Rapinoe and whatever she and her buddies are limping to the barn with." . . .

“Megan should WIN first before she TALKS,” then-President Trump tweeted in response to Rapinoe insisting “I’m not going to the f*cking White House” in an interview during the World Cup."