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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Democrats making it 'harder to get a burger in your nation's capital than it is to get carjacked': Chip Roy | Fox News

"The truth is going to keep coming out … and all roads are going to lead to big health care," he added. "Follow the money and you're going to see what's driving all of this."

 Fox News  "Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, condemned the left's COVID response Thursday on "Fox News Primetime."

"Democrats are "making it harder to get a burger in Washington … than it is to get carjacked," Roy told guest host Pete Hegseth.

"A Centers for Disease Control & Prevention study suggested natural immunity against COVID-19 provided better protection against the delta variant than vaccination alone, Roy said. 

"The study noted vaccination is still the safest preventative strategy against the virus.

" 'It's not about science, right?" he asked. "This is all about power.". . .


Kirsten Powers of CNN declares "Joe Biden is not failing or flailing"

Just in time for the State of the Union. Could Ms. Powers have been assigned this job by Zucker? What was her reaction upon being told to write these words? 

 Opinion: Joe Biden is not failing or flailing - CNN  "Here's an apparently unpopular opinion: Joe Biden is not failing or flailing. His presidency is not in peril.

"It's hard to see this through the blizzard of over-the-top headlines such as, "
Biden Can Still Rescue His Presidency," "How the Biden Administration Lost Its Way" and "Biden's Epic Failures.". . .

It seems that whatever Biden's flaws, the country is in a better place than it was when he took office, something that was not a given considering the challenges he was up against. Like all presidents, he is clearly absorbing the lessons of the first year and recalibrating for the next.

This... is CNN! 

CNN analyst implores Joe Manchin to leave Democrat Party: 'It would be better off'

During an appearance on "Don Lemon Tonight," Powers slammed Manchin over his lack of outright support for the bill and, appearing to forget that Democrats only maintain control of the Senate with Vice President Kamala Harris' tie-breaking vote, called on Manchin to either become a Republican or independent.

Gaslighting alert! Kirsten Powers’ take on double standard between treatments of Brett Kavanaugh and Joe Biden is ‘beyond dishonest and insulting’ – twitchy.com

‘If she didn’t want to be confronted in a bathroom’: Kirsten Powers doubles-down on defense of activists who filmed Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in the restroom – twitchy.com

‘If she didn’t want to be confronted in a bathroom’: Kirsten Powers doubles-down on defense of activists who filmed Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in the restroom:

Which is worse: your grandparents being deported or being followed into a bathroom (bc you refused to stop and listen) by ppl desperate for your help? This is not a trick question. 

Friday, January 21, 2022

"Countering acts of racism is a necessary and noble cause... but the new ‘cancel culture’ has turned it into reverse discrimination, that is, reverse racism."

 Althouse  "The obsessive emphasis on race is further dividing people, when the real fighters for civil rights dreamed precisely about erasing differences and refusing to divide people by skin color.... Incidentally... I think this should remind you of something that is happening. And we see what is happening in the Western countries. It is with puzzlement that we see the practices Russia used to have and that we left behind."

"Said Vladimir Putin, making the news last October (in the Boston Herald), but I'm thinking about them this morning because yesterday — prompted by YouTube's algorithm — we watched this new Jordan Peterson video:"

"He gets so emotional that you might feel that he's raving, losing control, but he is reading something that was already published — here — so the emotion is some combination of performance and a real-time reaction to his own words. The words are locked in by the pre-existing text. Excerpt:

[T]his is on you. Professors. Cowering cravenly in pretence and silence. Teaching your students to dissimulate and lie. To get along. As the walls crumble. For shame. CEOs:...Why the hell don’t you banish the human resource DIE [Diversity, Inclusivity and Equity] upstarts back to the more-appropriately-named Personnel departments, stop them from interfering with the psyches of you and your employees, and be done with it? Musicians, artists, writers: stop bending your sacred and meritorious art to the demands of the propagandists before you fatally betray the spirit of your own intuition. Stop censoring your thought. Stop saying you will hire for your orchestral and theatrical productions for any reason other than talent and excellence. That’s all you have. That’s all any of us have.

. . . 

America's adversaries are serious. Too many Americans are merely silly!

 New Rule: Losing to China | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - YouTube  "Bill warns Americans that while they're busy obsessing over silly culture wars, China is overtaking them on the world stage." Be sure to read the comments: click on this subject below this. video here TD

“You’re not going to win the battle for the 21st Century if you are a Silly People, and Americans are a Silly People,” said Maher. “That’s the classic phrase from Lawrence of Arabia when Lawrence tells his Bedouin allies that as long as they stay a bunch of squabbling tribes, they will remain a Silly People. Well, we’re the Silly People now.”

