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Monday, June 13, 2016

Al Sharpton Says People Criticizing Islam After Orlando Are “Accomplices To Terrorism”…

Weasel Zippers


"Yes, he really said that.
"Via HuffPo:
"The nation is mourning once again; senseless violence has again taken innocent lives, ripped families apart and left us with many unanswered questions. As we grieve and try to comprehend the incomprehensible, it is important that we remain united and not fall into the trap of division and hatred. Homophobia and Islamophobia are twin partners to terrorism. As information is slowly being revealed in Orlando, what we are witnessing is a blatant act of homophobia and evil in its worst form. But what is also transpiring in the aftermath of this tragedy is a knee-jerk reaction to blame Islam and Muslims." . . .
Oh, by the way:  Breaking: Islamist Kills Police Officer, Takes Officer’s Family Hostage Near Paris  
"The officers reportedly discovered the body of a woman in the house and rescued a 3-year old boy.
"The assailant, reportedly a neighbor, stabbed the police officer nine times in front of the house before taking his wife and son hostage, Le Parisian reported. The outlet said the victim was a deputy chief of the judicial police at the Les Mureaux police station.
"Neighbors calling police claimed they heard the man chanting Islamist slogans, Reuters France reported." . . .
Those blasted French conservatives and knife rights advocates are to blame for this.
Political Cartoons by Ken Catalino
Oh, by the way, Rev. Al. What do you say to this?

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