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Sunday, June 26, 2016

“Ayatollah Obama – A Tehran Love Story,”

What happens when we elect a president who does not like his nation, and is partial to those who like neither us nor our allies; e.g. Cuba, Venezuela, Iran.

Saudi Journalist: ‘Mullah Obama’ Is Paving Way For Iran To Go Nuclear
Iranian Zarif and Obama Prayerful AP Photos

The article by the Saudi writer:  
Saudi Writer: 'Mullah Obama' Provides Iran A Safe Haven To Realize Its Interests; U.S. Administration Now In Service Of Iranian Policy
On June 2, 2016, Muhammad Al-Sa'id, a columnist for the official Saudi daily 'Okaz, published an article titled "Ayatollah Obama – A Tehran Love Story," in which he attacked President Obama for supporting  revolutionary Iran and striving to focus U.S. foreign policy on the far east, while abandoning the Middle East. According to him, this view by Obama is disconnected from reality and runs contrary to traditional U.S. policy, which considered Iran a country violating international law and supporting global terrorism. Al-Sa'id argued that Iran is exploiting Obama's support to realize its own interests, and harnessing U.S. administration circles to operate in its service and against its enemies.
The following are excerpts from the article:[1]
"Obama believes in revolutionary countries and feels that they are closer to his heart and his conscience than the veteran, stable nations. He believes Iran is a model for a successful revolution that can be improved upon, worked with, and transformed into a democratic revolution, as he sees in his senseless dreams. This is a romantic view that Obama holds from the height of his white throne in his black house. A view akin to an eastern tale filled with the scent of incense, the taste of pistachios, and a celestial carpet bazaar. He believes that he can realize [this dream] based on a document by the American National Security Council, even if it claims the lives of tens of millions of innocent people. . . .
January 17, 2016  President Obama Gives Statement About U.S.-Iran Deals This Weekend  To file away for reference. If you like your peace and security, you can keep your peace and security.  Period.
. . . "And as president, I decided that a strong, confident America could advance our national security by engaging directly with the Iranian government. We've seen the results." . . .
"Under the nuclear deal that we, our allies and partners reached with Iran last year, Iran will not get its hands on a nuclear bomb. The region, the United States and the world will be more secure."

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