The American president isn’t present, and that’s a problem |

  The Aspen beat  

"Scathing criticisms of Joe Biden’s disastrous cut-and-run in Afghanistan have been issued by even his media cheerleaders at CNN, NPR and the New York Times. Career diplomats including former Obama officials have publicly excoriated his administration for incompetence. Foreign leaders are baffled.

"Only the Taliban is happy.

"A withdrawal from Afghanistan may have been necessary, but it didn’t have to happen this way. Only 2,500 soldiers were there anyway – about the same as in Iraq. As in Iraq, this small number kept relative peace. The last American soldier killed in Afghanistan was a year and a half ago. That’s one more dead soldier than I’d like, but it’s a violent world and soldiers keeping the peace have a dangerous job.

"Biden assured us just a month ago that this wouldn’t happen. He said the Afghan soldiers far outnumbered the Taliban, and there would be no “Saigon” moment where American embassy staff are helicoptered from the roof of the embassy as the barbarians bang down the gate." . . .

Five Quick Things: Boy, How About That Press Conference, Huh?


Our denier-in-chief would have us believe that no, he’s not losing it, the Ukraine situation is fine, and there’s nothing to see here in his dismal poll numbers.

"Thursday, on Hugh Hewitt’s show, Sen. Rand Paul summed up the Joe Biden one-year anniversary press gaggle accurately.

"Paul said that putting Biden out in public is now dangerous. It signals weakness to our enemies and it’s provocative.

"He’s right, you know. That press conference was awful in ways that shouldn’t be possible for the elected leader of the world’s indispensable nation.

"How bad was it? Well …" 

Point #2 was, to me, the most significant as Democrats lay the groundwork to challenge any Republican victory predicted this coming year:

2. Pre-slandering the 2022 election   "

Remember when the legacy media repeatedly erupted in paroxysms of contempt back in 2020 and in 2016 when Donald Trump would openly complain about rigged elections? That was unacceptable, they said, even though much of Trump’s motivation for trashing the sanctity of our balloting was trolling the Democrats about their own refusal to accept losing (as in 2000 and 2004, for example).

"It turns out that Joe Biden is as bad as they accused Trump of being. In one of the lowlights of the speech, Biden attacked the legitimacy of the 2022 midterms in which his party is due to suffer a legendary rout. The latest Trafalgar poll has the generic congressional ballot in uncharted territory — 55.7 percent R, 42.2 percent D.

"Amid this, Biden says that if the Senate won’t kill the filibuster and give him his Banana Republic Vote Fraud Bill, then the 2022 midterm elections are bogus: . ."

Perception vs Reality: Leftist Journos See What They Want to See – RedState

"Yesterday, Joe Biden spent two hours speaking. At least it resembled speaking. Kinda. It was mostly gibberish and nonsense that reporters, journalists, Jen Psaki, and Americans were left to interpret. It was, objectively, a flame-out for ‘ol Joe Biden — from his creepy-scary, clown-in-a-sewer whisper to flat-out lies, from his uncomfortable pauses when his brain had to reset like Windows 95, to “Old man yelling at clouds.”

"But objective facts are not in style with our betters. PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor couldn’t wait for Joe’s corpse to cool; she resurrected and pretended to reanimate Joe, like Weekend at Bernie’s. She alerted her followers that Biden had won the night, and won her heart. In a stunningly Bagdad Bob-like tweet, she lavished praise on Biden.

"If you wonder what level of leg-humping it was, Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain retweeted it. My colleague, Sister Toldjah covered and critiqued in full the absurdity of Alcindor’s adulation here, but suffice to say, Alcindor was looking through rose-colored glasses. She didn’t see what the rest of America saw.

"Alcindor and other leftist journos might see Superman, but the rest of America sees a doddering old man.". . .

Yes, the Tunnel Wall has been scathingly anti-Democrat just as our left-wing media has been anti-Trump and will be anti-any-Republican who comes next. TW sees America in great danger as the world sees us as a silly nation with our wokeness and ridiculous choices for national leadership. Our silliness may soon manifest itself in a Shift From U.S. Dollar As World Reserve Currency Underway - What Will This Mean for America? I see it as beginning with Obama and accelerating under left-ruled Joe Biden. TD

Thursday, January 20, 2022

CNN Reporter: Ukrainian Officials “Shocked” That Biden Gave Putin A Green Light To Invade Ukraine…

