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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

America’s Most Honorable Men Stand with Trump

Karin McQuillan and Carol Greenwald  "When Hillary Clinton’s media tried to make Trump’s crude sexual banter the centerpiece of the last debate, Trump pivoted to national security and once again said how proud he is to be backed by 200 generals and admirals.   
"These are among America’s finest, bravest, most admirable men.   Seventeen medal of honor winners endorsed Trump.  So did fifteen brigadier generals, thirty-four major generals, eighteen lieutenant generals, forty-one rear admirals, six vice-admirals, and three 4 star generals and admirals.
"Such men do not put their names down for a candidate and a cause without serious thought.
"This is what they signed their names to on the choice between Hillary and Trump:
Read the document they signed here.

"Major General Shachnow (right) has an amazing life story told in his memoir, Hope and Honor.  His life experience help explains his leadership in opposing Hillary Clinton and supporting Donald Trump.   Shachnow is the only Holocaust survivor to become a U.S. General and was a legend in the Green Berets, with whom he served for forty years.
"Like the perfidious Hillary supporter, the Nazi collaborator George Soros, Major General Sid Shachnow was a child in Nazi-era Europe. 
 "Shachnow took the opposite path from Soros.
"Shachnow was seven years old when the Nazis invaded his town . . .
. . . 
"Google these admirals and generals and medal of honor recipients and you will know Trump is utterly sincere when he states he is humbled and honored by their support."
Another signer opposing Clinton, Hershel Williams:
"Hershel Woodrow "Woody" Williams (born October 2, 1923) is a retired United States Marine who received the Medal of Honor for his actions in the Battle of Iwo Jima during World War II. He is the last surviving recipient of the Medal of Honor from that battle." 

. . . These are the men who stand with Trump and want him as our Commander in Chief."

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