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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Clarice Feldman: Never Say Never and Obama’s Waterloo

American Thinker  "Ms Feldman tells us: James Taranto "takes issue with Bret Stephens, Bill Kristol, and George Will, who think we can just wait out a Hillary presidency. His particular aim is at Stephens who argues that in the Wall Street Journal. He notes that the Republican Congress presently was unable to hold in check Obama’s overreaching and ask how they could possibly undo the foreign policy wreckage of this administration and do better against her than they did against Obama. He reminds readers that she was secretary of state when “we abandoned Iraq”, “supported the overthrow of an American ally in Egypt and its replacement by the Moslem Brotherhood, the fountainhead of al-Qaeda and Isis”; “colluded in the overthrow of an American ally in Libya”. To this list he reminds us that she was behind the scheme to run guns to al-Qaeda in Syria, denied our ambassador in Libya security, and then lied about the cause of his murder. The capper, of course, is that her willful mishandling of classified information on an unsecured server violates the Espionage Act. He concludes:
This is not serious stuff, yet it is being peddled by first-rate conservative intellects and the fate of our nation may yet hang on it. The greatest obstacle to a Republican victory in November is the fratricidal war now being waged by the “Never Trump” crowd against the only person who might prevent the disaster awaiting us if the party of Obama and Kerry and Hillary and Sharpton prevails in November. Their Trump hysteria notwithstanding.
"Feldman lists these conservative accomplishments of Donald Trump:
He helped on Reagan's campaigns.
He endorsed McCain and Romney.
He contributed 136 times to the GOP and 86 times to Dems since 1999; exclusively GOP since 2010.
13 of his 17 five figure contributions were to the GOP; exclusively GOP since 2008.
He has stated a number of conservative opinions through the years.
He is not particularly conservative but cherry picked or simply wrong assertions are not convincing.
The amusing thing is seeing quasi-conservative neocons like Kristol, the very essence of their movement being dissatisfaction with and turning away from their Dem roots, speaking in high dudgeon and declaring anathema a quasi-conservative guy who became dissatisfied with and turned away from his Dem roots.

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