 Weasel Zippers

Hoo boy: There's no such thing as a "minor incursion," tweets Ukrainian president – HotAir  "Pity this poor bastard, who must have assumed that his worst experience with a U.S. president would be the former guy trying to trade him military aid in exchange for dirt on his election opponent.
"Little did he know that Trump’s successor would all but dare Putin to invade Ukraine at a press conference, even hinting that there’d be few repercussions so long as the incursion was “minor.”
"The competition for “dumbest thing Biden’s said as president” is stiff but that’s a strong contender. Possibly second only to the president suggesting five minutes earlier, at the same press conference, that the midterm elections won’t be legitimate if state election reform laws aren’t overridden by Congress.
"Biden officials are in overdrive today trying to clean up the “minor incursion” comment, but the damage is done:
We want to remind the great powers that there are no minor incursions and small nations. Just as there are no minor casualties and little grief from the loss of loved ones. I say this as the President of a great power. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky
The Onion gave an elbow to Biden over this:

A Goodbye Kiss for Family Programming

 Intellectual Takeout

"One wonders whether it is still possible to enjoy family entertainment that is not doomed to be turned into leftist agitprop. Perhaps a sad farewell and a kiss goodbye is all that’s left for us to give those who were once in the business of romantic, family friendly television such as Hallmark and GAC Family."

"Recently, Joseph Cotto and I discussed on our regular podcast the fate of the Hallmark Channel, which I have viewed periodically while moving with my remote button toward Turner Classic Movies. (On Turner I find old movies, popular during my youth, that have not yet been canceled.) What drew me, however briefly, to the Hallmark Channel were its two-hour romance stories starring photogenic young couples who radiate good will. After the predictable vicissitudes, these beaming young couples emotionally kiss during the last 30 seconds of each story and then express their desire to wed.

"Of course, I have never been able to watch the full unfolding of any of these budding romances, because in their sweetness they start to cloy after about 10 minutes. But it is nice to see normal young people on TV who hail mostly from small towns and possess courteous, kindly parents. Yet even these sickly sweet shows are not safe from diversity’s alleged fairy dust, and Hallmark’s move in this direction should cause those who support traditional values to stand up and protest, rather than to watch one last kiss cross the television—the kiss of death.

"Hallmark appears to pander to diversity in two different ways: racial and sexual. The first is evidenced by the increasing insertion of minority actors into these two-hour romance stories whether or not they fit the plots. Despite the incongruity of racial minorities filling hamlets that look as if they had been settled by Scandinavians, it is apparent that such moves are evidence of the harmless diversity the producers are trying to offer in a world hypersensitive to race.

"But it is the Hallmark Channel’s pandering to sexual diversity that is the real problem. In December of 2019, things began to change aggressively when the channel, under the guidance of its holding company Crown Media and its CEO Bill Abbott, decided to feature a lesbian couple in advertisements for Zola, a wedding-planning website. The ads showed the two women kissing and exchanging vows. This experiment in wokeness caused complaints to pour in, and the ads were pulled." . . .

When Joe Biden speaks, sane people are horrified

Exactly to whom was this speech meant to appeal?  Those who embrace the racist aims of Black Lives Matter perhaps were cheering him on, but most black Americans were likely to be as horrified as everyone else who heard it. 

 Patricia McCarthy   "If there was any doubt that Joe Biden is unfit for the office of president of the United States, yesterday's marathon press conference put such qualms to rest.  But the signs have been there all along, while his decline into incoherent totalitarian irascibility is accelerating. 

"His painfully overlong press conference on Wednesday, only his second of this long and miserable year of drastic inflation, lunatic COVID restrictions, vaccine mandates, etc., confirms the decline.  It did not put anyone's fear about Biden's competency to rest.  Faux reporters like Yamiche Alcindor and Jennifer Rubin swore that Biden performed brilliantly, but every rational person watching knew that it was a "slow-motion train wreck.". . .

. . ."The Wednesday press conference only proved again that this president and his staff are incompetent, that Biden himself is not mentally fit, that the Democrat party is officially a Marxist party that cares not one whit about the American people or the Constitution.  These are dangerous times.  The midterm elections cannot come soon enough."

Defiant, Unapologetic: Biden's Marathon Presser | RealClearPolitics

. . .There was bravado. Biden insisted his accomplishments were “bigger than any president has ever gotten in the first year.” Unabashed audacity too: “I make no apologies for what I did,” he said about how the war in Afghanistan was ended."... 

. . . The clarification didn’t sit well in Kiev. After the press conference wrapped up, CNN quoted an unnamed Ukrainian government official who warned that “this remark potentially gives the green light to Putin to enter Ukraine at his pleasure. Putin senses weakness.”. . .

Family of US Marine killed in Afghanistan files $25 million lawsuit against Alec Baldwin, claiming the actor accused them of being insurrectionists on Instagram

Insider.com  "The family of a US Marine who was killed in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan over the summer has filed a $25 million defamation lawsuit against Alec Baldwin, saying the actor accused them on Instagram of being insurrectionists after he learned the Marine's sister was in Washington, DC, during the riot on January 6, 2021.

