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Sunday, February 26, 2017

President Trump opts out of attending White House Correspondents Dinner

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Rick Moran  "Reporters and media types refer to the White House Correspondents Dinner as "The Nerd Prom." The dinner has always served as a platform for big name media members to rub elbows with the rich and famous - especially Hollywood celebrities.

"It has also served as a venue where there has been continuous and unrelenting criticism and mockery of conservative personalities. And if there's a Republican president in office, the invective gets personal.

President Trump doesn't fell like it would be a good use of his time to sit at the head table and be forced to listen to empty headed Hollywood types trying to outdo one another in showing their hatred for him. So he's decided not to attend." . . .

. . .
" .Lighthearted remarks" when a Democrat is president. But anyone who recalls the savagery of the barbs and hate tossed at President Bush knows that there was nothing "lighthearted" about it. Bush was a good sport and smiled at the very personal criticisms made by the various comedians who "spoke truth to power," according to the left. But there were many back then who believed his time would have been better spent doing something else.

"Trump will be in for not a "roasting," but an inquisition. In the eyes of some, he will deserve it. He may receive criticism for not attending, but the reason for his absence will no doubt not be mentioned during the hypocritical harangues delivered by his enemies."

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