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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

O'Keefe Gets the Goods: Democrat Rent-A-Mobs Incite Violence at Trump Rallies (UPDATED)

It doesn't matter what you feel about Rush, positive or not; you are challenged to refute the content of this information if you can. Then explain why Hillary Clinton and her political machine should be given the right to govern America.  The Tunnel Dweller

Rush Limbaugh  . . . "You're tired of the Democrats getting away with the protest march.  You're tired of the Democrats exclusively being able to shut down events.  And make no mistake, this was Black Lives Matter.  This was MoveOn.org.  This was a rent-a-mob.  This mob had been bought and paid for.  They were there for the express purpose to shut down the Trump appearance, and they were celebrating after they succeeded in doing so.
"RUSH:  Okay, March 14th, 2016.  See, I know these people and nothing they do fools me and that's why it ticks me off when Republicans were joining the fray and blaming Trump supporters.  Now, that was part of the campaign. I know the campaign was still up and running and there were still people who thought they could win the nomination from Trump, but we never unify.  We never unify around the single premise of beating these people.  And they do.  And that's gonna have to change at some point. 
"I find it just amazing.  We have so many factions of Republicanism and so many different factions of conservatism and so many different agendas, we can't even unify around what this is all about:  beating Democrats.  Not even that can unify us.  It's always been one of the most curious and frustrating things for me as an observer of all this. 

View this hidden camera work, but be aware that Hillary's people use foul language.

. . . "The point is they show up attempting to start all this chaos and to make it look like Trump supporters are psychos and crazies and doing the starting. And all they are, they're just nice little Democrats practicing the time-honored American art of dissent, and they're showing up, and they're getting beat up, and they're being mistreated. And it turns out this guy is explaining how they engineer this to make it all happen.  And he continued talking.
"FOVAL: That's what I'm saying. We have mentally ill people we pay to do sh*t, (bleeped) make no mistake.  Over the last 20 years, (laughter) I've paid off a few homeless guys to do some crazy stuff; and I've also taken them for dinner; and I've also made sure they had a hotel and a shower and I put them in a program. Like, I've done that. But the reality is, a lot of -- especially our union guys, a lot of our union guys, they'll do whatever..."

UNIDENTIFIED JOURNALIST: Oh, there is a script?
FOVAL: There's a script.
FOVAL: There's a script of engagement.  Sometimes the crazies bite, and sometimes the crazies don't bite.  They're starting confrontations in the line. The media will cover it no matter where it happens.
UNIDENTIFIED JOURNALIST:  I assume it’s always in the rally.
FOVAL: The key is initiating the conflict by having leading conversations with people who are naturally psychotic. It's a matter of showing up to want to get into the rally in a Planned Parenthood T-shirt or, you know, Trump is a Nazi, you know. You can message to draw them out and draw them to punch you.
. . .  "So what this guy's saying, "We'll show up wearing a Planned Parenthood T-shirt. We'll show up wearing a T-shirt that says 'Trump is a Nazi,' and we know that some of these psychotics in the Trump crowd are gonna respond.  And once they respond, then we'll throw the first punch and we'll hit 'em and the media will cover it to look like the Trump people go nuts."  That's what this guy is essentially admitting to here. "

The media is a willing participant in all this corruption...
. . . "The media is complicit.  They know who these people are.  They know that this is how the Democrat campaign operates.  They're in on it.  They're part of the game.  They love it when something goes wrong at a Trump rally because they get to carry forward the narrative that Trump voters are unhinged, that they're angry, that they're people that beat other people up, that they're intolerant." . . . 

. . . "Everything you saw at Trump rallies that looked like Trump's supporters going nuts was all instigated by bought-and-paid-for Democrat so-called activists.  None of it's real, folks.  If these people weren't out hiring and paying for this and orchestrating it and giving instructions on what to wear and how to do it and how to incite riots and so forth, none of it would be happening because the Trump people don't start anything.  Republicans don't do this stuff.  We don't even think of doing stuff like this. 
"But it's a Democrat Party way of life, it's a leftist way of life because they can't leave elections to chance, because they know, folks, that despite the way it may look, a majority of Americans would not support them if they knew who they are.  So that's why they have to do all this stuff."

UPDATE: “Conflict engagement” means paying leftist agitators, the homeless and the mentally ill, to cause melees at Trump rallies.

. . . "The frequent outbursts of violence at Republican candidate Donald Trump’s campaign rallies have been orchestrated and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, a stunning new undercover video suggests.
"Why isn’t the mainstream media apart from Fox News covering this new scandal? Perhaps because reporters overwhelmingly support Hillary Clinton in the election. In terms of dollars donated to the Clinton and Trump campaigns,journalists favor Clinton by a factor of 27 to 1. They’ve given more than $382,000 to Clinton’s campaign compared to just $14,000 to Trump’s campaign, according to the Center for Public Integrity." . . .
. . . "The idea was to concoct evidence that Trump supporters were crazy, knuckle-dragging thugs in order to discredit the billionaire businessman’s campaign for president. Many left-wingers already call Trump a fascist or a Nazi so creating the appearance at Trump rallies that the candidate’s supporters are violent put some meat on the bone, so to speak. It’s the Big Lie American-style, a huge false-flag operation generated by a real-life vast left-wing conspiracy."
. . . The Clinton campaign “is fully in it,” veteran left-wing strategist Robert Creamer confirms on hidden camera. “Hillary knows through the chain of command what’s going on.”

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