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Monday, August 1, 2016

What Donald Trump Should’ve Said & Still Needs to Say to Khizr Khan, Muslim Grandstander

Debbie Schlussel


. . . "If I were Trump, I would have turned Khizr Khan’s most soundbited statement around. Khan told Trump, “You have sacrificed nothing and nobody” for America. Instead of giving the silly, braggadocious, and tone-deaf response that Trump gave about how he’s sacrificed to create businesses and jobs, I would have asked, “Mr. Khan, what have Bill and Hillary Clinton sacrificed for America?” I might have added, “Hillary sacrificed her basement bathroom closet for a server to jeopardize American national security and the identities of our foreign operatives. Is that your idea of sacrificing for this country?” Whitewater, cattle futures, the Rose Law firm records, Monicagate, e-mails, the McDougals, the Iran deal sell-out of which Hillary was the chief architect, Benghazi, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseam, ad absurdum, ad infinitum–is that your idea of how Hillary Clinton sacrificed for America? Trump should have turned this on Hillary and challenged the Khans to answer these questions and tell him what exactly is Hillary’s sacrifice for America, when her whole life is a textbook example of me-me-me narcissistic selfishness."

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