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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Retired vice chair of Joint Chiefs of Staff admits leaking classified info

AP LEAK INVESTIGATION A FILE USA DCRick Moran  "Too bad his last name isn't Clinton.
"The retired Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 4-star General James Cartwright pled guilty to one charge of lying to federal investigators about passing classified information to reporters. 

Cartwright, who became vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 2007, signed more than 36 non-disclosure agreements related to Department of Defense programs during his tenure, the government said. Cartwright retired in 2011, but kept his top secret security clearance.
After his retirement, Cartwright again signed a "Classified Information Non-Disclosure Agreement," which included warnings "that unauthorized disclosure ... by me could cause damage or irreparable injury to the United States or could be used to advantage by a foreign nation," according to the government's court filing detailing the charge against him.
. . . 
"There are clear differences between Cartwright's case and Hillary Clinton's email server. But the common link is in the non-disclosure forms both had to sign.

""Clinton claims she can't remember signing and NDA before taking office. But the Competitive Enterprise Institute obtained a copy of it via an FOIA request.
. . . 
"Cartwright is going to spend 6 months in jail for lying to investigators. He could have been sentenced to many years more for exposing classified information. The bottom line is that the government threw the book at Cartwright and let Clinton go scott free.

"It helps to have friends in high places if you're Hillary Clinton."

I'm sure Barack Obama will pardon the general, aren't you?

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