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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Vindictive Obama, we'd love to miss you, but how can we?

Did the Obama Administration Try Stacking the Deck Against Trump at the Justice Department?  . . . "It looks like the Obama administration was hoping that the reins of power here would unknowingly default to someone unfriendly to Trump in the event Sessions was forced to recuse himself—or even resign, as so many Democrats breathlessly demanded Thursday." . . .

Is Trump right about Obama wiretapping his office?  If Trump is wrong, the mockery will get a big burst of energyMore here,and here

Too weird to check: Valerie Jarrett moves in with the Obamas to plot Trump’s downfall  . . . "Resignation is negligibly more plausible: There may be enough Obama loyalists in the guts of the federal bureaucracy to dig up a truly devastating leak about Trump, but even then it’s hard to imagine something so bad that Trump would capitulate to his critics rather than try to fight them off. The guy didn’t drop out after the “Access Hollywood” tape. Unless there’s video of him personally accepting a fat envelope from Vladimir Putin himself, he’s going to hang in there. Whatever it might mean for his party." . . .

Vindictive down to the wire  "These actions by Mr. Obama, who has just a short time left before Mr. Trump takes office, show him to be vindictive, petty and a sore loser."


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