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Monday, May 9, 2016

Why so many fear the bathroom gender issue

N.C. fires lawsuit back at feds over LGBT law
"Officials in North Carolina filed a lawsuit Monday against the Department of Justice over the feds' demand that the state not implement its controversial LGBT law or risk losing federal funds.
"The Justice Department had set a deadline of Monday for Gov. Pat McCrory to report whether he would refuse to enforce the last that took effect in March. McCrory's defiance could lead to a protracted legal battle.
"McCrory's lawsuit, filed in federal court in North Carolina, asks a judge to block Justice Department action that could threaten billions of dollars in federal money flowing to the state.
" 'I do not agree with their interpretation of federal law. That is why this morning I have asked a federal court to clarify what the law actually is," McCrory said at a news conference.
"He said he hopes other states will join North Carolina in court as it fights the Justice Department's position that the Civil Rights Act requires that transgender people be allowed to access facilities matching their gender identities.
" 'This is not a North Carolina issue. It is now a national issue," McCrory said." . . .More...

CAMPAIGN: It’s common sense: No men in the women’s restroom  "Policies permitting access to restrooms, locker rooms, and changing rooms based on a person’s gender identity, rather than their biological sex, are being enacted across the country. These policies open up  private facilities to members of the opposite sex as part of an effort to push a political agenda. But showering, changing, and using the restroom should be first and foremost about privacy and safety, not advancing a political agenda. Not only do these policies strip away our privacy, a constitutional right that has been recognized by courts across the country, but they compromise safety because individuals will take advantage of these policies by claiming to identify as the opposite sex in order to gain access to these private facilities." . . .

At the link; what can be done about this:

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