"Relatives of Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum, who was 20, said in the lawsuit that Baldwin's comments about the family on the social-media platform "were false, outrageous, defamatory, irresponsible, vindictive, and caused — and continue to cause — Plaintiffs severe emotional distress." 

"McCollum was among the 13 US service members killed in the attack at the Kabul airport on August 26 as troops withdrew from Afghanistan. 

"The lawsuit, filed on Monday in the US District Court for the District of Wyoming by McCollum's two sisters, Roice and Cheyenne McCollum, and his widow, Jiennah McCollum, alleged Baldwin defamed the family to his 2.4 million Instagram followers. 

"Baldwin donated $5,000 to the Marine's widow and her newborn daughter "as a tribute to a fallen soldier" after Rylee McCollum's death, the court papers said.

"But on January 3, Baldwin posted about Roice McCollum after she shared a "throwback" photo of a crowd of pro-Trump protesters in front of the Washington Monument on January 6, 2021, "in anticipation" of the anniversary of the Capitol riot, the suit said. " . . .

California Democrats propose measure that would double our taxes to pay for “free” healthcare, but even they aren’t serious about it.

The American Spectator   "Gov. Gavin Newsom has announced that he’s fulfilling his promise to provide universal healthcare to all Californians (and non-Californians, regardless of immigration status) with a $2.7-billion budget proposal to expand state-provided coverage to low-income adults. Progressives, however, believe the boast is a sellout of his campaign promises.

“ 'I campaigned on universal healthcare; we’re delivering on that,” he said during a speech in the Central Valley. Currently, MediCal provides coverage only to people under 26 and older than 50, so Newsom is arguing that expanding that program not only lives up to a top campaign theme, but — and let’s all say this in unison — is yet another bold step that should be a model for the rest of the nation.

"There’s plenty to criticize in the plan. Assemblyman Tom Lackey, R-Antelope Valley, told ABC10 News that the official price tag won’t even be close to the final tab, which is a self-obvious critique. Furthermore, “it’s not even close to realistically covering what they’re indicating it’s going to cover.” No doubt about that, either, although most of the criticism is coming from the Left.

"As CalMatters’ Dan Walters noted, union officials see the proposal as an inadequate flip-flop given that Newsom said he supports “single payer.” Newsom’s universal plan “includes a wide variety of public and private health insurance plans … while the latter would provide unlimited benefits free of out-of-pocket costs, much like Great Britain’s National Health Service,” Walters added.

"We should all be thankful that Newsom merely is ramping up government spending and expanding a largely incompetent government agency — given the latest alternatives from the Legislature. Democratic legislators recently introduced Assembly Constitutional Amendment 11, which would “impose an excise tax, payroll taxes and a State Personal Income CalCare Tax … to fund comprehensive universal single-payer healthcare coverage.' ”. . .

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The Message in the Polls: Trump's Done

Give voters a populist conservative who's not a conman and a liar and they'll be "Republicans" again. No wonder Trump hates DeSantis.

Ann Coulter  "Our media are obsessed with Donald Trump, but Trump's obsessed with Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida. For months now, Trump's been playing the aging silent film star Norma Desmond in "Sunset Boulevard" to DeSantis' younger, prettier Betty Schaefer.

" Amid the hourly, annoying group emails to Trump's list -- "YOU are one of my TOP supporters!" -- there was one from Roger Stone on Nov. 2, 2021, denouncing DeSantis.

" The insults sounded a lot like what Trump used to say about Stone: "Ron's own piss-poor campaign ...," "without really delivering on his Trump-like rhetoric ...," "Governor DeSantis has failed ..." and so on. 

"The title of this diatribe was: "WILL RON DESANTIS TAKE THE PLEDGE?" Can you guess what "the pledge" is? That is correct: not to challenge Trump for president in 2024. 

"Only because it was "from" Stone, a smart guy who sadly prostrated himself on the altar of Trump, did I open it. Then, I shook my head and deleted it. 

"Evidently, others on the Trump email list responded with more rancor. 

"One week later, Stone sent out a follow-up email frantically backpedaling, noting that "many" recipients of his recent email were "surprised" by his attacks on DeSantis. The crow-eating letter ended by pleading with Stone's critics to "Please take a moment to read what I have actually said ..." 

"That must've been some blowback! 

"No one wants Trump. He's fading faster than Sarah Palin did -- and she was second place on a losing presidential ticket. In case you don't remember, for three years following that loss, Palin was packing stadiums with tens of thousands of Trump-like fans