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Monday, September 26, 2016

Americans Don’t Buy Snowden the Hero

Max Boot
"If President Obama were to pardon Snowden on his way out of office, as so many on the left want, he will be doing great harm to his legacy and, even more important, to the ability of the U.S. intelligence community to keep us safe." 
Edward Snowden

. . . "More information on the damage that Snowden did is readily available in open-source reporting, which makes clear that much of what Snowden revealed had nothing to do with protecting the privacy of American citizens. As Jack Goldsmith, former assistant attorney general, noted: “To take just a few of hundreds of examples, why did his oath to the Constitution justify disclosure that NSA had developed MonsterMind, a program to respond to cyber attacks automatically; or that it had set up data centers in China to insert malware into Chinese computers and had penetrated Huawei in China; or that it was spying (with details about how) in many other foreign nations, on Bin Laden associate Hassam Ghul’s wife, on the UN Secretary General, or on the Islamic State; or that it cooperates with intelligence services in Sweden and Norway to spy on Russia; and so on, and so on.' ” . . .

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