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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hillary's Democrat White Guilt Convention


Mike Brown’s Mother to Speak at DNC Convention – Just After She Robs and Viciously Beats Her Mother-in-Law   . . . "In October 2014 Michael Brown’s mother, grandmother and auntiebrawled on the corner of Canfield and West Florissant over the rights to T-shirt sales. Brown’s mother Leslie McSpadden reportedly assaulted and robbed grandmother Pearlie Gordon of $1,400." . . .

Psychodynamics of Obama's and Hillary's 'White Guilt Forever' Conversation   . . . " Nevertheless, Democrats anticipate future generations of guilty whites confronting the legacy of slavery.

"The Democrat convention will be WGF Woodstock.  Hillary Clinton will not let go the manipulative power of the greatest guilt trip ever.  She neither understands nor cares about the tragedy of WGF: it psychologically enslaves the putative evildoers, while excusing black people from dealing with the violence they inflict upon themselves and securing their own lives, freedom, and happiness."

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