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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Now we know Barack Obama’s foreign policy wasn’t principled, it was malicious.

"Obama might possibly have escaped into the history books only as a man who meant well feebly in foreign affairs. Not any more."

National Post

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
A warm handshake for our faithful ally, Israel.

. . . "His foreign policy has been a disaster almost from the outset in ways that contributed to the frustration and rage that poisoned the 2016 election. In part, Obama simply seemed languid, unable to stir himself in the face of threats or even look up from his putt. But there were always those who suggested that behind the indolence and prissy Wilsonian pose of being “too proud to fight” lurked something more sinister.

"Obama, they claimed, was viscerally hostile to the United States and the West. When he took office he had the bust of Churchill removed from the Oval Office. His relations with Israel were always prickly. He snubbed Canada in spiking Keystone XL. Yet he did not react with alarm or even visible discomfort to threats to NATO such as Russian moves to destabilize and partially dismember Ukraine, despite a firm American security guarantee when it gave up its nuclear arsenal in 1994." . . .

It speaks poorly of liberals that this man's behavior does not disgust them. TD

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