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Monday, May 2, 2016

The White House Correspondents Dinner

Stand Up Tragedy The cartoon is a good bit over the top to include it all here, but here are the three middle panels of the nine:
C-List Comedian Reduces the Obama Presidency and Legacy to a Racist Slur   . . . "The office of the presidency has been devalued now to the point of moral, ethical, and legal bankruptcy, and it was just epitomized by the way a comedian with a tiny, tiny audience addressed the president of the United States. And the president, smiling, laughingly accepted it.

"Saying what nobody else can say. Saying something that I couldn't say. Nobody else in polite society or anywhere else in the media could say it without all hell raining down on them, and in some cases there would be serious efforts to have whoever said it, even if quoting it, removed from his position in broadcasting.  "Yo, Barry, you did it! You my [slang N-word]."  And there's Obama laughing and people saying, "Well, Obama's gotta do that. That's a classy move for Obama to make."  Stop and think about this.  Stop and think." Video: Wilmore's routine

White House press secretary defends Larry Wilmore’s use of the ‘n-word’ in addressing President Obama   . . . "Ryan noted that there was "an eerie, awkward silence and quietness" in reaction to the comment, and many guests "were appalled. Even members of the Republican Party, black Republicans, were upset.' " . . 
The UK Guardian even chimed in on the issue:
"When Larry Wilmore said the N-word to President Obama, I felt black pride" Rebecca Carroll   . . . "But as an adult and the parent of a 10-year-old son, I still don’t use it or want to hear it.
"The obvious reason is that I never heard it spoken to me lovingly. The only context I know for that word is one in which I am being intentionally degraded by white people. The next time I heard it, after the playground, was in high school, when my boss at the local oil company called me a lazy n---er under his breath after I refused to clean the bathroom right after he’d used it." . . .
In fairness, Wilmore also took on Al Sharpton. Some time back, of course.   . . . "Sharpton’s anger at the lack of black nominees for the Oscar nominations and his statement that he planned to call an “emergency meeting” in Hollywood to discuss it caused Wilmore to complain: “Sharpton? Again? I mean, no one else can represent us?

“ 'Al! Al! Al! Slow down, man! You don’t have to respond to every black emergency. You’re not black Batman — a racial fire chief,” Mediaite reported." . . .

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